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BioHackerNation BioDynamicMargaritas are HERE!!! Make a pitcher of this BioRita and enjoy coming up with new BioHacks with friends. The more you drink, the more BioHackerIdeas you may come up with. We encourage you to post these ideas and we will most likely try them out. BioHackHumans ChanteaGoetz Madscientist JamesGoetzNJ WhosYourDrDaddyNow MichaelBrandon DrMike BioRita's By Chantea Goetz -2 oz BioDynamic Tequila (use the Anejo for the most flavor but a Silver will get the job done with less chance of hangover if you have one too many) -1 oz Contreau -2 oz organic fresh squeezed lime juice -1 oz xylitol (optional) 1. Combine all ingredients in a shaker. 2. Pour over ice. 3. Drink and Smile 4. Repeat =)

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