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Donum Cordis (donum_cordis) Instagram Photos and Videos

Donum Cordis


Comment from Donum Cordis:

Prowadzimy warsztaty dla uczniów ZSO7 w Krakowie na Złotym Rogu. Spotykamy się z gimnazjalistami i licealistami, rozmawiamy z nauczycielami... zso7schoolecoleuczniowieklasalessonsujetthey

6 Minutes ago
🌻💋Ruescy💋🌻 (ruescy) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 🌻💋Ruescy💋🌻:

Got these flowers from my husband this past weekend. 💜 He knows how much I love Prince & that it was the anniversary of his passing away, that's why he got them purple 🙏🏻😢 I have a wonderful husband. 💜 PurpleFlowers They still look beautiful! RipPrince 💜🙏🏻

14 Minutes ago
 (golenarges_narcissusflower313) Instagram Photos and Videos



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19 Minutes ago
Lulu Candles / bougies de lulu (lulu_candles) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lulu Candles / bougies de lulu


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20 Minutes ago
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24 Minutes ago
Maria (mariaa.nica) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Maria:

adorable😍 NailCareSet. nail filedo you filenail clippertweezers scissorsthey come in this adorable . case. Is it to fit into your purse 👛

25 Minutes ago
Mr. B the P(rincipal) (mrbthep) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mr. B the P(rincipal)


Comment from Mr. B the P(rincipal):

Jared signs with DBU for Track. Congratulations! They'reGettingaGreatMan

27 Minutes ago
Maria Sitek (maria_magdalena_sitek) Instagram Photos and Videos

Maria Sitek


Comment from Maria Sitek:

blonde straighthair makeup picoftheday blondehair blackoutfit mirror szkolenie Sopot superday thebest instagirl polishgirl polishwoman happiness lovely night they goodnight ♡

31 Minutes ago
Marissa (marissa.rose0818) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Marissa:

Last nights sky was gorgeous.🌊💯🤗 why dont they have a manatee emoji

33 Minutes ago
🌱we are all Earthlings (_vote_with_your_lifestyle_) Instagram Photos and Videos

🌱we are all Earthlings


Comment from 🌱we are all Earthlings:

Repost @lifeimprovementforyou "Where do you buy your food ? Is organic important for you ? I'm very curious about, thanks for your comments :-) organic organicfood organiclove stoppoison stopmonsanto stopsyngenta monsanto they destroy our world

35 Minutes ago
~ Susan Theresa Burns ~🍀 (sookie20010) Instagram Photos and Videos

~ Susan Theresa Burns ~🍀


Comment from ~ Susan Theresa Burns ~🍀:

when they say it cant be done make shure they watch letsgo

41 Minutes ago
EKO (eko_1000) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from EKO:

😏 give her time they all single especially now in the summer 💪🏼🤷🏻‍♂️💯

41 Minutes ago
Kellie Childers (kellie_t_c) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kellie Childers


Comment from Kellie Childers:

Waiting in line to get Ashton. they'resweetwhentheyarealone letthefightingbegin

43 Minutes ago
S O P H I E (soop84) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from S O P H I E:

👻 when they pretend to see a ghost while looking at me openeyed table favourite place lovethem Puk Babs sisters britishshorthair catsofinstagram Borne goodnight

45 Minutes ago
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Comment from viva_la_vida_victoria905:

Yep. keribels💁🏻 ignorethey riseup

47 Minutes ago
👑 Michael Dennis Obonyo 👑 (mikeobonyo) Instagram Photos and Videos

👑 Michael Dennis Obonyo 👑


Comment from 👑 Michael Dennis Obonyo 👑:

theclassypeople someone will always be prettier smarter younger but they will never be you quote leonardodicaprio boss leader men ladies motivation highervibration endresult follow instagram

49 Minutes ago
Don Luciano (llou5150) Instagram Photos and Videos

Don Luciano


Comment from Don Luciano:

they call me boss man now I'm not lito nomo

53 Minutes ago
 (bumle.bees) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from bumle.bees:

'will probably delete but thought I looked cute-opinions?'

55 Minutes ago
Hair By Ferni Pollack (hairbyfernipollack) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hair By Ferni Pollack


Comment from Hair By Ferni Pollack:

So blessed to work with amazing, talented and positive people! BoyntonBeach LakeWorthFlorida Florida BocaRatonHaschakWellington They'llRayBeach AmazingBeauty USA Equality AmazingPeople PositiveEnvironment Working Together PositiveFives

59 Minutes ago
Daphne (daphnesdeals) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Daphne:

disney dope session lol they are stoned bongrips and weedgalore stonershit stonerchicks doitbetter justblazeig 🍀 🌈

1 Hours ago
Stunna_415 (stunna_cassanova) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Stunna_415:

Every bad boy needs a good girl in his life because I'm known for riding dirty with the thing on my side. They say that opposites attract for real.

1 Hours ago
Jane Han (jhan929) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jane Han


Comment from Jane Han:

back in sandiego california beautiful clear sky sunny weather lajolla beach feeding five adorable hungry squirrels they seem domesticated

1 Hours ago
Nico Therealrico (therealrico) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nico Therealrico


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1 Hours ago
Yemzy Gallery (yemzygallery) Instagram Photos and Videos

Yemzy Gallery


Comment from Yemzy Gallery:

My beautiful and gorgeous Lilian slaying in one of our Cubic zarconia stone earing and our lovely onyx stone curdblingsstyletrendyclassysemiprecious stonespretty muchbeautiful pieceexquisitenecklaceinstajewelriesshe looks amazingyemzydollsswagFashiondiamondjewelryTanks for ur patronage dearwe love our customersthey as are d best

1 Hours ago
Te de Frases (te_de_frases) Instagram Photos and Videos

Te de Frases


Comment from Te de Frases:

FOLLOW ME💝 quotes love pensamientos amorhopefaith foreverever inlovefrasesdeamorcuteloversfollowmemejoresfrasesfrasestipsamoramistadsweetdreamsfashion likes frasesviplovecouple kisseswetheylovelygoals skillsphrasesoftheday

1 Hours ago
kill.heaven (kill.heaven) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from kill.heaven:

Water, water, everywhere

1 Hours ago
kill.heaven (kill.heaven) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from kill.heaven:

My account goes really bright then really white then really pink and it changes constantly and I don't like it :( I would love ur opinions on my account comment below 👇🏻

1 Hours ago
kill.heaven (kill.heaven) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from kill.heaven:

wish I was good at art

1 Hours ago
Product Of Memphis X (TN) ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Product Of Memphis X (TN)

Comment from Product Of Memphis X (TN):

they don't want you to make it to the playoffs 💪🏀goGrizz

1 Hours ago
kill.heaven (kill.heaven) Instagram Photos and Videos



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1 Hours ago
✨🎀InMa🎀✨ (inmaov) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ✨🎀InMa🎀✨:

myway mysoul myrules mylife instapic instalike nofilter life myhome myfriends myfamily they iloveu missyou instamoments instadaily remember memoriesforlife mysoul igers iggers ibiza balearicislands myisland myhome spain

1 Hours ago
 (bumle.bees) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from bumle.bees:

somebody once stole a mini pebble like this for me that said 'hug' and even though i was so little I was honestly so happy and felt so special.

1 Hours ago
Eigirdas Keblikas (eigirdaskeblikas) Instagram Photos and Videos

Eigirdas Keblikas


Comment from Eigirdas Keblikas:

futureleaders salesforce aviation business sales money💰 these guys never giveup ask them they make your budget

2 Hours ago