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Julie Seifert (waterstonewellness) Instagram Photos and Videos

Julie Seifert


Comment from Julie Seifert:

Tuesday's Musings-What is your medicine? intuitiveplantmedicine natureheals healing justsaynotodrugs

2 Minutes ago
Lise (redclover_art) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Lise:

27 days in a row with rain and today the sun finally showed it's face! I went out as soon as I had devoured my breakfast. The ground was soggy, muddy and some places treacherous... but man, finaly some sun! forest foresttrail trail hike nature natureheals love delight wanderlust wander trees green sunnyday sun Bergen løvstakken gullstølen walk mountain path freedom cleanair soul

14 Minutes ago
Aïda D. (diasdeaida) Instagram Photos and Videos

Aïda D.


Comment from Aïda D.:

This picture pretty much sums up my Wednesday nights for the past 6 months with OBA! Now let's take those young'ns to the w i l d. 🌲🐻🦉🐍🦌 poopoutside POcinthePCT . . . . . . . . . dowhatyoulove letscamp optoutside letshike backpacking staywild natureheals wilderness Outwardboundadventures outdoorinstructor diversity pachamama

17 Minutes ago
Sarah Cullar (cullarful_sarah) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sarah Cullar


Comment from Sarah Cullar:

naturephotography norcal nature natureheals

24 Minutes ago
ker - rin 🌺รัติ (corrinstar) Instagram Photos and Videos

ker - rin 🌺รัติ


Comment from ker - rin 🌺รัติ:

I don't know where I'm going but I know where I've been. When there's LOVE in our hearts there will be no sin 🌸👑🌿🌈🦌 . . . . . . . healingofthenation lifeforceEnergy motherearth shipibo psychedelicart getbacktonature medicinewoman learnyourculture trevorhall ayahuascaArt divinecreator mothernature awakening pachamama ayahuasca mermaids mamagaia knowledgeispower loveoneanother drinkmedicine changetheworld planthealers natureheals truthisknowledge childrenofthestars childrenofthesun motherEARTHneedsUS sacredspace sacredwombyn loveisthesolution

30 Minutes ago
Anna (life_of_annaaa) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Anna:

On top of the world 🗻❤😍💪 mountains hiking nature gaustastoppen telemark upinthemountains 1883m ilovethemountains ilovehiking natureheals ontopoftheworld bluesky sunny travellife ilovetotravel instatravel traveltheworld travel norway🇳🇴 picoftheday stronggirls sunsoutgunsout crossfit somuchbeauty beautifulview awesomeview relax enjoy goodtimes

30 Minutes ago
Aurora (nogentlenights) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Aurora:

Sun Kissed * * * style portland oregon wildfang waterfalls trees wilderness wildwood explore travel travelinggirl photooftheday amateur photography lifeofadventure getoutstayout hiking strangetrail naturegam naturelovers outdoorenthusiast mothernature natureheals outdoors scenery mountains adventure exploremore

33 Minutes ago
Center for Energy Healing (centerforenergyhealing) Instagram Photos and Videos

Center for Energy Healing


Comment from Center for Energy Healing:

This is so true! Try to spend some time "off the grid" once in a while, if you can! Your spirit will thank you! natureheals nature naturetherapy offthegrid

40 Minutes ago
Clandestina🎠 (escndds) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Clandestina🎠:

natureheals 🏕☺️ naturelovers naturephotography naturezaperfeita natureza bestnatureshot natureporn tbt throwbacktuesday campingtrip

41 Minutes ago
bibi ( Instagram Photos and Videos


Comment from bibi:

Dear Summer, You better be worth the wait. Jus sayin', I'm in long sleeves today! 😬 • • naturephotography naturepics naturelover naturescenes naturescape naturalbeauty vsco vscocam vscophotography natureheals naturetherapy blackandwhites blackandwhite blackandwhitephotography

53 Minutes ago
Victoria Wright Herbalist (thelivingherb) Instagram Photos and Videos

Victoria Wright Herbalist


Comment from Victoria Wright Herbalist:

The yarrow in the garden is about to come into flower. Did you know its binomial is named after the Greek hero Achilles who reportedly used it on his wounded soldiers. This could be as it's great for stopping bleeding. natureheals herbalmedicine garden phonephotography photography

58 Minutes ago
Shantel   🇩🇪🇺🇸 🌱🌵🌴 (shanshantel07) Instagram Photos and Videos

Shantel 🇩🇪🇺🇸 🌱🌵🌴


Comment from Shantel 🇩🇪🇺🇸 🌱🌵🌴:

I'm kinda off today. New medicine have me walking on clouds messing with my speech. My legs work, my balance is okay and no fatigue in sight - good enough for me. Good enough to leave the house, take a walk and enjoy this beautiful day, it's not too hot, thank God. lookingupismything summersummersummertime greenyourfeed natureheals strokerecovery

1 Hours ago
Alura Anderson (mother.natures.answer) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alura Anderson


Comment from Alura Anderson:

Healeys are amazing for diabetes, hypoglycemia, and hyper glycemia. Whether your blood sugar levels are too low or too high.😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 lowers fat in the blood stream. Imbalanced blood sugar levels also often tie into moodiness, OCD, depression and difficulty controlling emotions.💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽� 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪 organic nongmo vegan diabetes hypoglycemia hyperglycemia lowbloodsugar highbloodsugar ocd depression foodismedicine healthiswealth eatarainboweveryday eatmoreplants natureheals

1 Hours ago
Sarah Barber-Bazail (tealtangerineinc) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sarah Barber-Bazail


Comment from Sarah Barber-Bazail:

Feeling pretty grateful right now! mountains utah natureisbeautiful natureheals blessed

1 Hours ago
Kaliks Collective (kalikscollective) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kaliks Collective


Comment from Kaliks Collective:

New post up today on ⓢⓤⓟⓔⓡ Simple Skincare Tips. Note these will save you TIME & MONEY. 👏These are the bare basics that I've followed for years and found to be really beneficial. 🙌🏼👌❣️ Link in profile. Also, IMMERSE →ESCAPE Bath Soak is now in the online shop. We're so excited for you to try these dreamy salts! 🛀💗🙌🏼

1 Hours ago
NaturesIntent (healingbynaturesintent) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from NaturesIntent:

Purslane (Portulaca oleracea) • It's not just a weed! It's crazy nutritious and had more omega-3s than most fish oils!!! • m/article/13270-just-a-weed-or ed-or-an-unrecognized-health-b lth-boosting-plant.html/?c=njm naturesintent herbalistinmn healingbynaturesintent healthyself herbalista herbnerd homegrown purslane

1 Hours ago
dutzigirl (dutzigirl) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from dutzigirl:

Nothing but silence 🙏🌿 silence magical healingnature healingtime blirfrisk recovering mothernature natureheals stressrecovery vätö regainingenergy seclusion

1 Hours ago
 (_gooodvibrations_) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from _gooodvibrations_:

go where the p e a c e is peace peaceful meditation serenity findyourself travels nature natureheals oceanview adventures adventureisoutthere bliss californiadreaming

1 Hours ago
HealingRootsPower (healingrootspower) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from HealingRootsPower:

| SPINACH BLACKBERRY SALAD | I am usually very rushed at lunch and throw my salads together with whatever I have in the fridge plus my inspiration. I also quickly make a salad dressing from scratch with the ingredients on hand. I bought a small $20 mini blender with an upside down cup, so that I can make small quantities of the dressing and easily scoop it out. This time I put together tahini, avocado, honey, tangerine and lemon juice dressing with vegetable masala, garlic and onion powders plus turmeric and sea salt. Topped with black sesame seeds. A year ago I would never imagine being able to do 28daycleanse working full time! Anything is possible when you have the right mindset. lunchsolved medicalmedium healingrootspower poweroffruits healing healthy health fruitpower 28daycleanse healthcoach holisticoach naturecure natureheals plantbased plantpowered wellnesswarrior chronicillness chronicallyill spoonie foodasmedicine mindfulness meditation compassion lovingkindness prayer

1 Hours ago
Denise :) (deekoepke) Instagram Photos and Videos

Denise :)


Comment from Denise :):

yoga flow outside because it's a beautiful summer day 🌻makeyourlifelikeadream

1 Hours ago
Ariel Kusby 🔮 (arielkusby) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ariel Kusby 🔮


Comment from Ariel Kusby 🔮:

This morning, with the help of @findaspring, I discovered fresh, clean, and cold spring water right on the side of the road, just twenty minutes outside of Portland! There really is nothing else like drinking the purest of the pure, wild water fresh from the ground, totally free of charge. Look out for my story about foraging spring water coming out on @gardencollage within the next couple of weeks. findaspring freshwater spring springwater forage rewild wildwater rewildyourself freshwaterspring wildwoman natureheals source pnw wildfood

1 Hours ago
Lori (lorihardison) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Lori:

Got my back lifting done for today now onto getting a grocery list ready. Oh and enjoy some of the afternoon sun. It's still so cool and I'm enjoying it!!!!

1 Hours ago
🌿 Shea 🌿 (hippiebumpeace) Instagram Photos and Videos

🌿 Shea 🌿


Comment from 🌿 Shea 🌿:

🌿 Today’s inspiration comes from @earthlingalex 🌿 When I think of Alex, she in turn makes me think of my softer side. A side of me that I have ignored and covered up in an effort to avoid being vulnerable due to a trauma filled past. With that part of my life now over, I am in my healthiest relationships ever as a Wife and Mother. I have arrived on this journey we call Womanhood. I am inspired to explore my femininity, sexuality, sensuality… all of those spaces I built a wall around. And I hope to pay her inspiration forward by sharing more of my vulnerability, more of my self discoveries with you all so that we can connect with ourselves more intimately...ultimately creating more safe spaces to be soft in a world that is constantly trying to harden us. This week’s SurvivorMantra Be inspired, pay it forward Who inspires you? loveheals 🕊 📷 The talented @bz_mcfly

1 Hours ago
Aura Sandoval Vigo (aura_sv) Instagram Photos and Videos

Aura Sandoval Vigo


Comment from Aura Sandoval Vigo:

Ek Ong Kar, Sat Gur Prasad 🙏🏽. ☀️ making his way through the thickest clouds naturelovers lima skyline clouds ekongkar natureheals present joy love

1 Hours ago
 (karissalfrye) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from karissalfrye:

Faces to the wind, we're riding the storm. . . natureheals mountains storm light optoutside landscape montana montanamoment photography

1 Hours ago
Caren | Flourish & Wonder (carenbarry) Instagram Photos and Videos

Caren | Flourish & Wonder


Comment from Caren | Flourish & Wonder:

:: today I whiled away the hours styling botanical inspired photographs for Organics. ✨ There's been grey skies and rain all day here, but my studio space has been filled with the wonderfully uplifting scents of rose geranium, patchouli, peppermint and eucalyptus! . . So, if like me you love treating yourself to beautiful, natural skincare, Organics are currently offering a free skin balm with any order over £35 (excluding delivery) until 30th June, plus you can use the code CARENBARRY15 for 15% off your first order - the perfect pick me up for any day. I've popped a link in my profile which will take you to their lovely shop! 🌿🌱

1 Hours ago
Courtney Garner (tantrawithcourtney) Instagram Photos and Videos

Courtney Garner


Comment from Courtney Garner:

I'll be in Vancouver BC in 6 hours Excited to reunite with my @authentictantra team and meet the new class of future instructors and see @deviwardtantra So much to be grateful for and I spent lots of qt with the ones I love so I'm ready for this adventure!💃🏾☮️🕉☯️ summerret destinationmeditation authentictantraeducator energyhealing healingtrauma transformationtuesday

1 Hours ago
Yogafootsteps (yogafootsteps_clair_carter) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Yogafootsteps:

NATURE LOVES- . . Sometimes, in the middle of rushing from one place to the next , racing against the clock, thinking, planning - you look down and see a single rose at your feet and it just fills your heart with a wave of pure, unexpected, unconditioned and limitless love. . Reminding you that everything is okay and you are exactly where you need to be and you are loved and supported. Just be. Slow down. . . . ❤ . . . rose fromwhereistand nature natureheals yogateacher lookdown barcelonatravel barcelona yogini yogainspiration travellingyogini bepresent smelltheroses everythingisokay gratitude simplereminder breathe meditation namasteireland yoga galwayyoga galwaygirl bestill dontworry lifelovesyou keepgoing

1 Hours ago
☁️ mary ☁️ (j.mariw) Instagram Photos and Videos

☁️ mary ☁️


Comment from ☁️ mary ☁️:

Precious memories. I had so much fun and profound bond with first group of kids. Miss them tremendously. Still ill, I think I'm loosing my voice. 🌲✨ . . . .natureheals naturelover igersoftheday igerukraine vscoua summer2017 vscolviv tenderness summertime carpathians forest carpathianmountains june2017 mountains counselor gm travelukraine summercamp mountainstories counselorlife tustan

2 Hours ago
ૐ (ktina_xo) Instagram Photos and Videos


Comment from :

Not even one normal face from him ...not one 😑😂😍 iloveyou selfie todaysadventure 6/27/17 . . . . optoutside kidswhohike discover womenwhohike womenwhoexplore mntchicks nature natureheals wildwithin seekthetrails goodvibes woods waterfall wander sillyphotos sillyfaces adventure amongthewild wildernessbadass wildernessbabes hikerbabesorg rei1440project hikingclubs ushikers ihikeny

2 Hours ago
Anastasia (anastasia.el54) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Anastasia:

Hexenwerk ✨ hexenküche johanniskraut johanniskrauttinktur johanniskrautöl rotöl nature natureheals healingnature herbs herbalism amber amberoil ambertincture naturelovers naturelover witcheskitchen forceofnature naturopathy redoil

2 Hours ago
Christine Bayles Kortsch, PhD (christinebayleskortsch) Instagram Photos and Videos

Christine Bayles Kortsch, PhD


Comment from Christine Bayles Kortsch, PhD:

What is community? Is it living in a giant tribe of family? Is it intentional partnering with people with shared values, beliefs, or vision? Is it something we Americans don't always do as well as other cultures? Is it an ideal we'll never fully realize? Is it inherently about vulnerability and sharing both joys and burdens? Or maybe it's a mish-mash of all of that plus also just trying to welcome the random, nothing-in-common assortment of people who happen into our lives. For me, this past weekend, community showed up when our car was stolen out of our back alley in broad daylight (on top of coming home to our sweet old dog going downhill with a necrotic tumor). We had family here when the police arrived with hands on their guns thinking my husband was the guy who tried to run over someone in our car. Eek! @crzdrzr and @ljengels vouched for my husband's whereabouts (seriously? Mr. Upstanding Citizen over here), lightened the mood with laughter, and helped us make a plan. Within minutes of letting people know what had happened, neighbors showed up offering their cars, family was calling from the East Coast, friends were texting, two friends dropped off cookies. Wow. Sometimes we have more community than we realize until crap happens and we have to ask for help. So, yeah, I'm feeling pretty humbled and very grateful for my community this morning.

4 Hours ago
Sarah Cullar (cullarful_sarah) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sarah Cullar


Comment from Sarah Cullar:

Actually, its my front yard, at sunset. No filter. backyardwarrior naturephotography natureheals

5 Days ago