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Comment from zayn malik:

This still makes me laugh 😂

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Comment from زين:

Okay guys! A year since I made this account to support my baby son ( aka @zayn) :'). 😻 I'm so happy :') I know that I ain't gain so fast like other accs but I don't care I'm happy with my account 😻 😝 & I wanna thank you so much to @onedirection_1d_ because she helped me to gain followers SHE WAS SO KIND & NICE 😻 (she helped me when I was a small acc / +50 followers) 😝 lol & also thank you to @curiositadeivip @_zaynmmalik for reposted my videos & give me credits 😂 (I gained some followers thanks to that!) 😂I know that the followers aint everything, but I think you guys have also realized that I dont post videos in a row, it's for the reason that I'm in the uni and I have no time 🙄 but I'll never delete this account. IM SO HAPPY TO POST VIDEOS OF ZAYN obviously WHEN I CAN, IDK ☺ (AS YOU CAN SEE IM NOT GOOD AT WRITING 😅💩💩I PREFER TO TALK) I LOVE YOU GUYS & I LOVE YOU @ZAYN! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING ☺❤.

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