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Doberman Goddess of Cuddles (athena.goddess.o.cuddles) Instagram Photos and Videos

Doberman Goddess of Cuddles


Comment from Doberman Goddess of Cuddles:

🇺🇸 D.C. Dog. * * * dobermanpinscher dobie dobe doberman_pinchers dobergirl blackandtandoberman athenagoddessofcuddles bug lovebug cuddlebug akcdoberman akc dobermanakc dobermannpinscher dobermansofig dobermanpinschers blackandtan dobiesofig blackdoberman doberman dcdog dc districtofcolumbia washingtondc

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Emil, Atlas And Carter (the_shepherd_chronicles) Instagram Photos and Videos

Emil, Atlas And Carter


Comment from Emil, Atlas And Carter:

Good Monday morning ☀️ ready to tackle the week with the Beasty babies.

11 Minutes ago
Kudou Yoshikazu (acr50.yoshikazu) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kudou Yoshikazu


Comment from Kudou Yoshikazu:

日曜日は銀河鉄道杯行ってきました‼︎ トヨタワゴン部門7位‼ 部門7位‼︎ 投票してくれた方ありがとうございました(´∀` た(´∀`*) 啓さん、テルもおめでとう‼︎ 温泉、しゃぶし work vankulture universalair AKC M1

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Fiftyshades Bulldogs (fiftyshadesbulldogs) Instagram Photos and Videos

Fiftyshades Bulldogs


Comment from Fiftyshades Bulldogs:

Breeding complete, puppies due Nov 16th. DELB's Foxy to Unafeyedbullyz Tyson @delifestylebullies exoticbully americanbully abkc abr ibr usbr mma designer dog englishbulldog frenchbulldog model bully puppy cute miagiblood badass america worldstar china dogsofinstagram akc tough delb snapchat celebrity luxurylife puppiesofig

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Thiago Mantovani (thiago_mantovani_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Thiago Mantovani


Comment from Thiago Mantovani:

Mente forte o tempo todo, tempo ruim o tempo todo, assim vai a vitória ..... @bullcolors newdog agendablackofficial harleydavidson jewelry diamonds exoticbull exotic americanbully portugal lisbon CR7 love bully dog familia foco fé italy italian italiangirl japanesetattoo asiangirl japan romania curvygirl luxury luxurydog akc merlemovement

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Hamlin The Detroit Bullterrier (hamlin_detroit_bullterrier) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hamlin The Detroit Bullterrier


Comment from Hamlin The Detroit Bullterrier:

Sometimes I forget rose bushes have pickers ebt englishbullterrier bullterrierlove bullterrier_feature dogsofinsta dogstagram puppygram babyboy bullterrier landshark puppy bullterriersofinstagram dogsofdetroit bullterrierpics visitdetroit depictthed bullterrierpicsofinstagram dogstagram americankennelclub akc akcbullterrier puppylife dailypawwoof worldpooch depictthed dogsofdetroit instagood petstagram buzzfeedpets boopmynose dogsofinstagram dogoftheday

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TRUE & BEAUTIBULLDOGS (lourdesledgard) Instagram Photos and Videos




Male 12 weeks old AKC FULL rights BLUE SABLE ASKING 2.5K available. AKC fullrights male blue bluesable englishbulldogs color STRUCTURE littleboy cutie reallypretty bone head robe

1 Hours ago
Seaborn Retrievers (seabornretrievers) Instagram Photos and Videos

Seaborn Retrievers


Comment from Seaborn Retrievers:

Reign is literally my side kick. She follows me everywhere and I didn't bring her down with me so she did this 🐶😘 labradorretriever babygirl love akc

1 Hours ago
Duke the Noble Newfie (dukeofthewestend) Instagram Photos and Videos

Duke the Noble Newfie


Comment from Duke the Noble Newfie:

@jameseroni always says "Pics or it didn't happen" so here we are folks- official evidence from the show ring, "New Champion" sign and all. picsoritdidnthappen champion championnewf showdog akcshowdog akcshowdogsofinstagram newfie @dogs.boss @dogs.lovers newfoundland_feature bostondotcom puppiesofinstagram puppytrip ofig ellen theellenshow funpetloveclub topdogphoto puppy_tales puppytales barkbox pawpack boston boston ofboston teacup runt akc akcnewfoundland @buzzfeed @buzzfeedanimals doyouslobbr

2 Hours ago
Doggy Bluz (doggybluz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Doggy Bluz


Comment from Doggy Bluz:

Ballerina is styling her new Blue Denim Faux Fur Trim Brass Studded Dog Coat for all Dogs 🐾🐾🐾yorkie yorkshireterrier yorkiepoo chiwawa poodle smalldogs smalldogsofinstagram shihtzu pekingese maltese maltipoo dogshop akc dogboutique dogwear dogshow doggroomer miniature minidogs 🐾🐾🐾 Visit DOGGYBLUZ for details and size chart

2 Hours ago
Doggy Bluz (doggybluz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Doggy Bluz


Comment from Doggy Bluz:

Blue Denim Satin Trim Diamond Studded Dog Hoodie for Small Dogs 🐾🐾🐾yorkie yorkshireterrier yorkiepoo chiwawa poodle smalldogs smalldogsofinstagram shihtzu pekingese maltese maltipoo dogshop akc dogboutique dogwear dogshow doggroomer miniature minidogs 🐾🐾🐾 Visit doggybluz for details

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Anjali K (anjalikcouture) Instagram Photos and Videos

Anjali K


Comment from Anjali K:

Non-violent resistance, strength to endure suffering, fidelity and loyalty, turning in to the earth and natural world, Goddess of loyalty, self-sacrifice and fidelity, @AnjaliKCouture, Celebrating Navratri! AKC AnjaliK Couture NewCollection SummerCollective 2017 HandStitched Custom Photooftheday QOTD Quote Thoughtoftheday Beautiful CoutureInMaking ColorStory Fashion Lehenga Gown Anarkali Details Detailing Work Embellished Wedding Bridal Picoftheday Love Fashion Celebrating Navrati

3 Hours ago
I.E_cali🐻 (i.e_cali) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from I.E_cali🐻:

meaty englishbulldog englishbulldogs englishbulldogofinstagram studs triplechocolatecarrier triplechocolate shortcompact mini socalibullies socalbully bullyplanet bullylife igbully proven watchoutladies whitebully reservethedate celebrity photoshoot photagraphy chingon producer i.ebullecamp i.ebulles i.e riverside worldwideshipping worldstar dulcedeleche Bulldogs akc

4 Hours ago
Ideal kennel (lagotto_for_sale) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ideal kennel


Comment from Ideal kennel:

lagotto romagnolo puppies forsale sweet family usa akc fci instagran dogs

4 Hours ago
S. Hopkins (s.hopkins0801) Instagram Photos and Videos

S. Hopkins


Comment from S. Hopkins:

My Children x3 kaiya Bodie Heidi .... hybrid x pit x huskyx german shepherd, german shepherd and my mini schnauzer pedigrees akc wilderness grainfree holisticfed happydogs

4 Hours ago
Siberian Huskies (gustafsonhuskypack) Instagram Photos and Videos

Siberian Huskies


Comment from Siberian Huskies:

Anita husky huskyreq huskiis huskyhomie huskyofficial huskyofficial huskyrater_feature siberian_husky_world_feature sleddog huskyphotography anita huskymom dogmom dog wilderness AKC purebred orangehusky redhusky

5 Hours ago
Daily Dog Devotional (dailydogdevotional) Instagram Photos and Videos

Daily Dog Devotional


Comment from Daily Dog Devotional:

Cross posting as this beautiful Skye Terrier called Toby is missing in an agricultural area. Trackers will be contacted in the morning. Toby is two years old and very friendly so he must be terrified. if you live in Minnesota and can help with the search please drop a note here. the family hasn't slept since he disappeared and are desperate to get him home . He has a full coat of hair and I believe it's been very hot out . Please help if you can thank you . . dogdogsdogsofinstagram dogsofminnesota minnesota instagramdogs instadog akcamericankennelclub bestinshowdaily skyeterriersofinstagram Skyeterrier skyeterriersminniapolis we are desperate for people to help search

5 Hours ago
Darla Vom Freund (darlavom) Instagram Photos and Videos

Darla Vom Freund


Comment from Darla Vom Freund:

Darla and Basil are best friends . . . . . sunday weekend dogsofinstagram catsofinstagram cat dog bestfriend gsd gsdstagram happy shepherd bayareadogs akc picoftheday dailycat dailydog instahappy americankennelclub germanshepherdsofinstagram photo nature

5 Hours ago
Susanne - Kennel FireWoods (kennelfirewoods) Instagram Photos and Videos

Susanne - Kennel FireWoods


Comment from Susanne - Kennel FireWoods:

BISS GRCH Roadhouse Life Of The Party - Louie and son AKC CH Absolute Cock A Doodle Do - Roaster | astamstaffamericanstaffordshir dshireterrierlouierosterchampi hampionsdogsakcabsolutenewcham

5 Hours ago
Susanne - Kennel FireWoods (kennelfirewoods) Instagram Photos and Videos

Susanne - Kennel FireWoods


Comment from Susanne - Kennel FireWoods:

We hav a new CHAMPION - AKC CH Absolutes Cock A Doodle Doo - Roster/Pro 🏆💥🏆 9 months old | Own and handle by Absolute Kennel USA - Breed By Absolute & Firewood's Kennel | Big congrats Blair and @aguillardmichelle 😘| astamstaffamericanstaffordshir dshireterrierakcchampionroster osterprokennedyandlouieabsolut

5 Hours ago
Joseph Rodrigues (allmotorfitness) Instagram Photos and Videos

Joseph Rodrigues


Comment from Joseph Rodrigues:

Xena our new fur child, 9 weeks old and already bigger than a lion cub, she's very smart and fast learning, She has a mattress and pillow in her kennel and look where she decided to pass out, kids what you gonna do. dogoargentino akc ukc

5 Hours ago
Frenchie State | Pure Breds (frenchiestate) Instagram Photos and Videos

Frenchie State | Pure Breds


Comment from Frenchie State | Pure Breds:

Frenchie pile up 😊

6 Hours ago
Stud Muffin Tank (sons_de_mejia_bulldogs) Instagram Photos and Videos

Stud Muffin Tank


Comment from Stud Muffin Tank:

Happy Daybulldogsbulldogworldbullyin englishbulldog socalbullies igbulldogs puppy bulldogpuppy bullyinstafeaturencalifornia socalbullies animallovers puppylove worldwide puppystagrams dogofinstaworld brindlebulldog bulldogsofinstagram dog dogsofinstgram bully bulldogsofinstagram akc stud theworldofbullybulldogpuppiest piestheworldofbulliesbullysofi californiaCowboys Nation

6 Hours ago
Dredd Lock (dredd_the_corso) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dredd Lock


Comment from Dredd Lock:

Dreddlocks loved his first bowl of apples . snacktime Dredd honeycrisp crunchy seedless rawfed pup formentino italianmastiff Canecorso debonairdogos akc sonofamoreandrev

6 Hours ago
BLU & REMY (cali_bullz) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from BLU & REMY:

Likes staying in the room with the pups akcfrenchbulldogs akc frenchiesofinstagram worldoffrenchies frenchiecrew instafrenchie frenchielife califrenchies cali calilife bulldoglife french_bulldogs frenchielove thefrenchiepost igfrenchie ig_bulldogs frenchie_photos frenchieworld doglovers dogsofinstagram dogsofig bluefrenchie dog dailyfrenchie frenchiegram bluefrenchbulldog frenchbulldog

6 Hours ago
Dominique (dom0campo) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Dominique:

We became a family of 👫🐶 Let me introduce y'all to Xena 🐾 @dogoargentino 9weeksold furbaby imafurmommynow purebreedbloodline akc ukc

6 Hours ago
Gweneviere the Corgi (gwenevierethecorgi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Gweneviere the Corgi


Comment from Gweneviere the Corgi:

Today, I turned 3. Some experts say that actually makes me 28, not 21. But I'm gonna live it up anyway. BestYearYet

6 Hours ago
Jack, Arejay and Casull (retired_and_drooling) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jack, Arejay and Casull


Comment from Jack, Arejay and Casull:

Mom says that the puppy is going to be tall, he's only 13 weeks old and at 35 lbs right now. dogs dogsofinstagram saintbernard drool dailyfluff followme instadogs giantdog buzzfeeddogs huffpostgram aplaceforsaints cutedog worldofsaints ilovemydog petsoriginal akc akcsaintbernard puppy saintbernardsofinstagram

6 Hours ago
Dax The American Bully (daxindogtown) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dax The American Bully


Comment from Dax The American Bully:

Can't wait to grow up to be big and strong like my grandpa! The Grand Champion most sought after American Bully in the world DAX!🐾americanbullyakcbulliesl lieslosangelespaperedpurebredb bredbloodlineshowdogamericanbu canbullieslavenicedogtownhands handsomefollowmefollowalongcha ngchasemeletsplaydogsofinstagr stagramcaliforniadogscaliforni

6 Hours ago
Marek & Burkhardt 🐾 (blackandrustboys) Instagram Photos and Videos

Marek & Burkhardt 🐾


Comment from Marek & Burkhardt 🐾:

Burkhardt rottweiler rottweilersofinstagram rottie herding workingdog workingrottweiler sheep akc sheepherding purposebred

6 Hours ago
Gershwin and Bren (mustache_bully) Instagram Photos and Videos

Gershwin and Bren


Comment from Gershwin and Bren:

It was cold today... Big brother, Gershwin had a blast at a mock Nosework Trial put on by our good friend, @seekawolf! ❤️ He got 3rd place in containers (out of 19 dogs), on his first unpaired search, ever! And he only peed once. 😉 mustache_bully Gershygoose Brennybeans

7 Hours ago
Daily Dog Devotional (dailydogdevotional) Instagram Photos and Videos

Daily Dog Devotional


Comment from Daily Dog Devotional:

midhudsonkennelassociation wallkillkennelclub americankennelclub bestinshowdaily kodakektra ilovenewyorkakc dog dogs dogsofinstagram instadog instadogs instagramdog instagramdogs dogshowphotosbymargaretfoxmoor

91 Days ago
Daily Dog Devotional (dailydogdevotional) Instagram Photos and Videos

Daily Dog Devotional


Comment from Daily Dog Devotional:

akcamericankennelclub bestinshowdaily dogshowphotosbymargaretfoxmoor dogsofinstagram ladieskennelassociation ladieskennelassociationofameri dog dogs dogsofinstagram instagramdogs

127 Days ago