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146 Days ago
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  • Maria Bifolchi Design (maria_bifolchidesign) Instagram Photos and Videos
    Love your kitchen😍
  • Charlene Austin (willow_and_paisley) Instagram Photos and Videos
    I have a plastic plant from Ikea. Sometimes I have to water it too (aka spray the dust off)! That counts right? 😂😉💚💚💚
  • Elizabeth Rodriguez (lizze2260) Instagram Photos and Videos
    I hope not...if that's an addiction then I need Rehab lol 🌱🌱
  • Dropcap Studio (dropcap_studio) Instagram Photos and Videos
    Sounds to me like you are doing things right! ❤️ 🍃
  • Lindsey Frank Design (lindseyfrankdesign) Instagram Photos and Videos
    Beautiful kitchen!!! I wish I could keep more than one plant alive, sometimes I have a hard time with one! 😆
  • Kathleen Brown (saltbox_digs) Instagram Photos and Videos
    Nooo... we need plants like they need us! I can think of worse afflictions. Love your greens! Volunteer to adopt any excess. Smiles, K


Amanda • Our Humble Abode

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Watering day, and these plants are just from the living room, kitchen, and family room. Does that mean I have a problem or addiction?! • • • loveyourhabitat bhghome sodomino homewithrue smmakelifebeautiful ehdweekendmakeover showemyourstyled ambularinteriorsaintgotnothing myrenovatedreality currenthomeview

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