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Suzanne van Vliet-Struik

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Reposting @expressionsofthehigherself with @instarepost_app -- 🌕 I have been focusing a lot around the lunar cycles lately. There are a few things to definitely take note of. This year, we will be experiencing a trifecta of energies harnessed by our Moon. We are having two full moons in one month. Yet no full Moon in February. A 28 day cycle with no Full Moon? This has also raised questions as to the Native American calendar with the additional sign- to be the true year to date. What do you think? 🌝 . . . . . supermoon bloodmoon bluemoon fullmoon lunar superbloodmoon bloodmoon2018 supermoon2018 thirdeye lightworker nativeamericans lightbeings starseeds indigogoddess lunapisces astrology sagitario peixes♓ lua luacheia unconditionallove thenewearth weareone spiritual thisesotericlife moonmagick

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