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Van Williams 🖤 Life In Squares (vanvanwilliams) Instagram Photos and Videos

Van Williams 🖤 Life In Squares


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✖️D R E A M I N G✖️ This photographic scenery print top is ideal to spruce up my all black work wear and doesn't it make you want to go on holiday! 🙏 . . . . . . . fashionpost fashion fashionista fashioninspo fashionstyle fashioninspiration style mystyle styles styleblogger stylegram stylediaries whatiwore wiw outfit outfitoftheday outfitinspiration ootd instablogger stylist mystyle outfits outfitideas fashionista mylook fashiondiaries fashiondaily instadaily outfitpost lovefashion fashionblogger wiwt

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Sherif Essam (lonelydevilsurvive) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sherif Essam


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mercedes_showroom yas_mall uae🇦🇪

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Sai Kiran CH (kiranch_77_sk) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sai Kiran CH


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Otman Regrag (otman_regrag) Instagram Photos and Videos

Otman Regrag


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Rose Avenue flowershop  🇦🇪❤ (roseavenueflowers) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rose Avenue flowershop 🇦🇪❤


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ِ أنت أجمل من سرق قلبي وصآنه "💛 . . . مساء_الورد مساء_الخير الورد روز هدية هدايا بوابة_الشرق_مول اسود أبوظبي دبي goodevening evening flower roses rose black gifts abudhabi bawabatalsharqmall roseavenueflowers

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Elisha Udoh (elisha_udoh) Instagram Photos and Videos

Elisha Udoh


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Repeat After Me 💛 daily affirmation goodmorning happywednesday gratitude fallinlovewithyourlife happiness blogger follow thehappyplacejournal fitfam instafit fitchick bbg uaefitnessmovement inabudhabi myabudhabi simplyabudhabi

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Bible Of Success 📖 (bibleof_success) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bible Of Success 📖


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Sometimes you don't realize your own strength until you come face to face with your greatest weakness.💯 ➖ Double tap if you agree!💪🏻 ➖ businessquotes businessowner businesslife successquotes successtips successmindset successstory successcoach successquote entrepreneurial entrepreneurmindset entrepreneurlife entrepreneurlifestyle entrepreneurquotes entrepreneursofinstagram businessopportunity businessminded bibleofsuccess luxuryhome luxurybrand moneymaker moneygram grindinghard grinder hustlehard promoter promotion hustlemode networking affiliatemarketing

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Abu Dhabi Ports (abudhabiports) Instagram Photos and Videos

Abu Dhabi Ports


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Repost @aletihadae with @repostapp ・・・ ⁧‫محمد_بن_زايد‬⁩ يستقبل وفدا من شركة ⁧‫أبوظبي‬⁩ للموانئ ويؤكد أهمية مجاراة التطورات وتعزيز القدرات التنافسية. ‏⁧ @abudhabiports

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Manuel Asuncion Payumo Junior (payumomanueljunior) Instagram Photos and Videos

Manuel Asuncion Payumo Junior


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No matter how old you become, I’ll always hold your hand tenderly… just like how I held it on the day that you were born. I love you, son.

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Muhammad Fahrezy (fahrezoey) Instagram Photos and Videos

Muhammad Fahrezy


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apa daya dd yang cuma bisa senyum 😁😁

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Rashed Al Mazrouei (ra_mazrouei) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rashed Al Mazrouei


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الرادار مصور راعي اللكزس .. بس سوبر خان انقذ الموقف 😂

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Nutrition& Dietetic Consultant ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Nutrition& Dietetic Consultant

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So activated charcoal has gone mainstream to help all of us detox from our daily toxin ingestions 😂*************************************************This is because it absorbs the harmful molecules instead of our bodies absorbing them. Also it helps digestion right? 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Activated charcoal will not help you 'detox' from everyday substances, yes for acute poison ingestion i .e. Potentially fatal painkiller overdose its medically indicated, but it doesn't pick up alcohol. 🙈*************************************************Some studies show improved digestion, an equal amount show no difference. Too much of it may cause constipation and most likely give you black stools 💩 Also,it does not differentiate between toxins and nutrients so it may actually stop you absorbing the good stuff too, but long term studies are needed. dontbother activatedcarcoal trustadietitian dietitian healthyfood abudhabi

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Nada | Abu Dhabi - UAE | Sudan (africaanah) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nada | Abu Dhabi - UAE | Sudan


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africaanahbookreviewsandbuts Book Title: elevenminutes Book Author: paulocoelho My Rating: ⭐️⭐️/5 . . I’ve had the chance to read two of Coelho’s books. One (The Alchemist) that I absolutely couldn’t connect with and the other (Veronika decides to die) which I totally loved. . I’ve only picked this up because it was a recommendation from a trust worthy friend – meaning we have similar tastes in books and I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. . Boy, was I disappointed! . I don’t even know where to start from. . Eleven minutes is the story of Maria looking for true love, gets heartbroken (well, that’s at least what’s the author is trying to make us believe), moves away from her family in search of her dreams – which again I wasn’t sure what it was exactly but for the sake of the book, let’s just say its love, family, fame and fortune. . I didn’t mind the writing style so much but I did dislike the plot line – if we can call it one. Her journey, the people she meets, finding her “inner light”, being that special Prostitute who is beautiful, smart AND philosophical. And if that’s not enough for you, she’s also thinking and reading about starting plus managing her own farm. (Insert weird smiley here) . I totally did not like the book. Two stars is generous of me because I just managed to finish it till the end though I did rant about it all through. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone as I have found it an utterly pointless read. . bookreview

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 (agapi_luwu) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Masih disini dengann semamgat..kalkulator standby😆😀😀

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Julia Kiviatkowski (juliakiviat) Instagram Photos and Videos

Julia Kiviatkowski


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Vacation time !

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Focus on the quality of your conversations, not on their length. Through Wi-Fi is free anyway… What is the significance of Wi-Fi for you? wifidreamers freewifi powerofwifi newnetwork share talking conversation videocall bluegreenmedia mobilemedia socialmedia media digitalmerketing digitalmarketing millennials abudhabimedia abudhabi ad abudhabitaxi dubai uae bgbooiscoming seethewholepicture

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Don Roger Ghantous (rodger121) Instagram Photos and Videos

Don Roger Ghantous


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Big respect

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