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Talking about water reflection?

39 Minutes ago

There were some people swimming but I didn't swim coz no one to swim w me + water was really colddddd. U see that floating thingy over there? It's a platform for people who swim to stand on, something like those running man water games but I thought it was really cool coz it was in the middle of the lake 😬

40 Minutes ago

Comment from 📍 Oxford, UK:

He is still my favorite human.

1 Hours ago

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Comment from Suzany e Felipe:

Terceira conquista de 2017! Visto aprovado!! Mais 2 anos de Nova Zelândia!! Obrigada Inbound Study!!!! E que venham novas conquistas, novos sonhos, novos desafio, novas viagens, novos amigos.... Obrigada Nova Zelândia!!!! ❤❤❤

4 Hours ago

Comment from Birte:

4 Hours ago

Moody Glenorchy. Conditions weren't very favourable so we didn't stay for long at all but it's just another excuse to revisit. Maybe at the end of this year?! 😬

5 Hours ago