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Comment from Sam🐾:

Happy tongueouttuesday furiends!! therapydog ATD CGC AKC americankennelclub longhairlab TOL talesofalab instapet instalabs insta_dogs dog dogpod dogsofcolumbus dogsofinstagram retriever labradors_ labs_of_insta labradorretrievers labradorsofinstagram fab_labs_ gottalovelabs_ pupdoggydoga

2 Hours ago

Sullivan The Great (Sully)


Comment from Sullivan The Great (Sully):

Mom, seriously, 😒 enough with the selfies... I'm trying to sleep! Who else deals with this when they're trying to snooze?

2 Hours ago

von den Bären Shepherds


Comment from von den Bären Shepherds:

So excited to meet these little ones... 17 more days!❤️🎉 germanshepherd germansheherds germanshepherddog germanshepherdsofig gsd schutzhund schutzhunddog schäferhund deuscherschäferhund hochzucht westgermanshowline wgsl americankennelclub akc ipo workingdog pregnantpup puppies happy excited vondenbaren

4 Hours ago

❤Kenzie _the_gsd❤


Comment from ❤Kenzie _the_gsd❤:

Mama said I started my period today. I don't know what that is, but now I'm not allowed to go to the pet store with her. 😕 germansheperds germansheperdforever puppy germanshepherdpuppies gsd gsdlove puppiesofinstagram germansheperdfanpage thegermanshepherdworld ilovegermanshepherds gsdstagram gsdpage gsdlove germansheperds4ever dogsofinstagram dogloversclub germansheperdslovers puppycuteness gsd germamsheperdnation mydog puppycuteness gsdlife americankennelclub K9 sablegsd dogs_._lovers germansheperdsclub germanshepherds.gsd dailygermanshepherds

4 Hours ago

Dude The Dog


Comment from Dude The Dog:

Helping mom with some leg workouts 👊🏼 personaltrainer sheneedsit

5 Hours ago

Dude The Dog


Comment from Dude The Dog:

Hey ladies 😉

6 Hours ago



Comment from sawyerthevizsla:

gemma sookie nashvillegram dogsofnashville catahoula catahoulaleoparddog instagrampetphotos topdogphoto iflmdog bestwoof mydogiscutest vizsla vizslalove vizslalife vizslagram vizslasofinstagram vizlasofinstagram101 instavizsla vizslasoftheworld worldvizslaclub outdoorswithdogs southerndogs pointersofinstagram birddogsofinstagram hungarianvizsla hungarianpointer americankennelclub dailydog puppychild

6 Hours ago

Luna Mae Mclouth


Comment from Luna Mae Mclouth:

Exploring. labs_of_insta pupsofinstagram americankennelclub labradorretriever doglife dogsofinstaworld luna_mae20 labradors_ labrador_feature labrador_lovers dudleylab bfmodel2017

6 Hours ago

Dude The Dog


Comment from Dude The Dog:

Just chilling out on mom with my blankie and favorite bear Patch Adams ✌🏻

6 Hours ago

Elizabeth Lucas


Comment from Elizabeth Lucas:

So much cuteness in this household! Ilovemysimplelife StayHumble boxermom purebreedboxer boxersofinstagram dogsofinstagram lovewhereyoulive AMERICANKENNELCLUB AKC Buster Remington

6 Hours ago

Acadia Charlotte


Comment from Acadia Charlotte:

Sunset walks! evening sun sunset walk rainbow play cutie retriever chesapeake chesapeakebay chesapeakebayretriever chessie chessiesofinstagram retrieveroftheday retrieversgram dog dogs dogstagram dogsofig puppy puppylove puppiesofinstagram instadog dogoftheday americankennelclub acadia acadianationalpark acadiaslittleadventures

7 Hours ago



Comment from MJ:

Urban sprawl stbernard saintbernard walter walterstbernard gentlegiantoftheday giantbreedlovers aplaceforsaints sunny_saints ilovemysaint saintbernard14 weeklyfluff barkbox petscorner friendlypets pawstruck aplacetolovedogs dogs_of_instagram joann_2327_ the_dogs_page saintbernardsofinstagra insta_dogs woof wooftagg americankennelclub eukanuba petfancy barkpost ruffpost worldofsaints

8 Hours ago



Comment from aretrieverstory:

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ You know what they say... One hundreth time's a charm 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ This is literally the highlight of my day!!! -- 2/27/17 comment "👑" if inspired

8 Hours ago



Comment from Scout:

I don't care if it's her puppy Kong! I am not giving it back itsminenow ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• royallcreations for handmade dog bandanas FREE BarkBox use code SCOUTTHEGRIFF ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• wpg wirehairedpointinggriffon wpgoftheday huntingdog gapviewgriffons communitygriff actiongriff birddog birddogoftheday griffons duckdog gundog cabelascanine puppiesofinstagram dogsofinstagram americankennelclub akc

10 Hours ago



Comment from Josh:

Pup Remix. A re-edit of a GREAT photo by sprvoiceover. Cane Corso at westminsterkennelclub Meet the Breeds.

10 Hours ago

Edgar - Baron Edgar Oak Hunt


Comment from Edgar - Baron Edgar Oak Hunt:

Puppy pictures all week in honor of my birthday! 🐶❤🎉🎈This was the first time I went swimming at the beach! edgarturnsone birthdaytime ilovethebeach • • edgarthegriff wpg wpgoftheday whatkindofdogisthat wirehairedpointinggriffon korthalsgriffon communitygriff dogs_of_insta puppiesofinstagram dogsofinstagram bdognation dogswithbeards edsftg modeldog orvisdogs chs charleston sc smile retriever modeldog edgartown barbour akc americankennelclub findyourwild sullivansisland

10 Hours ago



Comment from Camo:

Got me a case of the Mondays😯

10 Hours ago

Crova's Shark Finn NTD


Comment from Crova's Shark Finn NTD:

Glad Monday is almost over 🙌🏼 ⠀ Bandana by: kalis_kreations ❤ Can toy by: sodapup_truedogsllc ❤

10 Hours ago



Comment from Peanut.the.corgi:

Met winstonthewhitecorgi at the New York Corgi Meet Up! It was pawsome! instacorgi dogsofnyc cutestdog corgis_of_instagram excellent_dogs dogs_of_instagram corgination sendadogphoto worldscutestdog corgisarelove corgismile corgiworld_feature puppysketch corgistagram corgistagrams corgigram_ buzzfeedanimals corgigram huffpostgram corgi ohmycorgi igcutest_animals freitagfluff photos4ellen myfavcorgi odefix corgiplanet nycdogs americankennelclub corgigram

10 Hours ago



Comment from Pippy🐾:

Watching for deer and rabbits at Nana and Grandpa's house. I love being back where I grew up 💕 . . . . deerwatching rabbitwatching home schnauzer schnauzers schnauzersofinstagram schnauzerpuppy schnauzerofinstagram schnauzergram schnauzerlove minischnauzerofinstagram minischnauzermom minischnauzersofinstagram minischnauzers akcminischnauzer miniatureschnauzer akc americankennelclub dogs dogsofinsta dogstagram dogsofinstaworld dogsofig dogsofinstagram watchdog

10 Hours ago