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Such hunny's 👯

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This is a picture of me in bed with another (6th) cup of coffee at 2:13 pm. It's Sunday. I was supposed to wake up, feel damn excited and get my ass on a train to Trier, Germany. Instead, I woke up, felt entirely unmotivated and decided to screw any plans I had and go back to sleep until 10 am. Eventually I got up, called my mom, had a brownie for breakfast, worked on my resume, called my dad, texted my best friend, looked at videos of Luna, cried, went back to bed, took an hour long shower, had a Spanish dance party in my underware, ate a bag of chips, then an apple for balance, made another pot of coffee and decided to update my Spotify. If I'm being honest, there's not much in life that has ever served me as much as a damn BED DAY. or several. When things move quickly- when the travel is too much and the yoga takes you too deep and the teaching is too frustrating - the answer is bed. And coffee. And dancing in your underwear. And eating crap food. And listening to really. really. great music. And telling yourself that you actually don't have to DO anything or BE anyone other than your f$*%•g SELF. As for me, I feel like feeling it all today- all of these past 3 weeks- and going absolutely no where. Trier... you're gonna have to wait for me. 💃🏼💜🎉 happy Sunday world- may you all be moving and shaking or staying in bed or somewhere in between.

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