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Jennifer Jordan


Comment from Jennifer Jordan:

Bernie has a potential adopter! Bittersweet but yay for him! rescuedogsofinstagram dogsofkansascity gsdlove germanshepherdsofinstagram rescuedog adoptdontshop dogsofinstagram

6 Seconds ago

Anna G. Larson


Comment from Anna G. Larson:

And how was your Monday?😹 meow mondaysbelike torti catstagram adoptdontshop catsofinstagram classyaf sheownsme kittycat

6 Seconds ago

Ashley Shumaker


Comment from Ashley Shumaker:

Who could resist this smile?! fosterfam adoptdontshop Sweetie

10 Seconds ago

Shannon L.B.


Comment from Shannon L.B.:

🙌🏼🐾❤Reposting bff_pet_rescue with instarepost_app -- ⭐GWENYTH RESCUED ⭐ We are so proud and happy to say we saved GWYENTH IdA1496525 out of ocanimalcare . She was set to die and pulled on her last day! Gwen came in emaciated and had scrapes on her face and body. She was in the shelter for 3 months! She gained 16 lbs and is doing much better. Gwen suffers from a Pancreatic disorder that doesn't allow her to keep weight on easily.. but a simple medicine prescription that costs about $1 per day fixes this issue. 🙏 She will need to take meds for the rest of her life and would love a monthly sponsor to cover the cost while she's in rescue. She is such a sweetheart! ❤ ⭐WE NEED A SOLID FOSTER for her.⭐ She needs to be the only dog in her home. Please contact us if you are interested in fostering or even adopting Gwen! See our upcoming posts for videos of her happy freedom play time! Email or for adoption of foster inquiries bffpetrescue TEAMBFF ocsheltersurvivor fosteringsaveslives NEEDSFOSTER adoptdontshop itssummerparker xxstephybellxx luvmystellarose kodashope smilelizziegirl hayleyannlawz_ _itsnotnatalie_ pittieswithattitude apeelio ocstepfordwife beaumadisonrescuenetwork dixie812 sadiebordo vox_silentii jessking04 angielaplantejohnson

10 Seconds ago

Maisy & Lucy


Comment from Maisy & Lucy:

A pup and her pillow. heeler fosterfail adoptdontshop sleep parvosurvivor

14 Seconds ago



Comment from Cassie:

Vicious pitbull attack! ignorance nobreeddiscrimination ilovepitbulls adoptdontshop spayneuter nokillnation2025

16 Seconds ago

Connie Thomson


Comment from Connie Thomson:

Charlie is sleeping blissfully because we got GREAT news today, friends! While his test results indicate he has IBD and hepatitis, he does NOT have cancer! We can treat him! We still have a long road ahead but the future looks a lot brighter now! charliecat catsofinstagram bestkitty sleepykitty adoptdontshop rescuecat specialneedscat notgivingup

18 Seconds ago



Comment from gsd_foster:

Before I got out on my own and started fostering we always had a dog. I'll admit I was a very ignorant dog owner, but now that I've become a scientist I've learned to love what research can offer a person. So before I started fostering I did months of research. Watched hours of film and formed my own opinion on dog training. I realized I needed a balanced approach compared to the all positive stuff I did growing up. Today prancer and I practically took a 30 min nap in the park. I would have never been able to do that with my previous dogs. We could never stop the voices in there head long enough. I never picked up the leash or had her jump on me. I think when you're rehabilitating a dog to a model citizen, you need a balanced approach. Especially with a "aggressive breed", people don't like to give them second chances. gsd gsdofinstagram gsdtraining dogtraining offleash dogfoster gsdpage park nap rescuedog adoptdontshop

19 Seconds ago

Meg Read


Comment from Meg Read:

Vi has a bag full of tennis balls. When I take one out to stretch my feet, that is obviously the only one she wants out or hundreds and tries to snatch it every time. blueheeler heelernation heelersofinstagram australiancattledog cattledog ilovedogs dogsofinstagram rescuedog adoptdontshop fetch

19 Seconds ago



Comment from Katie:

here is a wholesome cute puppy chewing on my shoe bc this Monday/weekend has been smt else

26 Seconds ago

Hugo Spaghetti 😽


Comment from Hugo Spaghetti 😽:

Yes, we're STILL using these blankets what of it? Some privacy please? blindcats lovebirds futurechomps . . petsarefamily adoptdontshop calicocatsofinstagram calico rescuecats tuxedocats tuxedocatofinstagram cute crazycatlady

34 Seconds ago

Renata 🐘💙✨Adopt Don't Shop🐾


Comment from Renata 🐘💙✨Adopt Don't Shop🐾:

Yes, you me kiss my paw 🐾 puppy puppies petstagram petsofinstagram dog dogs dogsofinstagram instadog love cute adoptdontshop snapchat

35 Seconds ago



Comment from mcgregor_nybc:

I certainly wouldn't have passed the "please walk a straight line" test 😂 mum said I looked a little drunk walking on that thing, I'm drunk'n love 🐶❤🐶😂 drunkinlove girlfriend datenight teammcgregor mcgregorstrong stopanimalcruelty stopanimalabuse rescue adoptdontshop pitbullmom pitbull nybc

41 Seconds ago



Comment from elsieyh:

So demure 😂muddypawspack catahoulapitmix merlepitbull pitbullsofinstagram adoptdontshop

47 Seconds ago

Margot 🙋 Freddie🐶 Rosie🐶


Comment from Margot 🙋 Freddie🐶 Rosie🐶:

One good doggie. One naughty doggie. theworldaccordingtoharris and oliver_thewirefox do you ever do this to your lovely neckerchiefs? dachshund wirehaired ladysquad adoptdontshop

49 Seconds ago

Senior Paws Sanctuary


Comment from Senior Paws Sanctuary:

Three adoptions this week ! We are so happy to announce Lady found her family this weekend too !!little girl has plenty of company in her new home and a Great Dane to protect her!!adoptionsatpetco adoptdontshop litledog lovehappyendings

50 Seconds ago

Scooby Doo the Aussiedor 🐶


Comment from Scooby Doo the Aussiedor 🐶:

hey there's no more peanut butter in here!! 😡

1 Minutes ago

Kelly Mueller


Comment from Kelly Mueller:

Typical night catsofinstagram cuddle pongo catlove catlady whiskers hescute adoptdontshop adoption

4 Minutes ago

Corissa's Canines


Comment from Corissa's Canines:

At this year's pawscars, the 'cutest ❤️ triangle' award goes to SimPepTon!!! Simba, Pepper and Winston have the most adorable puppylove trysts ever 😘🐶 moveoverantonyandcleopatra

5 Minutes ago



Comment from Cleo:

The snake didn't do it ✌❤🐍 instadog instaart rescuedogsofinstagram rescuedog furbaby bullarabcross mixedbreed bordercolliecross cutedogs bossdog adoptdontshop dogsofinstgram profile pupper doggo morningwalk prettydog ilovemydog beauty modeldog

1 Hours ago