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Ischia Procida vesuvio🌋 alba 🌅

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" E mentre il cielo si schiarisce noi guarderemo stanotte che finisce! " ischia ischiaisland ischiaisolaverde isolaverde island castelloaragonese sunrise alba newday gulfofnaples ignaples igcampania panorama

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Comment from Monzena: Castello Aragonese - Ischia Ischia, castle, castelloaragonese, italy, island, beautifulview 👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣

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I like to think that the best is yet to come.

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Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today ⚪️⚫️ blackandwhite valentino ischia night me tbt

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My prayers go out to the beautiful people of Ischia who have been devastated by a a terrible earthquake. This magical Italian Island and its lovely people have given me some of the best memories of my life. Thank you Ischia 🙏 sending love your way ❤️❤️❤️iloveischia ischiaisland ischia italy iloveitaly italians italiansdoitbetter medeterenian amalficoast naples ischiaglobal ischiafilmfestival reginaisabella

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Trattoria Zooma is keeping ischia in our hearts as they are cleaning out of the rubble from Monday 's quake. You are in our prayers. prayforischia🙏 napoli zoomaforischia

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Le città invisibili 52• Il talento di Mr. Replay yallersborghi ischia ischiatravel trip ig_ischia ig_napoli ig_campania ig_italia yallersitalia prettylittleitaly sea seaside instaghesboro ischiaisolaverde igersitalia napoli naples ig_europe ExploreMore IgWorldClub WellTravelled ischiaponte borgoischiaponte travelshoteu travelerinitaly thehub_campania italianambassador italiainvacanza set film

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💙😢🎈ischia terra mia

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Lacco Ameno. ischia

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So sad to hear about Ischia's earthquake - literally one of my favorite places I've been!!! 🙁❤️ - prayforischia ischia ischiaearthquake sosad ischiaisland earthquake meh mostbeautifulplaceonearth loveithere beautiful nature island missingit italy italytrip italiantrip fav ischiaitaly favoriteplace ❤️( photoby me when I was there in Jan!)

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~ sending prayers to the Island of Ischia, who was recently hit by an earthquake 💔 I visited this island a little over a month ago and it's one of my favorite places in Italy. It's also where I took my first solo trip sad to hear the news. This place is so special 💕 ischia

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ischiaterramia ischia ischiavive ❤

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“L’Italia c’è e quando è necessario si mette in moto con professionalità e cuore”. Così il Ministro Roberta Pinotti ha elogiato il lavoro dei soccorritori, civili e militari, che hanno operato ad Ischia in occasione del terremoto. ministerodelladife ForzeArmate protezionecivile pinottiroberta ministropinotti ischia terremotoischia protezionecivile carabinieri vigilidelfuoco poliziadistato crocerossa italia grazie giornalistaterrorista governo sky mediaset

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forza ischia paradiso pace tranquillità ❤💎👑💖⚓ nenacheilterremotoviabbatte 💪

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Repost @stepnicely5 ・・・ 💕🙏🌍 Repost @bbcnews ・・・ This is the "miracle" rescue of a seven-month-old baby from rubble after a deadly earthquake hit the Italian island of Ischia. The baby's family home had collapsed in the tremor, trapping him inside. Emergency services worked through the night to reach the infant and his family. The baby was pulled out crying - but alive - as bystanders applauded the rescue workers. At least two people have died in the earthquake, with dozens hurt after the 4.0 magnitude tremor hit the island which is popular with holidaymakers. italy rescue italia ischia baby disaster napoli holiday island firefighters miracle faith people life heroes

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Dreams 🏄🏾🌴🏄🏽‍♀️☀️ Ischia summer sea sun love landscape

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Such a nice article on 017/08/bill_of_fare_hopewells_ ells_basilic.htmlincart_river_ basilicohopewell itoldyouitaliansdoitbetter fresh italianfood ischiainspired ischia forzaischia chefjoey @joeytrani

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• Just what I need: 🍕♥Pizza humansofischia happymoment love myislandhome iloveischia ischiamare ischia ischiatiamo ischiaisolaverde travelling travelphotography food weightlosstransformation paradise travel travelgram travelgirl italy italiangirl landscape thisismylife pizza loveit myislandhome island puntofelice emotions onlybeautifulthings follow4follow likes

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In nights like this, death is so close.. vkei visualkei vk vkeimakeup makeup visualkeimakeup v系 night pool おやすみ おやすみなさい it

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Powerful, beautiful image. ischia

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Vero_Napoli napoli naples love ischia

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