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aadil spurty (aadil_spurty) Instagram Photos and Videos

aadil spurty


Comment from aadil spurty:

I am coming for everything they said I could not have igers love hardwork success successful follow4follow followme tag enterpreneur entrepreneurship money business businessman life motivation post goodafternoon

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Comment from Mindraft:

Every Night & every Morn Some to Misery are Born Every Morn and every Night Some are Born to sweet delight Some are Born to sweet delight Some are Born to Endless Night We are led to Believe a Lie When we see not Thro the Eye Which was Born in a Night to perish in a Night When the Soul Slept in Beams of Light God Appears & God is Light To those poor Souls who dwell in Night But does a Human Form Display To those who Dwell in Realms of day. [Darlyn Vlys,Forrest-colours] darlynvlys forrest the colours are not colours when theyare old deephouse techno music vibes love acid trip

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Ndux (prince.ndux) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Ndux:

They Group Us Together MakingUsRepsonbile for OurWholeGender Honestly YouHurtTheGoodOnes TheBadOnesHurtYou BreakTheChain WhyYouMakingSomeonePayForSomeoneElsesMisrakes GoodMen exist StopSeattlingForLess and Maybe YoWontBrTreated AsSuch

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Модина Екатерина (mo.kate) Instagram Photos and Videos

Модина Екатерина


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gren i we you they

39 Minutes ago
 (thefreerthesoulthemoreabstract) Instagram Photos and Videos



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vegan be kind they have feelings cows wears equal stop the violence

45 Minutes ago
Yuha Kawamoto🦁 (yuuuuha1230) Instagram Photos and Videos

Yuha Kawamoto🦁


Comment from Yuha Kawamoto🦁:

I love you!!bts rapmonster jin suga jhope jimin v jungkook i love you they are very cool

45 Minutes ago
AdamDejda (adamdejda10) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from AdamDejda:

THEY are best firends forever and there are a kajtek

47 Minutes ago
Richard Monk (richard_monk) Instagram Photos and Videos

Richard Monk


Comment from Richard Monk:

And this is to all the terrorists in the world. all you need is peace imagine manchester is united pray believe they will not win instagram instagood photooftheday tbt volcom follow me followme selfie picoftheday make love not war lennon

57 Minutes ago
Rama Kariz (karizrama) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rama Kariz


Comment from Rama Kariz:

Remembering..80s ImaginationBritish Trio Just an illusion They must have known reality is just an illusion Albeit a very Persistent one..

1 Hours ago
Memetastic Pics (fourchan_memes) Instagram Photos and Videos

Memetastic Pics


Comment from Memetastic Pics:

thank you for clearing that up ikea hot dog america usa they be sad not actual size lol

1 Hours ago
Matrioshka (matri_oshka) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Matrioshka:

I'm where the wild roses grow...🎶 they callme wildrose rosesarered violetsareblue thursdaymood musicon workaholic butfirstcoffee sunnyday almostsummer 25degrees sunisshining theweatherissweet

1 Hours ago
Justyna Urbańska (justysia_zabka) Instagram Photos and Videos

Justyna Urbańska


Comment from Justyna Urbańska:

Moje miłości 👶👶❤ wholeworld love purelove brothers sons little babyboys baby boys sweet beautiful together children goodmorning photo photography they calymojswiat bracia braciszki dzieci kocham nad życie synusie śliczności słoneczka dziendobry instaboys instababys

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Jeani Biebs Jeffrey (mugsmcgee_2411) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jeani Biebs Jeffrey


Comment from Jeani Biebs Jeffrey:

Proud animals ❤️ lesbian lesbiansofinstagram lesbians queer proud proudanimals pa selfmade selfmademan gay gayandproud instagay revolutionist they genderqueer transgender lgbt love queerwolf blackandwhite respectexistence tomboy boy boi girl gayboy gaymen gaywomen transman

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Leah Smith (leeaaahsmith) Instagram Photos and Videos

Leah Smith


Comment from Leah Smith:

Summer☉ignorethepeoplewho'salwaystalkingbehindyourback that'swheretheybelongbehindyou😋🖕fitnessiskey🔑blondegirly💋fuckthehaters😗🖕like4likebitches💋

1 Hours ago
🌹P A Y N O🌹 (_lookatvaleria_) Instagram Photos and Videos

🌹P A Y N O🌹


Comment from 🌹P A Y N O🌹:

My thoughts goes to the families, arianators and to everyone who is affected by this horrible tragedy. And especially to those 22 angels, that did not to deserve to die, in their best day of their life. And to @arianagrande. All the love. 🙏🏻❤️ prayformanchester thoughts all the love to everyone arianators are with us family no humanity sad pray they dont deserve this

1 Hours ago
MacdyKenya (paulmacdy) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from MacdyKenya:

I just lost a debate.. Had a couple o ladies on my neck claiming Buying another girl food is cheating. Case closed. 😂😂 So I wonder, is uploading another Chick's pic on your instagram cheating??? @pavine_cocoh WithThaSauce Pavine Beautiful Instagood Girl Chick Lady Sun Green picoftheday Tuesday Red Sunlight Macdy Pic Good Neck On They Hating Queen

1 Hours ago
HYPE FESTIVAL (hypefestival) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from HYPE FESTIVAL:

LadyLeshurr x HYPE2017 👑 Queensspeeche Migos, FrenchMontana, TyDollaSign, Russ, KMNGang, Massari, Ufo361, @imladyleshurr, StefflonDon, THEY., Locosquad, DenzelCurry, JayPrince, RIN, Mortel, TSer, kadiata, KelvynColt HYPE2017 SNIPES StreetlifeInternational HYPEFestival2017 BelievetheHYPE✌

1 Hours ago
Pareek Rohit (pareek_rohit7) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pareek Rohit


Comment from Pareek Rohit:

They say I've changed, I took it as Compliment Black love pareek_rohit7

1 Hours ago
فبي كاندره (febicandr4) Instagram Photos and Videos

فبي كاندره


Comment from فبي كاندره:

They’re said you’re stupid They’re said you’re a liar They’re said you’re not a caring person They’re said you don’t have anything They always think you’re a bad person I don’t care what they said I believe you’re not like what they said They don’t know how you really are They don’t know how nice are you 😊 . . THEY DON'T KNOW lff fff indonesianman slowly

1 Hours ago
Nuvinka Jay (nuvinkajay) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nuvinka Jay


Comment from Nuvinka Jay:

they are still the best and always will belikestaycool😎

1 Hours ago
Sivasai rocky mumbai (sivasai_pspk_mumbai) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sivasai rocky mumbai


Comment from Sivasai rocky mumbai:

My tenth classmates after a long gap they r back&&&. It's show time

1 Hours ago
Olawuyi Kayode J (olawuyikayodej) Instagram Photos and Videos

Olawuyi Kayode J


Comment from Olawuyi Kayode J:

Think very carefully before you kick someonethey might be the supportfood for thought

2 Hours ago
☕️🌈Canan🌈☕️ (spread_purple_love) Instagram Photos and Videos



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2 Hours ago
Gramophone - Music Blog (musicgramophone) Instagram Photos and Videos

Gramophone - Music Blog


Comment from Gramophone - Music Blog:

manchester england @manchesterarena its not a dream wearemanchester because wearetheworld message of peace love and music they are afraid by music but we lovemusic and the smell of freedom

2 Hours ago
Azharudeen Ktm Azharudeen Ktm (azharudeenktm) Instagram Photos and Videos

Azharudeen Ktm Azharudeen Ktm


Comment from Azharudeen Ktm Azharudeen Ktm:

Enjoy these moments now, because they don't last forever

2 Hours ago
Mike Buso (mbusosms) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mike Buso


Comment from Mike Buso:

great leader dont tell you they show truth learn listen life lifegoals lifestyle lifequotes lifeisgood lifelessons coach coaching leadership mentor mentorship lasvegas nevada may 2017 like4like follow4follow

2 Hours ago
mumoftwo_matkapolka (mumoftwo_matkalpolka) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from mumoftwo_matkapolka:

harunyahya . . . . . . . . i always wonder why birds 🐦 stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth then i ask myself the same question aboutlife aboutus quotes quote cytaty life beautiful

2 Hours ago
Hilla Nachum (hilla_nachum) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hilla Nachum


Comment from Hilla Nachum:

"...Where words FAIL Music SPEAK..." theweeknd nothingwithoutyou pepole want to hear songs with the words they are afraid to say musicislife mylife goodmusic get lost in the words

2 Hours ago
IRON (iron_radio_svolta) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from IRON:

We have no words......manchester crowd they will never stop music idiots life freedom concert arianagrande iron ironbros

2 Hours ago
 (marypawl) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from marypawl:

🌉а помнишь, мы ехали в Питер в холодном вагоне, одетые в свитер и постили все, что видели в твиттер, чтоб нам позавидовал сельский школьник? затем мы гуляли, смеялись, читали Марину Цветаеву на причале, потом Маяковского, мы в печали: от русской поэзии как-то грустно. пели Земфиру, Сплина, Дельфина, нам не хватало только камина. я не взяла с собой супрастина, а у меня аллергия на холод. потом полил дождь, началась гроза, мы поехали на Московский вокзал. по моей щеке покатилась слеза, не хотелось прощаться с культурной столицей. теперь это все маленькое воспоминание огромного жизненного мироздания. мне показали космос в одно касание и я, кажется. сошла. с ума. vsco vscorussia vscogood vscogrid vscodaily vscobest the thebest themazerunner they theatre always alwaysandforever alwaysfollowback alwayslearning follow4follow followme follow followforfollowp lookbook

2 Hours ago
NEVADA (callbbssou) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from NEVADA:

hometowngirl morning tuesday youLLNeverbe myhometownGirl workingforit They skrillex zhu

2 Hours ago
Risky Kurniawan (riiisky_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Risky Kurniawan


Comment from Risky Kurniawan:

Cause I will fall for you no matter what they say, I still love you I still love you You never be alone and look me in the eyes, I still love you I still love you Till forever :: I Still Love You-TheOvertunes :: . . . Me You Love Black White Beauty Awesome Male Female No Matter What They Say Still Loving You Couple

2 Hours ago
Omar Elalfy (omar__elalfy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Omar Elalfy


Comment from Omar Elalfy:

They say😏 let them say✋

2 Hours ago