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Rafa Jun  (rafajunfaria) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rafa Jun 


Comment from Rafa Jun :

E assim a Minasbeb encerra o ano de 2017, levando para casa o leão de bronze, e a certeza de que somos a 3a melhor revenda do Brasil!!! E que venha 2018!! seals minasbeb ambev

6 Minutes ago
Sonoma County Photo Gallery (sonomacountyphotogallery) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sonoma County Photo Gallery


Comment from Sonoma County Photo Gallery:

Taking in the view of Bodega Bay. Even when it's grey and cold out, it's always fun to watch the birds and seals doing their thing. There were a couple of kite surfers out there too. . The big windows at Tides Wharf Restaurant are great for taking in the view. . sonoma sonomacounty bodega bodegabay grey bay tideswharf tideswharfrestauranf birds seagulls seals pacific bayview norcal northerncalifornia bayarea naturetelevision bigwindow peaceful playful serene joy

9 Minutes ago
Lauren Roche (rochelauren) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lauren Roche


Comment from Lauren Roche:

pier39 sanfrancisco seals sealwatching sunset🌅 sunset pacificocean pacificcoast carouselride carousel

9 Minutes ago
🇬🇷 🇺🇸 (adanias1) Instagram Photos and Videos

🇬🇷 🇺🇸


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Busy week and it’s only Tuesday dodgeramliftersheadstoyotatund atundrarearaxlessealsfrontendv tendvalvecovers6.0headgasketsc ketscaboffpowerstrokesuperduty rdutyworkjeeprestorationframeu rameupbuildfullshopdieselmecha

11 Minutes ago
AbsolutelyKiwi (absolutelykiwi) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from AbsolutelyKiwi:

This fur seal thinks he can disguise himself as a rock! southislandnz seenindunedin nz otagopeninsula OtagoNZ dunnerstunner dunedinnz furseal seals sealsofinstagram nzfurseal nzwildlife nznature dunedinwildlife wilddunedin

13 Minutes ago
Skip Young (skipyoungrealtor) Instagram Photos and Videos

Skip Young


Comment from Skip Young:

What is it that makes a Ranger a special breed. Why does the mechanics and the level of intensity never leave. The highest standards to never leave the Creed behind. To continue to lead in such a way only a Ranger would know and understand. To give every ounce of blood and sweat in everything you do. Ready to help when it's needed. Ready to give where you can.  Willing to do the things no one else is willing to do. When there is an extra mile, F$*ing run that s$ like you never sprinted around Hunter, Lewis or Benning. Yet I still shake my head every time I push so hard. Then I realize that's the reason Rangers Lead The Way!.... Never forget it. Maryland Realtor Ranger 75thrangers 1stbattalion rltw elite squad neverquit pushharder fastcars seals sf army navy marines airforce highstandards fitness sprint run pushearth pullups fitfam buildit remaxagent grownupstuff

17 Minutes ago
Shere (shereflute) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Shere:

Nature photography is one of my passions, so these pups deserve to be featured on my page. I got lucky with a steady hand and my Nikon 300 mm lens. How can you resist not liking those big cow eyes👀 Hope this puts a smile on your face😊 nature

23 Minutes ago
Jéssica Godoy (jepgodoy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jéssica Godoy


Comment from Jéssica Godoy:

Agora podemos mais do que nunca gritar, É O MELHOR CDD DO BRASIL PORRA! Foram dois anos de trabalho duro, dedicação e resiliência e que fizeram a gente entrar pra história!!! Obrigada @guijordaorodrigues, vc é o melhor chefe do mundo e eu te amo! Obrigada a todos do time do CDD Campinas, vcs são FODAS!!!!! ambev seals campinao cddcampinas dascinzasaotopo

26 Minutes ago
gusanolíder (gusanolider) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from gusanolíder:

Sisters ❤️ Seals plushies nici nicimania

27 Minutes ago
Aline Bergemann (catlinn86) Instagram Photos and Videos

Aline Bergemann


Comment from Aline Bergemann:

Chillen at its best! newzealand roadtripnewzealand kaikourasealcolony kaikoura seals chillen nachmittagsnickerchen sealife

28 Minutes ago
annamariatamma (annamariatamma) Instagram Photos and Videos



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boys! please play nice fishermanswharf sanfrancisco seals

37 Minutes ago
Naomi Van Veen (naomi_van_veen) Instagram Photos and Videos

Naomi Van Veen


Comment from Naomi Van Veen:

The seal show in slow mo.. tarongazoo seals slowmotion seal amazinganimals

40 Minutes ago
Global Response Team ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Global Response Team

Comment from Global Response Team:

“Failure is not falling down but refusing to get up" British pathfinders Follow these guys!!!! ☞ @brazilianmilitary🇧🇷@german.sof_🇩🇪 ☞🇷🇸 ☞ @worldwidearmies🌏@hellenicmilitary🇬🇷@worldmilitaryequipment🇳🇱👮 If you want to contact/send us pics: globalresponseteam military guns seals usnavy gun sof specialforces usa army snipers fuckterrorist fuckisis heroes snipertacticalsoldierairforcea orceamericancoastguardairmanmi pewpewpew ak47

46 Minutes ago
Exceptional Thinkers (exceptionalthinkers) Instagram Photos and Videos

Exceptional Thinkers


Comment from Exceptional Thinkers:

This photo was from this time last year. How funny that we saw seals the other day (I put it on my Insta Story) because we were totally unsuccessful last year. This was a news reporter interviewing the kids about it. Everyone went to search for the seals at Sandy Hook but none were found. The kids made the story instead! . . . . seals sandyhooknj bayside bayshore seaanimals learningthroughnature @cbsnews @cbsnewyork futurescientist littleexplorer 15minutesoffame @bakerme sealwatching winterbeach jerseyshore newjerseybeaches exploringnature learningbydoing exceptionalthinkers

46 Minutes ago
Paula Gaddini (paulinha_nofoco) Instagram Photos and Videos

Paula Gaddini


Comment from Paula Gaddini:

Dois dias incríveis ao lado de pessoas incríveis!!! SEALS Ambev 2027!! Sou cervejeira, brasileira e verdadeira 😉 sou Ambev!! maisumpraconta seals ambev 2018 esseanotemcopa vamoquevamo

52 Minutes ago
Thiago Espindola Lira (thiagoespindola003) Instagram Photos and Videos

Thiago Espindola Lira


Comment from Thiago Espindola Lira:

E vc? Também é completamente apaixonado pelo que faz e tem um baita orgulho das pessoas que trabalham ao seu lado? teammacatrão cervejariaambev ambev seals2018 seals geono hexano

54 Minutes ago
Mary Elena (onlylivefree) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mary Elena


Comment from Mary Elena:

Seen some pretty cool stuff being in the military, but this is one thing I didn't expect to see...fighting male Elephant Seals! Which FYI, them suckas are huge, and stand taller than me and outweigh me by like 300lbs. I took all these photos with a zoom lens to keep my distance. Especially because I don't want to startle all these new and expectant mothers. . . . . . . . elephan seals sealions california wildlife cali channelislands pupping puppingseason sonyalfa6300 seal beach island mating sunset beachsunset animals wildanimals

1 Hours ago
Melissa Osuna (mel_faith316) Instagram Photos and Videos

Melissa Osuna


Comment from Melissa Osuna:

I wanted to take them all home! 😍 seals sealions california sealcove blessed thankful socal californiacoast weekend getaway love cute

1 Hours ago
*Mignon(ミニョン)/ゆず (yuzu_mignon) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from *Mignon(ミニョン)/ゆず:

💌メッセージカード💌 * * 今回は マインドウェイブ の マスキングテープ 素材の flowerflower シールを使いました🌷 このシール、マスキングテープ素材の透 ᐜ `͈∩)♡ どのお花も柔らかい色合いで可愛い! * 重ね貼り 重ね貼りすると花束みたい💐💓 * あまりの可愛さに全色 * * cardmaking maskingtape seals mignon_accessory flower flowerstagram pastel color マスキングテープアート マステ mt シール 文房具 マステ好きな人と繋がりたい パステルカラー フラワー 透け感 おしゃれさんと繋がりたい

1 Hours ago
Alexa Gunnell (for_the_sake_of_art) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alexa Gunnell


Comment from Alexa Gunnell:

2/3 My second piece for the @fangs.and.light folklore contest! This is a Selkie, part of Celtic, Icelandic, and faroese tales. Selkies are beautiful women who wear the skin of seals. They can come on land if they remove the seal skin, and if a man finds their skin and takes it, they have to stay with them forever. It's a really popular tale seen in lots of movies and books and even adapted to Grim fairy tales. Done in Prisma colored pencils. . . . . selkie folklore folklorecontest artcontest art seals flowers waterlily prismacolor drawing fairytale villimeyfolklore

1 Hours ago
Marines (marines_gram) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Marines:

This staff sergeant doesn’t horse around. . Today, the National Day of the Horse, we honor the Corps' most decorated equine. . 💘 Follow @marines_gram for more 😉 Comment below if You like this 💕 😝 credit @marines 💘 Tag your friends 👇 combat us seals coastguard veteran infantry usmilitary armedforces armystrong marinecorps

1 Hours ago
Jeff Nichols CSCS*D, TSAC-F*D (jeffcscs) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jeff Nichols CSCS*D, TSAC-F*D


Comment from Jeff Nichols CSCS*D, TSAC-F*D:

Fuck you gravity! buds budsprep seal seals navy navyseals navyseal navysealsniper pst pstprep fuckgravity

1 Hours ago
MZ Tactical (mztactical) Instagram Photos and Videos

MZ Tactical


Comment from MZ Tactical:

Beers @dannerboots booth 10770. beerstagram 2a pewpewspecialforces shooting seals

1 Hours ago
X. Y. (heartgoma) Instagram Photos and Videos

X. Y.


Comment from X. Y.:


1 Hours ago
GUNS🔫FIREARMS🔫WEAPONS (firearmschannel) Instagram Photos and Videos




firearmschannel m72law m72 antitank antitankrocket antitankweapon guidedmissile war combat tactical soldier army navy marines specialforces seals missilelauncher antitanque firearmschannel military nra nfa igmilitia pewpew pewpewlife militarypolice

1 Hours ago
MarcieDB (mbegleiter) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from MarcieDB:

The bulls are going at it - another day, another Alpha battle at the Piedras Blancas Elephant Seal rookery. . . . . elephantseals seals sansimeon piedrasblancas californiacoast centralcoast wildlifephotographywildlifepho earthfocus wildlifeplanet wildlifeonearthwildlifeaddicts natgeo natgeohubnatgeowildlifenatgeop  yourshotphotographer animals_in_world splendid_animals animals_captures animal_fanatics  animal_sultans

2 Hours ago
🔹 Sam 🔹 (s.a.m.m.y.z) Instagram Photos and Videos

🔹 Sam 🔹


Comment from 🔹 Sam 🔹:

Early morning trip to the KVR, an administrative building in Munich that has many lines where people wait to do different things like getting a driver's license or renewing a visa. Some people showed up here before opening; when the doors open they rush to different parts of the building to try to be the first in line for whichever office is their destination. Overall, it was not too slow. The time from arrival to applying for a work visa to having it approved and stamped into my passport took about two hours. kvr blackfriday immigration germany paperwork stamps seals documents

2 Hours ago
play at home dad (play_at_home_dad) Instagram Photos and Videos

play at home dad


Comment from play at home dad:

Ice skating at O'Brien group arena, under 8s $20 for you and a kid. . . . . . . . bradburyrink un 2 hours seals snow beattheheat

2 Hours ago
Combat Pics & Vids💯 (combat.dailyy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Combat Pics & Vids💯


Comment from Combat Pics & Vids💯:

Best friendship😍

2 Hours ago
Jazmen Tea (jazzteaa) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jazmen Tea


Comment from Jazmen Tea:

New Brunswick 2016 bayoffundy eastcoast seals

2 Hours ago
Sheri Urbanek (yesdarlingphotography) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sheri Urbanek


Comment from Sheri Urbanek:

Taken: Summer 2014. Seals swimming in zoo waters. . . . nature animals seals mothernature swimmingseals detroitzoo captiveanimals whiskers mammals animalphotography michiganzoo beautiful naturephotography naturelove naturesbeauty motherearthlove photographyinspireme yesdarlingphotography grotesquedarling13 gd13photography

2 Hours ago
Tereza K (zetynka) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tereza K


Comment from Tereza K:

Day 6 bestonesofar strongestexperience happyas sweetasbro milfordsound unbelievable neverseenanythinglikeit breathtaking thoseviews waterfalls wherever you look seals dolphins blueshark glaciershower awesomefeeling roadtrippin travel explore discover picoftheday newzealand

2 Hours ago
Kayleen Sugianto🐀 (ksugi_photography) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kayleen Sugianto🐀


Comment from Kayleen Sugianto🐀:

Fur seals chillin on a rock in milfordsound . Lovely lil water pups😊 - ~ - ~ waterfall naturephotos seals newzealand marinemammals landscapes travelpic wanderlust earthfocus discoverglobe nature_brilliance nature wildlifeonearth nzmustdo photography

2 Hours ago