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Hannah Linnea Mandala🌻 (mandalaadventurez) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hannah Linnea Mandala🌻


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Cheesey pic for my mom . . . . agameoftones ig_masterpiece ig_exquisite ig_shotz global_hotshotz superhubs main_vision master_shots exclusive_shots hubs_united jaw_dropping_shotz worldshotz theworldshotzpixel_ig photographyislifeephotographyi photographysouls photographyeveryday photographylover worldbestgram iglobal_photographers ig_great_pics ig_myshotshotwithlove justgoshoot xposuremagicatchingcollectivel heatercentral

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Bride Night Photography (bridenightphotography) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bride Night Photography


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Dashing couple : : : : weddingphotography photography photographer engagemen engagementphotos engagementphotos weddingphotography weddingphotographer weddingday bigday savethedate engagementring ajaxweddingphotographer scarboroughphotographer canonmarkiv

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Yvan Baker, MPP (yvan_baker) Instagram Photos and Videos

Yvan Baker, MPP


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UTIHP Global Health Engage (globalhealthengage) Instagram Photos and Videos

UTIHP Global Health Engage


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WORLD AIDS DAY 2017 Speaker Reveal 2: Maureen Mahan is a registered nurse, and the Educational Development Coordinator at Casey House, a speciality HIV/AIDS hospital in Toronto with home care and outreach programs. Inspired by the founders of Casey House, Maureen helps to provide important services that improve the quality of care for people living with HIV/AIDS. Her role includes creating educational programs for health care and support service providers that address issues such as HIV and aging, mental health, and HIV awareness. Recently, Maureen has been working on “Compassionate Care in a Changing Landscape”; an educational video series for care providers about the long term care of people living with HIV/AIDS. Her significant contribution to HIV/AIDS care has been recognized by the CIHR HIV/AIDS Research Initiative, the Canadian Association for HIV Research (CAHR), the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research (CANFAR), and many more. UofT UTIHP WorldAIDSDay2017

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C A R O L I N E  S I M Õ E S (carolisim) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Fingindo que não to congelando rs

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Wanna hear a joke I made? 😜class engineering mechanicalengineering spontaneously jokes

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niamh neev neeuhv neem ny-am (niamhagrams) Instagram Photos and Videos

niamh neev neeuhv neem ny-am


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suffering through finals szn n American thanksgiving thanking god i had my best friends in our shitty small town high school and through UofTears!!! 👩‍👩‍👧

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Daisy Enright (daisyenwrong) Instagram Photos and Videos

Daisy Enright


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Snapped a shot of a super quick sunset the other day, city-style🚕

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Stephanie Marie LeBlanc (stephaniemarie_l) Instagram Photos and Videos

Stephanie Marie LeBlanc


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School is spooky tonight uoft stgeorgecampus

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Justin Antigua (ja.armani) Instagram Photos and Videos

Justin Antigua


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I was 12 when I met her. It was love at first sight. She welcomed me with open arms. Educated me in the most profound way. She nurtured me when no one couldn’t. She taught me that when life gets tough, you keep going. Though she’s cold sometimes, she always warms me up right after. Sometimes she cries and it pours. She falls but she always gets back up. I grew up with her and this is a tough goodbye. But, I gotta go and make a killing in Australia. I will never forget her. I’ll come back for her. She is beautiful. She gives me hope. Her name’s Toronto, Canada.

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Chris Tomalty-Moeller


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It's crisis simulation time southkoreaisbestkorea

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UofT Bookstore (uoft_bookstore) Instagram Photos and Videos

UofT Bookstore


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You heard it hear first folks - tomorrow we’re having our first ever Black Friday event! 🛍 . . Sale starts tonight online & is available at all Bookstore locations! . . . . . uoft uoftstyle universityoftoronto torontosale blackfridaytoronto blackfriday studentlife

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Finnish Studies U of T (finnishstudies) Instagram Photos and Videos

Finnish Studies U of T


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Finnish Studies -opiskelijat Jae Eun ja Laina maistoivat salmiakkia! Ehkä pitää vähän totutella? // Finnish Studies students Jae Eun and Laina tasted salmiakki! Maybe needs a little bit getting used to? 😬🙈😍 finnishstudiesuoft salmiakki uoft

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Pansy Cheung (panserotti) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pansy Cheung


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Creeping around corners Film shot on Canon Quartz-D . . . toronto filmphotography film filmisalive filmisnotdead november filmphoto ishootfilm

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Dante Rivera (riveras.papa) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dante Rivera


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Birbi anda ya de promiscuo.

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Michelle (finnspirit) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Summer vs. Winter

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Arpit (arpitgandhe24) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Flabbergasted by legerity ... torontolife universityoftoronto

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Francisco Araujo (savio7m) Instagram Photos and Videos

Francisco Araujo


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anthonylacavera howwecanwin uoft torontolife Conversation about how be an successful technology entrepreneurs

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Michelle (finnspirit) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Feeding frenzy. Bulking up for winter @uoft

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Anthony Lacavera UofT

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Федор Черкашин (magnum_opus_7) Instagram Photos and Videos

Федор Черкашин


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THOUGHT By Thomas Pfau Aspiration's breath, millennial trance, two-pointed ladder propped in a void; busy buzzard claws, verbs on a leash, slow blush of brain damage on a plate. Stunned journey of dust. A holey sock. Grind of an afternoon's axles, abandoned juggernaut in a field; inhabited interval with a pencil stub, curved strips of silence: postbox for the inner ear. Tarantula's footstep, a weight of light: inadvertent sky in the skull. Wishbone couture: promiscuous secret, peepshow in the street. Paraphrase of planets. Ocean in a tablespoon. Ordinary in the ordinary: nothing come of anything, matter unpossessed. Tribute and Throwback Thursday to the evolved @sonofthefallentribes/ @tribe1119(Eternal Gratitude to you) -The evening of the fall, of a time of awakening and awareness. The painter painted a picture of one; Lost in Thought. Modern Day Machiavelli. Had taught his disciple the core of existence; The eternal and ethereal knowledge. Into the Fall I come; Beyond Oblivion I go- art poem poetry actor actorslife model naturephotography nature toronto downtown awe inspiration enlightenment park unknown unpredictable unraveling peace calmness throwbackthursday earlydaysofspring

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U of T Libraries (uoftlibraries) Instagram Photos and Videos

U of T Libraries


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Did you know that on March 11th 1972 students occupied the Senate chamber in Simcoe Hall to demand equal access to the new library stacks? When the then-new Robarts Library was under construction, direct stack access was planned to be limited to fourth year students, grad students and faculty while Sigmund Samuel Library was designated to serve the needs of undergraduates. As a result of UofT student activism, in 1973 the doors and stacks of Robarts were opened to all students! . . . . . studentact protest library libraries librarylove librariesoftheworld librariesofinstagram exploreuoft history discoveruoft torontodotac blackandwhitephoto

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