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Hi 😊

1 Days ago
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It was a damp and grey Thursday here in Bristol, so I'm throwing back to the most wonderful time of the year - @bristolballoon. Not the most exciting image but I like how the @keltbraygroup balloon is peeping out from behind @ricohimaginguk's balloon.

2 Days ago
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The best ballon fest🎈🎈

2 Days ago
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Throwback to when the balloon fiesta was flying over my boyfriends house in Bristol. I've never actually been in one but it would be so cool to actually do it! Maybe even Richard Branson style 🌎 What's on your bucket list? 📝

3 Days ago
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Red Arrows in flight

3 Days ago
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VSCO B1 | ferriswheel bristolballoonfiesta bristol blackandwhite sky clouds

3 Days ago
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Was having a sick time at fiesta x

5 Days ago
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Бежать 🏃🏻 сломя голову в 6 утра на поле за городом? 😬 Легко! Зачем?🤔 Читайте русскую версию в комментариях! ☺️ Run off at 6 in the morning ⏰on the field outside the city? Easily! This is how I remember the Balloon Festival in Bristol! 🎈 We arrived 🚄to Bristol on the opening day of the festival 🎊and after a nice walk around a very cozy city centre ☺️started to walk to the festival place, as the first launch of balloons was planned at 6pm 🕓 By that time there were a lot of people already 🙈The music was playing 🎼 and there was a fun fair 🎡 selling sweet cotton candies 🎠 and cheesecakes! 🍭I was in a beautiful 💃🏼 dress (yes, I prepared), what could go wrong? 😌 Exactly at 6 o’clock the music subsided 🙏🏻 and a man's voice began to come from the speakers 📻 something quickly jerking about a red 🔴 yellow 🔶 and green ❇️ smoke. It turned out that the balloon flight depended on the colour of the smoke 😫 The situation changed from a festive one to a strained, 😬 everyone listened, as only this voice knew the verdict ... smoke puffed.. a RED smoke puffed! 😵 🔴 The last disappointed sounds of the man reached the microphone 🎤 and again the music 🎹 began to play. For the first time in my life I could not believe my eyes! 😰 They will not fly? We drove for 4 hours from London, but they will not fly? 😲 I almost sobbed 😭 because the next day at 9 am we had a bus 🚌 to Wales. So we will not see the thing we went to Bristol?! 😑 But it turned out that the next launch was at 6 am. We returned to the hotel, downloaded twitter 🐥 because the organizers wrote about the possible cancellation of flights only there and then fell asleep 😴 Woke up at 5:30 ⏰ and while we were collecting things around the hotel room, convulsively 😬 updating the page of the twitter, we saw the first ALREADY 😦 launched air balloons!!! “That’s it” - I thought - "we are late" 😔 but still began to understand how the Uber 🚖works, because buses do not go so early, and even if we would run 👣 very quickly it would take at least half an hour! There was no time for the dress and makeup, so I pulled on comfortable👖 jeans and we ran out! 🏃🏽‍♀️ The rest in comments ⬇️⬇️⬇️

6 Days ago
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Me enjoying play-doh. This is Anne’s own account now. Please follow me on here.

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happy birthday bestie 🎈💃2️⃣1️⃣🎉🕺ballooning bffl friendsforever bestbums thisismyfriend

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The Balloon Fiesta in Bristol @bristolballoon balloon hotairballoon hotairballoonfestival

9 Days ago
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tbt from this august at the bristolballoonfiesta. If you’ve never been, you def should make the effort to see it one day. 🎈you won’t be disappointed 😉

9 Days ago
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2 months ago

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Leave me down here on my own then I'll wait for you people sunshine magic

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