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@jaepowers went live and it was absolutely amazing. While on live she sang a new song she wrote and answered some questions and also covered Sels "feel me" (unreleased). Jae if you see this you slayed fam. @jaepowers

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Hmmm 🤔

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Satu tahun yang lalu (masamasa putih abuabu) ❤ Terimakasih kawan untuk masa itu, semoga kita sukses bersama. Yang kuliah semoga lancar kuliahnya, yang kerja semoga lancar kerjanya barokah resekinya 💕😻 Jangan lupakan masamasa itu ya? 😇 . . . . . #masasma_ #masasma #masaputihabuabu #2k16 #mantempel

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Back again with another hacked done by me! I'm the greatest one and only Sabrina Kennedy and u know what I like to eat ohhh lots of 😏😏LOL JK JK LIKE FOR REEELZZZZZ!!!!!! like OMG I TOOK THT FOOLS PHONE FOR INSTA!!!! #aintchaiprettier #nofilter #2k16 cause I'm stop in the past!!! #nomakeup and last but not least follow me on my snap @stevieslight and my insta @sabrina_.darlene k? Also don't forget my good old myspace and Facebook account @Sabrina Kennedy!!!

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🔫🔫 ! Siap-siap dengan perubahan hidupmu cok 😉 . . Kalo sanggup mah jalanin aja tpi klo nda sanggup mah lambaikan tangan aja 😁 , Dordor ! #changes #Skadappu #Adper #2k16

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