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Comment from Wayne:

Collaboration between @jody_artist and @cheograff at North Street Green, including close ups jody cheo northstreet northstreetgreen northstreetbristol upfest spraycanart streetart streetartglobe streetarteurope bristol bristolstreetart bristolart bristollife bristol_lens graff graffart graffitiart igersbristol handdrawing bee cheobee

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Comment from Kat:

Starting to quite like this running and fitness malarkey. Who would say no to a giant inflatable adventure playground? 😝 another 10km under my belt, I'll be ready for a 1/2 at this rate 💪🏻 monday mondaymotivation fitnessjourney exercise outdoors outside Bristol roughrunner adventure explore run thisgirl challenge fitnessmotivation

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Anonymous Media Uk


Comment from Anonymous Media Uk:

Out Today At 4 Pm WordOnTheStreets Series1 Ep9 Ft Siena @siena_og Bringing that 🔥🔥WordLife Amuk Siena Bristol BristolMusicScene Freestyle Barz Grime HipHop RnB DnB Rap Singers Poets GetInvolved BristolCity Music PicOfTheDay InstaMusic youtube FemaleMc

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Mike Deniran


Comment from Mike Deniran:

This Thursday Backbeat is back for a Jam where you get the chance to play with our wonderful house band featuring @dancoxdrums @richobrienmusic @a.elliottwillims nd Julien Alend! Here's cheeky snippet of some of lst weeks performnce to get y in the mood!! gllimufry youngmusicins bristol drums bss keys moog guitr trumpet sx soulive tuesdynightsqud bckbet everythursdy

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Comment from UoBRoyalFortGardens:

A view of the garden from above. viewfromabove garden royalfortgardens lifesciencegarden wildflowers wildflowermeadow mirror mirrormaze followme royalforthouse trees green universityofbristol urbannature urbanexploration wearebristoluni bristoluni discoverbristol swisbest bristol

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Craig Cooper


Comment from Craig Cooper:

Glastonbury recovery starts right here!! brunelsbuttery breakfast recovery hungover bristolharbour bristol uk

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Caroline Greyling (linesheep) Instagram Photos and Videos

Caroline Greyling


Comment from Caroline Greyling:

bristol stokescroft streetart banksyinthebackground colour arteverywhere graffiti bearpit nelsonstreet

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Comment from aug_in_bristol:

New beginning 🌸🌟🌿 newstart castlepark morningwalk summer nofilterneeded bristol

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Comment from LifeInTheFashLane:

Beach day today 🏖 Happy Monday

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The Zine UK

Comment from The Zine UK:

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中野哲哉 (tetsuya_nakano_jewelry) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 中野哲哉:

T's noblejewelry designer『中野哲哉』 『Pique』 白蝶or黒蝶… ピクウェという工法の技法 工法の技法は、ルイ14世の頃のフランスで生まれた技法でありピ 法でありピクエの技術は、オランダ、英国へと移転します。 し す。 しかし19世紀末にかけてピクウェの製造も、ピクウェに ピクウェに対しての関心も、完全に下火となり、英国でもその頃に もその頃にピクエウェは作られていません。技術としても消え失せ も消え失せ、わずかにアンティークの世界でのみ、19世紀の作品 世紀の作品が取引されていました。 そしてそのピクウェの技術 ウェの技術を世に復元したのが塩島敏彦氏であります。 現在は 現在は世界で唯一の「pique(ピクウェ)作家」でもあり 」でもあり、中野哲哉とコラボさしていただいております。 他 す。 他ではみることのないデザイン 中野哲哉の感性を是非 ピクウェdiamondosakamadeinjapan 手作りoriginal hautecouture lifelove l4linstaglamfollowme 有名デザイナーlook japan bristolimakeuptokyo hairstyle happybirthday 蝶instadesignerネッ

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Frank Murray (murrayandballfurniture) Instagram Photos and Videos

Frank Murray


Comment from Frank Murray:

Fr fr fresh new blade today! interiors woodworking furnituredesign fittedfurniture finewoodworking woodshop woodwork workshop workshops interiors igersbristol indiebristol interiordesign interiordesigner machinery bespoke bristol bespokefurniture kitchendesign kitchen actlocalbristol design finefurniture

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Sarah Cook


Comment from Sarah Cook:

365daysofgratitude large whitehotchocolate @bakesmiths_hq happy smile grateful chocolate monday mondaymorning happydays instadaily instagood instahappy bristol whiteladiesroad clifton

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John Leavy (sleaves87) Instagram Photos and Videos

John Leavy


Comment from John Leavy:

Survived.... Just about stag fuckthegimp Bristol Cardiff

10 Minutes ago
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Comment from Contact💌👉

AVAILABLE 💌aliceandcy morninglovefacehopelinesinkfeatherheartlipsfacehalfface eyeblack bristol artartwork flashtattoolineswork alicedugas

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中野哲哉 (tetsuya_nakano_jewelry) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 中野哲哉:

T's noblejewelry designer『中野哲哉』 『Pique』 ピクウェとは基本的には、ベッコウ、象牙、真 、象牙、真珠母貝などの有機素材の表面に、金、銀、まれには真珠 れには真珠貝などから作られたデザイン模様を、一種の象眼状に連 象眼状に連続して押し込み、その連鎖模様を楽しむ技法を言います を言います。 ピクウェという工法の技法は、ルイ14世の頃の 4世の頃のフランスで生まれた技法でありピクエの技術は、オラン は、オランダ、英国へと移転します。 しかし19世紀末にかけ 紀末にかけてピクウェの製造も、ピクウェに対しての関心も、完全 心も、完全に下火となり、英国でもその頃にピクエウェは作られて は作られていません。技術としても消え失せ、わずかにアンティー アンティークの世界でのみ、19世紀の作品が取引されていました ていました。 そしてそのピクウェの技術を世に復元したのが塩 したのが塩島敏彦氏であります。 現在は世界で唯一の「piq の「pique(ピクウェ)作家」でもあり、中野哲哉とコラボさ とコラボさしていただいております。 他ではみることのないデ ピクウェdiamondosakamadeinjapan 手作りoriginal hautecouture lifelove l4linstaglamfollowme 有名デザイナーlook japan bristolimakeuptokyo hairstyle happybirthday 蝶instadesignermo

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Daz Smith (daz.smith) Instagram Photos and Videos

Daz Smith


Comment from Daz Smith:

exist to resists graffiti mural in stokescroft, bristol.

13 Minutes ago
Kings&Queens (kingsandqueensbristol) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Kings&Queens:

✌🏼♠️Our busy weekend-wearing some awesome clothing from our neighbour @spokeandstringer . . . hairsalonbristolhairdres rdresserbarberstylistcolourcut urcutfadetaperteamhaordressing ssingbristollifetcssclothingri ingrideculturepromocafecoffeef ✌🏼

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miss_magpie_spy (miss_magpie_spy) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from miss_magpie_spy:

New on the blog today is a post dedicated to super wide leg trousers. There are loads of photos of them on me (size 14 5'4) with honest feedback about which pair I love the most. Plus as usual I've illustrated them on a variety of sizes. Post features @anthropologieeu @andotherstories @boden_clothing @riverisland @asos @mango * * photoshoot fashionblogger fblogger fbloggers riversisland diversity diversityproject womenlikeme diverseillustrations size14 fashionillustrationbohoblouse bristol widelegtrousers orange fashionillustrated diverseillustrations liveillustration freelanceillustrator calledtobecreative thatscolourful positivity handpainted illustrator illustratedbeauty illustratedblog digitalinfluencer abmlifeiscolorful

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Hong Chan


Comment from Hong Chan:

Had a great time at goape and a great weekend in bristol with my brothers and family regime fitness nosuchthingasaneasylife whatdoesntkillyoumakesyoustron gymrat adultlife healthylifestyle

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Emma Gorton-Ellicott (nodebutante) Instagram Photos and Videos

Emma Gorton-Ellicott


Comment from Emma Gorton-Ellicott:

Loving my new hair colour thanks @vikkimacmac nodebutante ootd fashion fashionblogger fashionjournalist bristol hawaiianshirt thatthing tezladesigns culottes socksandslides streetstyle streetwear bristolfashion

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Phil Aston (philip_aston) Instagram Photos and Videos

Phil Aston


Comment from Phil Aston:

Throw back to my MK2 RS - - - - - ford focus focusrs rs mk2 mk3 mk3focusrsclub fordperformance hoonigan sportsclub focusrsowners ultimategreen nitrousblue blue blueoval gloss shine detailed protect autofinesse carboncollective mountune sunshine love rsdirect bristol yate detailersofinstagram carsofinstagram whoreyourford

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GR Martial Arts Academies (grmartialartsacademies) Instagram Photos and Videos

GR Martial Arts Academies


Comment from GR Martial Arts Academies:

@alexreidofficial talking about using our minds and how important it is - great experience for us all 👌👌 grmartialarts martialarts familymartialarts kidsmartialarts ninjas selfdefence kidsmartialarts martialartsinstructor kickboxing k1 taekwondo followme control discipline kick punch fight business success bournemouth somerset yeovil seaton chilcompton bristol dorset weymouth christchurch southwest 👉

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Wayne (portinson38) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Wayne:

New by @spzero76 at Temple Meads spzero bristol bristolstreetart bristolart bristol_lens spraycanart graffitiart graff streetartglobe streetart streetarteverywhere streetarteurope igersbristol bristollife visitbristol bestofbristol

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宮崎 泰樹 (taiju__0529) Instagram Photos and Videos

宮崎 泰樹


Comment from 宮崎 泰樹:

週末BBQ〜🍖0625 膝曲げ鉄板グラマー撮り📷大暴れギ 早上がり神😚 . BBQsupremeシュプリームbris ムbristolfcrbブリストルnikeナイキadsrダメ dsrダメージデニムchromehearts l4lf4fi

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Comment from VegOutBristol:

vegoutbristol delivering you freshly cooked vegan & vegetarian Caribbean lunch right to your desk Monday - Friday weekly meal preps or 1 off lunches available starting from just £2 no minimum order required what more could you ask for 😇 order via dm email or call 07748133651 today & don't forgot to share your meals pics 😉 bristol caribbeanfood delivery foodtogo healthyfood vegan veganbristol vegetarian whatveganseat share like follow mealpreps loveyourlunch everybitecounts igfood freshlycooked foodtogo health

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Casey Amber Nel


Comment from Casey Amber Nel:

P A R A M O R E 🎭🎸🎹🎧📣🎤🎶💃👭 @cosyclothes1 _____________________________ excited hayleywilliams amazing music memories concert live friends myescape tour band bristol england

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Stelios Choustoulakis (schoustoulakis) Instagram Photos and Videos

Stelios Choustoulakis


Comment from Stelios Choustoulakis:

Laughing woman with a cup, by Stephen D. Colhoun

23 Minutes ago
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Comment from bday:

🔰办理各大学毕业证成绩单(学校原版1:1制作/回国全套) 国全套) 🎓真实教育部学历认证(官网存档可查/考公务员/不 公务员/不成功100%退款) 🎓留学回国人员证明(使馆认证 (使馆认证/购买免税车) 💰诚邀业务中介代理合作(从事留学 (从事留学业务或留学生) 🏰实体公司、欢迎前来面谈。 📠 谈。 📠详情咨询QQ/微信:2384764398 miam miamihoustonphiladelphiadetro detroitnycailmadctxflpawaazhim azhimioh LondonBirminghamManch ManchesterLiverpoolBristolEdin lEdinburghCardiffLeedsBelfast

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Comment from Ian:

Home made Froke. New Zealand style! froke frozencoke nz newzealand uk bristol wsm somerset aotearoa kiwi kiwijuice

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AVAILABLE feather ink drawing peninsect lovelief black blackart blackwork artartwork wkinarttattooflash lineslineswork bristol alicedugas

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Comment from Chiarita:

Gente seria. staffparty bambalan drinks bristol bristolbynight

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Alice Barzda (aliicebarz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alice Barzda


Comment from Alice Barzda:

Amazing weekend celebrating @bekahkatewhite Becky Boo's hen do!! Love you to the moon and back Bec. Thank you to the beautiful hens for a great weekend 😘😘 hen Bristol bath henparty happy

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