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Finnegan The Dog (finnegan_adventures) Instagram Photos and Videos

Finnegan The Dog


Comment from Finnegan The Dog:

So many good smells on the side of a mountain! I love when Mom takes me along on her hiking adventures. finnonadventures

19 Minutes ago
Cory (cory2bfit) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Cory:

Beautiful day in San Diego for a morning hike with family and friends. View of Fortuna from Kwaay Peak. . scoutmom trailsnotscales hiker hike6 52hikechallenge2018 nature girlswhohikesd girlswhohike hikeyourownhike forceofnature womenwhohike optoutside kwaaypaaypeak missiontrails hikingadventures familyhike hikingwithfriends hikinggoals kidswhohike healthyisthegoalnotskinny depression

47 Minutes ago
Mandy Mnster (czechbeergirl) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mandy Mnster


Comment from Mandy Mnster:

Beautiful day for a hike! sandiego missiontrails neverstopexploring territoryfoods tastemoreoflife outdoorfitness

2 Hours ago
Gesa (sd_gesa) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Gesa:

Family hike 👫🐶 cowlesmountain saturdaymorning hike familyhike morninghike doggers missiontrails sandiego californiawinter

2 Hours ago
Cindy Lynch (runningskirtscindy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cindy Lynch


Comment from Cindy Lynch:

Even a bad running day is a great day on the trails! We managed to start and finish together! Thanks for the group photos @coachdelavega runderlust missiontrails spartantraining spartanmom missiontrailsregionalpark sandiegorunning

3 Hours ago
Newbreak Tierrasanta (newbreaktierrasanta) Instagram Photos and Videos

Newbreak Tierrasanta


Comment from Newbreak Tierrasanta:

GETTOTHEFIVE . Being Happy > Being Hurried Slow down & invite the Lord into your busyness tonight at the 5PM service. Jesus provides PEACE to your PACE. . YouBelongHere ForSanDiego saturdaynight

3 Hours ago
taka.kiyoizumi (droidtk) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from taka.kiyoizumi:

Beautiful day for urbansketching 😎🎨🌞 missiontrails urbansketch urbansketchers watercolor danielsmithwatercolors lamplightwatercolorpaper

3 Hours ago
Heather (justheatherj) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Heather:

Fun little hike with the bestie @ksen0529 😘 hiking hikingadventures missiontrails

4 Hours ago
Staci-Mike Wilkins-Flores (mike.staci) Instagram Photos and Videos

Staci-Mike Wilkins-Flores


Comment from Staci-Mike Wilkins-Flores:

sunsouttonguesout sandiegodogs sunsoutsnoutsout sddogs missiontrails dogfriendlysd

4 Hours ago
dex_805 (dex_805) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from dex_805:

Mission Trails bike excursion. One of my favorite places to ride. mountainbiking missiontrails fujibikes auric lateposts

4 Hours ago
Finnegan The Dog (finnegan_adventures) Instagram Photos and Videos

Finnegan The Dog


Comment from Finnegan The Dog:

I’m Finnegan, the dog! I finally convinced my mom @katreenah to get me my own page! Thanks, Mom! ❤️ finnonadventures

5 Hours ago
Bicycle Warehouse (bicyclewarehouse) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bicycle Warehouse


Comment from Bicycle Warehouse:

CAMELBAK FOR DOGS?? 😱 why not. . . . . . BicycleWarehous ItsYourWorldRideIt MountainBik MountainBiking MissionTrails NobleCanyon sanjuantrail daleyranch CampPendleton MCASMiramar Sweetwater SanDiego KearnyMesa ChulaVista PacificBeach LaJolla Encinitas SanMarcos Temecula InlandEmpire SantacruzBikes GiantBikes LivBikes RaleighBikes DiamondbackBikes 100% FoxMtb Thule camelbak

5 Hours ago
Emily Torres (espressoandendorphins) Instagram Photos and Videos

Emily Torres


Comment from Emily Torres:

Hike 9/52: Cowles Mountain // quick sunrise hike with my favorite pals to kick off the weekend! ☀️⛰ 52hikechallenge

5 Hours ago
Ali ☀ Hunt (ali_hunt) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ali ☀ Hunt


Comment from Ali ☀ Hunt:

One peak to go! 💪southfortuna fivepeakschallenge

5 Hours ago
Newbreak Tierrasanta (newbreaktierrasanta) Instagram Photos and Videos

Newbreak Tierrasanta


Comment from Newbreak Tierrasanta:

Struggle to unplug and rest? Me too.

6 Hours ago
welcome to my world (jimvanmatre) Instagram Photos and Videos

welcome to my world


Comment from welcome to my world:

missiontrails hiking sandiego california

7 Hours ago
Jane Valesova (jane.valesova) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jane Valesova


Comment from Jane Valesova:

💛💛I am Grateful for Having Hiking Buddies in my Life 💪💪 @abraham_fontes @kesiaestrada morningworkout hike missiontrails sandiego california hikingbuddies happyday nature gratitude

7 Hours ago
Newbreak Tierrasanta (newbreaktierrasanta) Instagram Photos and Videos

Newbreak Tierrasanta


Comment from Newbreak Tierrasanta:

T•O•N•I•G•H•T . We cannot wait to see you tonight. GetToTheFive and experience a POWERFUL worship service. 🔥🔥 youbelonghere forsandiego

7 Hours ago
 (zombiejabba) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from zombiejabba:

I saw two rattle snakes while on my hike yesterday. The first little one was only about 12 inches long and I scooted him off the trail with a stick. The second, big one I almost stepped on and I thought he was going to bite me. I guess hibernation season is over. rattlesnake missiontrails hiking trailrunning

9 Hours ago
Kimberly Tilton (tilton1944) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kimberly Tilton


Comment from Kimberly Tilton:

Hiking Upwards. . . chaparrel floraandfauna southerncalifornia missiontrails kwaaypaay kwaaypaaypeak sandiegocity missiontrailsregionalpark hike hiking hikingadventure hikesandiego nature_wizards naturephotography naturephotograpy getoutdoors explore enjoythelittlethings simplicity simplicityindesign ig_photooftheday depthoffield sandiego_ca sandiegomom sandiegomagazine letsdothis hiketime

9 Hours ago
🌈🦄⛰✈️🐶😺😾 (katreenah) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 🌈🦄⛰✈️🐶😺😾:

I’d rather be spending Saturday on the side of a mountain with this handsome boy. 😍🐾🐶❤️ latergram myheart Kansas City < Anywhere Else in the World

9 Hours ago
Luis Alberto (urfriendalberto) Instagram Photos and Videos

Luis Alberto


Comment from Luis Alberto:

Yesterday’s MissionTrails 5PeakChallenge had a few Hickups and it’s not the Fastest, but then again it has never been about speed for me, but about the Finish, next time NO WeightVest 👌😱😇 Hike SanDiego CowlesMountain Friday Training Spartan Endurance DontDie StartEarly FunInTheSun ElGorditoMalo Garmin Relive

15 Hours ago
Jane Valesova (jane.valesova) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jane Valesova


Comment from Jane Valesova:

This magical morning...Thank you San Diego mountains sunrise hike buddies missiontrails sandiego california

18 Hours ago
Roy Garza🤘💀 (sk8_life777) Instagram Photos and Videos

Roy Garza🤘💀


Comment from Roy Garza🤘💀:

You have ur good days and bad days either way I'm having fun lol Stoked i got my ET down HA..but that slam tho 😂 @_emilio_solis 📹 missiontrails mtblife mtblifestyle mountainbiking mountanbiker missionhikeandbiketrails bmxli bmx dirtjumps bmxstreet dirtjumpsdaily dirtjumpsforlife dirtjumpsarecool dirtjumpsesh

19 Hours ago
Patrick (ddifitness) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Patrick:

Hiking tomorrow at 9am meet at east fortuna staging area same as last week. See you there!! hiking cowlesmountain missiontrails

20 Hours ago
Fresh Alka Water (freshalkawater) Instagram Photos and Videos

Fresh Alka Water


Comment from Fresh Alka Water:

Filtered & high pH water (alkaline) water is the way to go when hydrating your body. . . . sandiego sandiegofitness bestofsandiego water freshalkawater eathealthy pacificbeach sandiegoyoga love sdfoodie yelpsandiego escondido ramona mtlaguna jamul sandiegowedding sdeats

21 Hours ago
Sarah Griffith (sarah_sunshine__) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sarah Griffith


Comment from Sarah Griffith:

Playtime at one of my favorite parks 😅👣☀️ • • • missiontrails socalhiking headstands enjoyingtheview mypacksture playtime socalhiker

22 Hours ago
Pablo (iriedaygo) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Pablo:

cowlesmountaintopofcowlestipto tiptopiriepxlscanont6iishootra ootrawrawscenerythecitytopofth pofthemorningmorninghikeviewsc iewscanonshootmanualcloudsclou scloud9hikelovelifemountainsfa insfaithcanmovemountainsmycity ycitysandiegoeosrebellearningp ningphotographyamateurphotogra @iriepxls

23 Hours ago
Oscar Barbosa Jr. (oscarjr_barbosa) Instagram Photos and Videos

Oscar Barbosa Jr.


Comment from Oscar Barbosa Jr.:

Nice trail ride with wifey. She managed to take this pic on a little break. Shredding the trails always cleanses the mind and soul. Just you, your bike, and nature. mtb specialized rockhopper 29er mtblife iamspecialized hardtail shredding southtexas missiontrails mountainbike camelbak nike shredthegnar 420 stoner naturetrail valley rgv 956 maximumeffort climbs vitalmtb

23 Hours ago
Eric Spinn (trail_spinn) Instagram Photos and Videos

Eric Spinn


Comment from Eric Spinn:

Got some quick miles in tonight. I’m ready for my first half marathon tomorrow in a very long time! Stoked to run with @danielsmith619 and @isa_jano sdtrailclub ultrabuds goodrglasses runfar sanpasqualhalf missiontrails

23 Hours ago
PeteyPabs (iriepxls) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from PeteyPabs:

cowlesmountaintopofcowlesiriep iriepxlscanont6iishootrawrawsc rawscenerythecitytopofthemorni morningmorninghikeviewsboulder @cowlesmountain hikehikinglovelifemountainsfai nsfaithcanmovemountainsmycitys citysandiegoeosrebelrebellearn learningphotographyamateurphot rphotographyphotographerupinth

1 Days ago
Lance Wood (wood_lance) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lance Wood


Comment from Lance Wood:

3-Peak Friday! Got some good training in today, summiting Kwaay Paay, North and South Fortuna, in 2 hours and some change. Threw the weight vest on, and walked through the river before North and South Fortuna so I could hike with wet shoes. I think it's paramount to voluntarily push yourself to be uncomfortable. If you continue to do so, eventually your mind finds discomfort to be normal, and comfort to be a luxury. So Therefore, not if, but when you encounter discomfort its not such a big deal anymore, and your mental fortitude only continues to grow stronger. Believe in yourself. Push yourself. And Love the person in the mirror. Be Motivated . . PCT2018Training MissionTrails ChallengeYoursel FuelYourPassions LiveLife LoveLife GetOutsideItsFree Blessed TheGreatOutdoors CollectMemoriesNotThings GoPro GoProHero4 sdhikes sdhikers OptOutside nofilter

1 Days ago
Christopher Hoffman (_ctownchris713) Instagram Photos and Videos

Christopher Hoffman


Comment from Christopher Hoffman:

Hiking, before heading out of town this morning. hiking hikingadventures bestfriend 1200ftup missiontrails kwaaypaaysummit missiontrailsregionalpark sandiego_ca

1 Days ago