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Comment from Shadowhunters:

hey guys sorry i’ve been gone so long but Shadowhunters has changed there season 3 air date from April 3rd to March 20th!!!!! i’m so happy that we will have shadowhunters season 3 sooner bc i’ve low key been slowly dying with out it lol😂😂 - - anyway i will be trying to get back in the instagram game since shadowhunters is getting closer:) - - shadowhunters shadowhunterstv shadowhunterstvshow shadowhuntersseason3 shadowhuntersseason2 shadowhuntersseason1 tmi themortalinstruments season3 March20th yay early newyearnewdate claryfairchild jaceherondale simonlewis aleclightwood izzylightwood magnusbane lukegarroway katmcnamara domsherwood

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