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Ridgebacks Women's Lacrosse (uoitwlax) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ridgebacks Women's Lacrosse


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Sundays are FTG lax

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Leili (leili.tilvadeva) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Leili:

You won’t find a hotter breaststroke squad, I can guarantee it 😎

53 Minutes ago
Fernando Valencia (fernandorvalencia) Instagram Photos and Videos

Fernando Valencia


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Milk & Bone • • • • • fitness arms latino peruvian men toronto health progress inspiration nutrition selfie workout motivation hardwork dedication love like

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Matthew David Grist (gristogram) Instagram Photos and Videos

Matthew David Grist


Comment from Matthew David Grist:

There is an abundance of beautiful old buildings and big trees around the University of Toronto campus. This weekend we’ve been studying the Tibetan Buddhist concept of “Tonglen.” It’s an incredibly beautiful practice where you envision taking suffering from others and bringing them happiness, health, and peace. This is the first time since my years doing ceremonies with First Nations that I’ve felt a strong spiritual sense of community. There’s a lot going on in this city and it’s exciting to be a part if it. philosophiesofmindfulnessmedit universityoftoronto photo: @jude_star

1 Hours ago
UofT College Diabetes Network (cdn.uoft) Instagram Photos and Videos

UofT College Diabetes Network


Comment from UofT College Diabetes Network:

Make sure to mark your calendars ... our launch party is coming up soon! 🎉 We’d love to see you there! cdnuoft • launchparty . . . . markyourcalendars onetouchultramini uoft universityoftoronto universitylife torontolife planner2018 glucometer t1d typeonediabetes insulin stabilloboss seeyouthere

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Robert Wright (wright1000) Instagram Photos and Videos

Robert Wright


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OK urbanphotography visualpoetry streetphotography

1 Hours ago
Rodney Yuen (rodneyyuen9836) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rodney Yuen


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House sparrow and Northern Cardinal. sparrow northerncardinal streetphotography toronto 6ixwalks alleyroots fujifilmxt2 fujifeed fujilove fujixf80mm bird

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Kristy Petra (monochromachic) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kristy Petra


Comment from Kristy Petra:

First outdoor run of 2018. Worst pace ever but managed to pull almost 6k🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️nikerun nikerunclub justdoit feelingaccomplished sundaybrunchearned peacesignfromtheasian instacouple

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陈宇清 (kabudao0930) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Cards4Humanity (uoftcards4humanity) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Cards4Humanity's Homelessness Awareness Week 🔸🔸🔸🔸 🔸🔸. March 4: Humanization March 5: Teen Trafficking March 6: Weather March 7: Volunteer March 8: Women and Health March 9: Food Please visit our website at for information about the events pertaining to the specific themes of the week! We hope you can come out and support our cause!

1 Hours ago
Sheldon Maze (sheldonmaze) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sheldon Maze


Comment from Sheldon Maze:

winter in toronto isn't all snow and gloom . . . . . uoft University sundaystroll bluesky noFilter

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Veronika (veronika_potyl) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Moïra Taillefer (moirataillefer) Instagram Photos and Videos

Moïra Taillefer


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The University St-George's campus at the heart ❤️ of Toronto. La Tour du CN dans l'axe de la rue principale du campus universitaire ... tourducn ilovetoronto❤ cntowertoronto🇨🇦 boundlesscampaign boundlesscampus campusuniversitédetoronto universityoftoronto lesdeuxpiliers lampadaire💡 uoftcampus stgeorgecampus danslaxe côneorange orangetrafficcone pourunfuturétudiant intheheartoftoronto mywintercanadaseries discoverontario yourstodiscoverinwinter

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Hart House Get Crafty! (harthousegetcrafty) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hart House Get Crafty!


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Tammy Duarte (tammy_tld) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tammy Duarte


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Jiaxuan Li (ljxuan_x) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jiaxuan Li


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啊reading week最后一天☹️lastday readingweek backtoschool

3 Hours ago
Aref Abuhaliqah (aref.pic) Instagram Photos and Videos

Aref Abuhaliqah


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. . . وجكن جرابو نساني و راح وفضَّل ضليلي المانسى ... .. . . By: myphone . كندا تورنتو اوتاوا canada… كندا تورنتو canada happycanadaday torontophoto thankyoutoronto 6ix . . . . way2ill 6ixwalks toptorontophoto toronto streetoftoronto thankyoutoronto مبتعث مصور yorkville yorkvilleexotics way2ill illgrammers theyorkville neverstopexploring torontoclicks yorkvillehairsalon untoldvisual yorkvillexoticcarshow 416 torontophoto torontophotography torontophot

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Jason Zhang (jasonqzhang) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jason Zhang


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Why can’t every winter day be like this 🌳 feelslikespring uoft campus nofilter shotoniphone toronto torontolife

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Nicholas Chadi (nicholaschadi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nicholas Chadi


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toronto weekendfun springiscoming

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