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I’m a big fan of sumo deadlift high pulls: a great compound exercise (working several major muscles groups at once), so I’m keeping them up during my pregnancy not only for the immediate benefits but also to help with muscle memory for a faster & easier postnatal recovery (hopefully!) pregnancyfitness pregnancyfit preggofit fitpregnancy activepregnancy activepregnancyisahealthypregn fitbump pumpthebump womenempowerment fearlesswomen womenswellness 33weeks 7weekstogo personaltrainer didsbury southmcr mcr mancmamas

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Vi de Contreras


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33 weeks and counting 🤰🏼 pregnant pregnancy preggo momtobe babyboy itsaboy 33weeks friday momlife

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Valerie Gattozzi Mei


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World Prematurity Day. Thankful to God and my doctors for these two. So blessed worldprematurityday preemies premie 33weeks twins twin fraternaltwins myblessings @twiniversity littlestfighters

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Love and strength to all the little preemies! Mine are big and strong now 💗worldprematurityday prematurityday grateful preemies preemiesupportandawareness 33weeks 35weeks

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Вечерняя прогулка💫 . . . ужебольшиескоровстретимся скоромама беременность зимадетицветыжизни детисчастье беременяшка вожиданиичуда паркекб екатеринбург instagirl instamother instago followme instagram мамавдекрете 33недели 33weeks 33неделибеременности красота делайвоспоминания готовимсяполнымходом

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Rana Say December 80s baby 💋🐯❄


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Proud parent to my premature baby boy Devon born at 33 weeks! mypreemie mypreemiebaby 33weeker 33weeks 13yearslater myfirstborn nationalprematurityday worldprematurityday marchofdimes november17th nationalprematureawarenessday hesatrooper hesafighter prematurebaby 💜😍😘❤🌎👣🤴

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Трикотажные супер мягкие и приятные на ощупь🙌🏻 пеленки очень удобны для подстилания в коляске, шезлонге, качалке, для пеленального столика. Отличный фотофон для новорождённого детки😻 . Сеты из 2х и 3х пеленочек стоят 1000 руб.🛍 и 1440 руб.🛍 (В наличии)✅ . 💡100% хлопок 💡сертификаты на полотно и цифровую печать 💡идеальное качество 💡авторские принты 💡ручная работа 💡размер пеленочки 80*80см ---------- Наши контакты: 💻 @agyagy_store - директ Instagram 🖥 ВКонтакте (активная ссылка в профиле👆) 📱Tel: +7 978 203 87 63 . Добавляйтесь к нам в группу в Вконтакте Детская одежда, пеленальные коконы Севастополь (ссылка в профиле👆), подписывайтесь на наш Instagram @agyagy_store и следите за нашими Stories. Скидки, конкурсы и разные интересности😉☺️ ---------- севастополь 36weeks пеленкакокон 34weeks pregnancy momoftwo pregnant 39weeks 33weeks пеленканамолнии симферополь 38weeks 32weeks 31weeks instakids momof2 30weeks 29weeks роддом инстамама инстакидс 28weeks будумамой momof3 крым 26weeks

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Şu sıralar tamamen ipekkiza yoğunlasmis durumdayiz onun icin hazirlik onun icin cabalamamiz ve daha bircok sey heycanla sabirla bekleyisimiz e tabi babamizdan ziyade benim onu buaralar en fazla ve yoģun hissedişim zaman zaman irkilmem aniden oynamasina hatta bazen tabi bilememde elimi karnima koyduğumda sanki bana eliyle dokunuyormuşcasina gelen hissiyat cokmu cok tuaf ozellikle dun gece uyurken sanki sağından soluna don oyle daha rahatim dermiscesine olan tekmesini hissetmem tabiki simdiden onun sozunu tutmaya basladim ufakdan soluma yatmam 2 dk mi alsada dondum evet 2 dk cunku gun icerisinde agrisiz sizisiz olusum geceye vuruyor sanirm zorlanmalar basladi hadi hayirlisi insallah birde calisan hamisler 32. Haftada doktor size calisablrsn raporu veya herhangi bisi verdimi yani calistgnz yere evrak verdnzmi ?🤗 hamilegiyim hamile hamileelbisesi calisanhamile 33weekspregnant 33weeks annebebek bebekhazirligi dogumpartisi dogumparasi hamilecekimi yenidogancekimi

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A l i x


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Yesterday was worldprematurityday ♡ It is hard to believe that this darling boy of ours was born into the world weighing just 1.5 kg! He brings us all so much joy everyday and we are so proud of the boy he has become. He is so strong and has the biggest heart we know ♡ One of the toughest parts about having a preemie baby is not being able to bring them home. We were one of the lucky parents that our baby just had to grow and was otherwise fine. He had nothing wrong medically, but was teeny tiny and stayed in hospital for 5 weeks to grow. For those 5 long weeks, leaving him everyday was so hard. Our hearts broke everytime, but were bursting at the seems every morning when we got to se him again. To all the parents going through or about to go through life with a preemie, it is tough, but so are you and so is your baby. My heart goes out to all the people going through this. I wish you all the happiness and love that your beautiful tiny bundle of joy will bring you and hope that you are able to bring them home soon ♡♡ 33weeks preemiebaby matermiracle

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a m y h a r t


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World Prematurity Day. A day I never thought I’d be recognizing, that is until Jolie came into this world 10 days ago. . When we entered the NICU I was fearful. Fearful of the unknown, the possible complications and the medical jargon. Fearful of leaving my daughter in the hands of strangers. Fearful that I wouldn’t experience all of my daughter’s firsts like I had with her siblings. Fearful that I wouldn’t be able to bond with my little one. . 10 days ago, I was a different person than I am today and I am no longer fearful. I’m learning to let go and let God. I’m learning to speak in medical tongue. I’m learning that I can still experience many of my daughters firsts while accepting that they may look different than they did with my other children. I’m learning that I am capable of bonding with my little one within the walls of the NICU. . To all the NICU mommies, babies and families...I see you today and everyday. May you learn to let go of the fear of the unknown and find the joy in your individual journeys 💜. . worldprematurityday prematurityawarenessmonth littlefighter marchofdimes preemie nicu nicubaby nicumom pregnancy highriskpregnancy 33weeks 33weeker thirdtrimester rainbowbaby babygirl babynumber3 hartpartyof5 joliegrayce17 IUGR preeclampsia hellpsyndrome modernburlap

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Heidi Harrell


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Signs of third trimester 682, boobs and belly become target practice for food and drink. hotmess almostthere 33Weeks

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Lindsey Wilkey


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Yearly shout out to the tiny fighters! Happy World Prematurity Day! ❤️ We were fortunate that our little man was born strong at 33 weeks and our 28 day NICU stay was shorter than many. If you know someone in the NICU it can be hard to know what to do, so here’s some ideas: *Stop by for a visit. The NICU is full of long lonely days and nights and a visit can make all the difference in someone’s mood. Make sure to check in and come when the parents suggest. NICU schedules are no joke. *While you’re visiting, fuss over our babies. They may not be fat and smiley, but notice their tiny nose, and hands and tell us how perfect they are. *Since you’re coming....bring a meal. Something nourishing that is easy to heat up and doesn’t come from the cafeteria would be so appreciated. *A good book, cozy socks, warm shawl for the parents would be lovely. *Offer to take care of our home responsibilities...other kiddos, pets, etc. knowing those things are being taken care of alleviate so much stress. *If you cant be there, check in via text/call. Let parents vent and let us know you are there. worldprematurityday preemie tinyfighter support milesleland 33weeks PROM NICU Iam1in10

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На следующей неделе обещают огромнейшие сугробы и много- много снеееега!!!! ❄️❄️❄️❄️А я давно мечтаю покататься на горных лыжах, и думаю что этой зимой я воплощу это желание в жизнь... среди вас есть сноубордисты или лыжники??? Где в Москве вариант покататься и наверное с определенным инструктажем....? Для прям тех кто никогда не стоял на лыжах!??!!!⛷⛷⛷⛷ обмоточки от @sweetangels_props повязочка от @dym_props ажур от @mary_prop марлевая от @buzina_baby и мое любиииимейшее полешко от @woodprops

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Con ese cuadro de fondo!😍 • rinconesconencanto glam style decor sweethome home design house ilovemyhome nowords picture

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Kim K


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Cuddles with the bump 🐾👶🍼🤰 myloves kaya madison prego babybump cuddletime 33weeks decemberbaby babygirlontheway🎀 pitsandbabies pitbullmom newmomma

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Preeclampsia is a pregnancy condition in which hypertension arises. The only known cure is delivery of the placenta. Preeclampsia affects 5-8% of women and 0.42% of all pregnant women need to deliver before 34 weeks because of severe preeclampsia – that’s about 16,800 babies each year in the U.S. HELLP syndrome occurs in approximately 0.2 to 0.6% of all pregnancies. NationalPrematurityDay 33weeks

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worldprematurityday tbt mytwins premmiebaby twins premmiepower 33weeks bravekids mymiracles premmie worldprematurityday2017 myheroes tinymiracles dzienwczesniaka blizniaki wczesniaki mojemalecudenka blankaimieszko 💕👶👶💕

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Lindsey Cunningham


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My preemie boy ❤️❤️ 33weeks

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Sarah Coppinger


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Once you become an NICU parent, your heart and mind are changed forever. Nothing can prepare you for the road that lies ahead. But big things often have small beginnings. Our preemies are heros, small but mighty 💜 worldprematurityday preemie nicu 33weeks charlie

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Laura Simon

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This mornings workout coming to you from College Station whoop. Tomorrow morning we have our COUPLES baby shower thrown by our family... not couples as in Scott and I, but my sister in law and I are pregnant together and only 3 weeks apart! She's pretty much the cutest preggo ever. . BUT before this weekend kicks off, I NEEDED to get in 30 minutes of cardio to get my blood pumping, sweat going, and endorphins flying. . Three years ago you would find me making excuses NOT to workout because of time, money, and it's just plain easy not to do it. . But through the years I've learned that if you give yourself an amazing 30 minute workout, it will do MASSIVE amazing things for your energy and frame of mind. It doesn't have to be expensive, take a lot of time, or take a lot of brain power. Just press play and watch yourself fall in love with working out. . Happy Friday, y'all! . . . . . myfitnessjour myjourney brownhair mealprep mealplan doglover wifelife preggolife OOTD godsizedreams dontsettle keeppushing winefordays fitlife workouts strongereveryday wifey thirdtrimester bellylove firsttimepregnant fitmama fitfam girlmom 33weeks

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Bellies on bellies lol 🛎🛎🛎 I can't believe these pants still fit bigbootyjudy 33weeks bigbelly bellbottoms

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wereldprematurendag worldprematurityday 33weeks 25yearsago minime prematurebaby wpd

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Kayleigh Dodd


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This beautiful little doll is 6 weeks old today and still not even meant to be here 🙈33weeks

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One month until me and fetus are off for a year 🤤 . . . preggohairstylist 33weeks bendingoverishard yyj yyjstylist yyjhair ecosalon designhouse

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Ale Salazar de V.


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Waiting for baby A💕 bestfeeling blessed 33weeks inlove

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In honor of worldprematurityday I’m sharing these photos of my son Landon, who was born at 33 weeks. I went into spontaneous labor that medical intervention failed to stop. He was septic, could not breathe on his own, needed antibiotics and a feeding tube, could not regulate his body temperature, and could not suck swallow and breathe at the same time. When he was born, I was not allowed to hold him. Instead, he was immediately taken to the NICU and hooked up to monitors, IVs and leads, where he would remain for the next 3 weeks. Now, he’s a bright 2.5 yeAr old boy that is smart beyond his years. He’s funny, goofy, loving, brave and strong. He’s defied all odds doctors have set for him and he makes his father and I proud and humbled on a daily basis. We are so thankful for the quick working staff at lake forest hospital for saving his life (and mine) in such a scary and unexpected situation. Ladies, if I hadn’t gone to the doctor that day and followed my gut thinking something was up, who knows what would have happened. Do not ignore signs such as back pain or pressure, contractions you can time, inability to walk, inability to talk without losing breath, significant discharge, lowered fetal movement. It can save you and your baby’s life 💕 . . . . . . chicago lifestyleblogger 33weekspregnant 33weeker preemiesupportandawareness preemie 33weeks nicubaby nicu l4l like4like spontaneouslabor worldprematurityday nicubaby nicumommy nicunurse specialcarenursery preemiebaby preemielove preemiesrock preemiestrong preemieawareness

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♡ Dani Malaquias ♡


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Enquanto a Mariah não vem, vamos pilatear! 😊 alongando pilateando summerfit 33weeks tamanhodeumabacaxi🍍 8mêses pregnant mamaedeprimeiraviagem vemMariah👧🏻

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JackJames PremBaby worldprematurityday 33Weeks 4Lbs 💙💜

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Stephanie (Sasaphras Yoga)


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50/50 big smudgy mess and totally awesome... hopefully tightens up a bit after it dries and is cleaned diybellymandala jaguatattoo 33weeks evenifitsucksitonlylaststwowee pleasedontsuck

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Memory Hogan


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worldprematurityday My sweet Jaden, born at 33weeks weighing 3lbs/11oz, spent almost 3 weeks in the nicu Look at him now! Five years old, a big kindergartener, running around, healthy and terrorizing all who dare get in his way! 💙 praisegod myboy hesafighter cantstopwontstop ilovemesomehim memoryscoloradohomes

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Priscilla Green Photography


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Oh my goodness she was glowing for her maternity session. 🍂🍁🍂🍁 charlottematernityphotographer charlottebabyphotographer

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Sasha Herr


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My little butterball weighed in at 5 lbs 10 oz today 😅 with those sweet little cheeks & those pouty little lips you've already got me wrapped around your finger. Go ahead and just pop out with a list of all your demands, it will be a miracle if I ever say no to you 🤗 12.22.17 @bigweave1986 33weeks

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