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Travel Views For Two


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When photobombing while travelling becomes a sport. The best views are the shared ones.. even if it is impromptu 📷💣 ❤️ Thanks @flywideroe for having us!! . . . . . lofoten svolvær airport runway runwaymodel airportlife flying norway travelcouple travelgoals travelviewsfortwo passionpassport creativetravelcouples planeporn wanderer wanderlust justbackfrom wheretonext love adventure photobomb travelgram instatravel couplegoals sunset mountains coupletravel vacation lifegoals

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Road ahead. . . . . . moodygrams mg5k artofvisuals fatalframes instagood ournaturedays ourmoodydays earthfocus discoverearth minimalism visualambassadors ig_color electic_shotz earth_shotz heatercentral theimaged fatalframes way2ill visualsofearth exploretocreate lifeofadventure lensbible illgrammers agameoftones toneitup artofvisuals lifeofadventure droneoftheday fromwhereidrone rsa_outdoors earthpix dronestagram

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Yasmin of the House Beishuizen


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The Late Night Story


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"...but have you heard the story of how the aurora borealis came to be? No? Well then I'll tell you. In the winter that froze so fast that the farmers did not have time to pick all of their corn or bring in their cattle, a girl was born. The night she was born, a blistering snowstorm blew through all of northern svolvær. The gusts it brought in hushed out the brightest of night's stars and engulfed the light of the moon's glowing heart. That night, four fishing vessels went missing, not to find home for weeks on end. As the girl grew up, people began to notice her beauty. They said her eyes danced with vibrant greens and hints electric purples. In spring, she would swim for hours on end in the streams brought upon by the seasons rain storms. In summer, her brown hair could dance for miles in the sweet wind of the northern hills. In fall, she would help her mother make kaffe to share with all of the town's people. But at the beginning of every winter, she would stay inside. At her father's bidding, she was not to leave the house at risk of being blown away by the snow storm. On a winter just 15 years after her first, her father would leave the house to fetch more wood for their dwindling fire. On his not coming back, the family wept for hours. They would not see him again until the end of the winter months when he would be found in a cave. He said that in the darkness of the gusting snow, he had lost his light and lost his way. The following year, as this year's storm was just hitting it's strongest point, the girl was sitting by her window. Looking out into the sea, she saw the lights of one final fishing vessel sitting off of the coastline. They were too late and soon, the darkness would make it impossible for them to find their way to shore. She had to help, so she found her courage, through on her jacket, and stepped outside. Maybe she could start a signal fire, she thought, maybe she could light their way. But there was no spare wood that night, and she could barely see in the coming darkness. As the light began to flee her body, she suddenly felt calm. The darkness was stopping around her, refusing to shadow where she stood shivering...."

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service massiveattack chef bnw

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lamb chump sunchoke cooking food

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pork rib cooking plating food

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UP In the air☺️ goingtoSvolvær svolvær airplane widerøe wideroe norway

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Torsdagsøktene ble hinsides bra! 5000 m - 17.12🏃‍♀️🤛 Fart i 17 og 17,5 km/t🏃‍♀️ Det går radig framover med prosjekt ‘’ holde høyt og jevnt tempo over lengre distanser’’😬 Legs and glutes fikk kraftig kjørt seg på styrkeøkten💪🍑 knebøy, en fots mark i smith, en fots hofteløft, kick back, pull through, strakmark med manualer, sittende benpress og legcurl.👌 klarte ikke dy meg og kjørte 3 runder ( 11 tilsammen) i monkeybar’n. Og jammen meg tok jeg 4 muscleups i slengen! Sjukt gøy!😀Snart helg! thursdayworkout speedrun progress workthatshit runninggoals runninglife focusonyourself prioritys setgoalssmashthem believeinyourself strenghttraining legday glutes workit strongbody goodshit instafit fitsinspiration fitnessfreak

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svolvær lofoten norway nordland norge landscape house fog mountains grass tb tbt throwback throwbackThursday 🇳🇴

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northnorway2day nordnorge nordland lofoten norge norway

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Shoeday Svolvær


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Black friday sale🖤 I morgen har vi 30% på hele butikken, og holder åpent 7-22!! Let’s go shopping🛍

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Lene V Svolvær


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I morgen er det black friday!! Vi holder åpent fra 7-22, og kjører 30% på hele butikken hele dagen🖤 Velkommen innom!

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Vakaras... 🗺️🏔️🇧🇻🇧🇻🇧🇻

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Remigijus Juozūnas


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Poliarine diena i pabaiga...

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Eurosko Svolvær


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Black Friday🖤 I morgen holder vi åpent fra 07-22, og kjører 20% på hele butikken! Velkommen innom👏🏼

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Harborrotiform rotiformwheels wheelwhores wheels lofoten lowered stillstatic stanceworks stancenation static stance ruf ultradeep happystance perfectstancearcticfitment wheelpornhnr porsche911 964 911 911outlawthestancehunterswissw wisswaxegaragelowlifeporschear

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Mejor no esperar, que la vida se esfuma en la espera trip norway lofoten volvov90

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Moelven Wood Prosjekt


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Svolvær Montessoriskole, Lofoten. Moelven leverte massivtre og lerk fasade. Arkitekt og bilder @vindveggen ( @martinglomnes )

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Karsten A. Ellingsen


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Calm before the storm

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Lisa Augensen


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Hærlig med masse «vær» - stormen «Ylva» gir oss masse Hærlig vær i deilig rå nordnorsk natur🇳🇴🇳🇴🌊🌊. storm weather ocean selfie norway nature naturephotography storm sjøsprøyt enjoylife livingthedream

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Paul Coles


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Wooden racks called ‘hjell’ for drying fish. Stockfish is unsalted fish, especially cod, dried by cold air and wind on wooden racks on the foreshore. Plus it looks cool 😎 svolvær lofoten fishing sonya6500 stinky

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