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1 or 2 ˀ ˀ ˀ • • • [♡] aesthetic fashion style ootd f4f aesthetics tumblr sfs beauty cute selca selfie vsco vscocam gaintrick tumblraesthetic clothes ulzzang kpop

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Follow @rashid_fitness.protocol rashidfitnessprotocol workout training ripped ifbb physique abs aesthetics sixpack shredded strong staystrong squat fitness fitnessaddict fitnessmotivation flex gym rashid gymlife femalefitness gains legday bodybuilder bodybuilding beastmode nevergiveup noexcuses muscle motivation

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Chloe 🌟

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Johnny Bravo


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Not a good session. 495*2 hook, 545*3 shown, 515*3, left quad all the way down to my shin wasn’t having it and started aching like a mother. This has happened before. So annoying and frustrating. So I had to switch to conventional for my last set. 455*3. My conventional form is so wack. Can’t pull conventional for shit. Really sick of loosing my lats and back extensions on high intensity pulls. It’s gotta be a back weakness as much as technique. Gonna hammer bend over rows with some body English (did those today) and possibly some conventional deads as well. Gotta fix this quad/shin problem first. Pulldowns and facepulls to finish as well. Fook. gains gainz aesthetics vtaper shredded pump physique olympia diet ifbb npc cardio natty bodybuilding mensphysique bodybuilder naturalbodybuilding squat bench deadlift hiphop hiphopmusic dance mj bboy usapl ipf uspa strong365

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Carlos Moran


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Went to @thesupergym with my better half @athurstan for deload squat and bench. I haven’t been there in about five years, and I can’t say enough good things about it. We spent an hour on just about every single bodybuilding machine they had there. It’s definitely an adult playground. Would recommend to anyone looking for a gym in the area. Beltless Squats: 1 sets of 3 with 515lbs (Video) 1 sets of 4 with 505lbs 1 sets of 6 with 440lbs kernusopen ascend believein2k teamgpt muscle legday physique aesthetics bodybuilding crossfit dyel doyoueven fit fitfam fitspo fitness fitspiration gains instafit misc mirin powerlifter powerlifting squat training weightlifting strength benchpress

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Cambiando EL Mundo THE LEGEND CON mis Pupilos Fernando, Karen Rrrroooooommmmpiendo lolo Sabado y Es Un Barrio No Paramos.... Semana Completa Ti Ti Ti Ti TiemposDelRolyMan iLove Entra y dale Play TheRealPorSiemprebebe ROLYMAN Superking Superiority MiLegado MiSangre invicto imparable inspire Aesthetics dedicationhasnolimitation Bodybuilding Fitness Motivation Musica Music Reggaeton HipHop Rap Reggae RMWarriors TeamRolyMan @TheRMFamily ViajeLegendario BienvenidosAlFuturo CaminandoPorEncimaDelAgua NoComparenUnLibroCompletoConSi

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Dawson Furrer


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6 months difference. transformation . . . . . . gai bodybuilding classicphysiquedivision classicphysique physique fitness fit muscle fitnessmotivation npc lifestyle fitfam passion followme fitnessmodel motivation gymshark follow4follow like4like commitment dedication bodybuilder ironcladgym orlando tattoos aesthetics aesthetic progress alphalete

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a🦎🦆🦕🦇🦋🐈🦈🐍🦑🤠🧚‍♀️🐝🐞🤫🧠🧞‍♀️🐆 (birdwearingahat) Instagram Photos and Videos



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i’m a lazy piece of crap and i don’t feel like making a second slide so deal wih it litfamwokeboy sjsjs a bogus jsjsjsjsjs meme memes memeaccount relatable dank lol funnymemes funny aesthetic aesthetics aesthetictumblr tumblr

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(em)erson ✨


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[✨]·°·°¤·°·¤°·°· : fc: 207 [🌟]·°·°¤°·°¤°·°· :date: feb17.18 _ NEW THEME!! Yay! I likw it aloott · ° · ° · Tags: niche nichememes meme nichememeaccount starterpack meme selfpromo niches heavenlyniche nicheaccount followforfollow followforfollow follow like like4like comment greatnichememes nichememequeen nichememe gradeaniche nichegain gaintrain explorepage aesthetics likeforlike nichegain trendy trend aestheticmeme aesthetic

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Prince Rahiem


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L O T I O N + L I G H T I N G = ❓❓❓ • • • • • IFBB NPC NPCCompetitor Zyzz Gains Lifter Muscles Fitspo LegDay BackDay ChestDay Shoulders ArmDay Fitness Bodybuilding Bodybuilder Ripped Shredded Veins Physique Aesthetics Abs Quads LiftLife GymRat PhillyGainz ClassicPhysique NeverSkipLegDay Vascular

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Tommy Clark


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Im going to go see blackpanther tonight but im mad I missed the casting call @michaelbjordan 😂💪🏾😡 iamtommyclark TGFIT

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HonkyTonk Samurai


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Come join us for @cybergothdanceparty EP release party @mutualfriends.gj on 3/3/18 ☠️. . . . . . colorado dj numark serato seratodj djlife producer producerlife music trap edm electronicmusic hiphop aesthetic aesthetics goth pastelgoth grunge grandjunction art livemusic soundcloud vscocam vsco

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Jorge Gutierrez


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Sabado de Party 😎 selfie friends repost style caifanes rockstar rock music concertphotography gains aesthetics gymtherapy wanderlust model gymrat fit gymflow gym fit food instafit instagood sd aesthetics fuerza strong

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Terrance Jones


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“You said it, no you said it, no you said it, we’d be together”

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Riv 👱🏼‍♀️


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When I start to see definition it gets me even more motivated 💦💦 . . . . bodybuilding weightlifting strength training physique body quads hamstrings legs shredded flex health fitness gymlife workoutmotivation muscles fit aesthetics fitfam fitspo leggings glutes fitnessmodel motivation bodybuilder bikini booty gymsharkwomen gymshark abs

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grungeaesthetic grunge love aesthetics blue sky photography dark pale followforfollow tumblr goodvibes darkness picoftheday like4like sad

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"Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success" • • • aesthetics shredded selfie calisthenics gymlife inspiration dedication health transformation fitnessmodel bodybuilding workout train training healthy instahealth healthychoices active strong cardio determination lifestyle diet getfit motivation tommyhilfiger

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tumblr Aesthetic


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🌇 • • • grunge aesthetics aesthetic tumblr f4f f4follow quotes poems love photography like4like followme

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A.Z.A.R.O.V 💥🏋🏼‍♀️


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Our birthday together 🎂❤️ @frimelissa aestheticsfitnessshreddedmotiv motivationinprogressdamnteamsh eamshapestrongstrongerworkwork kworkouthardsportmuscletrainha ainhardgymfitbeastmodetraining iningbodyfocusabsboumgainztfle

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@twiztedskull04 13 years old 💣 🏋🏻‍♂️💪🏻❤️😍🔝🔥🔥🔥fitbody fitnessmodel fitnessispiration fitnessmotivation fitnessjourney fitness bodybuilder bodybuilding bodytransformation naturalbodybuilding natyuralbody gym gymlife aesthetic aesthetics instaboy instaguy hot🔥 sexyboy sixpack abs sixpackabs muscle arms triceps bicepscuteguy workoutcuteboyman 🔥

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Sticking with it feels too satisfying🏋️‍♂️💯 - - - 100 timeflies insomnia bodybuilding workout bodybuildingmotivation results fitness 2018 muscle gains muscles noregrets lifting aesthetics satisfaction goals work progress personaltraining fitnessmotivation workinprogress fit fitfam california beard beards men dowhatyoulove aesthetic california

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Kibira Njoroge


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The Romanian Deadlift... . . The exercise that has contributed most to my hamstring development over the past 3 years. @yuckylavado also performs this movement as his bread and butter hamstring Mass Builder (and his hamstrings are more developed then mine! 🔥) . . Execution? . . 1. Un rack the bar from a power rack if possible. But it’s also ok to deadlift it off of the floor before setting up for the first rep (if you have to) . . 2. As you begin to descend push the glutes (booty) away from you. Keep the bar path roughly over the middle of your foot and maintain a super tight core (I find planks, and bird dogs are great accessory core exercises for stability on the RDL). . . 3. Go as low as you can (usually just below knees for most) but remember mobility, limb length, and leverages will play a role in your total bar distance. The key is to reverse the motion right before the low lumbar begins to unlock (goes into flexion). . . I highly recommend filming yourself from the side. This will really help maximize mastery of the movement pattern. And don’t be afraid to start with just the bar until you are certain efficiency is up to par. Then begin overloading weekly, bi weekly, or via whatever progression pattern you desire. . . NOW GO GROW THEM HAMIS 🔥🔥🔥

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Frankie P.


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selfiesaturday after a good chest workout! itrainalone gaintrain tampafitness floridafitness transformation thepumpisreal tillfailure workout motivation aesthetics nopainnogain gains natty fitfam diet liftheavy weights lafitness dedication fittest preworkout pumpchasers

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cassie doubleday


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The second floor of my building has a hair salon. On my way up or down the stairs, I often peek to see if their sign is on - I enjoy how it looks against the flat colours of the walls 🤓💖 ______________________________ neonsigns montreal secretplaces aesthetics photography

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Faithletes United


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FAITHLETES UNITED is excited to have @kkekec join the FAITHLETE FAM! Kourtney is currently a Junior at the University of Texas-San Antonio! . . Support your fellow athletes in FAITH! Go FOLLOW @kkekec ! . . studentathlete athletics basketball athlete college collegesports aau aaubasketball sports direction identity strength perseverance fitness conditioning fashion team basketballteam aesthetics college collegelife lifestyle leader leadership faith

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Ali Lopez-Metwalli


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It’s snowing again! tagforlikes teamGAT ifbb npc fitness fitfam instasize gym instagramfitness hashtag bodybuilding model aesthetics flipagram focused follow selfie love beautiful fitspo igfitness nyc instafun instagood tbt picoftheday 20likes nofilter repost instagram

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Dave Burmer


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Turning 27 in 3 more days. 🙈 vsco vscocam vscoph vscophil vscophile vscophilippines vscogood vscogrid blogger bloggerph style fashion aesthetics feedgoals minimal minimalism artsy minimalist manila philippines followme f4f l4l love fashionblogger styleblogger guyswithiphone afterlight lightroom

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Gym Glutes 🍑


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🍑 Síguenos 👉 @gymglutesurbano . . . . . fitnessaddict fitnessmodel aesthetics fit motivation fitgirl fitnation body instafit bodygoals fitstagram fitnessmotivation gym model fitness gir fitnessgirl health bootyfordays slimwaist beach summer party cardib amberrose

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Simply Mei


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Post workout shenanigans (pictured) *Owwww* 😜Juggling laundry, coming up on a deadline for a class assignment, 20 unread emails, and a son begging for a pop tart (not pictured). *Jesus fix it* 😫There's always more behind the scenes in my crazy 🙊 life . Read "HerStory" on the blog today to get to know Mei . • • • • • simplymei mom mommy mother son daughter babyboy gymlife muscle blog mama abs myson fitnessaddict instafit 息子 momlife children cardio strong fitnessmotivation shredded exercise body gains getfit сын aesthetics

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— melody 🌸


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is typing ❝ jung hoseok ❞ —— [🏹] february 18th, 2018 [🔥] happy birthday, jung hoseok🔥✨ [🌻] spring day - bts —— [🥛] qotd; fave bts song? [🍪] aotd; spring day —— comment any emoji to be in my taglist —— [tags] 🎈 bts junghoseok jhope hoseok kimnamjoon namjoon rm namjoon kimseokjin seokjin jin minyoongi yoongi suga parkjimin jimin kimtaehyung taehyung v jeonjungkook jungkook kpop multifandom kpopfff like4like aesthetics brown exo bangtanboys bangtansonyeondan bangtan

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👻 SNAPCHAT: nickcheadlefit 👻


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Spent the morning cruising through Botany Bay & down to La Perouse in search of some winding roads & epic photo spots. Nothing like a little Sunday morning meditation @_spandexxx - In the past, I’ve been guilty of believing that more is always better; more training days per week means more muscle & more strength; more calories means more size; more extremism means better results. But it isn’t always the case. Muscles need time to recover, to grow & to repair. Strength training is very taxing - you need days off to recover. A larger calorie surplus than is necessary likely means you’ll just get fatter, more quickly. - The more I train, the more obsessive my behaviour becomes. The more I train, the more I feel I should be training, the more I think about training, the more my life begins to revolve around training & ironically, the less I tend to enjoy it. Commit to something that you can sustain, without approaching the point of obsession. Training is a part of life, not the whole thing - it doesn’t make sense for your entire life to revolve around if & when you’re going to the gym. I’m still working on finding my balance, but the right answer for me falls in line with the schedule that allows me to focus on things outside of the gym like my relationship, my friends, family & my business, just as much as, if not more than, the heavy squats I have planned for that week. - BikersofIG Ninja LifestyleGains Lifestyle FitnessLifestyle Balance

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Happy Birthday Jhooooooooope! . I hope you are going to have a wonderful birthday today. Also, please take a break from your mixtape and spend time with the other members for the day💖 I also hope you are doing well and keep healthy. And for my last, I wish you a happy birthday and we love you, hobi😘💞 . Happy GoldenHobiDay everyone!! . For more Kpop Aesthetics, follow @aes.tae.tics . bts army bangtansonyeondan jhope hoseok junghoseok hobi Happy_Jhope_Day Happy_Hoseok_day Happy_JungHoseok_Day HappyBirthdayJhope HappyBirthdayHoseok HappyBirthdayJunghoseok happybirthdayhobi btsthetics btsthetic kpop kpopthetic kpopthetics kpopfollowforfollow kpopfollow4follow kpopfff kpopf4f kpoplfl kpoplikeforlike kpoplike4like kpopl4l thetic thetics

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