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Royale Black (royaleb) Instagram Photos and Videos

Royale Black


Comment from Royale Black:

It's a lot of nights/I don't go to bed/Cause I gotta lotta thoughts/Inside my head/Been through a lot/But I ain't never been dead/No suicidal thoughts/Over here on the edge/Thinking of my next move/Let it spread/Ain't looking for no handout/Make my own bread/Dealing with racism/But I'm still getting fed reallife rap writtenbyme notghostwritten itsbeyond lyrics igotcommericals comingtoatvnearyou imdealing withracism atwork 4cowerkers down idontknowhowmanymoretogo itsdocumented onmyinstagram justincase they trunkup acase oneofthecoworkers quit onmonday the21st 2017 ofthismonth ofaugust imstill gettingfed lmao😂😂😂

11 Minutes ago
Life Learnings (learnings_life) Instagram Photos and Videos

Life Learnings


Comment from Life Learnings:

Its a journey two prsns initiate; when their heartbeats accelrate... But sometimes they forget; promises to be kept .... Only when both persuade; a decision is made .... Caravan that began with both’s oath; how can one conclude it for both ... Brokenrelationship !!!!

23 Minutes ago
Roshan Mohan (bonsai_zen) Instagram Photos and Videos

Roshan Mohan


Comment from Roshan Mohan:

Sonys home theatre system, back from the day. way back in the 2000s sony hometheater speakers they still work

26 Minutes ago
MamaKnowz (mamaknowz) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from MamaKnowz:

When people needrequire me they know how and when to connect.but when their life is rosy friendsdonttreatfriendslikeshi keshitTIREDOFBEINGRIGHTABOUTTH ihavemorefingersthantruefriend riendswhenyoudoforothersDONOTL ONOTLOOKFORTHANKSAPPRECIATIONA TIONACKNOWLEDGEMENTtheytakefor

28 Minutes ago
Marcial Señarís Martínez (marci_sm) Instagram Photos and Videos

Marcial Señarís Martínez


Comment from Marcial Señarís Martínez:

Si no luchas por lo que quieres. No mereces lo que deseas. dontgiveup only have onelife this is your moment past is history tomorrow a mistery but today is a gift thats why they call it thepresent dream on

28 Minutes ago
Ester (esterkas_diary) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Ester:

Let's forgive each other on the orange wall. Only then the yam god will be happy. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . forgive orange wall yam happy girls peace kanken windows gray dark evening they cute follow beautiful instatag smile friends fun fashion summer instadaily amazing

31 Minutes ago
dan_bouwer (dan_bouwer) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from dan_bouwer:

BE A LEGEND They all hating but we killing the game

31 Minutes ago
Nurul Rinawati Arif (rinawatiarif) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nurul Rinawati Arif


Comment from Nurul Rinawati Arif:

Aku, kamu dan kalian 📷😍😘😘😘 reuni reunion temukangen me you they we women mom ibuibu emakemak wefie narsis vsco like4like likeforlike likeforfollow like4follow 📷 😍 😘

43 Minutes ago
Weird*-*And._.Happy (potato_.face._juan) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Weird*-*And._.Happy:

Me with every single one of my sisters💚👩🏽‍🍳👩🏻‍🏫💃🏻💇� me and my sisters fight but still love them and they all do look like a cool cow🕶🐮🐄🦍

48 Minutes ago
 (thetimemachineent) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from thetimemachineent:

morning world doyou promote yourself to it paysoff or they get mad and delete or it inspires support we believe in our self that we not afraid to support others we like some people won't support cos they don't wish u well memeoftheday memes memesdaily realtalk instagram instagood instadaily work life lifequotes lifestylequotes lovepeaceunity

54 Minutes ago
Mohit Mutha (muthamohit125) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mohit Mutha


Comment from Mohit Mutha:

people don't care for you when you are alone.. they care for you When are Alone.. Pc- @yogesh.danny27 like4like followforfollow followme instapic

56 Minutes ago
👑 ᴅɪɢᴠɪᴊᴀʏsɪɴʜ ɢᴏʜɪʟ 👑 (digvijaysinh_gohil_tana) Instagram Photos and Videos

👑 ᴅɪɢᴠɪᴊᴀʏsɪɴʜ ɢᴏʜɪʟ 👑


Comment from 👑 ᴅɪɢᴠɪᴊᴀʏsɪɴʜ ɢᴏʜɪʟ 👑:

👑Rajputs👑 don't need any status,They are already born with it...

1 Hours ago
keishachristina ( Instagram Photos and Videos


Comment from keishachristina:

when you order and they send a happy face in your hummus happyhummus 😂 😜 tasty creative friendly restaurant arabicfood biryanihut dubai uae

1 Hours ago
Ganache about it? - SYDNEY (ganacheaboutit) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ganache about it? - SYDNEY


Comment from Ganache about it? - SYDNEY:

This was a bit hard doing one handed 😬 concrete and navyblue twotone buttercream piping vanilla cupcakes ran out of cream hence the missing cakes but shows how beautiful they look naked 😂 wilton tip 8B

1 Hours ago
Patrick Flotzinger (p.flotzii) Instagram Photos and Videos

Patrick Flotzinger


Comment from Patrick Flotzinger:

🔞⛔️‼️ theyseemerollintheyhateinlittl

1 Hours ago
Khalid Ul Islam (khaliddatsme) Instagram Photos and Videos

Khalid Ul Islam


Comment from Khalid Ul Islam:

and they met when the moon lit bright and the stars were out calligraphy calligrapher calligrafia instagraphy instagraph instawriter instawrite pictureoftheday picoftheday loveit hashgram instapic instalove instadiary instalove

1 Hours ago
Wallencreutz (_je_wa) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Wallencreutz:

❤️ my life with you if it makes you giggle do it again stockholm sweden 2017 wednesday life is made of small moments like this and they mean the world to me familjenwallencreutz love my family

1 Hours ago
My work🎨🌼 (tanzeel_creations) Instagram Photos and Videos

My work🎨🌼


Comment from My work🎨🌼:

1 Hours ago
 (aaarbaz) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from aaarbaz:


1 Hours ago
Nicole Irene (skyblue2906) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nicole Irene


Comment from Nicole Irene:

Oh baby give me one more chance🎶 mood dreams infinities fly buterflies fuck shit strawberry blue sky love hate bitch live death die iceheart friends falsefriends boys girls boyfriend exboyfriend fun boring me you we they bye 💀

1 Hours ago
Hakan (hakansrkan) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Hakan:

😎😎😎........................ .............................. .............................. they tbt portugal dessert my muakeup days cocktails thankful foods sleep mom selfies foodstagram boy lol sky iphonesia omfg bestfriends harrystyles followalways party instamood they portugal dessert ilysm makeup omfg bestfriends harrystyles followalways party bad biking redbull voltboy my

1 Hours ago
Callie and Lila🙌🏽 (feelingsdolan) Instagram Photos and Videos

Callie and Lila🙌🏽


Comment from Callie and Lila🙌🏽:

Should we start putting more interactive captions instead of just an emoji? Comment or dm any feedback! . . . . . graysondolan happy they deserve the world love support staystrongethanandgrayson staystrong smile loveyou fans fangirls foronlyyou 4ou edit tumblr aesthetic aesthetictumblr dolantwins dolans youtube youtubers account fanaccount ethandolanedits ethandolan

1 Hours ago
Angélique Neyt (live_love_laugh1905) Instagram Photos and Videos

Angélique Neyt


Comment from Angélique Neyt:

qotdquoteofthedayquotesquotesa otesandsayingssayingsinstasayi asayingswordpornquotepornsnoop snoopyquotesmoodinstamoodthetr thetroublewithmorningsisthatth hattheycomewhenyouarenotawaket 💙

1 Hours ago
Shivanjan (j_a_r_y_a_l) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Shivanjan:

No one has right to judge u. They might heard ur stories; But they didn't feel what u were going through:

1 Hours ago
Leon Benson (leonbenson2) Instagram Photos and Videos

Leon Benson


Comment from Leon Benson:

readersareleaders📚 give the children access to the information and they will change the world bookstagram bookstore books bookchallenge bookworm reading readinglist education backtoschool 717 lancasterpa

1 Hours ago
Monica Turlui (monicaturlui) Instagram Photos and Videos

Monica Turlui


Comment from Monica Turlui:

be happy no matter what they say

1 Hours ago
yosoyverito (yosoyverito) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from yosoyverito:

Siempre. ellos they family siempre always love childhood smile summer holidays happymoments people lifestyle portrait portraitphotography blackandwhitephoto blancoynegro fotografia photography photographer memoriesforlife storyofmylife face child handsome nikon mynikon myeyes yosoyverito

1 Hours ago
Андрей Гребельный (andrey_grebelnyy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Андрей Гребельный


Comment from Андрей Гребельный:

they smell like summer

1 Hours ago
Porus Patalwala (patalwalaporus) Instagram Photos and Videos

Porus Patalwala


Comment from Porus Patalwala:

set them free they will return one day flash back.. al ain zoo

1 Hours ago
consumed by The Gays™ (aku.cinta.kamuu) Instagram Photos and Videos

consumed by The Gays™


Comment from consumed by The Gays™:

✖ • • • • • • • • iwonderifiev ifievercaughtsomeonesattention ntionevenifiwasjustwalkingamon gamongthecrowdiwonderiftheywan

1 Hours ago
Travel Baba (travel.baba) Instagram Photos and Videos

Travel Baba


Comment from Travel Baba:

Once in a lifetime moments, catch them before you drop them. Eclipse 2017~ traveller travelinggram eclipse2017 positivevibes positivevibesonly karma travelbaba blogger travelpage magic wanderlust universe galaxy THEY photography gypsy lonelyplantindia photography ----------------- Repost @shainblumphotography

2 Hours ago
Ronak Mehta (ronak.mehta.507464) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ronak Mehta


Comment from Ronak Mehta:

they just dream ihve done with it

2 Hours ago
NBD¥ (outisnbdy) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from NBD¥:

Lately my dreams been keepin me up at night. I usually just pull out a pen and write. But I can't help but think, would I be heard? Or would my words get lost within the world? latenightthoughts welcometothewoods nbdy . . . . . . . . . . frankocean they selfacceptance unity letyourvoicebeheard unity love

2 Hours ago