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Simpley the best

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Good morning from the spot.

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We are on the road to Croatia and it's a long way with 3 kids. It would be easy if we had just the two bigger ones but the baby finds it hard to nap in the car and therefore has a really short nap and gets super tired. I found a campsite along the way that had a spot for the night and it's pretty cool. We tried to go out for a pizza and again I need to get used to the fact that this year we have a baby this year. She was just too tired and was screaming 😬 having a 5 year gap between 2 and 3 means I have had it easy for a while! I think it's just been a difficult day however we did have a pretty fab half an hour the beach whilst dad got the caravan sorted and we stretched our legs after a long journey ❤️.i have to count myself lucky that my little one is such a good baby. Last night she slept 14 hrs straight through without a peep . . . , . . . . . . . bestofmo evening thehumblesoles momtogs adventuresofchildren camping cameramama clickinmoms clickmagazine childhoodunplugged childhoodmemories familyvacation summerholidays italy bringthekids travel igbaby igmommy unitedmotherhood momtogs motherhoodsimplified instamoms documentyourdays honestlyparents honestlymotherhood

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Non mollare mai!!! Parola di Luna

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Ciao Alonza alonza ferragosto marinajulia bianchezza noi simpy vippinenonsinascenèsidiventa

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