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Jessica Chickering


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Natures inspiration 💙 . . . . . . naturesinspiration naturesbeauty naturelover natureheals naturehealsthesoul natureisbeautiful inspirationiseverywhere naturefreesthesoul

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The violet ray of truth covered south maui...air water & land engulfed... How blessed are we? nofilter natureheals choosehappy grateful alohaaina celestialhealingvibrations

8 Minutes ago
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Grace Belfiore


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Who else loves salt lamps?!🙌 detox himilayansaltlamp energy health vitality natureheals natural negativeions spirituality peace love

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Olga de Pinto (falco7615) Instagram Photos and Videos

Olga de Pinto


Comment from Olga de Pinto:

Here is me yesterday, feeling not ill but quite weak and down. Can't tell by the smile in the picture though. But I was totally pushing myself out of my comfort zone by getting out and enjoying some family time. After reading again my MM books, listening to the radio shows and checking some of the MM community posts, I decided to start a juice fast today. I have to confess that I have not been eating a rainbow lately. I was tired of some food such as spinach and seeds. So in case of lacking something, I have chosen to fast for at least a day to reset my body and then to start including more juices in my regular diet to help me cover any deficiencies. You see, I have not done any juicing at all😯🤦‍♀️. I have been blending and not as often as I should. So it is about time for me to start. The fast has been very difficult and in the morning I looked more like this 👉👹👺. I had my lemon water, my celery juice, then an orange/carrot juice, then a cucumber/fennel/apple juice and for lunch a spinach/lemon juice (Tall glasses of everything). Mood is better after lunch 😃and I am feeling more uplifted. I have had plenty of water too. I am experiencing a sudden sinus congestion. (That happened too the first days of my 28 day raw vegan cleanse and it cleared on its own). Even though my mind is begging me to chew something, I have all the intentions to keep juicing at least for the rest of the day. Don't know about tomorrow. 🤔🙄 I am dreaming of a steam potato 🥔 right now. 😂 I have to tell you @cindylauderdalemoore @_taratom_ @amazed_by_plants @jonny_juicer you have been an inspiration and your posts about juicing and fasting have been very very helpful. Thank you. 🙏✨💓 medicalmedium natureheals healing lifechangingfoods cleanse detox healthychoices vegan rawvegan juicing juicefast fast plantpowered foodasmedicine mindfulness foodismedicine healthy plantbased fruits vegetables autoimmune chronicillnes arthritis hives wellnesswarrior vegano saludable salud vivesano

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Nature Connection Coach


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Nice stuff about earthing -->

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Alicia F


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Orchid tree in full bloom! lovetrees loveflowers wild wildwoman natureheals natureismychurch gooutside optoutside flowers springinphoenix

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Alicia F (wildalakea) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alicia F


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Beautiful purple flowers for spring! springinphoenix wild wildwoman natureheals natureismychurch loveflowers flowers gooutside

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Rebecca Sullivan (rebeccasullivanphotographer) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rebecca Sullivan


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Beloved Discovery Park and Puget Sound. A serious escape. No humans today. Just me and my bike. seattlelife discoverypark pacificnorthwest seattleparks getoutside bikeseattle bikelife solitude natureheals goodforthesoul livefree

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Meicca Wega


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Nice view 😍❣️ nofilter coloursoflife natureheals musicheals aalborg dk

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Amy Hebert


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when you're in your element- you just are 💛✨sweet @jeep 🤙🏼

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Androniki Prousalidou


Comment from Androniki Prousalidou:

Every time I judge someone else, I reveal an unhealed part of myself. foodforthoughtthoughtsmindheartnaturenaturehealspilionatureloversbeopenbegratefullbekindbehappybefree 💛🙂

1 Hours ago
Leila + Olive | Nicole Rallis (leila_olive) Instagram Photos and Videos

Leila + Olive | Nicole Rallis


Comment from Leila + Olive | Nicole Rallis:

Cleanse, renew, rebirth. 🕯💐

1 Hours ago
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Comment from FXY WLF:

Here is an easy DIY Sunflower spell that you can find in our book, 'A Witch's Guide to Sunflowers'. 'Joy & Fun Oil' This magickal oil will provide an added boost of vitality, enjoyment and bliss. You'll need... ginger root sunflower seeds jojoba oil dark glass bottle with lid Optional: sunflower petals Directions Place a ginger root and some sunflower seeds in Jojoba oil. Let the herbs soak for 3 days. Strain the infused oil and bottle the newly infused magickal oil in a dark glass bottle with lid. Before you leave the house or even upon getting ready for the day, apply the oil behind your knees, elbows, ears and wrists. sunflowers garden spring vegan healthyself health joy lawofattraction magick witch kitchenwitch natureheals ebook goddess gaia lightworker starseed higherself tarot astrology witchesofinstagram tarotreadersofinstagram

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Dany Gee


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Symphony 🌼 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖springfloweeflowerpowerbeautifulgardenflowerstagramfieldflowerfieldphotographynaturenatureloversnaturelhotographynatureshotsnature_brilliancenaturepicnaturegramnaturehealsbeautifulworldinstaphotoinstapicinstagoodfollowgrammersgreatphotofielddaywalkersstylenaturezanaturezaperfeita

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clarity infinite blue puravida natureheals lakeerie

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Earthy Ashley


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Yesterday was purrfect 😊❤🌱 sundayfunday latergram bartoncreekgreenbelt homies natureheals lifeisbetteroutside secretspot dontmovehere

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Stacie Wyatt (embracingspirityoga) Instagram Photos and Videos

Stacie Wyatt


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Ahhhh found my labradorite ring! Transforming and calming. gemstones labradorite calming rocks natural nature natureheals rocksrule hippiechick

1 Hours ago
JENNA MURROW (jenstateofmind) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Peaches and Cream Oatmeal bowl! Peaches are known in Ayurvedic Medicine to not only increase ojas (life force/immunity), but also hold both Sattvic (promotes equanimity) and Alkalizing (raises pH levels in body) energetics. Beneficial for Vata, the sour/sweet taste in peaches improves digestion while also gently cleansing the liver! They are high in fiber and so easy to digest that a baby can eat them. Like how peaches makes the mouth juicy, they also makes the digestive tract "juicy," encouraging smoother, softer stools and easy elimination. It is beneficial during times of dry mouth, diverticulosis, hemorrhoids, abdominal pains, spleen issues, spaciness, forgetfulness, afternoon tiredness, vaginal dryness, and constipation. PeachesandCreamOats PeachesandCream Peaches PeachHealing HealingwithPeaches BenefitsofPeaches PeachBenefits // JenStateofFood ElixirBowl ElixirBowls

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Live free or die trying freethenipple livefree natureheals getoutside etcetc amoeba

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LuLaRoe Makena Ojeda


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This place looks so peaceful.⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ earthday motherearth planetearth lovetheearth everydayisearthday nature natureheals savetheplanet cleanair cleanwaters grounding livegreen naturesgift flowers greenthumb

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Kerim Eroğlu (kerim1eroglu) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kerim Eroğlu


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nofilter just gorgeous springday in chicago with breathtaking view of sheddaquarium and lakemichigan - spring springinchicago landscape nature naturelovers naturephotographer natureheals landscapephotographer landscapelovers springmood springtime chicagogram chicagoland bloom nature_perfection purenature bloom🌸 spring🌼

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Rachel Uleah Favero (earthmemo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rachel Uleah Favero


Comment from Rachel Uleah Favero:

"Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky." -Rabindranath Tagore . Seems like everyone's after the blue sky days to clear their minds and troubles away. I've learned to enjoy the ever changing sky and it's given me better vision into the cycles of my every changing life. The sun can shine bright and warm the soul, rain can wash away the old and nourish the new, and clouds can color the quiet moments in between.

2 Hours ago
Violet Rosette (violet_rosette) Instagram Photos and Videos

Violet Rosette


Comment from Violet Rosette:

Morning walks through the woods are healing. I am in love with the Earth and with lush Virginia. Thank you thank you thank you. natureheals motherearth hikingthroughthewoods

2 Hours ago
Samantha Jade☽ (wandering.jade) Instagram Photos and Videos

Samantha Jade☽


Comment from Samantha Jade☽:

"I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in tune once more." - John Burroughs natureheals colorado @naturehealsorg

2 Hours ago
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Packaging our balms!! 50g jarsfootandheelbalm macadamiaoilbaobaboileulyptuspeppermintessentialoil teatreeessentialoil chilliheatbalmredpalmoil capiscumchillies birdseyechillies redchilliepepperseulyptus cloveessentialoil teatreeessentialoil usingnaturetohealnaturalproductsnaturehealsAmaravi madeinmalawi

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Zay Nab


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The Magical Touch of Rain~ rain trees nature treelovers treehugger naturelovers naturegram instanature instasky instadaily natureaddict natureheals nothingisordinary plantlover greenery photooftheday picoftheday picaday photoaday instamood instagood instaphoto instapic wander travel wanderer wanderlust travelgram instatravel pluviophile

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✨"All things bright and beautiful..."💫 . digitalart digitalarts digital digitalpic naturesbeauty naturepower natureheals naturelover iphonepic sunset sunsets peacefulnature peacefulmoments peacefulmindpeacefullife colorful enlightapp

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Tommy Rosen


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♛ TARÍN BAI ♛ (tarinbai) Instagram Photos and Videos



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We all have different paths in life. It's our choice on what road we will walk down. Whatever road that is, just make sure it's in the pursuit of happiness. pursuitofhappiness paveyourownroad tarinbai musicproducer followyourdreams nevergiveup beautyofnature believeinyourself beinspired natureheals hiking liveyourlife becreative frymancanyon

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Tommy Rosen


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Repost @recovery2point0 ・・・ "We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams" ⠀ ⠀ willywonka singitout musicmakers⠀ lifebeyondaddiction ⠀ ⠀ photo cred: @thedjpierce

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France Iazzolino (franceiazzolino) Instagram Photos and Videos

France Iazzolino


Comment from France Iazzolino:

After being in the air.... a little bit of grounding is always good. Do you know the benefits of grounding??

2 Hours ago
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Nature Connection Coach


Comment from Nature Connection Coach:

Easy and free!

2 Hours ago
Elena (joyfulheartessentials) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Elena:

Last night we took the kids to a star party. The wildflowers were glorious out there, strewn between the cacti. And then when the stars came out in their glittering majesty... It was bliss. Frustrating, wild, exasperating bliss, with grumpy toddlers out past their bedtime, and cactus spines, and what on EARTH did we do with the red flashlight? Sometimes on big outings like this, there's a moment where you realize that the whole thing is very much more work than you bargained for, but you're all the way committed. So you take a deep breath, and do it anyway. That moment always reminds me of childbirth. The little ones snuggled up and settled down, dozing under the stars. I stayed long enough for Isaiah to show me one galaxy in the telescope, then I took the little ones home while Andrew and the big kids stayed to star-gaze on until morning. Nathan came with me, and I was very glad to have a big kid with me to help me stay awake. I had pushed beyond my limits, and it was good... but that was about as far beyond my limits as it was wise to push. During the drive home, Nathan watched Star Trek on my phone, and explained the parts that I couldn't understand from the audio alone. It was so, so good. When the rest of the crew came home in the morning, they were full of wonderful stories, and the cactus spine had worked its way out of Isaiah's leg. And we promised ourselves that we would never ever attempt another outing like this, but just this once I'm glad that we did.

21 Hours ago