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Elodie.Aaliyah 💋✨ (elodiiie.aa) Instagram Photos and Videos

Elodie.Aaliyah 💋✨


Comment from Elodie.Aaliyah 💋✨:

Sei nella mia vita più che mai ❤️ sorellamia sangue italianabambina twins 🇮🇹 ❤️

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ゆり ( Instagram Photos and Videos


Comment from ゆり:

翔くんジャニーズ事務所入って22周年おめでとうございます✨ います✨ あなたのファンになってもう10年が経ちました(*´ した(*´`) 今までもこれからもずっとずっと大好きです(´ sho 22anniversary love ❤️

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Hua (hua_224) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Hua:

love family ❤️ 20171022 lovefamily ❤️ 野柳 家族旅遊 familytrip yehliu taipei 野柳地質公園

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또요닝 (thdus980903) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 또요닝:

좋다❤️ 주말 여유 휴식 데일리 커피 라떼 좋다 인스타그램 먹스타그램 카페스타그램 instagood instagram instadaily daily coffee is love ❤️

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이은혜 (grace__be__) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 이은혜:

❤️ yogurt healthyfood blueberry honey walnuts driedfigs 요거트맨 판교현백 데일리 lfl 배불러

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Laura Bancher Gasparetto (laurabancher) Instagram Photos and Videos

Laura Bancher Gasparetto


Comment from Laura Bancher Gasparetto:

rougeabsolute rougeforever rou

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崔小娃 (brandyviva) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 崔小娃:

HB VS 2B 的俏皮方面 taitung 金崙 金崙訂婚趴踢 amis kadafo 黑白配 吳家夫婦的日常 腦公的腿好美 ❤️

15 Seconds ago
Rafaela Romero Pozo (rafaela_romero) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rafaela Romero Pozo


Comment from Rafaela Romero Pozo:

Me dan un nuevo día, y hay quien me la viste de sonrisas orgullo paz y cariño y tranquilidad 🌹 ❤️ 😊 gracias

16 Seconds ago
예림🌼 (ye_rim.__.a) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 예림🌼:

🌺 ❤️

16 Seconds ago
carobianchi (carobianchi) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from carobianchi:

It wasn’t easy, decided to leave, take this path alone, to discover myself and this beautiful city. They were 6 months hard, exhausting, away from home and away from “my heart”. I “cried" when I found out that for a month the rent was 1100 €, or when at the supermarket the only fish available was salmon, or when at work they presented me a lasagna with chorizo ​​(by the way what is chorizo ?). But then I stopped worrying about these things and I realized that you can’t change London but it's London that changes you: start getting so in the mood that you become that hated person who surmounts on the left on the escalators, you do the Sunday roast , you find yourself drinking beer at 3 o'clock in the afternoon and you do evenings out with work colleagues starting at 5 pm and you don’t know when they end up and especially how they end up. I can only say thank you because I’m not only professionally but also personally grown up and when the coldest of the British man greet you with a hug to wish you a great future, you understand that maybe you did a good job. This is not a farewell. You will always stay in my heart and I’m gonna miss you. Love you London ❤️caroinlondoncaroaroundlondo

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나를 웃음짓게 만드는 너 😘 . . . 해질녘 내가가장사랑하는시간 저물어가는모든것은아름답다 억새🌾 삶은여행 10월제주 가을제주 🍂 🍁 마성의제주 제주여행 제주사랑 제주도 ❤️ 주말여행 sunset weekendtrip Jeju trip ✈️ sunday weekend 😍

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Cornel Rodrigues (cornelr2090) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cornel Rodrigues


Comment from Cornel Rodrigues:

Salsa ❤️ My First Love😍🕺🏽 @rithikapoojary23 😘 Classes Call +91-9819878415 salsa latindance salsadance dancevideo dancevideo salsamusic salsacouple salsafestival couple couplegoals latinmusic instavideo instalike like4like cornelandrithika dancelife ❤️

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Emma Watson (emmawatson_is_my_fave) Instagram Photos and Videos

Emma Watson


Comment from Emma Watson:

Serieus Emma 😍 emma emmawatson watson hermionegranger hermione beautyandthebeast belle theperksofbeingawallflower sam serious love ❤️

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yamadasayaka380 (yamadasayaka380) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from yamadasayaka380:

heart yellow red blue 飴 🍬 ❤️ Märchen 💙 💛

28 Seconds ago
Julia Łazęcka (_xjvlqax_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Julia Łazęcka


Comment from Julia Łazęcka:

wenecjaeurope beautifulholidayssummerhotpoli

29 Seconds ago
🤓민쨩🤓 (min__a_o) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 🤓민쨩🤓:

수진이의 생일선물 뒤늦은 업뎃 히힛 늘 고마운 친구 시크하지만,, 있으면 편안한 친구 ㅋㅋㅋ🌸❤️ - 아직_시험 민아야 타협말자 셀카 selfie ❤️ 일상

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Justyna ★♚ (farewelltouch) Instagram Photos and Videos

Justyna ★♚


Comment from Justyna ★♚:

hi there 18 greatday polishgirl lovely makeup l4l hair ❤️

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Chaya (chaya120804) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Chaya:

life lifestyle lifeisgood dream beautiful beautifulday family geneva switzerland foreverfree freestyle free profit moment momentosunicos momentofzen zen inlove side ❤️ instagood instadaily instalike instaday photooftheday picoftheday pictureoftheday stepbystep patience nature

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Sabrina Li (kindasab) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sabrina Li


Comment from Sabrina Li:

ZEN | here in JB for Ellis and Sean's big day. Chillin before the cocktails. Just wanted to be here instead they gifted me a nice few hours of quiet time ellisxsean ❤️

51 Seconds ago
Alexander Zengerle (biiigmaczzz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alexander Zengerle


Comment from Alexander Zengerle:


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Mirika (mrk_910) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Mirika:

. 〜Thank you team ℃-ute〜 完全なる℃-uteロス c_ute 終始感動 ❤️

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⭐️💫 (self_respect_ssuji) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ⭐️💫:

썬데이'❤️ @sun87dud . . . . 인스타그램 인스타 일상 데일리 선데이 주말 가을 날씨 데이트 남양주 사계절 물썰매 굿 instagood instagram instadaily goodday weather fall iloveit daily selca selfie good ootd fff ❤️

1 Minutes ago
Nagelstudio Hollywood Nails (tanja_gregoir_hwk_geprueft) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nagelstudio Hollywood Nails


Comment from Nagelstudio Hollywood Nails:

Herbstbäckerei 😂 backenmitkindern backenmitliebe herbst igel kekse schokolade thermomix tm5 l4l lecker sonntagsbeschäftigung jedemengekalorien sundays schmuddelwetter qualitytime familytime ❤️

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francesca barone (francesca2450) Instagram Photos and Videos

francesca barone


Comment from francesca barone:


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Michelle (shiehyen) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Michelle:

Sunday Treats cozycafe lavishfushionbakery lavish penangcafe ckmichelleday ❤️

1 Minutes ago
Nevio Vitali (nevitali) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nevio Vitali


Comment from Nevio Vitali:

French breakfast in Sofia ❤️ @crepesdefrancesofia crepes frenchbreakfast capiccino breakfast sofia

1 Minutes ago
Kiroka_ (kiroka_) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Kiroka_:

islandhund icelanddog hund dog animal pet tier haustier blackandwhite betteln nach essen verfressen cute sweet fluffig ❤️

1 Minutes ago
chiho (chiho008816) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from chiho:

書き直します…💭 祭り見てきた👻❤️ 雨やったけど、 いつもと違う颯くん見れて 嬉しかったし、 カ そしてそして… 18日で柏原couple 半年です💙💚� 長いようであっという間やった 喧嘩もいっぱいしてきました。 ました。 …すぐ仲直りするねんけど(笑) これからも喧嘩して 😂✌️ いつもありがとう。 これからもっともっと思い出 つくっていこ ダイスキ!!❤️❤️ 1022 地車 1018 halfyear 祭りマジック ❤️ 好き l4l instagood like4like 6months つけすぎた

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Roma (romazet) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Roma:

New Hat for winter!!! Thanks @wildholidays • • • • • • • handmade hat warm cool colours loveit knitwear knitting crochet winter ski skiing winteriscoming ❤️ narty zima czapka robotkireczne nadrutach zima

1 Minutes ago
리미_rimi (dasomi_pak) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 리미_rimi:

💍 겨론반디, 엄마랑 열어봐땨;, (이상하다, 왜 둘 다 벌써 꽉끼지....;;; 결혼반지wedding예신신혼부부디블

1 Minutes ago
지은 (j_silver_k) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 지은:

아 위에 빼주고 싶게 생겼네 바람에 말린건가 뭐지 - - - - - 셀피팔로우좋아요맞좋맞팔followfo

1 Minutes ago
JUHAN MOM (henana_9) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from JUHAN MOM:

+323 . 한강나들이 근데 너무 추웠다.. 😂 . . 주말한강데이트가족나들이 생후323일베이비인 일베이비인스타세젤귀도치맘초보맘일상원숭이띠아기육아육아소통

4 Minutes ago
Nina Siu520 (nina_siu520) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nina Siu520


Comment from Nina Siu520:

Sunday well spent with Pat at the hidden place called Urban Coffee Roaster. Nice, both food and environment. PS: Thanks for always being supportive and considerate and will always be grateful for having the opportunity to study, living the life I have always wanted and surrounding by the people I admire. HK has changed me in the way that I could never imagine❤️

30 Minutes ago