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beautifulpic brown and black people coming a looooonnnnngg way! This is a greattime to be alive and be a part of movement / generation and see the difference of the industry from the 50s and on after like theres deadass more than 3 brown people on a cover for a majormovie imrootingforeverybodyblack actors actingstudent afrolatinos afrolatinas blackactors drama dramedy comedy

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•Always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive• alive nature beautiful sky sunrise beauty sun clouds silence green grass water dew morning newday tiny world speechless inlove true potd farm l4l instagood instamood

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😙Yeeaahh→Work B🌟🌟🌟h La Gats❤→🐾


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📱🙈🍻🎉😙💋Omg amanecio y seguimos wwwiii que viva las vacaciones alive love it mua beijos💋😙🎉🍻🙈📱 omg amanecio seguimos wwiii vivalasvacaciones alive loveit mua beijos instahappy instaomg instawwiii instavacaciones instaalive instaloveit instamua instabeijos

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Dr.Lanique R., PsyD


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I had to break this quote down for I thought I’d share some insights with y’all! 😁 . . 1. When boys don’t know themselves, they end up stumbling through love instead of standing in it. . . 2. When girls don’t know who they are, they end up giving anyone access to their Universes and Univers( ities) . . 3. What are our Bodies? Firstly, they are ALIVE! Each organ is a planet unto itself, each cell is a map to the Lights that we are. Even our skin is alive and shedding, so that we continue to evolve. . Our bodies are the map of Mother Earth, they correspond to our Astral selves (Light bodies) and to our Sol’s. Women, your vagina is actually an entry point back to the Cosmos.... . . 4. Because we (humans) are attracted to who we really are, always searching for our true selves, even unconsciously so, it makes sense that we turn to our bodies, to the creation process, to sex, to find our way home. . . LET ME BE CLEAR: when one is lost, they are attempting to find themselves back through the vagina...back to the cosmos. BUT when one is NOT lost, they KNOW themselves (male or female) as the culmination of all workings within and outside the Matrix (womb)...and so the vagina no longer becomes the only entry point back to Origin... or back to Balance. . . Therefore, when we know who we are, we no longer stumble through life, attempting to end our suffering through the only portal we can remember (vagina). Instead, we come into an awareness that the totality of ourselves IS the key to Home. We are our Origin. We are what we’ve been searching for, all along.

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Merthan Kaya


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Yes im alive muscle chest tattoo no beard fitness selfie photography photoshoot iphone tagsforlikes followme like4like skin body italian antalya izmir japan tokyo seoul korean russia ukraine turkey turkish

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One of my favorite pics of my son @rabidrin dad daddy father parent son handsome child love life family myheart reasontobreathe pride proud children best cool dude fun alive growinguptoofast memories lovehim misshim makeslifeworthliving

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Everyday thoughts 🕛


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I am glad and I feel warm. comfort love happiness lovequotes grateful thankful positivevibes positivequotes positivity relationshipgoals motivation goodnight iloveu inlove life lifequotes loveu thankyou heart alive journey happy smile lovely babe honey sweetheart darling boo bae

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hotshoutoutsexylikealonealivec livecouplelikeblehittestnewest

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Damir Spanic


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Lurking from the Past - pushing me forward medals success domet goal ironman triathlon korcula purpose pleasure joy motus alive autumn motivation swim bike run drawers drawer memories

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„Grief, after the initial shock of loss, comes on in waves. When you‘re driving alone in your car, while you‘re doing the dishes, while you‘re getting ready for work... and all of a sudden it hits you-how so very much you miss someone, and your breath catches, and your tears flow, and the saddness is so great that it‘s physically painful.“ ▪️ Official race pic from saturdays half runner run running marathon nevergiveup justdoit nike blackhair tattooed inked blueeyes pain love dream myway sad alive me picoftheday instarunners training lake lovewhatyoudo motivation october race kaybrem thoughts sky

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Morning light // ... falls on a pool of Autumn leaves at @maisonfish_retreats Devon. We've had such incredible cold plunges into this magic. If you open your eyes under water, the light filters through the orange and the blue. @grumblemouse and I plunged from hot tub to cold water nine times yesterday. Ooo the aliveness... . alive beauty autumn joy gratitude maisonfish

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Danielle BeDamned


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For I too, am beautiful. metoo Something has been raging inside of me for so long now. At the age of five I was groomed eloquently to submit to mans fleshly desires. From having Barbie doll legs shoved inside in me, to being forced to place my mouth on his penis. My body coerced to pleasure by any means necessary unknowing to me what exactly it was. Sexual harassment, sex abuse, rape, it's all the same thing to me. I've experienced it all. Only to grow in to a tween to have act after act of sexual relations with men twice my age because I wanted to be loved. I believed my only purpose was to be abused, to be left used and unloved. Sex became an instrument only. Hundreds of times of enabled abuse since becoming an adult because no one cares, it all rests on deaf ears. I worked at a job with an engineering "god"fearing man with his perfect wife, job and kids who would regularly expose his penis to myself and other young women asking for a blo-job. While eating lunch it was no uncommon to have a co-worker rest his dick on your head and everyone laugh about it. You finally speak up and can take no more of the breast grabs, the clit flicks through your clothes and get fired. Silently you carry this and I've not grown bitter in anyway. When does it become enough ? When does it end? Abuse of children? Abuse period ? What has happened to us that we've become so heartless? After all I've endured I still seek love, feel compassion. I want to love the broken, the silent , the forgotten. I want to kiss all of you. If a man is married and you are having sex with him while his wife and kids are home, it too is abuse. You lose respect for yourself. I want to be the voice of guilt. There voice of shame you carry. endabuse endviolence childabuse sexabuse dignity respect expose confront dontbescared unafraid love loveme strong fight conscious awake alive dontsellyourself notnormal fuck command attention think

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Olivier . H


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☺️🌾flowerpower flowers homesweethome hometown nature quiet wind sun color life alive happiness story family green away escape inspiration deep breath smile listen heart love

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Thibault Eskalt


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Indian summer indiansummer october paris sunshine eiffeltower parisjetaime sky amazing living alive panorama bridge water sky clouds parisian city beauty nofilter instamood

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My little girl this past summer at the lake... dad daddy father parent daughter mylittlegirl child love life family myheart reasontobreathe pride proud children best lake summer sun fun alive growinguptoofast memories loveher missher makeslifeworthliving beautiful

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alive grapefruit amazing lalosangel

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Juine Sol Soien


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피로에 좋다길래. alive

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Maher darkalt


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go where you feel the most alive

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Between sessions. Entre sesiones. Movement Feeling Alive HereAndNow Breath Freedom Movimiento Sentimiento Aliento Libertad Vivo AquíYAhora Inspired by my hero, @cuchira 🔥💖

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Katie Fricas


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Bobbie, Giant Alligators Alive! texasstatefair giantalligator alive sideshow bigal sebastian texas sketchbook comics cataracts

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Grounded! Rooted! Me! awakened alive grateful love life balcony home pozzie weekendvibes l4l selflove igers godinmeasme

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新しいEAU DE TOILETTE ... Ferrari 超お気に入り* omotesando cut alive shimokitazawa love

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Eileen Ní Shuilleabháin


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" i will wade out till my thighs are steeped in burning flowers I will take the sun in my mouth and leap into the ripe air Alive with closed eyes to dash against darkness in the sleeping curves of my body." E.E Cummings Photography unknown autumnsunshi poemwriterwritibgeecummingsbod alivephotography beautyseasons

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David Tallents


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Addicted to becoming the best version of ourselves is our priority. For me, This can only be possible Sober. sober and alive

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Pillert Swimwear ®


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Wake up & realize what a precious privilege is to be ALIVE, to LOVE, to BREATHE, to THINK, to ENJOY💦 Dankeschön @karen_priscila1💓 für das coole Foto 📸 Ich liebe es, unbewusst gefangen zu werden 😎👙 . . . . . . . pillert pillertswimwear swim swiss swimwear bikinigirl bikinilife bikinilover bikinibabe bikinibody lifestyle likezurich zurichlike zürichsee zürich inlove switzerland swissfashion swissgirls see happyday happinnes girlshavefun weloveadventure mypillert

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Fueled By Christ


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love hope joy thanksgiving pray fueledbychrist godsnotdead believe trust risen alive faithful true

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@Regranned from @knocturnal_dinali - @Regranned from @knocturnal_dinali - CRAIGY T ALIVE ON PLATINUMKIDS EP &FRIENDS. PRODUCE BY KNOCTURNAL RECORDS AND PAULPLATIUM PLZ SUPPORT GOOD EVERLASTING MUSIC tunes Spotify Tidal streaming Alive nature LIFE party follow4follow me likes4likes instamood family - regrann - regrann

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Akshay Keenoo


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"Go where you feel most alive." ❤ Location: MyKonos Greece Model: Emma Holmes Photo: Akshay Keenoo - AK travel work photoshoot portfolio greece mykonos emmaholmes photography fashion britishgirl uk wanderlust alive followforfollow instagood travelblog

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You were the shadow to my light Did you feel us? Another star you fade away Afraid our aim is out of sight Wanna see us alive faded

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Luisa Oyarzun Ramirez

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Ya son 10 semanas con 1 día, desde que llegaste a nuestras vidas😇❤️🦁 Estoy infinitamente agradecida de Dios y de la vida por este tremendo regalito que nos dio🙏🏽 . . . Outfit: @opalinechile Ropa lavada con el mejor🙌🏽 @dreft . . . 2months babyboy blueoutfit cuidado itsaboy

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Meri Nigro


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How does it feel to be alive?😔💀😱scared fear sad me eyes instagood instagram photooftheday away tbt music fade to black go goodmorning goodnight how does it feel to be alive

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♥Bittersweet Cai 甛甛 / Taiwan


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夜深了,提醒有訂到母胎馬卡龍的朋友們 寄送,統一在明天會寄出 預計隔天到貨(指定延後出貨除外) 自取,明天睡醒記得在14: 明天到工作室樓下想打電話給我 就到臉書訊息往上滑 找一找我們之前的私訊對話😉 訂了沒轉帳就不說你們惹... 晚安囉大家(真是累死寶寶了) @xxxibgdrgn kwonjiyong gdrng GD motte gdragon 甜的實驗嗜權志龍 母胎 gift love sweetlab Taiwan macarons macaron food vscotaiwan amazing foodphotography yummy handmade powerful alive fresh dessert fantasy lovelife

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