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... Mi dosis de Amor Venezolano 🇻🇪 en Madrid 🇪🇸 ❣️ venezolanosporelmundo

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☀️16/02/18 青春就是要 抓住人生的每一刻 趁還能犯 young is about seizing the moment; try while you still can make mistakes, chase while you still have dream, love while you still have the courage. birthdaytrip Travelphotography instatravel solotrip passionpassport lovetraveltravegram traveler travellife traveladdict holidaymood discovereurope backpacksurope spain amazingspain explorespain madrid palacedecrystal garden park trees gopro hero4silver like4like boy mansoutfit sunglasses

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no spain 🇪🇸 no gain ! 😹🙈 when the crystal palace you thought you’d only see in disney movie is being laid out before your eyes ✨😻 madrid spain españa frozen beautifuldestinations wanderlust igdaily explore instastyle travelgram life 2017 instapic photooftheday ig_europe instatravel happyplace spring aroundtheworld weekend memory picoftheday holiday europe moments cityscape magic instagood instamood igers

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Art reflector ceiling artmadrid

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A big shoutout to my more patient, calmer, and realistic better half 😅❤️ Entrepreneurship is hard, starting a business and moving to a different country is hard, networking in a different language is hard, starting a business in a completely new county is hard. There are a lot of days where I question myself, my decision to move, and to start my own business. Most days I lay in bed stressed, anxious, and filled with IDEAS 💭 Once a week, I cry from feeling overwhelmed and unsure if I’m doing things correctly. Thank you to my alma gemela y media naranja ✨ por aguantar mis momentos de estar loca, insegura y pesada 😂 por ayudarme con tantas cosas, apoyarme en todo y solo exigirme que intento las cosas sin miedo y con atrevido - que todo se aprende de los fallos. No podría hacerlo sin ti! 💕 The Quirky Pineapple Studio would not be where it is without my support system! Who are the people behind the scenes who support you and how do they help? Let me know in the comments below! 😍

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Palacio de Cristal madrid españa

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새도 많고 사람도 많고.. 그 중에 교감 😍

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en los días más claros y en las noches más oscuras 🖤

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crystal palace crystalpalace palace expo bluesky sunlight madrid españa

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