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Peter Schwoob (warfire604) Instagram Photos and Videos

Peter Schwoob


Comment from Peter Schwoob:

This was totally out of the blue. I saw a chipmunk at work. This is the 1st chipmunk I've ever seen. chipmunk chipmunks animals animalsofinstagram awesome

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National Geographic Doc (natgeodoc) Instagram Photos and Videos

National Geographic Doc


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natgeo nationalgeographic animals animal instagram natgeotravel natgeotv nature wild world hunt lion tiger leopard cat bear dog documentary snake beautiful birds tree foreveronholiday asia europe africa mountain desert

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 (adonia_gh) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Flower,insect and ant 🌸🌸🐞🐞🐜🐜💛💛 flower insect ant faunafloraphotos floral animals milan milano spain madrid photography world nature brazil españa

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Cotton Boy (cottonboyusa) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cotton Boy


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The top 5 smartest dog breeds??? Do you know? Come to to find out dogs cartoon blogger animals pet

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Bambithetoypoodle (bambithetoypoodle) Instagram Photos and Videos



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My new friend @totoyo7702 ! urbandecay poodle toypoodle poodlecute poodlepuppies poodlelove poodleofinstagram lovedogs poodlepuppy dog poodleworld dogs animals

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Vladimir Taruntaev (bmw316idriver) Instagram Photos and Videos

Vladimir Taruntaev


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👻Как оказалось это американские ребята вполне комфортно себя ощущают в Росиии, среди берёз и дождливой погоды🌈 . . . weekend chill alpaca farm moscow animals nature альпака москва выходные зверюшки милота пушистые подтянутые стройные

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Charming (artistic_hippielove_) Instagram Photos and Videos



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I swear she is my world! I couldn't be in this big house without her! dog puppy pup cute eyes instagood dogs_of_instsgram pets pet animal animals petstagram dogsitting photooftheday dogsofinstagram ilovemydog instagramdogs dogoftheday lovedogs lovepuppies adorable instapuppies

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Ivone Carmo (ivone_do_carmo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ivone Carmo


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Listening ... kudu herbivore antilopes wildlifeonearth wild intothewild intothekruger animalsofinstagram animals krugernationalpark kruger

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LAMBO (lambo_pom) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Feel nice to me on top of the world!! 😍😍😍 _______________________ __________________________ dog puppy instadog cute pet love dogstagram dogs dogoftheday petstagram instagood ilovemydog doglover pets animal nature photooftheday animals adorable followme pup happy instapuppy instapet instagramdogs petsagram dogs_of_instagram lovedogs smile fun

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maryjon73 (maryjon73) Instagram Photos and Videos



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برای شروع آموزش ابتدا باید دقت کنید که خرگوش شما از چه گوشه از قفس برای دستشویی کردن استفاده می کند. جعبه مخصوص دستشویی کردن را در آن گوشه قرار دهید. چنانچه به خرگوشتان اجازه می دهید از قفس خارج شود حتماً در اتاق از جعبه دستشویی استفاده کنید. زمانی که خرگوش خارج از قفس است، هر پنج دقیقه یک بار او را درون جعبه دستشویی قرار دهید. اگر دقت کردید که خرگوش پشتش را بالا می برد و دمش را بالا می گیرد و در جای مخصوص دستشویی کردن نیست، فوراً او را بلند کنید و در جای مخصوص قرار دهید. و کل قفس راباسرکه تمیز کنید تا بویی از ادرار خرگوش وجود نداشته باشد بهذجز ظرف مخصوص شما باید هر لحظه آماده باشید چرا که خرگوش های جوان فوراً آموزش داده شده را فراموش می کنند. مندی خرگوش Mandy rabbit animals animal pet InstaTags4Likes dog cat dogs cats photooftheday @appslejandro cute pets instagood animales cute love nature animallovers pets_of_instagram petstagram petsagram

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Zancos Tours (lastminutesafari) Instagram Photos and Videos

Zancos Tours


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Good Morning ☀️ selousgamereservelakemanzesafa esafariholidaycoastalholidayco

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Emmanuel Castellano (emmanuelcastellanopeinador) Instagram Photos and Videos

Emmanuel Castellano


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chowchow chowchowgallery gaydog gayusa gaysadica gayeurope gayitaly gaygermany gayholland animals gayfloridaboy gaybarcelona gaymexico gayflorianópolis gayanimals gaymexico gayeeuu

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DeathxFox Youtube (deathxfox_yt) Instagram Photos and Videos

DeathxFox Youtube


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What are you? snake snakes animal animals animalkingdom

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Tommysfotografie (tommysfotografie) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Mountainroad in Norway roadtrip road sheep animals nature landscape fjell photography instagood lake norway norge mountains clouds montañas travel journey vacation viaje holiday viajar viagem viaggio ferias urlaub

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Kit Keung (kit.keung) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kit Keung


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The polkaDot animals nature pattern dots

1 Minutes ago
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (furologystyling) Instagram Photos and Videos

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Comment from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia:

This good looking lad is Clyde the Maltese. maltese goodboy bestfriends blog blogger pets petblog petcare petstylist dogdogs doggroomerdoggrooming groomer grooming animals furology furbabiesmelbourne geelongsurfcoastdogtopicsblack blackandwhitecutebreedsworkwor rkworkmotivationloveonlinebout

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Ofer Lando (ofernicus) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ofer Lando


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Night Crawler pic_israel israelinstagram bugs animals

1 Minutes ago
Leftunsaidanimalvideos (leftunsaidpodanimalvideos) Instagram Photos and Videos



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animalvideosanimals animallove love animalvideoanimalvideos animalplanet amazing cutefun cuddle video share feature catcats catsagram catstagram instagoodkitten kitty kittens pet pets animalanimals petstagram petsagramphotooftheday

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THE PANCHO BROTHERS 🐶🐶 (thepanchobrothers) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from THE PANCHO BROTHERS 🐶🐶:

Part 2/2 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ If you have an end stage cancer dog and you have to spent 9-10 hours a day at work, you have to learn to switch your thoughts off. Otherwise I would have gotten crazy - and fired. I wouldn't have been able to afford her food, her vet bills. When I went home from work in the evenings it was Russian Roulette each time. I never knew if she was still alive. I always took a deep breath before I walked through that door. And she never let me down. We had walks and flowers and fun and playtime. Amy's tumor wasn't causing pain, so she could remain her wonderful self for quite some time. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ At some point the nights got rough though. Amy needed to get outside at 8pm, 12am, 4am. Every night. I learned how to function without much sleep. My mom offered to take her at night but I said no. What if she would have died that night, away from me. Amy was my dog, my responsibility. And sometimes the stars at the night sky were truly beautiful. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I cleaned her poop, her vomit, her pee. I hold her paws when she felt weak. She touched me with her paw when I felt week. But we never gave up. Not until June, 4th of 2016... when my girl taught me the final lesson about being a fucking warrior princess. The greatest act of love is letting go. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ When our vet lady looked me in the eyes it knew I had to make the decision to stop Amy's tiny heart from beating. That final moment is burned into my memory forever. Amy died in my arms, on a sunny summer day, on our beautiful balcony, surrounded by all the love of this universe. The second her heart stopped beating I died, too. At the same time I never felt more pieceful than in that moment when her soul left her body. My heart scattered into a million fucking pieces, but I also felt all the love of the last 12 years at once. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ When the vet left with tears in her eyes she said 'There's no medical explanation for those 6 months.' There wasn't. But there was love and devotion, prayers from friends all over the world and... hope. Amy was a warrior princess. And she turned me into one, too. I still take photos. To honor her. To dance for beautiful life. With her boys. ❤️ memories ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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fab (barjomi) Instagram Photos and Videos



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National Geographic Doc (natgeodoc) Instagram Photos and Videos

National Geographic Doc


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natgeo nationalgeographic animals animal instagram natgeotravel natgeotv nature wild world hunt lion tiger leopard cat bear dog documentary snake beautiful birds tree foreveronholiday asia europe africa mountain desert

1 Minutes ago
Stephanie (chicago_fangirl) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Stephanie:

African elephants!!! Haven't seen elephants at a zoo in so long it was such a treat to see them! 🐘🐘🐘 zoo atlanta elephant africanelephant animals cute amazing beautiful zooatlanta georgia travel adventure fun awesome

1 Minutes ago
Entertainmentbazz™® 30k  💞💃👼🕵️ (entertainmentbazz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Entertainmentbazz™® 30k 💞💃👼🕵️


Comment from Entertainmentbazz™® 30k 💞💃👼🕵️:

dog dogs puppy pup cute eyes instagood dogs_of_instagram pet pets animal animals petstagram petsagram dogsitting photooftheday dogsofinstagram ilovemydog instagramdogs nature dogstagram dogoftheday lovedogs lovepuppies hound adorable doglover instapuppy instadog Entertainmentbazz

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itsme_syulli04 (itsme_syulli04) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from itsme_syulli04:

Hati2 buat yg suka pd marah trs bawa2 nama nya tuh!!!! Die marah ntar..... Kwkwkwkwk 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 atutuwe . . . dog dog puppy pup socialenvy PleaseForgiveMe cute instagood dogs_of_instagram pet pets animal animals petstagram petsagram dogsitting photooftheday dogsofinstagram ilovemydog instagramdogs dogstagram dogoftheday lovedogs lovepuppies hound adorable doglover instapuppy instadog

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Obi the ShiPoo 🐶 (obitheshipoo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Obi the ShiPoo 🐶


Comment from Obi the ShiPoo 🐶:

Sad because I didn't win.. Mommy is trying to make me feel better 😞🐶

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Abhaysalve (abhaysalve) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Coconuts Alert .. 🐊😈🙅‍♂️👑🗼 Coconut-A-Day selfie instagram mumbaivibe composition sparrows sea swag mumbairains walk logo coconutaday instaoftheday instadaily workout gococonuts sportswear lifestyle businessman followforfollow animals GraphicDesign reflections fitnessmotivation bodygoals reachforthebeach designers purebrazilian reebok pictureoftheday socialmedialife

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Dog Lives Matter (doglivesmatter_freecollars) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dog Lives Matter


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Experience better walks with your fur babies by using one of our limited edition LED-equipped dog leash! Get it for free while supplies lasts. Open for all dog lovers anywhere in the world! dog dog puppy pup cute doggo pupper instagood dogs_of_instagram pet pets animal animals petstagram petsagram dogsitting photooftheday dogsofinstagram ilovemydog instagramdogs fishingdog dogstagram dogoftheday lovedogs lovepuppies hound adorable doglover instapuppy instadog

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Cats lovers ❤ (cats.craze) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cats lovers ❤


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Double tap if you like ❤❤⠀ 😻⠀ ✨ Follow @cats.craze and tag craze for your chance to be featured.

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MorģanaTheCat 👑 (morganathekitten) Instagram Photos and Videos

MorģanaTheCat 👑


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Thank you for 100 followera in 3 days! ❤🤔 - - - - - (TAGS) - - - - - siamese photooftheday blueyes catoftheday cat nice kitten kittens adorable ilovemycat catsagram furry instacat instagramcats pets animal lovecats instagood fun animals prilaga catlover smile siamesecat petstagram cats petsagram catsofinstagram sleeping

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Damian Janusz (damiandawidjanusz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Damian Janusz


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brekfast kitty kitten catsofinstagram catseat animals cats

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Kaitlynn Victor (kaitlynnvictor) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kaitlynn Victor


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I'm not a mother. And I'm not pregnant...there's just something about nurseries that I love. ❤Click the link in my bio to check out my website and more pics of this nursery I loved working on.👆 Designer: 🙋🏼

2 Minutes ago
Dicas da kaw 💅 (dicasdakaw) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dicas da kaw 💅


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Boa noite meus amores ❤ Recebi uma amostra grátis de uma máscara da marca @Dalsannaturallis e estou completamente apaixonada,então tive que vir trazer uma resenha pra vocês ________________________ O que a marca diz: A creatina é um aminoácido presente no foi,apresenta baixo peso molecular,o que permite contato do processo de hidratação,além de tornar a fibra mais resistente e com brilho.A manteiga de Murumuru restaura a camada hidrolipidica natural, proporcionando brilho,hidratação e proteção aos fios.A associação de ativos reconstrutor e hidratante garante praticidade no processo de recuperação capilar. _____________________ Modo de usar: após lavar os cabelos,aplique a máscara a partir das pontas e regiões mais danificadas.Massageie os fios garantindo que o produto entre em contato com todos os fios.Deixe o produto agir por 15 a 20 minutos,recomendamos a utilização de touca térmica ou toalha umedecida para potencializar o efeito _______________________ que eu achei: MARAVILHOSO,produto bem consistente,um cheiro muito bom,nutrição garantida,e efeito desmaia cabelo.Nao vejo a hora de testar as outras linhas da marca. _______________________ Ph 3.5 a 4.5 NÃO TESTADO EM ANIMAIS ❌ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . boanoite projetopocahontas instalike sdv goodnigth instablog sdv like comenta cronogramacapilar dalsancosmeticos produtosnaturais natural creatina hidratação reconstrução nutrição capilar amei love publi publicidade animals

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Ana Gonzalez (nuskiiscapturingmoments) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ana Gonzalez


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🎈 airballoon marariver marariversafari maasaimara masaimara masaimarasafari masaimaranationalpark kenia africa wildlife wildlifeplanet wildlifeplanet animals africansafari africansavannah nuskiistravels picoftheday photooftheday photography photographer photographertraveling capturingmoments canon canonphoto canonphotography canonphotographer

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