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Comment from Vanessa:

Why is 2017 so fuckin cruel😔 Coming home to my parents and know you are there but not as the dog you used to be.... it's nearly a year since you passed away but I find it hard to cope with this. I grow up with you and 2017 broke my heart completely. There is no one who can fill he void. 🙁 I miss you my dear friend and brother..... Especially on Christmas when the family was sitting together on the sofa with you..... Rest in peace Bäri..... cruelyear fuck2017 rip 11012017 missyoulikehell noonecanfillthevoid dearfriend bestdogever🐶 pawsinheaven pissoff2017 onedaywemeetagain restinpeace entlebuchersennenhund entlebuchmountaindog iloveyou emotionalday

19 Hours ago
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Lisa 💁🏼


Comment from Lisa 💁🏼:

erster gemeinsamer weihnachtsbaum weihnachten 2017 🎄🎅🏼 11012017 F. 👫♥️

22 Hours ago
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Comment from ゆ〜みん:

☁️☁️☁️ 喜欢烂漫的色彩么? 鱼鳞云 黑白照 ☁️ うろこ雲 11012017

1 Days ago
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Comment from REAL TRAINING:

11012017 thisisreal

4 Days ago
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Lena Martinez 🌸✨


Comment from Lena Martinez 🌸✨:

Si petit mais tellement d’amour, mon bonheur à moi ♥️ TataNana MaCrevette AmourDeMaVie JetaimePourToujours JoyeuxAnniversaire 11mois 11012017

5 Days ago
kezban rabia karayagiz (kezbanrabiakarayagizz) Instagram Photos and Videos

kezban rabia karayagiz


Comment from kezban rabia karayagiz:

Gülümsemek mübalağa sanatıdır, abartın... 😊😊 11012017

6 Days ago
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Jacqueline S.✖️🖤


Comment from Jacqueline S.✖️🖤:

. Die Freundschaft ist wie eine Tür zwischen Menschen, die mal knarrt oder klemmt, die aber nie verschlossen ist.👭♥️ sweet longhair yougivemesomething loveislove bluegreeneyes bestfriend redhair newbeginning baby redlips piercing polishgirl happiness loveshe hihi anotherfeelingwithyou love 11012017 iloveyou girlswithink smile forever we lovethisgirlsomuch oneandonly kiss

7 Days ago
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Comment from JoNie:

Late post 11012017 Anthonys18th BarelyLegal

13 Days ago
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Comment from Nana:

加工変える . . . 過去picl4lf4finstago

14 Days ago
🍃🌸 지 히 🌸🍃 (ingenuehee) Instagram Photos and Videos

🍃🌸 지 히 🌸🍃


Comment from 🍃🌸 지 히 🌸🍃:

11월 일상 브이로그 🛋💞 . . . (고작)하루 빨리 업로드 클리어하고 주말 시작! 작년 이맘때쯤 첫눈오면 만나기로한 너를 만나러 나가는 길이야 오늘은 꼭 마주치자 붕어빵 🤲🏻💘

15 Days ago
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Ade Lestari


Comment from Ade Lestari:

Terimakasih untuk 10 bulannya..Ga kerasa,, bakaln kangen sama Kota ini..semoga bisa berkunjung dilain waktu..😇😇 manado 11012017 30112017 manadonese

17 Days ago
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Comment from MIMO:

I’m just glad he’s liked me since 5th grade..... good choice. Hahaha, jk. thankthelord loveandbeloved 11012017

18 Days ago
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Gesti N.W


Comment from Gesti N.W:

Semoga Engkau Ijinkan Kami u Kembali d BaitMu YaRobb... MisUsoMuchAllah MisU MisUsoMuchYaRosul yanabisalam salamalaikayarasulsalamalaikay .. 11012017

19 Days ago
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Ka'Liyah 👑💫


Comment from Ka'Liyah 👑💫:

Happy 3rd Birthday to me!! 11012017 . kaliyah mixedbabies mixedgirls africanamerican german guam puertorican french biggirl big3 mommiesmonkeybutt beautifulgirl smartbaby sunny baby smiles joyfulmama happygirl

20 Days ago
Alejandra "ALEE" Martinez (aleebabeyyy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alejandra "ALEE" Martinez


Comment from Alejandra "ALEE" Martinez:

S P O T T H E L U N A . . . 🌖 11012017 MOONPHASE

26 Days ago
Calvin S. (calvin.avairo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Calvin S.


Comment from Calvin S.:

Team!👊🏽 11012017

26 Days ago
Lord A. Bico (bogiebico) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lord A. Bico


Comment from Lord A. Bico:

that party is lifer vibe... . . workhardpartyharde wheninboracay wheninaklanpanayisland360 diytravel 11012017 . travelPh pinasmuna chooseph visitph visitphilippines traluluph traluluphilippines topdestinationsph topdestinationsphilippines bea s beautifuldestinations awesom wesomeearth TheOutdoorArmory v vscoph vsco capturedph windowseatph whenwithfilipinos smilewithfilipinos igers igersph igersphilippines

28 Days ago
Jessa Recio Salinas (iamjeshaa) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jessa Recio Salinas


Comment from Jessa Recio Salinas:

Baptism 2017❤❤❤ 11012017 VCICMC5Fam

29 Days ago
MJ Clarence Antang (mj.pringles) Instagram Photos and Videos

MJ Clarence Antang


Comment from MJ Clarence Antang:

People come. People go.... Never mind just enjoy the show. 😜 beachin janedaresthough 11012017 midnightthoughts

30 Days ago
Tiffanie Rose (wildinspiredtribe) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tiffanie Rose


Comment from Tiffanie Rose:

My day spent hiking by the beach🏖 * * * * wildinspiredtr tiffaniestrails malibu malibubeach topangabeach santamonica losangeles westcoast westcoastisthebestcoast beachdays beachbum foggybeachday beachlove beachvibes labeach cloudporn skyporn skyscapes pacificocean instamalibu igersla malibufun 11012017 firstdayofnovember naturbeauty optoutside

32 Days ago
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Comment from ____a_rawr22:

滞在時間1時間。 You’re So Sweet & I Love You 🌽💕 alexandros アレキサンドロス ジャケ写 11012017 手が疲れた とりもちいとしい 何枚も撮りすぎて結局わけがわからなくなった 楽しいね☺️💕 軽の奇跡 興奮 笑

34 Days ago
Irene Vinna Lumabi Tolentino (ivinnacolours05) Instagram Photos and Videos

Irene Vinna Lumabi Tolentino


Comment from Irene Vinna Lumabi Tolentino:

I've had good times and bad times. That's me. That's how I am. 😉 © ivinneoire05 lightemup lights PlainHappiness alphasaga instaquotes instamood instagram instathoughts thoughtsoftheday mirrorlessrevolution sony sonyphilippines fotografia ifotografia sonyalpha ILCE6500 mirrorlesscamera makeithappen copyright skillshare 11012017

35 Days ago
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Comment from Kanyapat:

ปีนี้มีการเปลี่ยนแปลงครั้งใหญ่ ดีใจมากที่เห็นแกมีวันนี้ ขอให้แกมีความสุขมากมาก รัก @fahfhii แล้วก็ฝากฟ้าด้วยนะคะ คนนี้หลินยอมก็ได้ 55 @soldiercartoon ❤️❤️ bridetobefahfhii fahbankthewedding 11012017

35 Days ago
Irene Vinna Lumabi Tolentino (ivinnacolours05) Instagram Photos and Videos

Irene Vinna Lumabi Tolentino


Comment from Irene Vinna Lumabi Tolentino:

I have no plan. I will leave it to the good things and good times to find me. GOD IS GREAT. 😄🤗👍🙏 © ivinneoire05 lightemup lights alphasaga copyright mirrorlessrevolution sony sonyphilippines fotografia ifotografia photography sonyalpha sonyforher sonylens ILCE6500 mirrorlesscamera makeithappen skillshare photogallery photocollection PlainHappiness instaquotes instathought instamood instalife instagood instagram moodygram moodygrams thoughtsoftheday 11012017 @sony @sonyphinc @sonyphotogallery @sonyalpha6500 @sonyalpha @sonycameras @_sony_camera_pics_ @skillshare @mirrorlessgeeks @a6500club @sony.alpha6500 @sonyforher

36 Days ago
Jennifer Stahl (jenniferstahl24) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jennifer Stahl


Comment from Jennifer Stahl:

I️ feel like everything in my life has led me to you. My choices, my heartbreaks, my regrets. Everything. And when we’re together, my past seems worth it. Because if I️ had done one thing differently, I️ might never have met you. HeadOverHills 11012017

36 Days ago
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Comment from bojoy:

when in bohol 🎃 🚤🌊 fambam overnight lateupload happyfamily famgoals 11012017 📷 me

36 Days ago
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Comment from KTLinh:

Tohoshinki's Live tour 2017 Begin Again START!!!✌✌✌ RedOcean The n TheReturnOfTheKing SapporoDo

36 Days ago
Simone Marrocu (simonemarrocu01) Instagram Photos and Videos

Simone Marrocu


Comment from Simone Marrocu:

Sei stata la mia 'prima volta' in tantissime cose, ma quella a cui tengo di più è che sei stata il mio primo 'ti amo', non mi pentirò mai di averlo dedicato a te, come tutte le prime altre esperienze che ho fatto con te, questa in particolare. Ti amo, ti amo tantissimo, ti amerò per sempre baby. tiamo ns 10months 11012017 11102017 tiamotanto loveubaby love photooftheday lovepic ILoveYou picoftheday mine ♡

36 Days ago
 (raein22) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from raein22:

- 얼떨결에 등원하게 된 첫날 준비물 챙길 겨를도 없이 물통만 달랑 들고 출동 11012017 650days - baby instababy daughter 아기 베이비 아기스타그램 베이비스타그램 얼스타그램 맘스타그램 줌스타그램 애스타그램 셀스타그램 셀카 육아 육아스타그램 육아소통 독박육아 인스타베이비 딸스타그램 세젤귀 세젤예 럽스타그램 ootd dailylook instadaily 21개월아기 21monthsold

36 Days ago
Petra B Reyes (petrabreyes) Instagram Photos and Videos

Petra B Reyes


Comment from Petra B Reyes:

“The shadow renders us our first view of the unconscious part of our personality, it represents the first stage toward meeting the Self. It is not until we have truly been shocked into seeing ourselves as we really are, instead of as we wish or hopefully assume we are, that we can take the first step toward individual reality.” ✨⚡️🖤⚡️✨ carljung 11012017 walkingwithaghost

36 Days ago
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Krissy Trinidad


Comment from Krissy Trinidad:

💐🙏🏻😘 undas2017 lateupload 11012017

37 Days ago
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Haksun Kim🎗


Comment from Haksun Kim🎗:

나들이👨🏻👩🏻🍂🍁 명포토만난지4년되는날 11012017 부부스타그램 데이트그램 럽스타그램 시애틀 일상

45 Days ago
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Carpe Diem 👑


Comment from Carpe Diem 👑:

halloweenparty 👻 11012017

46 Days ago