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collective subconscious: There’s a book called “The Third Reich of Dreams: The Nightmares of a Nation, 1933-39”, and it’s a compilation of dreams collected by journalist Charlotte Beradt during the years of Nazi Germany. It documented the fervor and madness that engulfed the German people, and as the regime’s psychopathic pathology consumed their entire being, their dreamscapes descended into relentless paranoia, brutality, and impotence. Even in the privacy of their nocturnal freedom, many did not dare stand up to Hitler, much less entertain revenge fantasies. The persecuted dreamt obsessively of documentation to prove their legitimacy as human beings, and unleashed their paranoia into their most intimate spaces – betrayal and abandonment by neighbors and lifelong friends, or storm troopers (Sturmabteilung) chasing them to the ends of the earth until the end of time. Paradoxically, government officials feared surveillance of thoughts and telepathic eavesdropping. Only resistance fighters had agency, envisioning themselves refusing complicity at all costs, but these dreams always ended in inevitable suffering as well – their torture and deaths. At best, Nazi Germany denizens were imprisoned in an endless loop of paralysis and shame; at worst, the regime owned every single part of them, including their unconscious selves – to the extent that they believed they were forbidden to dream. • dream anthropology If one was to conduct the same census of dreams today in trump’s America 2017, I bet a similar descent into fear, anxiety, and madness can be mapped across this nation’s subliminal continent. It will reveal an American psyche changing on a fundamental level, and eventually permanently reborn by this administration. I know mine is, and I can sense it fracturing microscopically on a daily basis … nocturnal diary instagood night nightmare fear anxiety resistance authoritarian regime WWII germany nazi pathology notmypresident dreamscapes darkness fight fascism nyc newyorkcity newyork

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car of my dreams ❤️american days arizona

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RestInPeace Sonny Landham Predator The Warriors 48Hrs SouthernComfort Actor Thespian Native American Live Love Life Yolo NY NYC NewYork NewYorkCity Tomorrow Isnt Promised 🇩🇴 🇵🇷 🇺🇸

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The car is in the shop to fix the airbag... mustang sundsvall timrå sweden america american musclecar sportscar car workshop

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・ 🙏🏾high five!!💥✨ ・ 0818 yairi bf bff love thanks tokyodisneyland tdl disneyland twins yolo haha laugh lol american americangirl instalike instagood instagram fff f4f followme like4like l4l

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theend of antelopecanyon arizona american days honeymoon 2ndepisode incredible nature colours wild experience

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Challenger panty dropper american muscle rollin street life living city live photohgrapherlife photohgraphylife photographer photography photo instagood godspeed cars car losangeles california

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✅Double tap the pic. ✅Follow @usarmy_magazine ✅Check link in my BIO. ✅Tag your friends. - From pinterest. ----------------- usarmy 2ndamendment soldier navyseals gun flag army operator troops tactical armedforces weapon patriot marine usmc veteran veterans usa america merica american coastguard airman usnavy militarylife military airforce americanveterans usveterans usmilitary

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Big Fat American Smile smile american usa merican country countryboy southern southerner countrymusic countrysinger singer photo by : @ricky_manik

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nofilter antelopecanyon arizona american days incredible colours nature wild honeymoon 2ndepisode

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The Emmy award-winning Logo Documentary Films and the American Civil Liberties Union announced on Thursday a partnership to promote the broadcast premiere of “Forbidden: Undocumented and Queer in Rural America.” The documentary, which follows Moises Serrano, an undocumented immigrant and gay man born in Mexico and raised in North Carolina, fighting for the American dream, will premiere Friday, Sept. 1. Source: LGBT Weekly documentary documentaries doc lgbt lgbtq queer mexico northcarolina rural america instapic instaphoto instapicture aclu gay man september american dream lesbian bisexual trans transgender news struggle dream act

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2nd run. Reaction time was weak and i took off late. scatpack challenger magnum dodge mopar hemi musclecar v8 musclecars challengerfam carsofinstagram american carswithoutlimits moparnation challengerrt 6.4 hemi392 srt srt8 modern_mopar dodgeofficial moparmemes carporn thatsmydodge wickedmopars caroftheday moparornocar

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Un amore così grande... +7 russiangirls russianboy polishgirl polish polishboys swedishgirl swedishboy spanishgirl spanishboys americanboys american americangirls followme like4like snapshot australiangirl australianboy selfie frenchgirl frenchboy italiangirl italianboy

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It's Monday morning Bitchfight UK fans and let's kick it off with crystal marie from Hollywood florida in the Bitchfight uk t shirt. Good morning America 💜💜💜America American americangirl crystal marie Hollywood florida fighter catfighter selfieoftheday monday Bitch bitchfightuk boxer wrestlersofinstagram wrestler diva fightlikeagirl goodmorningpost 💪💪

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🗣You are the creator of your own destiny 💡 تو خالق سرنوشت خودت هستي Good Morning 🌞 @Danesh_rooz تدریس خصوصی مکالمه زبان انگلیسی 77182577 _ 22302438 _ 88424595 66601965 _  33640576 _  77588471_  77588479 _ 36053615 تمامی مناطق _ شهریه اقساط @Danesh_rooz @Danesh_rooz English english conversation American IELTS TOFEL OET 22302438 _ 77182577 _ 88424595 _ 33640576 _ 66601965 مکالمه کلاس_زبان آیلتس تافل مکالمه_زبان @Danesh_rooz @Danesh_rooz 77182577 _ 22302438 _ 88424595 تدریس_خصوصی @Danesh_rooz @Danesh_rooz 77182577 _ 22302438 _ 88424595 تدریس_خصوصی_انگلیسی تدریس_خصوصی_زبان_انگلیسی تدریس ریاضیات کلاس_آموزشی کلاس_زبان کلاس_خصوصی معلم معلمین مدرسه مدرس موسیقی زبان @Danesh_rooz @Danesh_rooz

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MUSTWATCH Lol😂 That moment Bae😍 tells you to come sleep over tonight😁😀😁.... @djkhaled you do all💯🙌 pressplay videooftheday american musician funny dancing moves videoofday wethebest funnymemes raper wethebestmusic funnyvideos lol trending hiphop videos hippop rap video tagsforlikes tagafriend ============================== kwabenadaahene👑 TheAceBlogger iRedEntertainment usa

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Santa Monica 🌊 • • • • • • • santamonicabeach californiacoast american photographie weekend coast westcoast roadtripping beach smoothie

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antelopecanyon arizona wild american days honeymoon 2ndepisode colourful

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RATE THIS RIDE 1-10🏁 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX FastAndFurious PaulWalker 10secondcar 🐉 ______________ VillainEmpire ________________ Watch Us Go To Work👁 ______________ Looking to join A DOPE American GTAOnline crew? JOIN THE FAM: Villain Empire 🔹🔷🔹🔹🔷🔹 YouTube & Twitter: GTA5Villain 🔸🔶🔸🔸🔶🔸 LosAngelesCaliforniaUSAGTAPhot APhotographersGTAGTAVvideogame ogamecarphotographyDoseOfGTAGT GTAGTAjunkiesGTAdailygtafiveon iveonlineVillainNationgreenmad

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Spanner Bird🏳️‍🌈🇬🇧 ❤💛💚💙💜🇬🇧🏳️‍🌈


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Pickup with radial engine. Built by Colorado cars & parts

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American Art (Todo Arte) af Mike O'mahony - 2006. Paperback m. plast omslag. 384s. Rigt billed illustreret, engelsk text. GoodCondition+. Pris : 75,00 kr. american artbook theworldsgreatestart alexandercalder tomwesselman oiloncanvas geraldmurphy claesoldenburg jacksonpollock nonfigurative abstract surrealism cubism cult läsestof artforartssake samlerobjekt housemodern forsale

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lizzyv lolo lizveth Only Lives Once lizvethlivinglife adventuring traveling living livinglife winery solareclipse solareclipse2017 illinois illinoisstate carbondale honkerhill honkerhillwinery american USAUSA americanflag redwhiteandblue redwineandblue

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american nativeamerican redwhiteandcute tallguys glasses rings mirrorselfie handsome hashtag

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Without being political, I've been watching a lot of news concerning Charlottesville, Virginia last week, and it has left me almost speechless. It is vital to condemn all forms of hatred: from Nazis to white supremacists or to any other racist group. It is important not to embolden hateful, racist groups with our words or with our silence. Certain morals should transcend political parties - whether Democrat, Republican, Independent, or any other party. --- Personally, as a Christian, I condemn all hatred. God is love & full of light, & there is no darkness in Him. Let us never forget how Heather Heyer courageously protested such hatred, and she lost her life, along with two Virginia State Troopers whose families will never be the same again. On Wed, thankfully, there was a peaceful vigil on UVA's campus, remembering those who lost their lives - an important counter-protest. It was held by hundreds of UVA students singing songs & hymns & holding candles. It was not only inspiring & encouraging, but it was also very hopeful concerning our future in America.🇺🇸💕 (Copyright of my writing: inknscroll. Photo: Credit Jason Lappa for The New York Times.) bookstagram ww2 writersofinstagram American history worldwar2 writer amwriting wwii bookworm photography Charlottesville Virginia America 1John48 books 📚

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🐉Nelly NightRanger Official🐉


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Ready for the first week backtocollege 🙈 Last semester! ✌ Good Night & God Bless🌘 snapchat selfiesunday goodnight blogger collegelife future bright ahead movingforward nellynightranger_official american dutch hungarian german irish slovak performer dancer folklorico leadclown clownlife circusdays FarmersDaughter lifeonafarm SoutheastGeorgia

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GM 😍✋🏼 Nissanvtcgmcyukondenalid nalidesertspeeddriftdriftingsm ingsmokeracemethodrayssupercha erchargedhollyholleymsdaemamer

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Spanner Bird🏳️‍🌈🇬🇧 ❤💛💚💙💜🇬🇧🏳️‍🌈


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This pickup won the burnout contest by blowing a tyre.

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samurai asia china japan katana american shuriken arrow america oni bow onimask sword claws usa suit fight shinobi anime japanese naruto narutoshippuden night tradition manga asian art

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come get yours.

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