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Katie ✌👊


Comment from Katie ✌👊:

Day 330 complete!! 3-miles with my MRTT crew at The Runner! Great night and no rain. Yay! runstreak runeveryday runtheyear2017 33weeks

16 Minutes ago

Susie Guillen


Comment from Susie Guillen:

If only there was a way to cook him faster. I'd like to breathe again. 33weeks babybump babyboy💙 mylittlecaburian mylittleman yourepainful getout myribs icantbreathe iloveyou

20 Minutes ago



Comment from Sophia👑:

Baby girl is doing great, currently weighing 4lbs4oz, loves sucking on her hand, and loves giving mommy a hard time already. Doctor suggest I go ahead and start packing her baby bag😙 33Weeks 7WeeksToGo

27 Minutes ago

McKenna Long


Comment from McKenna Long:

33 weeks & 5 days • not a lot to update on other than I'm really seeing my belly grow rapidly now. I can't even say how many comments I get daily on how much he has grown lately. I can't get comfortable to save my life, pretty much all times of the day but mostly at bed time, of course 🙄 his kicks & movements aren't the soft sweet little flutters anymore, they're sometimes sharp jabs in the ribs and punches in the bladder but still continues to be reassuring to me. I've officially began the "pregnant waddle" but trust me, I waddle proudly & can't wait for these next 44 days (but who's counting) or sooner to fly by to have this boy in our arms! 💛 33weeks

30 Minutes ago

Amanda Dudek


Comment from Amanda Dudek:

Little by little, there's more baby stuff getting ready in our house! 😍 waiting babydudek 33weeks mancub rocknplay gettingready almosttime pregnant firstpregnancy firsttimemom pcospregnancy beyondexcited

1 Hours ago



Comment from Mijin:

점점 안방이 아가방으로 어서와 링링아❤️드레텍온습도계디데이디데이달력d-45말린부케부케선물부케드라이프라워임신9개월33주33weeks설렘딸맘딸닭띠맘예비맘닭띠예비맘임산부임산부그램pregnantlifepregnant

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Comment from 👑KinShasadujour👑:

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Comment from liann0125:

33weeks pregnancyjourney wonderful experience 2become3 bunindoven loading85% liljaredinside

1 Hours ago

Sunburst Norris


Comment from Sunburst Norris:

33 weeks tomorrow. Can't wait until she's here! I'm in PAIN! 😢😩 33weeks pregnant babybump littlelady insomuchpain outtie

2 Hours ago

яNаLогачева💎Бизнес с NL_int


Comment from яNаLогачева💎Бизнес с NL_int:

Ээээхххххх.... Вот они...МОИ 33недели беременности.... . Лицо не покажу👆😂 . Живот растет не по дням...А по секундам😱 а он же не резиновый... Спать все тяжелей, переваливаясь с одного бока на другой...и застегивать ботинки тоже... . Ребенок внутри уже весит около 2 кг....радует . Вчера прочитала ⚠Предостережение⚠: 🚫Следует избегать глубоких проникновений и резких движений во время занятия сексом....(Резких движений, мать вашу! Резких движений!!! Это как?! С таким пузом😂😂 здесь даже если сильно захочешь "как пуля резкий - точно не будешь" 🔘Выбирайте позы: поза "ложек" и "доги-стайл" (доги-стайл😂😂 - это ладно...все понятно...НО! Поза "ложек" - мне кажется это что-то странное😂) . Ну да ладна...колонка секса на этом подошла к концу😂 Найду что интересное - напишу....Это нея! Это гормоны👆 . . . . . . . . 33неделя33weeksбеременностьямамаскоромамадваждымамачудовожиданиискороскоромамапузожительтреиийтриместрсемьясемьяэтосилалюблюсебялюблюэтолюбовьскорородыдевочкасестренкиволшебство

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Comment from kittie:

Instead of video games escape in real life. escaperoom escapegames mindquest orlando mommy daddy babybump babygirl 33weeks escape games

2 Hours ago

Lindsay Angeli


Comment from Lindsay Angeli:

Perfect Sunshiny SF Day ❤ 33weeks walkwalkwalk tired 😴

2 Hours ago

Jessica Bittner


Comment from Jessica Bittner:

My husband. I love this man more than life itself, and I LOVE our life together. I can't wait for all of the memories we are going to make in our new home. ❤ homeowners newhome hubby love letsbringababyhere mightaswell 33weeks pregnant

2 Hours ago



Comment from jenn_rood:

Dirty mirror and a bare bump.. 👶🏼💙 he's killing my back and bladder at this point. 33weeks CarsonLee

3 Hours ago

Cecilia Leilana Hosking


Comment from Cecilia Leilana Hosking:

Raspberry leaf tea.... apparently women swear by this stuff, word is itl help tone the uterine muscles and pelvic floor preparing it for childbirth..... So here we go :-) anything natural at this point I'm open minded to it :-) raspberryleaftea pregnant 33weeks

3 Hours ago

Andy Staffa


Comment from Andy Staffa:

What the hell Sonic? . . . . motherhood momlife texasmoms pregnancy thirdpregnancy pregnancyafterloss rainbowbaby thirdtrimester gendersurprise family faithfam 33weeks parenthood expectingmom babynumber2 sonic sonicice pregnancycravings

3 Hours ago



Comment from siskapratiwi2:

Wisata kulinernya kesini az,, enak murah kenyang,, hehehe purwakarta jjt jalanjalantruz jajanjajantruz 33weeks

3 Hours ago

Lisa Quigley


Comment from Lisa Quigley:

And the sweetness just keeps rolling in. Received a super unexpected surprise shower from my coworkers today! 💚 Fallon is a lucky little fox! 🦊 And leftcoastquigley & I are so grateful for all the love & support from everyone. ittakesavillage babyshower fox partyfavors 33weeks fallonjoseph ideatribe

3 Hours ago

Alexis Andra


Comment from Alexis Andra:

After a full day at the doctors yesterday I'm feeling really good to be out and about with my main girl! 33weeks

4 Hours ago

Ashley Ferrua


Comment from Ashley Ferrua:

Jake is patiently waiting....and waiting- Us too, bud!! 33weeks

4 Hours ago