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    This is freakin delicious!!!! Add the biodynamic wine to it and heaven exists on earth.



Comment from BioHackerNation:

Chocolate Bio-Bark! biohackhumans We have an AWESOME heart healthy ketogenic treat for you! Ingredients 3 tbsp organic unsalted butter or ghee 25 g organic unflavored grass fed whey protein 3 tbsp organic coconut oil 3 tbsp organic special dark chocolate cocoa powder 3 tbsp xylitol Optional- walnuts, almonds, or any other nut or nut butter of choice. For a fun and different (And also delicious idea) try a few drops of organic grade A peppermint essential oil. Instructions 1. Melt organic butter or ghee and coconut oil. 2. Combine melted butter and oil with organic special dark cocoa, xylitol, and protein 3. Mix until homogeneous 4. Add optional ingredients if desired 5. Place in baking dish and pit in freezer until Bio-Bark solidifies 6. Break into pieces, and enjoy this wonderful keto-treat!

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