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Nicole Nettle (nicolenettle_v) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nicole Nettle


Comment from Nicole Nettle:

Okey, no tengo pelo liso 🤦🏻‍♀️ me instaday hairstyle hair instawoman instachile l4l lady photography selfie

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Jenny Sixt (jennysixt_hairnmore) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jenny Sixt


Comment from Jenny Sixt:

letzter Abend in Pisa-letztes Hotelselfie- morgen geht es wieder nach Deutschland 🇩🇪 me selfie blue bluehair pixie blueeyes blueeyedgirl tattoo hotel pisa italia lovemyjob work fashion blackdress tattoogirl

55 Seconds ago
DJ (_dj.vibes) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from DJ:

Back when I shot & edited this photo by myself. I woke up inspired to create something so I did my makeup and hair, put up a backdrop and started shooting. My heart is full when I create..can't wait to start creating content again. makeup melanin vibes softbeat me darkskin brownskin blogger betawards bodakyellow instadaily selfie instagood darkskingirls beauty fashion tbt black followforfollow

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Michael_Morsov (michael_morsov) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Michael_Morsov:

Дочитал вот 11 главу, мир меняется в моих глазах. Детишки, читайте книжки. mors weekend follow cool walking spb sun summer nature boy beauty day green selfie boy smile trees улыбка отдых пруд питер адмиралтейство парк лето прогулка каникулы день жизнь природа юсуповский

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~agb (4arianaa) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ~agb:

lovegoalsgirljustinbieberselen selenagomezarianagrandedangero ngerouswomantouridolgaintrickg rickgainpartyfollowtraingainpo ainpostprayformanchesterselfie elfieootdmirrorselfieflashglow

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@SavisCatalans (saviscatalans) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from @SavisCatalans:

‪ saviscatalans instagram twitter whatsapp facebook‬ happy top time stop humor top goodmorning fake instagood loveyourself happy selfie instagramers instagrammers bestfriend bestfriends best gin cubalibre

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Martina Hrecešin (martinahrecesin) Instagram Photos and Videos

Martina Hrecešin


Comment from Martina Hrecešin:

selfie monday happy smile fluorescent brunette blueeyes makeup makeupbyme nudelips sremskamitrovica Serbia centre ilovethiscity city happymonday

58 Seconds ago
Quina 👑 (qpnky) Instagram Photos and Videos

Quina 👑


Comment from Quina 👑:

a selfie before the hair go crazy on me 😅 ...delirio por la coca-cola? no quien dijo eso? 😝 selfie nicehairday photo craftygirl mondaymood instaselfie instaphoto aselfietypeofday

58 Seconds ago
seguindoasmaistops (seguindoasmaistops) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from seguindoasmaistops:

😍😍😍🔝👉 @seguindoasmaistops ⚌⚌⚌⚌⚌⚌⚌⚌⚌⚌⚌⚌⚌⚌⚌⚌⚌⚌⚌⚌⚌⚌ instagr followme fitness lifestyle gym shape top noexcuses motivation photograph sexyladies musas bikini fitnesslife hardcore hardcoreladies topfitness beautiful girl mrolympia bodyfitness selfie crossfit athletic iphone ios apple samsung summer instagood ⚌⚌⚌⚌⚌⚌⚌⚌⚌⚌⚌⚌⚌⚌⚌⚌⚌⚌⚌⚌ @thamires.hauch

58 Seconds ago
Michał Fazi 🇵🇱 (fazi_michal) Instagram Photos and Videos

Michał Fazi 🇵🇱


Comment from Michał Fazi 🇵🇱:

Sunset session 🌅🏄🤙 rewa plaża nofilter rewacypelek kite kitesurfing kiteshots core @kites @thekiteshots sunset homespot kitesurf poland selfie ostatnigasiswiatlo

58 Seconds ago
M a r m a (la.marma) Instagram Photos and Videos

M a r m a


Comment from M a r m a:

fashion fashionista streetstyle fashionblogger style girl tumblrgirl selfie love instagrammers followme like beauty instafashion me bikiny amazing paisa summer latina hot luxurygirl sexy elegant model goals trendy jewerly luxury fitnes

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Annaliesse_xd (annaliesse_xd) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Annaliesse_xd:

Going to my grandmas house selfie

59 Seconds ago
Атом💫 (sashazhelepa) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Атом💫:

love instagood me tbt cute follow followme photooftheday happy beautiful selfie picoftheday like4like instagramanet instatag smile friends fun fashion summer instadaily igers instalike swag amazing tflers follow4follow likeforlike bestoftheday l4l

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Melina (melohseven) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Melina:

Sorry but long ass post! Just looking at the first picture of what I used to look like hurts my heart. I can't believe I let myself gain so much weight 294lb to be exact. For years I struggled with my weight, never really being happy with myself. My escape to all my stresses where filled with overeating, drinking, and smoking I would cope with things the harmful way. But after my mother passed away I took a hard look at myself and came to the decision to change for a better and healthier me. At first I did struggle no doubt about that. But I was lucky enough have support from my family and friends! Even though I was probably a major pain in the ass at times but I did it! Every time I felt like giving up I would think of my mom and how she would've been proud of me for loosing the extra weight. I didn't use no crazy drinks or pills to loose the weight I did all of this by doing yoga, exercising and eating a proper diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and protein. I gave it my 100% everyday, I was not gonna allow myself to fail. I'm proud of myself for sticking with it. Few months later I lost 115lb now weighing in at 179lb. I still have more to go until I reach my desired weight goal. I'm happy I gave myself the opportunity to take this journey and the support along the way. On this journey I learned to love myself more in order to know what is good for my body,mind, and soul. I'm grateful for everything and everyone who joined me on this journey including God for sending me these wonderful people to help me out.❤️❤️ weightlossjourney gratefulfortoday thankfultogod beautifulday getfit healthylifestyle changedforthebetter thanksmomselflove selfie azpositiveenergy peaceofmind itwasastruggle igivemyall longpost betterdays newwayoflife healthier abetterway thankfulforfriends thankfulforfamily determination detication nevergiveup

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Valdirene Militão Vieira (valmilitaovieira) Instagram Photos and Videos

Valdirene Militão Vieira


Comment from Valdirene Militão Vieira:

Que a vida nos envolva com sua ternura, e que possamos ter um coração puro para reconhecermos os milagres diários que ela nos oferece. - Marcelle Melo Obs: Editado por ela. ❤😍❤ . . . amigos crianças abencoados vida felicidade feliz Rio dialindo abençoada rio nature love instagood photooftheday tbt selfie instagram mage

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AriBæOurMoonlight💕 (aribaeourmoonlight) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from AriBæOurMoonlight💕:

That eyeliner 😍🔫❤️🌙 . . gainpost follow4follow likeforlike like follow selfie arianagrande smile laugh happiness cutiepie meow dangerouswomantour 2017 dw dwtour happybirthday

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Jacky (akward_animemelover) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Jacky:

OMG I can't 😂😂 naruto selfie anime animememes lol funny selfiestick omg credittoowner

1 Minutes ago
Tamara Willis (tyywillis) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tamara Willis


Comment from Tamara Willis:

🌻☀ selfie thathighlighttho like follow sundress floral feelinmyself

1 Minutes ago
Q I Z N A 🎀 (qizna_manullang) Instagram Photos and Videos

Q I Z N A 🎀


Comment from Q I Z N A 🎀:

Amsal 31 : 30 Kemolekan adalah bohong dan kecantikan adalah sia-sia, tetapi isteri yang takut akan TUHAN dipuji-puji. . . brand swag deud lfl fff selfie polishgirl ex machina behaviour beauty plan plot literature spam eyes instagram fiction quality proud advice dress bazaar green me igers arrangement polishboy personality brain

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Tracy Wallender (lenselementphotography) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tracy Wallender


Comment from Tracy Wallender:

Blue Eyes selfportrait blueeyes ice coloredcontacts selfie mysoul peace blueeyedgirl photography lenselementphotography

1 Minutes ago
Stian Strand (super.stian) Instagram Photos and Videos

Stian Strand


Comment from Stian Strand:

En liten oppdatering: Jeg har "perset" flere ganger de siste ukene, og det er ingenting som føles bedre enn de tyngste vektene, men det er viktig med variasjon også. 😊👍 Nå har jeg snakket på meg at jeg kan fullføre et triatlon, så om bare 5 uker skal jeg stå klar til start! 😰 Jeg gleder og gruer meg helt sykt, men en ting er sikkert; dette blir 5 beinharde uker! 😠🏊🚴🏻🏃🏽 Ønsk meg lykke til! 🙈😘 training jogging cycling swimming triathlon challenge accepted happy summer selfie l4l like4like likeforlike followme

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Rocioo (rocioaylenhoran) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Rocioo:

instamoment instalike instaphoto instacool style selfie crazy unique cool love lovely likes likeforlike

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TheOneandOnly_Key (theoneandonly_key) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from TheOneandOnly_Key:

Wat it do ✌🏽😎snapchatfilterqueenselfie

1 Minutes ago
Ekaterina Nikolaevna (ketrin277) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ekaterina Nikolaevna


Comment from Ekaterina Nikolaevna:

Одни давнейшие и однообразные фотографии😏В последнее время нет желания фотографироваться совсем, но выложить что-то хочется. 🙄Также у меня есть тупая привычка удалять фото и заново добавлять.🤦🏻‍♀️😭

1 Minutes ago
 (vvibess) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from vvibess:

i can't wait to have my life figured out this is getting tiring

1 Minutes ago
Yasemin (_ysmnsss) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Yasemin:


1 Minutes ago
서내 ☕️💭 (luv_s_ae) Instagram Photos and Videos

서내 ☕️💭


Comment from 서내 ☕️💭:

철조망 치워줘라 징짜 🗼🌤

1 Minutes ago
k a s s (kasstrbl) Instagram Photos and Videos

k a s s


Comment from k a s s:


1 Minutes ago
🍍 (nikol_sunikova) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 🍍:

V Praze je blaze (draze)💕😻🇨🇿

2 Minutes ago
Aylin Al (aylin.alx) Instagram Photos and Videos

Aylin Al


Comment from Aylin Al:

"Und wie oft hast du dir heute schon eingeredet, dass es dir egal ist, obwohl du die ganze Zeit daran denkst?" Eww I miss you 😣😒🤦🏻‍♀️

2 Minutes ago
Brittany Levy (brittanylevy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Brittany Levy


Comment from Brittany Levy:

flying high and stretching like a dancer yoga pilates fitness beach workout ocean hamptons newyork sky splits blue overstretch bnlfitness bnl bodyfitnlife brittanylevy

11 Minutes ago
Вероника Виноградова ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Вероника Виноградова

Comment from Вероника Виноградова:

"О! Тепленькая пошла!)" или история о том, как включили горячую воду

1 Days ago
Nathalie White (nathalie_white_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nathalie White


Comment from Nathalie White:

Good morning 😊 Farewell to the atlantic ocean 😔 portugaloceansummertimesumm esummervibesselfiesaturdayhapp

9 Days ago