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Alive. Part 128. Your pov. Next morning i woke up and saw the clock on my night stand. It was 10am. I tried to move but i felt something on me. I looked over and saw it was Harry and his hand was lazily over me. Last night came rushing back to me, i turned myself a bit just to face Harry. He had another blanket and pillow. I smiled a bit, he stood the night just cuz of last night. He slowly opened his eyes and when he had plinked few times he smiled to me. "Good morning, love." he greeted. "Morning to you too, Harry." i told him and smiled to him. He then sat up a bit and so did i. "So how about we get a good breakfast?" i looked at him and he smiled, i didn't say anything. "Y/n, i know you haven't been eating a lot lately." he said sitting closer to me as i sat my legs over the edege of the bed. "But you have to eat, i rember when you ate more pizza then i did, when i first came around and took you home from the hospital." i smiled and so did he. "Here's the smile. I'll go and see what we can make okay?" he asked and i nodded i got up and went to bathroom. As i looked into mirror i saw that i looked like a crap. I didn't even bother to do anything and just put my hair up in a pony tail. An:sorry that part is bit pointless! #louistomlinson #louis #tommo #tomlinson #hazza #larry #lottietomlinson #niall #horan #niallhoran #1dimagines #1d #1dfanfic #1dfandomslaystheworldfollowtrain #1dfandom #directioners #imagines #payno #liampayne #harrystyles #harry #goals #onedirectionimagines #onedirection #yn #love #life #directioner

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This is why this fandom should be banned from photoshop 😂😂😂 ~Luna Ps: when I upload this pic there is an earthquake happening 😂😂😂

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I wanna read young & beautiful but i'm not ready to feel

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i think we're going to start making edits now

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sometimes i wonder how i can be so embarrassing

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