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Comment from sarcastic_gulbargan:

What they are saying is true or not guys..if you dont agree with this,you can comment your answers.. Waiting for your feedback😊😊😊 what they are saying is true or not say it up

15 Seconds ago
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Comment from EniolaBash:

Am Cuming For Everything Thing They Said I Couldn't Haff🙅🙅 Watch Out 👀👀 You All Haterz😠😏😒

3 Minutes ago
ANINDITA BHATTACHARJEE (_the_evil_weevil_) Instagram Photos and Videos




♥ Lovezone ♥ . . . . . favouritepeople bestfriend love friendzone secure like4like they beautiful ladies 😍 followforfollow

5 Minutes ago
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Comment from Hiya:

"I look at all the things that don't matter and then there was you." //-🥀✨🥀look at all the stars they shine for you

8 Minutes ago
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Comment from Viikinki:

I was lost for a short time🙀wandered off too far😿but luckily found back home 🏡My humans and Kisu, my mate are so glad now😊😺💙❤️️They were very worried 💔😭😩😿when I was gone

9 Minutes ago
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Suri Thapliyal


Comment from Suri Thapliyal:

Some frnds @more then frndsthey r brothr ...

20 Minutes ago
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Mojtaba Rashidpour


Comment from Mojtaba Rashidpour:

✍☄✔ وقتى ازشون پرسيدن چطور 65 سال باهم موندن ، خانم جواب داد: ما متولد دورانى هستيم كه وقتى چيزى خراب ميشد، اون رو دور نمى انداختيم، درستش مى كرديم..... ✔✔✍☄ . When asked how they managed to stay together for 65 years , the woman replied: ✔ "We were born in a time where if something was broken , we would fix it. Not throw it away... "

21 Minutes ago
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Comment from milenimia:

bricks lovers school lego pens plumas feutres gel ink they stick together becoming a multi ink pen

24 Minutes ago
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Comment from Erin:

Black heart aren't born black, they're burned and broken. black heart arent born black they burned and broken heartbreak fuckoff ihateyou mylife

29 Minutes ago
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Comment from skateboard2sister:

skateboard skateboard2sister friends 2boy welcome chaingmai thailand skateday 25june they"r come from bkk🚂 🚃🚃 คือลูกเขยหล่อ555😅

36 Minutes ago
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Paige 🤙🏻 || 14


Comment from Paige 🤙🏻 || 14:

Restarting theme 🌿✨ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄ ;; tumblr aesthetic bands emo smol sad pastel smoke smoking softy babygirl baby her him they them lust love gothic goth l4l f4f kys kms rip dead kawaii qt awe 🌙 / if used, please give credit /

39 Minutes ago
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Comment from varunsood#love#life#everything:

repostsquadrannsquadtheylove_t @varunsood12 u😍😍💕💕💋

42 Minutes ago
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Comment from 🔑2my❤:

THANK YOU❗️❗️❗️everyone for the birthday calls, texts, and FB/IG messages. I'm truly grateful to see another year BUT.......45 WHERE???🤣🤣🤣 I was feeling real GUCCI!!! when you have young daughters they make you hold up the big 's 😩😩😩 enjoyed my birthday & gifts 🎁 they keep us young at heart ❤️

47 Minutes ago
Manash pr Baruah (manashbaruah29) Instagram Photos and Videos

Manash pr Baruah


Comment from Manash pr Baruah:

3 bug idiots they were too photogenic.... 📷📷📷😂😂😂

49 Minutes ago
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Comment from DSofficial96:

Brothers are very hard to findthey r the bestfriends who undratnds u......

51 Minutes ago
Sid Shorthouse (sidshorthouse) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sid Shorthouse


Comment from Sid Shorthouse:

If Pontins did carlsberg they do

56 Minutes ago
👑Desi Girl👑 (exotic_indian_goddess) Instagram Photos and Videos

👑Desi Girl👑


Comment from 👑Desi Girl👑:

Smile 😊 they hate that finally offwork smile they hate that goodvibes blackandwhite filter desigirl exotic foreign sexy lookinggood bodyshot badasf shesofine exotic indianbarbie saturday selfies earlymornings goodmorning riseandgrind spamme showmelove gainlikes likes4likes

59 Minutes ago
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Djandira Martins de Oliveira


Comment from Djandira Martins de Oliveira:

bomdia deontem eu elas lindas festa festajunina amo semfiltro goodmorning me they beautiful feast juneparty love nofiltre instame instathey instabeautiful instafeast instajune

1 Hours ago
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Comment from let_n_be:

ALREaDY 🖤✨JuNO😎✨💩✨BROokLyN ✨🙌🏾✨MoMMYMiSSyoU✌🏽✨aka MOA 🤑✨DUR 💅🏽✨🌎✨JeSuSwitME✌🏽✨👁🖤BiGG ✨🤙🏾✨PEaCeFULLMiND ✨Z✨🖤✨SALUTE 🙌🏾✨TOeVERYONE 🙌🏾✨On THeY ☺️✨MoFoNGiNDz ✨⏳✨DatTiME ✨💩✨☝🏾✨imALREaDYme ✨💅🏽✨

1 Hours ago
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Comment from GretaMaria:

~• Le Amiche, quelle che sono la macchia bianca, su i tuoi vestiti neri, quelle che sono quello spiraglio di luce nel tunnel, quelle che anche una stupida serata, diventa una serata da Ricordare! ~ • they • ♥️ • • love instalike like4like life tagsforlikes friends happy happiness day night lastnight smile girl selfie instagood instadaily photo photooftheday hair russiangirl russian finnishgirl italiangirl italy family

1 Hours ago
Varun Dhawan (dhawanvarun677) Instagram Photos and Videos

Varun Dhawan


Comment from Varun Dhawan:

1 Hours ago
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Te de Frases


Comment from Te de Frases:

FOLLOW ME💝 @te_de_frases @te_de_frases @te_de_frases @te_de_frases Siganme💝 . . . . . . quotes love pensamientos amor hope faith forever ever inlove frasesdeamor cute lovers followme mejoresfrases frases tips amor amistad sweet dreams fashion likes frasesvip love couple kisses we they lovely goals skills phrasesoftheday

1 Hours ago
BATYR  ABDULLAYEV (baturteacher) Instagram Photos and Videos




Baturteacher doing stuff YourFavouriteTeacherInTheHous Bruh Im just tryna teach but you know shit happens. And hey dont show this to your parents bruh they might think Im crazy.

1 Hours ago
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Comment from Akaweli:

Guess who's back, to put niggas on they back

1 Hours ago
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Mandy Akpan


Comment from Mandy Akpan:

they say Saturday's are for owambe.... But for me, today is a date out with my beautiful sister.... lowcut gang... Rocking my channel inspired Ankara bag @mandycouture😍😍😍😍😍😍.... Told u its very portable and can go on any combo .... DM me to get one for urslf or for bae 😝😝😝😝....ankarafashion africanfashionlovers ankarastyles

1 Hours ago
Virat Kohli Fans (viratkohliofficialfans) Instagram Photos and Videos

Virat Kohli Fans


Comment from Virat Kohli Fans:

supporttoourgirlstheyareperfom erfomingsuperblyiccworldcup201

1 Hours ago
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Comment from Alex:

I'm ready for Pride 2017!!! :) so hyped!! Got the enamel and pronoun pins at target. Great company with a nice range of LGBT pride themed stuff! pridemonth pride2017 nycpride pansexual lgbt she they pridemarch

1 Hours ago
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Comment from 🐨Karsa🐨:

2017.06.20. 志帆、のんと一緒にいて楽しくて楽し しくて楽しくて毎日が笑顔になりました🌷本当にありがとう😢 bbf girls everyday they make me smile thanks 4f4 blcu

1 Hours ago
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I am goat🐐


Comment from I am goat🐐:

My phone just deleted every picture I had. Now I'm trying to recover them ;-; myart why ihadmore ihateelectronics digitalart TheEnd fear anger ihaventslept ahhhhhh lovely trying they heart crying onlyoneleft welllifeiswhatyoum tyoumakeofit thatphrasemakesse itsfine atleastipostedsomeofit

1 Hours ago
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Comment from let_n_be:

N ✨👸🏽✨BEeN ✨⚠️✨WARNED ✨⚠️✨THeY ✨💩✨juSt MoFoz 💅🏽✨NeVERLiSteN 👂🏽✨🖤z✨it's WhOiAM ✨😎✨FaM ✨💋.✨DoME ✨N✨BEeN ✨UntiLAGaiN ✨☝🏾✨DoyoU ✌🏽✨😎✨17✨💩✨

1 Hours ago
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Comment from OSKi-FTF:

fire on the way coupe crusies I ain't gotta tell whoitis they know when they hear this

1 Hours ago
Crystal Harte-Silano (cilanohfano) Instagram Photos and Videos

Crystal Harte-Silano


Comment from Crystal Harte-Silano:

cousinsilano cousins👭 They both need sleep so badly, it's sweet to see them all cuddled up 😍 @cocoasilano

1 Hours ago
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Comment from Rodrigo:

So today, aside of my own bodyweight, this were my trainning pals! Cus you are not moving anywhere without hard work, saturday is a perfect day to workout! Hoje, à parte do meu peso corporal, estes foram os meus parceiros de treino! Não vamos a lado nenhum sem trabalho, sábado é um dia perfeito para treinar! mma bjj kickboxing conditioning wrestling workout catlebell work while they sleep narefighters holistic holisticblend bmt

1 Hours ago