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完全就是違和感啊🍻,明明三天前還在台灣熱得要死,一轉眼就被 一轉眼就被叫來上班了。在機械式掃地中抬頭,那風景,又一個瞬間 昨天昏睡15個小時 從黑夜睡到白天再睡到黃昏 回台灣40天太短以至於異常想回家 違和感

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Glenorchy, New Zealand⠀ ⠀ 📷 @craigjcampbell ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ nzibt newzealand basketball bball hooper hoops travel tour adventure discover australia basketballtour kiwi collegebasketball ncaa explore water beaches sunset tourist mountains christchurch auckland newzealandbound nz nature newzealandvacations newzealandguide

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Solid tree tekkers from @melissarowntree in Glenorchy on another successful poppastaffroadtrip . . . nz newzealand roadtrip

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thankful for having the opportunity to be here, witnessing nature on steroids

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Braved the -3 degrees and lost all feeling in our feet but Wilson and Seth took us for the ride of our lives, thanks boiz 🐴horseriding frozenbitties newzealand glenorchy popsicles

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Still climbing trees. glenorchy greatoutdoors amazingnz dowhatyoulove

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• Highway to heaven • Exploring and adventuring roadkill

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• Glenorchy, NZ • The cutest little town nz losingfeelinginallextremities

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These colours were amazing. 🍂🍂 . . . . . Hashtags ---> Dunedin wildlife canon newzealandfinds landscapephotography ig_newzealand travel photography imagery art kiwi_photos newzealand majestic_earth purenz travelblogger canonphotos earthpix fantastic_earth explore adventure newzealandvacations bestnewzealand portraiture sky outdoors photooftheday newzealandguide nature_wizards winter trees

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Don't know how I didn't come here earlier. Beautiful part of our country

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Vixe!! Pra onde iremos? Lugar Maravilhoso!!! newzealand

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Random hedge walls make the best selfie spots. You can find this one in Glenorchy, just up from the pub.

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What does freedom mean to you? To me freedom means no fear 🍂🦋🍃🐞 luanamarchiteam healthcoach positivevibes

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warf water new Zealand landscape

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Soon to be Mr & Mrs...❤️❤️

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This is living.

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I have seen Glenorchy wharf shed in so many pictures and today I made it to here😊 travelgoals glenorchy wharfshed beautifulnz southisland scenary nzpure nztourism winterfest queenstownholidays historicalplace iphonephotography instafun instafun instagramers instamoments

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Scenes of the South ✨🏞❄️

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