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Disclamer: The following statement is not suitable for any cattle lovers. Proceed with caution. However, people who still have some laughs left in them can read. ........................ the time the govt decided to BAN BEEF in most of the Indian states, the atrocities of these cattle has become higher on roads. They just don't give a f**k about people traveling on the roads. Also they don't bother the horn sound even if it goes over their decibel limit. ======================= WHERE CAN YOU PEACEFULLY RIDE WITHOUT THE INTERFERENCE OF THESE BEASTS? ====================== many Indian states, the slaughter of cows is already illegal, making it difficult to buy, sell, and, as a result, eat, beef. . West Bengal, which has a higher than average population of Muslims, is slightly more lenient and allows the killing of cows if they are “fit-for-slaughter.” A senior official in the animal husbandry department in Assam said that such a certificate would also permit the slaughter of cows in that state but usually only during the Islamic religious festival of Eid. . Overall, 24 of India's 29 states–including the newest state of Telangana–have imposed penalties  and restrictions of varying degrees on the slaughter of cows and other cattle. . Meanwhile, in the southern state of Kerala, where beef dishes are popular and which has a larger than average proportion of Christians, there is no statewide legislation restricting cow slaughter. . And the northeastern states of Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and the territory of Lakshadweep also have no legislation banning or prohibiting slaughter of cows and other cattle. . . . instagood photooftheday picoftheday instadaily repost instalike igers instamood bestoftheday instapic like4like like follow4follow follow webstagram instacool instafollow instafame instatravel instago travelgram igtravel motowanderer wanderlust travel motorcyclediaries bikersofinstagram bikerslife helmetstories whyweride

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