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C.Eduardo Paiva (Cadu)


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🌒🍚💻🎬Dica de filme pra hoje . Dirigido por David Michôd e uma produção NETFLIX " War machine" (2017) conta a história do General Glen MCmahon (Brad Pitt ) um militar respeitado que comanda os Americanos na invasão ao Afeganistão. Em uma estratégia radical ,ele junta sua equipe de subordinados e assessores de imprensa em uma investida para fazer aliados em todo o Mundo,pedindo reforços ,negociando no campo de batalha e driblando a imprensa durante a guerra .Baseado em fatos reais, o filme é uma sátira a guerra !dicadefilme dica recomendo filmes filmedehoje viciadosemfilmes cine cinefilos cinefilia cinemark netflix instacinefilos instafilm movies movienight cinematologia geek geekland movies warmachinebradPitt comediaacao boanoite homesweethome pipocando pipoca popcorn USAseals marines

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Sarah Pizzichemi 🌸


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SelkieSaturday: me; once again in my natural habitat, this time the beach in Mukilteo today. 🖤 pnwselkie selkie | PC: @sarah_pnwprincess, edit by me

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📖 recomendo livro markowen seals usnavy

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A little cuteness can save a life ! cute cuteness adorable seal seals animallovers animalkingdom animallover cuteanimals cutebabies babyanimal savealife depression suicide suicides suicideawareness depression depressed depressionquotes depressionkills awareness quoteslove cuteanimals kawaii animallove socute babyfever

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This is Pedro. He waits near the marina for all the deep sea fisherman to come in at the end of day. With his good looks he tends to get any extra bait leftover 🐟 🐟 🐟 @matty_kamp @sydthesquid89 @arejames baja mexico deepseafishing seals fishies

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Kosovo Army. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Follow Crew✔ • @alpha.specialforces ✔ • @russian.forces ✔ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 🔵HASTAGE🔵 soldier armystrong militaryporn navy seals sea airsoft airborne fighterjet gun operator SOF specialforces war combat assault operationfuck militaryporn world international marines airborne

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Morning visit with the seals zoo seals morningvisit fun members

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A new day has come, prepare yourself to live it. Keep the spirit even though you facing a difficult thing. Selamat berpuasa bagi yang menjalankan. Happy Sunday too all 😄😊 happypets_intv saluraninspirasi programhewan pecintabinatang pecintahewan penyayangbinatang penyayanghewan animal binatanglucu pets animallovers petlovers anjinglaut seals babyseals cuteseals smilingseals happyfasting happysunday

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Spot a fur seal! seals westcoast newzealand

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seals fuerza de operaciones especiales de eeuu🇺🇸 syfy argcomiccon

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Support Out or Troops memorialdayUSAAmerica marinesarmynavysealscoastgaurdarmedforcesthankyou

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Такая толстенькая особенность 😂 Берега просто кишат котиками морскими. Для нас диковинка,местные зарабатывают на братьях меньших не побоюсь этого слова - приманивают на берег,к лежбищу катают на лодках. capetown southafrica 🇿🇦 houtbay seals

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EFD Coach


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We ouchere twinnin My boy @ptann_oooo aka PTann The Man BrotherFromAnotherMother Seals Twins

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Jessica Gibson 🌸


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Seals.🌊 . . . . instadraw illustration sketch sketchbook drawing doodle instaart art artwork artistsoninstagram artist seal sealion seals cute kawaii furry childrenillustration jessiedrawz copicmarkers

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Mitzi Claire Cohen


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Extra points if you get the gringos! When they said swimming with seals they forgot to mention there were 6,000 of them! survivalofthefittest sealpupsaturday donotfeedtheanimals onlyinperu🇵🇪 marinesanctuary @ijcohen

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A gentle reminder to always be mindful of the situation when you're near wildlife in the ocean and on land! _ Video Short Nat Geo wildlife nature amazinganimals kayakers seals ocean wild safetyfirst

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The Veterans Project


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Quote 4/4 “After a certain amount of time, I felt that I wanted to work outside of the Asian area and get into the wars going on in the Middle East.  I asked 1st SFG(A) to go to war in the Middle East and my Sergeant Major told me I absolutely couldn’t.  I applied for a certain assignment that I won’t elaborate on, and that got me into the Middle East.  This allowed me to do certain missions across the world where I was acting alone because the nature of the work wouldn’t allow for teams that were bigger than solo man.  I then went to 10th SFG(A) and helped stand up their Crises Response Force (CRF) for the continent of Africa Counter Terrorist Unit and we went into North Africa, specifically Libya.  My last few missions were Libya and then Cameroon where I did anti-poaching operations with the Cameroon Commandos.  I went from there to South Africa where I protected our former president along with elements of his Secret Service.”—Ret. SGM Tu Lam (Army Special Operations, OIF, OEF Veteran)

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Benjamin James


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Okay bye ~~~~~~~~~~ russian seals ready prepared dyinginside

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cold brew cats


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Sunday fuel - mind and body. "Go get some" @jockowillink ☕️🤜 . . . coffee sunday brunch extremeownership canberra coffeetime canberracoffee kerrygold mindfuel woke af lead seals books read sundayfunday sundaymotivation

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Healthy little crabeater seal hanging out on a berg . . . . antarcticpeninsula crabeaterseal iceberg southernocean antarctica seals 60degreessouth

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About today 🐶🐟 seals oceandogs

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It's BJ ( Brenda Jo)


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My Uncle Bill, my mom's twin sister's husband. I remember very little I was so young. I always remember the song my mom played for Bill's boys. To my Uncle Bill and all who died fighting, Rest in the Arms of Jesus. neverforget heroes Army navy seals Rangers marines airforce specialforces Respect sacrifice

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We went kayaking and saw seals and sea lions + pat a leopard shark 🦈🐬🚣🏼‍♀️🌊 lajolla lajollacove seals sealion shark sealife cliff cave kayaking summerintheUSA sandiego

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Christin Ba


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seals meeting

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Spotter Up Tactical Solutions


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NAVY SEALS FIND TREASURE IN LUC BESSON’S MOVIE RENEGADES The Renegades movie is an upcoming French-German action thriller war adventure film. It is from the same team that brought the movies Taken and The Equalizer to screen audiences. It is due to drop September 1st, 2017 during Super Bowl Weekend. RENEGADES is about a team of Navy SEALs on assignment in war-torn Europe who discover a treasure of gold at the bottom of a lake — rumored to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars. In an effort to help the locals, they go rogue and engineer a heist to retrieve the gold and return it to its rightful owners. But in a deadly turn of events, they are detected by the enemy and left with only 10 hours to carry out their mission.apparel thetacgent spotterup findawayormakeaway athlete fitness running box beastmode climbing tactics tactical tacticalresponse merica alwaystraining violentwhennecessary gunsdaily weaponsdaily igmilitia gunchannels igdaily spotterup 2a gunslifestyle edc carryeveryday sunsoutgunsout traintowin @renegades_movie SEALs

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Illyrian Internal Guard - Albanian police special forces RENEA operative INFO: The Albanian special police unit RENEA, also known as the Department of Naturalization of Armed Elements, is the main Albanian counter-terrorism and critical incident response unit. Originating in the 1990s and adapted from the Communist police group Unit 326, RENEA is composed of negotiators, infiltrators, divers, and snipers. RENEA operatives are highly trained professionals that have been instructed by the German GSG-9 and US Navy Seals; thus, their skills are highly regarded in Western countries. In fact, the unit was even trusted with the protection of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and multiple US Secretaries of State. Due to their excellent negotiations skills, RENEA operatives have solved over 80% of their cases without resorting to violence. In order to become RENEA operatives, candidates must undergo brutal mental and physical training, as well as pass the "commando" test in which they are left in a remote area of Albania and instructed to return to base undetected while evading 200 Albanian commandos. RENEA's training and experience uphold its reputation as one of the most successful and professional special police units in the Balkans. albania shqiperia kuqezi albanianarmy soldiers arx160 rifle renea police unit 326 army germany gsg9 america navy seals usa nato protection defense armed forces commandos military elite europe balkans illyria Brothers: @alb_sof @mighty_albania @mighty_kosovo @mighty_croatia @albanianmilitary @albanianarmedforces @albanianpatriot @n.dodoa @crazyalbaniancapitalist @the_n_nationalist @croatian_nationalist  @renea_ct_unit @mighty.kosovo @kosovo__army @croatian_armed_forces @mighty_slovenia @kosovoarmy_ @mighty.dardania

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Global Response Team

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"Blood alone moves the wheels of history" Russian Spetsnaz operators Follow these guys!!!! ☞ @brazilianforces🇧🇷🌏 If you want to contact/send us pics: globalresponseteam military guns seals usnavy gun sof specialforces usa army snipers fuckterrorist fuckisis heroes snipertacticalsoldierairforceamericancoastguardairmanmilitarymemesusamilitarylife

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Sunny afternoon = perfect day for a Sea Safari! No 🐳, but we did see an 🦅 and lots of gulls & seals! And.... @ajwmtbc and I got nice tans! 😎 . . . @sewellsmarina seasafari baldeagle seals birds ocean saltwater tourismchallenge veryvancouver explorebc sun waterfall noclouds bluesky mysteryfalls howesound georgiastraight

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Say hi newcastle toonarmy soccer football follow4follow like4like eflchampionship premierleague meme memes seals burton goals webstagram friends dank

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they have the right idea 🤣 wereonaboat theyreonabuoy boating seals

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That is a picture from apporoximately 11 years ago.☺ My valuable memory. 2006. londonbridgetrading blackhawkindustries militarysimulation eagleindustries tacticalgear militarygear worldairsoft tacticalvest worldairsoft oldschool adventure gearwhore sealteam airsoftgere airsoftlife tacticool nswgear bbwarz operator chestrig geardos pewpew airsoft milsim m4a1 geardo seals mlcs gear rrv

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tutu's date spot..♡

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大阪デートといえば!みんな大好き海遊館🐠💕大きな水槽で優雅に泳ぐジンベエザメを見ていると穏やか気持ちになります〜😌✨ アザラシちゃんのくつろぎ顔もこれまたかわいいです💓 海遊館 水族館 あざらし ペンギン じんべえざめ seaanimal marinelife seals penguins shark tutuspot tutudatespot tutudate 関西デートスポット デート デートスポット かわいい 癒し cute adorable 大阪 osaka 関西 mariagetutu photographer @takanoriumino produced by @mariage.tutu

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