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Comment from Katie Peters:

#rosequartz opens the heart to love. Traditionally a soothing stone used to foster empathy, release anger and resentment. ... I think everyone could benefit from rose than ever. ... Stay open. Grounded. True. Honest. Hold on to each other. Talk about it. Be loud. Support her and support him. Remember to L O V E each other. 💗 remember to be G O O D. #crystalhealing

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If you feel guilty maybe it's because your self worth is really low. Ask yourself where is that guilt coming from? Question everything you think until you until you find peace.

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Comment from Stevie Ray:

#tumeric has shared at new link on why turmeric is so beneficial for pain. New studies are linking prescription pain relievers such as Meloxicam are reducing the lining of your stomach when used continuously for an extended period of time. Turmeric and it's constituent curcumin are a non harmful source of pain relief by reducing inflammation. Check out this link for more info! #painrelief #natureheals

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Comment from Medical Medium®:

Repost from @foodsinmykitchen My juicy breakfast today -> oranges & grapefruits!🍊🍊 I love simple, & nothing is simpler than fully ripened fresh organic fruit - all cut up & ready to be devoured! Yummm 👅👅

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Comment from Amy Hebert:

grateful for some blue this am 💙✨let's remember to focus on gratitude and hope- not fear and frustration. And remember who's really running the show. 🙏🏼

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The deep inner work is really about getting up close to your shadow; to your healing, while simultaneously stepping into a new level of light ✨ . Read more about the deep inner work and it's four processes through the link in my bio { @kaylamacarthur}. . You can also grab a complimentary Coaching call with me if you're ready to manifest more success doing what you love 🙂 . #getinspired #dailyinspiration #innerwork #consciousness #awakening #shadow #healing #goodenergy #vision #mindset #strategy #energy #dowhatyoulove #manifesting #personalgrowth #lifecoach #spiritjunkie #travel #adventure #wanderlust #getoutdoors #natureheals #whitemountains

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Comment from Brook Cherith Farien:

1 . 20 . 17 Photo by me

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Comment from Meagan Frank:

Remember the light, when darkness appears. Remember the light, when wiping 'way tears. Remember the light, is there for the seeking. Remember the light, is ours for the keeping.

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Comment from Hey, it's Anna:

I am mesmerized by beauty of this country! South Africa, so I come ♡ WOULD YOU JOIN ME?

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