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Had a super gnarly time skating the streets of Rome with the Chiesa Nuova crew! I fell in love with skating yet once again thanks to these locals who do it simply for the LOVE. A huge thank you to @carlos_smith3d for filming this line & to @trustever for the great hospitality. Really made me feel like I was at home. You will be missed Roma! But I'll be back... oh yes, my latest song NO FAKE LOVE in the back, you like what you hear? Check it out! Gratzi mile! 1616 toliveanddiein enlightenedsouls thevoiceoftheunheard hiphophope skateboarding passion

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Simon Bryant


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cars fiat fiat500 italian rome travesti

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Molly Zaidman


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Wandering through the Trastevere neighborhood something to the left of me caught my eye. I walked through the open door and found this beautiful scene. My experience in Rome has been filled with these "something caught my eye" moments. There is beauty everywhere, but only when I allowed myself to wander and slow down did I stumble upon the little hidden corners and interiors. iphonepic

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Katie Newton


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Rome...Picture...Drink...Eat...Repeat letsjustrome

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Eterna. night lights saturdaynight enjoylife pontesisto landscape cittàeterna tevere sanpietro whatitalyis rome igersroma

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I miss the smell of jasmine in the air.

5 Hours ago
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Good times before she ditched me! Don't be afraid of the pirates!

5 Hours ago
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Alçin Sanders


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live to rise

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Sorprese casertane 🔝🤠😎😘

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Fay Chapple


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Exploring the pirates hideaway with the fabulous @jenniekormson in rome in the wee hours!

6 Hours ago
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Fay Chapple


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How can you resist a creepy open door at 2 am in Rome!

6 Hours ago
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Jennie Ormson


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I came to Italy in search of what was different, but I found more similarities than I expected. Including teens and young adults enjoying themselves into the wee hours. research spotthedifference peoplearepeople

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🥂♥️ saturdaynight serateromane trastevere

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Mannaggia a te, Roma!🌙 roma amor trastevere nofilter likeforfollowlikeforlikelikeforlikeslikeforashoutoutlikefortagslikeforlikebacklikeforafollowlikeforlikealwayslikeforfollowerslikeformelikeforcommentlikefortaglikeforaslikeforlivelikeforlovelikeforfollowbacklikeforlikesformesigodevoltatrococurtidaslikeforlikesbacklikeforsharelikeforlikeandfollowelikeforahoutoutslikeforfollowlikeforliketeamlikeforfollowbacklikeforlikesfrommelikeforlikesbackinstachile_

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