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Like & Kommentiere für mehr ♥💭 #v Kommentiere " Verborgen " wenn dir das Video gefällt oder dich beschreibt Soll ich mehr so Videos Posten ? - Makiert euren Freund oder Freundin 😇 - #q so gut cute wer will das auch

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You saw them hug. You saw them kiss. You saw him not hesitating a bit doing it. You saw it all. You gave him everything except for your body. Was it where you went wrong. Should you have done it. You didn't know. Your mind was not working. You didn't even realise how long you were staring at them until he called your name. "Y/n...uhm...I swear its not what it looks like", he came towards you with a slight smirk and you realised he didn't really mean it. You just stared at him. You couldn't believe it was the guy you thought said he would always be with you. You took a step back and ran out of the apartment. You ran and ran until you found a bench. Youbsat on it. Your eyes puffy from crying and your throat paining from controlling your whimpers. You cried. You didn't know what to do and so you walked over to somewhere. You rang the bell. "He...yyy....", his tone changed a bit when he saw your crying face. "What happened? Is everything okay?", he asked. You looked at him with much sadness, your tears were about to burst as he hugged you. He slightly pet your hair and that was it. You broke down. You cried and cried and he let you not even knowing the reason he let you be. "Hoseok-ah...that bastard he cheated on me.", you barely spoke in between your cries. As you said it his heart just sank. His mind went blank except for the thought that he will never forgive the guy who broke your heart. He knew how much you loved him, he was there when you confessed and he knew it all. He knew you gave him your all. He knew you didn't deserve it. He parted the hug and took you inside. "Come inside or you'll catch a cold", he said trying to sound warm after what he just heard. You followed him cause you knew you could trust him. He made you sit on the sofa and wrapped you in a soft blanket hugging you and carefully playing with your hair. He knew the only cure to this would be time but still he wanted to help. He sang with his angelic voice to make you sleep. "Y/n I know its been hard but remember whenever you fall I will always be there to catch you no matter what", there was a pause. " You know why cause even if you don't feel the same you should know that I love you"..

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