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Moses Manlaw


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Moses Manlaw


Comment from Moses Manlaw:

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Elle Stoodley


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Courts métrages de sasha hubert présentés à la Maison d'Haïti hier. L'artiste se multipliait pour faire des anges dans la neige. Anges forcés par le tremblement de terre du 12 janvier 2010 12janvier maisondhaiti sashahubert EspaceKoudjay

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Comment from Chronofrip-2016:

Voici le petit dernier que j'ai eu POUR mon ANNIVERSAIRE 🎉 !!! Et bien je dis oui oui oui 👍🏻je n'ai jamais fait d'aussi bon et vrai plat en une semaine ... et surtout en si peu de temps . Au top POUR les femmes , mères actives 😊 cookeo mercipapamaman 31ans 12janvier birthday cuisine femmeactive courpartout 🎂🍭

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fabio gbadson


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Des collègues en or ! mon anniversaire n'en finit pas. Et c'est toujours de la bière en cadeau. Quelle réputation ai-je !!🙃 Brasseur 12Janvier

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Hamdaoui Yahya


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jamais peur jamais froid : à poil dans la méditerranée part2 - 2017 ENCORE PLUS DAMOUR 🙌🏼 12janvierquedelavie

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Comment from HAITI☆LEGENDS:

Post by Kako Bourjolly Follow kakositoayiti 12 - Jan - 2017 7 years after....... Yesterday, I chose to celebrate LIFE! While I will never forget what that day represents, loosing and missing countless lives..on this 12.1.2017 it was important to spend it differently! I picked up a young boy by the name of Victor who is a very special boy of the HAITI CHILDREN's orphenage in Williamson (Right before Kaliko on Route Nationale 1) Victor is an excellent soccer player and he plays the drums for the Pastor's band he is only 14 years old, he loves Neymar and Barca .. We had so much FUN... from talking/sharing/exchanging/educating/caring/smiling/enjoying/shopping/eating..... the day just got better and better!! (The pics are a good testament to Victor's Victorious Day!!). While Victor is not much of a talker, he shared something that touched and changed his life forever...he lost his best friend about 6 months ago and not one day goes by when he doesn't remember him.. Ayiti's children like Victor needs us all....... Victor gave me the right boost today! Watch his tomorrow be brighter especially after a day like today!! I will work for it and so will he! BIG thanks from Victor and I to everyone who made this day special one way or another. TATIIIIEEEE MIMIIIEEE, Wings of LOVE, Susie and Robin, Roro Djkout1, the former st Lady, PSA for the gift, Genevieve, Blanco, Stephanie, the whole squad of FCToro their coaches and specially Patrick . Stay blessed guys..... victorsday kakoskids education sports 12janvier keepitmoving blessed giveyourbest terenjenesla

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Comment from boloup02:

Chez moi, le soir du 12. arbre 12janvier arbretombé chienheureux arbremort

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Krys Tell


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Cristina Baussan


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Seven years ago, the earth shook and changed this man’s life forever. One year ago, he allowed me to tell his story. We sat in the living room and talked about our love for Haiti. His kindness & resilience instilled in me a peacefulness that I return to often. I remember going back to my car, closing the door, and crying for what seemed like hours. I cried tears of sadness, struggling to understand why I could walk and he could not. But I also cried tears of joy, feeling incredibly blessed to meet people like Evenss & thrive off of their strength. Having lived in Haiti for over a year, I now understand where this unconditional courage comes from. 12janvier haiti • [link to full video in bio] •

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Yves Osner Dorvil


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12janvier kolektif2d tipiti memorial everydayeverywhere haïti fokal Martissant

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Jean D'Amérique


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Hier, Memorial Night. Coulée de lumière sur le toit des mots pour prendre les sentiers de la mémoire. Presse Café la passerelle. Crédits photo: Casimir Veillard MemorialNight 12Janvier

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Comment from Alexandra.🎉:

17 ans, 17 roses.🌹 Merci mon amour.💗roses12janvierbirthdaylove.

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Adine Dupont


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Vanille-Pralin une tuerie ce gâteau mon dieu! 😍 Birthday 12Janvier 21ans PetitFrerePatissier

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Comment from Hichooum:

Meeercéé à tous pour vos messages, je ne vous oublie pas! "Loin des yeux, près du cœur" birthday 12janvier 23ans petitdevientgrand souvenir grandparents love cœursureux

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Stanley Rg Oliver


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Aprè yon t mès 12janvier xtill finn pran losti pè a epi nu gaye stiil fou

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Alexandra Dubé


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L'amour de ma vie ❤ 2017january 12janvier babyjessie jessie livecanada plusbeaubebedumonde cutestbaby loveofmylife myfamily babygirl skintoskin daddysgirl nofilter shesperfect handmadehat knitting pinguinlove 1dayold perfection

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"By Pinklady" ThePowerOfIdeas


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Aujourd'hui j'ai commémoré avec les miens la perte des nôtres... Haïti 12janvier souvenir commemoration LakayseLakay haitianpeople peuplehaïtien tremblementdeterre earthquake instagrameuse pinklady haitiangirl swissgirl Haitianmiss SwissMiss haïtienne Haitian

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Ma premiére boule de neige ! ❄☃🤗 snow hiver❄ winter winteriscoming ☃ ❄firsttime hapiness likeachildren likealittlegirl littlegirl 12janvier lillemaville lillevilledacceuil lille

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