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Road trip to Little London in Westmoreland . . . . adventure travelgram explore islandlife wanderlust tranquility paradise watercolor river mountains waterfall boating hiking snorkeling scubadiving scenery nightlife foodie goodvibes art creative mindfulness meditation lifestyle spa wellness tropical beach travel vacation

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MiNa Kim


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Good morning Taiwan! beginning of our food adventure zaoan isawthesun 🌞allnighter sunrise 台湾🇹🇼

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Daniel Ratnaraj (dandandan89) Instagram Photos and Videos

Daniel Ratnaraj


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Sunny days. matapouri beach discover dream adventure travel travelphotography newzealand nz

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travel travelph travelgram igers ig_captures puertogalera orientalmindoro wanderlust exploreph adventure travelbuddies travelgoals nature travelpics nofilter traveller blue travelphilippines backpacking amazing sky beautifuldestinations naturelovers bestvacations sun photography

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Don't forget the magic ☆ (amandalaphotography) Instagram Photos and Videos

Don't forget the magic ☆


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"The world seems to make more sense from up high. Seeing the great expanse of the Earth divided into neat patterns – fields checkerboarding the landscape and roads racing to the horizon – brings symmetry to the messiness of everyday life." -Larry Bleiberg . Every time I see life from this point of view our tiny huge planet blows my mind, and I feel so blessed to be alive and part of this infinite interconnected collective web of coexistence 💛 🌎 WowLife EyesOfAChild LifeInPerspective SunshineIsDelicious Coexist WeAreOneWorld Daydream GoldenHaze GoldenSky Earth Texas CreateExplore Travel Adventure Wanderlust WhereWillYouGo Flight Airplane Instaplane Gratitude TheWorldIsOurs DontForgetTheMagic

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Cesar Heras


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Aunque cansado, vale mil veces la aventura y la adrenalina deporteextremo extremesports crossfiter adventure adventuretime

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Sam Turpen


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We are not having any fun ⛺️👫🥓 @lesspressed bestieselfie camping adventure whatwind joshuatree snakebites

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Julian Fernando


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PAT😁 Scout Adventure DesaPakis Limbangan Kendal Semarang Pramuka Lapangan smkbagimunegeriku kemah

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Jumadil Awal (jumadilawalofficial) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jumadil Awal


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Happy long weekend! eiger travelling adventure kodingarengkekeisland southsulawesi

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Maddie Clark (madelainecsuporclark) Instagram Photos and Videos

Maddie Clark


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Getting lost high up on Ella Rock 📷 @hamsloane . . . . travel instatravel travelgram passportreadytravelling wanderer wanderlust travels travelphotography worldcaptures worldplaces traveller naturewalk travelbug adventure ellarock srilanka backpacking forrest hike hikesrilanka

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Akhmad Yusup


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St. Margaret's Church & Westminster Abbey . . . . . bigben houseofparliament unitedkingdom england london st.margaret's church westminsterabbey pictures adventure travelling dailylife studentlife instagram photo photography

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Michaela Trulson (mmtrulson) Instagram Photos and Videos

Michaela Trulson


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|🌊🌊🌊| Swimming in monsoons is fun when I'm with you 💕 . . . love exploremore adventure adventurepartner soulmate Wanderlust rain MX Mexico Cozumel MiAmor raindrop travel

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Adventures with a cutie behind me. 📷 beautiful knoxville tennessee photogenic photography peopleofpscc photographer photooftheday lighting adventure explore downtown downtownknox asthetic tumblr wonderlust coffeeshop classy college vsco vscocam vintage instagram instafashion instagood oldcityknoxville spring sunset

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I love places that make you realize how tiny you and your problems are 🖤 naturemotherearthjemezspringsjemezriverbeautifulwanderlustadventurehealingvibesgodsworkhappyplaceworldspring

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"Find the love you seek, by first finding the love within yourself. Learn to rest in that place within you that is your true home." ~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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Part 2: Bike parked and hike up Pauka Hill 👆🏻 . . . pulauubin adventure bikehike nature hearthesoundofnature usanalifestyle 23Apr2017

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My first full day on the road and I made it to Kenora which is just 40 minutes from the Manitoba border! roadtrip adventure

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⠀⠀⠀░🅙🅞🅨░ (qtootie) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Gloomy days 🌧☁️

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April 24 - 25, 2017 : Bacolod vsco vscopic vscocam vscofilter vscophotos travel adventure cebu philippines photography bacolod yolo wanderlust journey local outdoor view scenery toledo port clouds sky blue boats summer heat random yolo hahahha

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Denis Makogon (denismakogon) Instagram Photos and Videos

Denis Makogon


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Я люблю Нью Йорк, честно. Но есть тут 3 вещи, которые меня бесят: 1. Крысы. Ох, вашу же мать, их тут толпы, особенно вечером, везде таблички с надписями, берегите питомцев, кругом крысиный яд. 2. Холод. Брррр, тут бывает так холодно что пробирает до костей. 3. Метро. Собственно то, что вы видите на экране. Сами Нью Йоркеры не любят метро на выходных, потому что происходит коллапс, много поездов отменено, много станций закрыто, говорят, что на выходных лучше ходить пешком, и не далеко, а лучше дома сидеть, или ,как белый человек, играться в центральном парке. NYC newyorker newyork nyc like4like like2like l4l instatrip instadaily картавыйtrip manhattan США путешествие photooftheday bestphoto vlog blog travel adventure instaparis igusa usa tramp centralpark votefortramp metro mta

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Jungle Adventure Ecuador (jungleadventureecuador) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jungle Adventure Ecuador


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JUNGLEADVENTURES Feature of the day: @pixie_lou_ 🏆🎖👏🏽🌴🌱🌿📸💥 -------------------------- Please congratulate with us our today featured artist and show some love and support ❤️ Don't forget to visit the artist amazing gallery for more jungle adventure shots! ------------------------------ ✈️VISIT ECUADOR!✈️ 🌴🌱🌿🌴🌱🌿🌴🌱🌿🌴 Ready for adventure? We are located in Macas/Sucúa amazonian jungle within the Shuar tribe territory. You have the unique opportunity to stay with the Shuar tribe and will be having a one in a life time experiences such as learning about the tribes culture, taking part at an authentic waterfall ritual, canoeing with original Shuar canoes, learning about healing plants and their usage, healing rituals and mystic journeys. 🌴🌱🌿🌴🌱🌿🌴🌱🌿🌴 For more information please visit the link in bio. Thank you! 📸💥📸💥📸💥📸💥📸 . . . . . . wanderlust wonderful_places rainforest tribegram tribal tribe adventure adventureisoutthere adventuretime nature nakedplanet natureaddict naturephotography naturelovers naturelover jungle liveauthentic yesdiscovernature keepitwild discover discoverglobe discoverearth ecuador travel travelphotography travelgram transformation traveladdict

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Shivmay Somvar They say that life is an accident, driven by sexual desire, that the universe has no moral order, no truth, no God. Driven by insatiable lusts, drunk on the arrogance of power, hypocritical, deluded, their actions foul with self-seeking, tormented by a vast anxiety that continues until their death, convinced that the gratification of desire is life's sole aim, bound by a hundred shackles of hope, enslaved by their greed, they squander their time dishonestly piling up mountains of wealth. "Today I got this desire, and tomorrow I will get that one; all these riches are mine, and soon I will have even more. Already I have killed these enemies, and soon I will kill the rest. I am the lord, the enjoyer, successful, happy, and strong, noble, and rich, and famous. Who on earth is my equal? Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, The Bhagavad Gita photography shivling bholenath india_ig faith hope wisdom hardwork patience humanity indiaclicks garhwal himalayangeographic himalayas instauttarakhand mountainlovers trekking hiking adventure

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Little RV 🚎 Big Travels 🌎


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driftwood beach ocean sand waves mountain gypsy oregon explore photoshoot photography photographer photooftheday pic pictures picoftheday rv rvlife wanderlust fitness fit adventure wanderer roadtrip travel travelphotography lifestyle nature trails fitlife

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Salvador Sánchez Díaz (chava_sd) Instagram Photos and Videos

Salvador Sánchez Díaz


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De toda la gran aventura vivida el día de hoy, me quedo con la satisfacción de haber recibido sonrisas y alegrías de los niños al tener un juguete en sus manos. 💛🎈 roadtrip diadelniño adventure smile happiness happy satisfaction Sunday weekend sundayfunday girl boy kids baby Toys sun sunset puebla sky picture picoftheday photography adventuretime amazing followback l4l like4like instagood vsco sunrise

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Tommy x Gigi

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Travel • Bucket List 📸 (teamtravelfulltime) Instagram Photos and Videos

Travel • Bucket List 📸


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Explore Cape Town, the Mother "city" of South Africa, and get immersed in the seights and sounds of some of its best attractions 🌆⛰ capetown southafrica

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Arvin Chiong (aarrvviinn) Instagram Photos and Videos

Arvin Chiong


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Summit ⛰

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v🌲ncent gregor ❄ (adventurepants.05) Instagram Photos and Videos

v🌲ncent gregor ❄


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"if you have time to chatter, read books. if you have time to read, walk into mountain, desert and ocean. if you have time to walk, sing songs and dance. if you have time to dance, sit quietly, you happy, lucky idiot." . . . 04/30/2017 Sunday 2105 self reminder: be grateful for your heart. scared, wounded, healed, and still up for more of the same. your heart is like the spirit of a three-year-old. no matter how much it bears, it bounces back. if it were to stop even for a second your life could be in danger. be grateful for you heart for its mettle. adventurepants

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Good morning, Prague! ✨

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Sand, Sun and Sea ❤❤❤ . . . . . travel ocean sea beach wonderfulindonesia visitindonesia visitasia travelphotography adventure nature photography pesonaindonesia

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- 꿀연휴 꿀날씨 정식당 오픈 🍽 - - 캠핑 camping 백패킹 backpacking 감성캠핑 오지캠핑 캠핑명소 캠핑요리 불멍 아지트출사 스냅 소통 팔로미 팔로우 좋아요 adventure getoutdoors outdoorlife outdoors 디스커버리

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Marta Diaz Valle


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Marta Diaz Valle (m.diazva) Instagram Photos and Videos

Marta Diaz Valle


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