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Comment from Tibby Rothman:

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Comment from Ryan Bosch:

Posted a pic with this movie after the election and must do it again today. Still can't believe it happened. Seems super surreal. Hope my fears aren't realized, but it's a very strange day.

32 Seconds ago

Comment from Megan:

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Comment from We Are SoCal:

life isn't perfect, people aren't perfect, but nature 🤙🏼 she's got it all figured out! Pc @calebkellerphotos

1 Minutes ago

Comment from Rebekah Wade:

feeling a bit lost, ya know?

1 Minutes ago

Comment from Tim Bays:

There was a lot that was said today, but I won't get into it because it doesn't matter. You'll still get the best of what I can do. That includes endless amounts of string lights.

2 Minutes ago

Comment from Paul Yester:

Save your breath I'm nearly, Bored to death and fading fasttt

2 Minutes ago

Comment from thanks.:

Record is getting close, time for some mixing 😎 #thanks.

3 Minutes ago