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Comment from Calhoun:

Get off the couch? That's a good one! 🙄

20 Minutes ago

Comment from aretrieverstory:

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Haha ignore my voice but Beretta is doing great with the new underground fence we installed at my dads! ❤😆 And her birthday is in 2 days! -- 1/24/17 comment "👑" if inspired

37 Minutes ago

Comment from Wolfie_Woo_Woo:

1.17.2017 // Day Eighty Eight. When you're almost 5 months old and pick up Pride and Prejudice and fall in love with the story and just couldn't put. It. Down.

1 Hours ago

Comment from Hudson The Portie:

Sometimes there's light at the end of the tunnel...other times, it's @hudsontheportie 😎

2 Hours ago

Comment from Camo:

& of course a happy Tiny Trigg Tuesday!!!!😍💕😍💕🐶 #love

3 Hours ago

Comment from Camo:

Just a pic of me doin' what I do💁🏼‍♂️ Happy tennis ball Tuesday!!!!!!😍🎾🌊 #tennisballtuesday

3 Hours ago

Comment from Kai Bear:

I loves getting baby foot rubs from my human cousin Parker👍🏼🐾😝

3 Hours ago
4 Hours ago

Rainy day training the Brain. Baloo is starting to turn with me well while holding the middle position. It's been hard keeping him in the middle since he's a bouncy Labrador pup 🐻

5 Hours ago

Comment from Daisy 🌸:

What's a Mohawk and why does mom say I have one???

7 Hours ago

Comment from Calhoun:

Mmmm that looks good. Can I have some? 😋🤤

7 Hours ago