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Comment from Mia Amore Studio:

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Comment from Travis Thomason:

Always enjoy the moment but use it to make the next moment better.

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Comment from Ashley Richard:

Continuing to climb to new heights. Today I found a small path in the snow that I never would have noticed when it's dry. It required climbing up a huge pile of loose rocks and scrambling up a gravely hill, but my inner kid was loving it! The payoff was discovering a secret picnic area and a reminder to believe in myself.

2 Minutes ago

Comment from Andrea Moreton:

I had the opportunity to explore Palau a little yesterday and hear about their traditions and culture. This is a Bai which is the Community Meeting Hall for the Chief's in the state. The bai is covered inside and out with symbols, motifs, and stories, called deliaches, which are pictures and carved patterns that tell a story.

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Comment from Ryan Jacobson:

Animals just have a way of knowing sometimes when you're there just to take pictures or not.

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