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“If you don’t have Christmas in your heart, you will never find it under the tree.” In this very difficult Season of Fires in California many of us are faced with the question what do I take, as we evacuate homes and businesses. Take heart, if your family and pets are safe, and you have great memories you are traveling fully packed 💖

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Summer's Gone. 🌅🌊✌ BoydTheBloodhound

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I had a wonderful dream last night; I had an amazing life, good health, a beautiful intelligent daughter and extraordinary generous people around me. I woke up this morning and realized, it wasn’t a dream at all. Has it been void of hardship and struggle?… No it’s a constant, but that’s what makes it so sweet. Everyday is a new day with no guarantees for the next. thankful

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Santa Barbara, California burning💥 Worried for many of our friends! Pray for rain.

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Got to see the fires here in California up close and personal today and it’s insane the amount of smoke that’s in the air.

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Download this app for alerts, info & updates... CalFire

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Fire On The Mountain

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For those that are in need come on down to the food bank in Santa Barbara! The address is 4554 Hollister Ave., there is plenty to go around come on down! santabarbarafire thomasfire sbfoodbank venturafire

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This kids smile melts my heart. ❤️ michellelaurenphotography michellelauren holidayseason christmas flannel love santabarbara santabarbaraphotographer

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Since 1990, we've seen 13 significant fires in the southern parts of SantaBarbara county close to Goleta, Santa Barbara, and Carpinteria. Read more on • • • edhat sbnews history wildfire fire thomasfire santabarbaracounty goleta carpinteria

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These glasses look pretty good on me maybe I should start wearing them more 😋. me gay instagay instagood instalike tagsforlikes gaybear gayboy homo selfie gayselfie gaystagram glasses ootd look like follow cute handsome gaywithtattoos

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Holding space tonight @divinitree at 6:30 for whatever needs to be held. Come as you are. We will stay gentle and meditative, doing what we can for those who are suffering from this fire and all fires past and future 💛💜💛

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Remember spare-the-air days growing up? This is just like that but with the added feeling of pending doom. ThomasFire

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You're even pretty when you look mad! Happy, happy birthday, Sis! LOVE YOU

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A huge thank you to all the firefighters and first responders working tirelessly to protect the communities surrounding our Santa Barbara headquarters. We are so grateful to you all! 💙ThomasFire staysafe

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For homeowners - According to Consumer Reports, an exterior paint job can potentially increase the value of your home from 2-5%. Since most homebuyers will place a high value on the exterior paint appearance, you can expect to receive inquiries about the date the home was last painted and well as the quality of the paint. Give us a call to schedule an appointment at 805-452-8406

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Stepped on the patio to smoke and see this custom Pickle Rick pipe from @laketownglass trying to steal my lighter. Stay woke fam! They're trying to get us rickandmorty cannabis cannabiscommunity glass kush pipes dank og ganjagirls heady weshouldsmoke

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Santa Barbara 2017 35mm

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As 2017 starts winding down, i been reflecting on the past year thinking where i want to go from here. Where i want to really improve and what sort of things i want to incorporate, and making sure to WRITE THEM DOWN. In the past my goals have been too general and not concrete and that’s one thing i am improving starting today. I’m also planning getting merchandise ready to sell and give out at shows as well as ACTUALLY doing a music video and putting them out consistently. Those are just a couple things im working on. What are areas you guys want to get better at?

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I'm seeing a lot people out there walking their dogs while they wear masks and their poor animals breathe toxic smoke and ash into their tiny lungs. F those putos. Keep your fur babies safe!! 😷 dobetter thomasfire chihuahuamom

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Virgencita hoy en tu día te doy gracias por todo lo que tengo y voy a tener. 👑🙏🏼🌹 virgendeguadalupe agradecida bendiciones

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As onlookers, it is hard not to feel helpless when we can’t control our surroundings...please consider donating to the relief efforts as the blaze burns on... ThankfulForFirefighters ThomasFire CAFire VenturaStrong Donate Community Rebuild Fighting2Save Driving2Save

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