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D A V I D   T O R R E S 💉 (davitotorres) Instagram Photos and Videos

D A V I D T O R R E S 💉


Comment from D A V I D T O R R E S 💉:

🍃SUNDAY MOOD 🍃 . . . . . . . sunday picoftheday autumn grass arms fitguy instalike lazy rest

2 Seconds ago
Mayte (maytelavieenrose) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Mayte:

¿Cuántas veces te has perdido? La senda siempre parecía clara, la que "debes" seguir... pero ¿y si prefieres no seguir el camino? A veces uno debe perderse para encontrarse, darse cuenta que esas sendas no las hemos hecho nosotros, sino que seguimos los pasos de otro. Y la vida no es eso... la vida es caminar por donde cuesta, probarte, disfrutar el paisaje, equivocarte, aprender, sentir... perderte y encontrarte. Ser tú. Decidir cuál ha de ser tu camino... Y ahora dime ¿Cuántas veces te has perdido? blogger streetstyle travel autumn . . . . . . bloggerlife beautiful fashionblogger blog fashion beautyblogger travelling style trip love beauty travelgram picoftheday makeup photooftheday blogging traveler bestoftheday wanderlust instablogger lifestyle instacool me instagood girl

2 Seconds ago
Jalil Bourah  RAGAZZODIMARE🌊 (papitoshh) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Jalil Bourah RAGAZZODIMARE🌊:

SOLEIL🌊 model modelling malemodel modelpictures modelfitness photoshoot abs handsome fashiondiaries l4l modelpose inspiration love topmodel fitness ootd fashion men hot exercise modellife instafit picoftheday tagsagram4tags sexy malemodels bicepsdzpowerdzdzień

3 Seconds ago
Nikki Parson (womanofficial) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nikki Parson


Comment from Nikki Parson:

・・ fashion style hairstyle shoes vogue picoftheday makeupvideos makeup womenswear women womenfashion menswear picoftheday streetfashion beautiful prada luxury instafashion gucci like4like hairstyle instalike hudabeauty beautifuldestinations channel menstyle mensfashion foodporn nature @fashionnova

3 Seconds ago
Anna Shchukina (annaschukinna) Instagram Photos and Videos

Anna Shchukina


Comment from Anna Shchukina:

Polka dots 1920s style 1920s fashionillustration vogue vintagefashion fashion fashionsketch sketch draw drawing instafashion fashionsketchbook picoftheday illustration pasteldrawing пастельныекарандаши пастель instaart art sketching illustrator topcreator fashionillustrator fashiondrawing фэшниллюстрация иллюстрация скетч

3 Seconds ago
Cecilia Serena (ceci_serena) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cecilia Serena


Comment from Cecilia Serena:

Montalcino (It) - Chichen itza (Messico) Trova le differenze! montalcino toscana tuscany instapic picoftheday travel holiday

3 Seconds ago
memory of  things I like ⭐ (oskaralfin) Instagram Photos and Videos

memory of things I like ⭐


Comment from memory of things I like ⭐:

dosmujeresconflores fernandleger leger pintor cubism cubismo painter artist art mankanta lotuyoesbuengusto picofthedayphotooftheday instagramersinstago iloveitgreat enjoyit

3 Seconds ago
📷📷 (instant.moments) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 📷📷:

• No se trata de hacer cosas extraordinarias. Se trata de disfrutar las pequeñas cosas ordinarias. • elmaresme nofilter landscape nature naturephotography sky skyviews animal instadaily amazing beauty love life lifestyle instagram daily goodmood goodmorning goodnight horizon play photooftheday like4like picture goodday instamood instagood picoftheday instapic dog

3 Seconds ago
enekologic (enekologic) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from enekologic:

Colombia memories colombia zonacafetera flours trip bienpueda alaorden picoftheday instagramers instadaily amazing colombiaincreible lovelytrip lovely sudamerica colors

4 Seconds ago
Dylan Avoledo (dylanavoledo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dylan Avoledo


Comment from Dylan Avoledo:

🇺🇸 My Favorite Building in NYC : The Chrysler Building🗽 NewYork NewYorkCity NYC ChryslerBuilding Night Building Beautiful City PhotoOfTheDay PicOfTheDay InstaDaily

4 Seconds ago
Laura Piga (laura_piga81) Instagram Photos and Videos

Laura Piga


Comment from Laura Piga:

Mio 👗🛍😍 zara zaraoutfit zarafashion zaradress zarastyle zaradressph dress blackdress finalmentemio mydress tubino passionetubini tubinonero tubinozara outfit outfitoftheday fashion fashionstylist photo photography picture photooftheday picoftheday instagram

5 Seconds ago
Tryna Recreate Halias Feed (same.halia) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tryna Recreate Halias Feed


Comment from Tryna Recreate Halias Feed:

Adorable @haliabeamer • • • • • halia halianation haliaaloha alohahalia edit alohahaliaedit love aloha hawaii musically muser love queen slay picoftheday

5 Seconds ago
Alexandra G.☸ (alex_uki) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alexandra G.☸


Comment from Alexandra G.☸:

Высшей формой отношений между людьми, является дружба. . актау instagood me tbt cute follow followme photooftheday happy beautiful selfie picoftheday like4like instagramanet instatag инстаграм инстаграманет инстатаг я улыбка селфи красота природа друзья дружба лайки фото aktau_insta aktau

5 Seconds ago
shecka (ecua9090) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from shecka:

love TagsForLikes TagsForLikesApp instagood me smile follow cute photooftheday tbt followme girl beautiful happy picoftheday instadaily food swag amazing TFLers fashion igers fun summer instalike bestoftheday smile like4like friends instamood

6 Seconds ago
César Marquez (cesarmarquezartistic) Instagram Photos and Videos

César Marquez


Comment from César Marquez:

newface model fashionmodel fashion ootd cute mua style beauty makeupartist makeup make phootooftheday picoftheday shootingday shooting photography photographer folowme followforfollow follow4follow

7 Seconds ago
Noora Amalie Sætre (autmnsoul) Instagram Photos and Videos

Noora Amalie Sætre


Comment from Noora Amalie Sætre:

Currently I don‘t feel save anymore. I might be overreacting but I just want to move into another country immediately. Today we had our federal election and the third biggest party that we have now is the AfD, a right-winged party full of Nazis who want to ban the Islam, same-sex-marriage, free abortion and want to build more nuclear power plants. I don‘t feel save living here anymore, because 1933 it kinda started like that too, and what happened? Right, world war 2. There are still over 80% who voted against them but the voters plus the AfD is like Trump and his voters, so everything is possible now. They not only want to ban Islam and muslims, but wants to send all refugees back to their country, even if there is war. They just don‘t fucking care. They are breaking some basic laws with what they want to do but no one can do anything about it because it‘s always freedom of speech, so we now have the exact same situation as America with Trump. The AfD is not the only who can decide about everything, there are still 2 other partys, but I‘m pretty sure that gay people for example soon can‘t get married again. / my photo autmnsoulphotos

8 Seconds ago
Nadia Netti (nadianetti) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nadia Netti


Comment from Nadia Netti:

Last amazing sunset...sunset weekend windmills picoftheday friends neverendingsummer sicily sunday sun moon reflection saline

8 Seconds ago
Wioletta • 19 • Germany ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Wioletta • 19 • Germany

Comment from Wioletta • 19 • Germany:

Love this beautiful place ❤ || love liebe wunderschön island insel mallorca malle calamillor urlaub vacation summer throwback missing tbt sea meer ausblick me russian girl couple picoftheday

8 Seconds ago
🎙S O W // 👻SOWCMG (sowofficiel78) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 🎙S O W // 👻SOWCMG:

« Drôle de parcours » maintenant disponible sur toutes les plateformes de streaming Sow album artist music newmusic new rap f4f song hiphop smile instagood happy like4like followme love like girl selfie me follow goodmusic followers picoftheday rapper songwriter singer

10 Seconds ago
Nik Perry (nikkprry) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nik Perry


Comment from Nik Perry:

------------------------------ -----------citybrooklyntokyony viewnewnowphotojustgoshootstre instagoodpicofthedayinstadaily photoshootphotoofthedayhappyfu niceigerswinstreetphotographyi

10 Seconds ago
Richard Brady (richard_surf_cat) Instagram Photos and Videos

Richard Brady


Comment from Richard Brady:

Lanays cruising on her @jjboasurfboards @lucasrogerspbh model sled. playareina azuero surfgirl surfergirls olas gromlifestyle grom wave waveoftheday waveimage surfpic surfphoto surfinglife surfphotography surfimages picoftheday photooftheday veraguas richardbradyphotography richardbradyfoto

12 Seconds ago
cuddlyteen (cuddlyteen) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from cuddlyteen:

13 Seconds ago
Davide Lonardi (davidelonardi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Davide Lonardi


Comment from Davide Lonardi:

Oggi ho avvertito per la prima volta dopo tanto tempo quella leggerezza che avevi ad ogni uscita dal liceo, quando un casco e un motorino facevano la differenza. Più che altro mi sono sentito felice davvero con poco: una sella scomoda e un amico alla guida. E in questo scatto penso di aver racchiuso tutto questo: il nostro gruppo di amici in sella alle loro moto che guidano allineati davanti ad un lungo e sterminato serpentone di motociclisti. Il @gentlemansride ha avuto un vero denominatore comune, la moto. Nessun viso triste, tanti occhi belli vispi, un mix di colori e felicità che si annusava e si vedeva in ogni angolo. È è stato un bel giorno non solo per l'evento in se, che è pure benedico, ma perché il rombo di ogni scarico è stato il suono dell'animo delle persone che erano alla guida. Così vero, così intenso. Sembrava una colonna sonora scandita da sguardi, sorrisi, entusiasmo, sotto l'immancabile Sole giallo e caldo che sempre anima il cielo di Roma. Oggi è stato terapico: se c'era un male, qualunque esso fosse, non ve n'è più traccia. @alecoco @gentlemansride bike roma friends roadtrip biketrip hondacb750 caferacer harley 883iron triumph triumphbonneville triumphscrambler picoftheday roma

14 Seconds ago
Zaid H (zaid_io) Instagram Photos and Videos

Zaid H


Comment from Zaid H:

18 Seconds ago
Fanny (fanny_czk) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Fanny:

| "Quand je vois cette image, moi, quand je vois cette image  Ça ravive mon esprit  Engourdi par les bruits de la vie  Parce qu'on sait tous que c'est ça  Qu'on retiendra tout au bout  Certainement pas le stress là  Qui tous les jours nous pousse à bout  Parce qu'on sait tous que c'est ça  Qu'on retiendra tout au bout  D'avoir osé plonger alors qu'on n'était vraiment pas sur du tout." Quand je vois cette image - Ben Mazué 🙏🏼🎵

19 Seconds ago
Tommy Busch (tommy_busch84) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tommy Busch


Comment from Tommy Busch:

Put @shall01 thru a quick paced Arm workout this weekend. She says she wants to build up her's gonna be Fun. 😈

27 Seconds ago
Ellen (e.l.l.en) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Ellen:

Wild Wild West out here. 💥 Living out cowgirl fantasies 🐃 . Ph: Max Filatov Mua: @mashusha703 Models: @luckywb @e.l.l.n . Cowboy CowGirl Cowboys CowboysNation ThWst CowboyNation Howboutthmcowboys Nic Hot Sxy SxyWoman SxyModl SxyWif Fitspo FitnssModl FitModl Playboy Playmat PrfctBody Lov Picofthday Photoofthday Wif Bab Coupl Spous TxanStyl WstrnStyl PhotosssionMoscow Photosssion

41 Seconds ago
Mari Morales (lilfitnessdevil) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mari Morales


Comment from Mari Morales:

My fav 😍. If you notice I go straight down but more of half a circle going up.. that's because I'm using more back muscles than just my lats. 🤘🏾

1 Minutes ago
N A S T A S I A (gerasimova_nastasia) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from N A S T A S I A:

успех обеспечивает высокая планка требований к себе, я до своей пожалуй никогда не доберусь ✋🏽 love instagood me cute follow followme photooftheday happy beautiful selfie picoftheday like4like instagramanet instatag smile friends fun fashion instadaily instalike swag amazing follow4follow likeforlike bestoftheday sunday happyweekend happyme goodnight sweetsleep

2 Minutes ago
Jersey (laface_workinonmyoaklandbooty) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Jersey:

Everyone wants a quick fix, a magic word or pill that will instantly turn them into everything they ever wanted but the truth is you're going to have to put in the work. There will be sweat, there will be tears, and sometimes there will be blood. You'll make decisions, not the ones you want but the ones you need, you'll say no to so much and yes for the first time to other things. But in the end all of that is way better than just being handed something you didn't work for anyway! You need to set your goals, show up every day, put in the work and DO IT EVEN WHEN YOU DON'T WANT TO! Push yourself and you will be able to have everything you wanted and more 😃 Happy Sunday!! sundayfunday . fitgirl fitness fitchick fitgirls fitchicks photooftheday picoftheday instagood instagram positivevibes online motivation igfitmoms igfit girlswholift weightlift vegan seattlegym model confidence workinprogress veganfitness physique newyork followme blessedup footballsunday

2 Minutes ago
Sistema (Wig Specialist) (sistemastyles) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sistema (Wig Specialist)


Comment from Sistema (Wig Specialist):

3 Minutes ago
Ксю BlackSky (ksu_blacksky) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ксю BlackSky


Comment from Ксю BlackSky:

Наконец-то встретились спустя несколько месяцев) поездка истра picoftheday

8 Minutes ago
David Hanna (mr_eugene_hamilton) Instagram Photos and Videos

David Hanna


Comment from David Hanna:

When you trying to look at a big booty while you waiting at the bank but you get caught wow omg caught redhanded summer love lovely selfie instagood oldphone photography picoftheday art funny handsome life coolshirt beautiful bööty nofilter nice meme nerd blerd nervous

237 Days ago