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Nicole Lücking


Comment from Nicole Lücking:

Focusing on the moment .. living in the right now..before we know it life will be gone😍❤🙋focusingmomentlivingrightnowlifewillgonegoodmorninggutenmorgengünaydın🙏

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Sohail Nakhooda


Comment from Sohail Nakhooda:

And when it rains, it pours rain life weather mood love loss

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Comment from michiko:

NYから帰って来た友人から 送られて来たポーチ💕 メッセージが私にぴったりだと思って と 友を思いお土産を選んでくれた事が 嬉しい😃 同じくmade in USAのターコイズと共に 納めてみましたがセンスがない🤣 pamelabarskypouchturquoiseaccessoriesralphlaurenninaleenphotolifeメッセージポーチアクセサリポストカード先日の強風でヒアシンス折れた香りに癒されますさあ午後も頑張ろう電車の中でマスカラは塗りませんが

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캘리그라피 ✍🏻


Comment from 캘리그라피 ✍🏻:

캘리그라피........✍🏻 . 초급과정 글씨연습 🤗 . 장미빛인생 🌹 - - - 캘리그라피 캘리그라피연습 캘리그라피배우기 캘리그라피수업 캘리그라피글귀 손글씨 감성글씨 일상 힐링 감성 강남 양재 문화센터 calligraphy healing daily life

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Comment from • XI.VII.MM • X.VIII.MMXI •:

shipwrecks. show me the real you. I want to see you raw, unestablished. don't hide your imperfections. I want to see the mangled mess you are. reveal to me, the scars you've accrued in life. I too am flawed and stained with truth. quotes typewriterpoetry writersofig

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Comment from Christina:

Soooo true for me ❤ LWHealthAnxiety anxiety healthanxiety mental mentalhealth mentalbattle life love hope thoughts silentwarrior silent happiness happy recovery therapy positive vibes truth loved God classy woman strength depth women new

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Dj Frank Morales


Comment from Dj Frank Morales:

enigmaproduccionescartagena Vive la experiencia Enigma dj djs djlife djset life lifestyle lifequotes like4like

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W. Charles


Comment from W. Charles:

I like this lovely kid. 😊santorini greece dailypost daily__art life lifestyle mustgo europe beautiful gorgeous traveler enjoylife mediterraneo sunset ioa story nyc magazine mystory athens crete kreta xania tampakaria greeceislands amazing blue people sea lovely

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Deejay G


Comment from Deejay G:

True heads vinyl..4sale dm me if interested☺ love vinyl graff fineart illustration draw paint create spray brush medicate new positive changes sale sell tell dj peace connect same people different experiences hiphop expression life wonderful

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Bastian S Cody.


Comment from Bastian S Cody.:

Les terakhir \,/ lol hair nature bored funny life cool blue dog family photoinstahub statigram amazing awesome clouds repost baby red music party black instalove textgram followback green eyes instago sweet likeforlike style

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Kim Jae Geon ~ 켄제이


Comment from Kim Jae Geon ~ 켄제이:

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WOL World Of Leather


Comment from WOL World Of Leather:

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Comment from Julián:

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Comment from ekaterina_sudarenko:

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Frank Diaz Torres


Comment from Frank Diaz Torres:

UN RIKO DOMINGO DE SOL, ARENA Y MAR..!! 💪😉😄😎🌊☀🌴💪😉😄😎🌊☀🌴💪😉😄😎🌊 LO MAXIMO..!!! goodnight greatday sun sunday beach beachtime summer fit bronce verano playa sol arena live life style men body sexy badboy men4men hotboy hot🔥 verano2017 lifestyle happyday lima puntahermoza silencio perú 😉😄😎☀🌊🌴😉😄😎☀🌊🌴😉😄☀🌴😎😉😄😎☀🌊🌴😉😄😎☀🌴

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All Rock Store


Comment from All Rock Store:

Oh Yeah cool hardrock life

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Comment from LogicallySweet:

Repost ciniesta with repostapp ・・・ 100BestFilmQuotes Frase 16: “They call me Mister Tibbs!” IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT de Norman Jewison (1967) INtheheatofthenight EnelcalordelanocheNormanJewison SidneyPotierLeeGrantVirginiaMayo life night hot  Awesome AFIFilmOscar Instadaily Instalike Instamood Instalove QuoteQuotesFrases100Quotes100FrasesInstaquotesQuoteoftheday 100Frasesdecine100MejoresfrasesdecineCine

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Comment from Edison:

Day662, So happy after dropping all our keys into the lift shaft, can't enter home so we play in lobby👻,RIP, car 🔑 edisonstory fun love 00i33 baby life

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Maria Luiza Atanásio


Comment from Maria Luiza Atanásio:

Tipo indiazinha 🍃 Carnapitolio MinasGerais 031 potira Noamor

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Comment from sarah:

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