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Elder Robert E Webb II (robertewebb2) Instagram Photos and Videos

Elder Robert E Webb II


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Environment of and for Vision : (Long but well worth it...) I believe some times God places us in a situation or circumstance where, while we have become unwittingly comfortable and complacent where we are now, He allows a glimpse into the reality of what we assumed could never be. While driving to work, I became distracted by a random yet consuming thought...consuming to the point I missed my exit off the highway. I opened my GPS app (wait...thats a sermon on it's own...noted...) and was directed down roads I had never been (wow...there's another one). While driving, I saw something that I had only suggestively inserted into certain messages as humor. There, in real life, was the black on black, BMW 750li executive series with chrome accents along with a Landrover Discovery (yep I was driving that parked in a circle drive way connected to what appeared to be an (at least) 5000 square foot 6 bedroom home on at minimum 2 acres. And when the door opened, a happy family came out that looked like me. All this on the heels of a dream that outlined AGAIN what I need to do to move in the direction of what I wrote many years ago. It's not enought to "...Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it." (Habakkuk 2:2) You have to be the HE (even if you're a SHE)!! You have to READ it YOURSELF!!! But don't just read it...put your shoes on...stretch your mind and body...and RUN WITH IT!!! And DON'T STOP until you REACH IT!!! +rew2

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dublin again

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나야 필름

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포트레이트 인물스냅 감성 스냅 사진놀이 즐거운시간 사진에빠지다 힐링타임 ㅋㄷ 만남 여유 하루 일상 그리고 매력녀 너 홍대렌탈스튜디오 프롬베이직 스튜디오 라이프샷 오오티디 피사체 촬영문의 스냅전문 portrait daily healing timeout again

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🔝 🌈🐰 Mileva 🎀 🔝💯


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again shootingday sexy lovemyjob🔜👑

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Gentle Reminder : You are not your mistakes . It's ok to mess up . Be patient with yourself . Messing up does not make you a bad person . You can try again You can move forward It's alright ....... SIRSASANA peace exhale sirsasana iyengaryogayogayogalifepractic myyogalife again namaste lifelovepatienceyogini yogaworlddancersballetdancerba balletworldigyogafam poiseheadstandinversiontoronto

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Kiran Babu


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solo smilyface culturalday traditional blackandwhitepic vignette vsco clg sololyf canon5d dslrphotography frnds picoftheday throwback olddayz again life smile like4like lovelife 😍

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Carsten Dreesbach


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tshirtoftheday nerd nerdy humor joke binary late again

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Golmaal again yaar

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V-LIVE를 시작했습니닷! Repost @funky_jun ( @get_repost) ・・・ 위드 WE'D V앱 라이브 첫번째 위드위드찰리푸스 🎶👍 👉 with Charlie Puth🎤 CU again wed we_d with charlieputh us 가윤 내토 웅열 dj_naeto 태하 현준 seeyouagain marvingaye 마빈게이 브이앱라이브 브이앱 목요일 6:30pm @kingofrnb11 @wed.official @naeto.won

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Carsten Dreesbach (herbcso) Instagram Photos and Videos

Carsten Dreesbach


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tshirtoftheday pacman ferrealz horror late again

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Helen Loxley (helenloxley) Instagram Photos and Videos

Helen Loxley


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As someone who loves reading, I used to worry that Eden wouldn't enjoy reading. I no longer have that worry! 😂 This girl is mad for books! Left the shop and couldn't even wait till we were sitting on the bus to start it! (Shortly after this photo she walked into a bin 🙈). Reading 'Peppa Goes to London' as we prepare to move back to Camberwell in a couple of weeks! 😬 allchange again london peppapig littleloxley welovereading bookclub reading littlereaders books walkingandreading multitasking legend madforit toddlerlife livingthedream

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Carsten Dreesbach (herbcso) Instagram Photos and Videos

Carsten Dreesbach


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tshirtoftheday classic screensaver windows late again

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Dimitri Serre


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Friday 😎✌🏼 • • • friyay september stuttgart 0711 training pause eat before to start again dancer latin professional ootd picoftheday instagood instadaily fashion menstyle me love this weather 🖤😎

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ゆ き な


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・ ・ September.21🌼 ちえちゃんと串家物語! 串家物語! 初めての抹茶フェア💚 とっっても幸せでした🌈 でした🌈 ・ コルクボードも喜んでくれてよかった! ・ ま love instagram mozo again bff

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Emil Ivanov


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cooking again skills fun healthy rice paprika mymeal mushroomsofinstagram protein energy livehealthy gemüse bestrong pulse autumn chef lecker essen nice

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Meri Kite Runner


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F L O W E R S • • • • designjunction flowerhouse pink yellow feelslikesummer again london @thedesignjunction centralsaintmartins lastlunches

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Weronika Michalina


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It's a raining day 🌧🌧🌧 me again polishgirl rainingday friday longhair mirror Weekend is coming 😊

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Bence Czéh


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Hungarian Russian Arm Mini russianarmmini hungarian porsche macans v6 from specialgriphungary long trip to romania commercial film shooting transfogaras and again attheweekend

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Breakingz Crew


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showtime showcase once again cosmote themall athens dancers bboys breakers perfomers hiphop bboying breaklife artist

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🐾 Sjors the Wheaten 🐾 (sjors_the_wheaten) Instagram Photos and Videos

🐾 Sjors the Wheaten 🐾


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sjors the wheaten has enough toys here in the woods. It's summer again !! ☀️☀️

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Becky Branch

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Oops! Maybe a little bit too excited about getting to sow some seeds again ... seed binge newflowers growingtimeagain overwinter lookingforwardto gettingdirty again futureplans floralpassion growing girlsthatgrow somerset branchandbloom

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Martyna Lutostańska


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trip studentka czarneżycie nawalizkach Białystok partynight again

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Katarina cat


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me again shoot я типа позирую

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Cee Bailey


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Aunty again ❤️

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. . . . . . hi its me again karolina czechgirl cz redlips vegangirl vegan brownhair things

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Glen Sloss (swimfajja) Instagram Photos and Videos

Glen Sloss


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last bit of shearing before the rain came again sheep

17 Minutes ago
Lust for life (lefteris_waitforit) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lust for life


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This is how autumn feels like! firstdayautumnseptember emberneverendingsummerforevers eversunsunnybeachsandwaterclea rclearbluecrystalwavesbreezeco ezecousinshereagainplacevacati

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Comment from 小凱:

舒適圈 最近不斷的反覆思考著「舒適圈」的意義 提到舒適圈 提到舒適圈總會跟「旅行」,「挑戰」,「出走」等等的字彙連想在 字彙連想在一起 彷彿要走出舒適圈就是要去一個人的旅行啦,挑 旅行啦,挑戰自己啊啦啦啦之類 但是如果,「不斷的旅行」這件 旅行」這件事就是我的舒適圈的話,那是否「落地生根」對我來說才 對我來說才是走出舒適圈 回台灣兩年,遇到很多挑戰,很多困難 ,很多困難,也是不斷質疑自己的兩年,我知道我應該堅持並繼續成 travel again bye taiwan timetogo airplane dive 凱 潛水

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mani saini


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i just want to be f*cking happie again yeababy thuglife instashoot photoforlike

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Oliwia Kontowska


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🍀Buszująca w trawie🌱 nature again 🤷 ohwell somuchgreen nofilter grass dew thecatcherinthegrass bewareofspiders 🕸️🙅 macrophotography

25 Minutes ago
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☁☁ ・ ・ ・ 合宿 テニス 山中湖 花火 コート滑る お ト滑る お尻筋肉痛w 押し入れで昼寝 食堂で虫大量発生 霧半

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