Narender Goel
40 Days ago
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Narender Goel

Comment from Narender Goel:

This artistic work was done in our room before us by some anonymous artist. leonardodavinci once said " Art is never finished, only abandoned". It lives in the heart of artist. So, today I was lying on the bed and I just saw this painting on my wall and I took a picture of it. After done some editing it was looking just beautiful. So I thought why not to display it on social media. I asked one of my philosopher friend @faizan.bhat_ to describe it so here his description in is words "The way the boy's eyes are open and the mothers are closed might signify a detachment of mother to the worldly affairs while the boy is open to possibilities but his mood hints at a deeper sad belief system that might be because of the way his mother bought her up. The mother although sad, still keeps her child in her lap, supporting her even when she doesn't feel satisfied" anonymous painter art artistic painting wallpainting artistsoninstagram vivekananda motherlove beutiful editorialphotography shotoneplus5 ArtNeverDiesOnlyAbandoned.

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