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Екатерина Шилец (_shilets_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Екатерина Шилец


Comment from Екатерина Шилец:

Старая фотография,но очень нравится🐶 artart творчество арт графика вдохновениемоетворчество скетч sketching artworkillustrations illustration artstagramartcollective artlifeposts artgallery artgramgraphic graphics illustrator image эскизsketchbook sketch drawing sketching artistwatercolor искусство рисую

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T i g e r  J T J (jtjno21) Instagram Photos and Videos

T i g e r J T J


Comment from T i g e r J T J:

셀카존 weekend style lifestyle art photography picoftheday awesome friends daily instadaily 일상 travel nature followme instagram holiday selfie artist like4like yummy morning design l4l amazing 맞팔 beauty goodmorning flower ootd flowers

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Request  (open &free ) 📥 (solafhusain) Instagram Photos and Videos

Request (open &free ) 📥


Comment from Request (open &free ) 📥:

Finished juvia smoking like gray from first chapter 😂😂😂 . ... . . . . I did line art for who wants to coloring it 💁❤ for good quality told me ~ (USE solineart lineart so I don't miss your post )💞 when you repost or used to coloring please tagged me ( °^°)/ ●●●●●●●○○○○• fanart fairytail anime manga animearttr digitalart natsudragneel artist onepeic naruto originalartwork originalcharacter drawing digitaldrawing manga magadraw animeart drawer fansart jellalxerza jerza erzascarlet jellalfernandes mavisvermillion zerefdragneel lucyheartfili5a natsudragneel nalu lucy

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🕸maeen🕸 ( Instagram Photos and Videos


Comment from 🕸maeen🕸:

Done by me .....💔 @neelsvisser neels visser draw drawing paint painting painter artist art fanart colors colorful coloring pencilart pencilwork

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G_O_D_A (gallery_of_dark_arts) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from G_O_D_A:

▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️ ARTIST @decaydent ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️ G_O_D_A 💀 . Welcome to the Gallery of Dark Arts. . . Image selected by: @lostplacesphotos ❤💀 ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️ ️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪ gallery_of_dark_arts g_o_d_a and FOLLOW @gallery_of_dark_arts to be featured and for membership!💀 . _____________ _____________________________ artwork only! All artwork will be verified. Please support the featured artist and visit their gallery. feature darkart sombre mystery surreal bnw beauty art artist photooftheday instaart instafollow godadecaydent _______________ ____________________________ . friends we proudly support🖤 emotional_dark_pictu pictures kf_urbandonedmasks ma Ominous_Perfection _killer__e gloomy_side_views igw_darkhou the_mirror_of_our_souls black @peculiar_and_perverse entropy_to_epitaphs dreamland_arts_of_nature mood editgrammer

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Yang (lab_art98) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Yang:

gratache arte pintura repost portrait art artwork artistic illustration illustrations illustrate drawing draw pencilart pencildrawing sketch sketchbook myart graphite graphic painting gallery nawden artfido artist traditionalart pictureoftheday freefollowstartingart

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Margherita Lembo (ghitaboo_drawings) Instagram Photos and Videos

Margherita Lembo


Comment from Margherita Lembo:

We are gonna miss this guy! See you next season ❤ outlander starz season3 finale jamiefraser jamiealexandermalcolm scottish scotland jesuisprest samheughan actor dianagabaldon tvshow draw drawing art artist pencil blackandwhite

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ZappATore (zappatore) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ZappATore:

Something I did a while back art artist ink pencils watercolor tattoo tattooartist skull vulture hourglass time fineart rose

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Архитектор Анастасия Романова (rom_anastasya) Instagram Photos and Videos

Архитектор Анастасия Романова


Comment from Архитектор Анастасия Романова:

120 зимнеенастроние нетфотодарисунку drawing wisearchi architecturefactor белое черное styleinstatag artist architecturehausуютныедомазима art sebiria moscow лесwoodgrafica

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Sai Musiq (saimusiq) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sai Musiq


Comment from Sai Musiq:

Join me this Christmas Eve... Santa will be there💋💋💋 sai stageshow actress model violinist musician artist santa

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MrOctavian (misteroctavian) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from MrOctavian:

food modeling workingout jackofalltrades director artist performer producer choreographer photographer videoeditor boys promotion nerd geek club art expression life music comedy editor director producer selfie model men gay fire lgbt love - Google Lucavian / Octavian DeMonico

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RiSz Creates (artbyrisz) Instagram Photos and Videos

RiSz Creates


Comment from RiSz Creates:

Visualize 🙏🏻 - DM for detail.. art artnet artbuyer artcollector artist decor homedecor modernart retro painting acrylicpainting paintbrush creative create popart contemporaryart newyork newjersey LA miami hypebeast wallart walldecor japan beauty canvas loveandpain love hiphop artwork

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Sophie Koschuchar (fealin) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sophie Koschuchar


Comment from Sophie Koschuchar:

One of the last comissions I'm working on. portrait manga anime sketch couple love glasses cute art artist traditionalart

17 Seconds ago
Flawless Imagination (flawless_imagination_official) Instagram Photos and Videos

Flawless Imagination


Comment from Flawless Imagination:

There no such thing as working too hard. There’s no to early in the morning or to late in the day. There’s just you and your goals. . Keep it simple, stay focused, and for God sakes be happy, it could be worse🙌🏽 . . . . . musician composer producer motivated focus nativeinstruments logicpro jerichoguitars domore behappy grateful krk process artist

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Oluwatobi Adewumi (otobiart) Instagram Photos and Videos

Oluwatobi Adewumi


Comment from Oluwatobi Adewumi:

sketch sketchbook sketches study illustrator art artist artistic_feature artistic_share artoftheday pictureoftheday arkansas newyorkcity otobiart

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Teenyweeny_Artist (teenyweeny_artist) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Teenyweeny_Artist:

DO YOU WANT TO PLAY A GAME?? tellyourarttale letsplayagame artclass arttheacher artist exploring art

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Treves Ivory London (therealmaverickmac) Instagram Photos and Videos

Treves Ivory London


Comment from Treves Ivory London:

For any ideas or features in a UK/SNE comic, DM or call the number given. Or email me at televisioncomic Any conversations that differs from comics or poetry will be ignored.

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Kerem Yılmaz (keremylmz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kerem Yılmaz


Comment from Kerem Yılmaz:

Aşk Bu Mu ♥️ 3.Sezonunda yine güldürmeye devam ediyor... 15 Aralık Cuma Saat / 20:30’ da Kadıköy Caddebostan Kültür Merkezi A Salonu’nda •Biletler Biletix ve Gişede Ayrıntılı bilgi ☎0212 504 10 01 ☎0530 796 10 01 www.oyunc oyun komedi sanat yeni sezon aktör aktris eğlence art müzik dans art comedy musıc photography artist beautiful instagood gallery creative actor actress Theatre game spectator

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Tijana (tijana.g7) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Tijana:

Trying a new pencil ✏ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . drawing girl artlovers art art_we_inspire sketch sketch_daily doodle doodles pencildrawing artofinstagram instaart instagood artwork pencil sketch_dailies sketchbook art🎨 artist art_empire art_collective characterdesign

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Vinn Wong Abstract Art (vinn_wong) Instagram Photos and Videos

Vinn Wong Abstract Art


Comment from Vinn Wong Abstract Art:

One of the biggest influences living in Japan has had on my art is learning about balance and subtlety. It has also introduced me to the art of metallic leafing. I shred them into small pieces and keep them in tiny bottles like these for later use. Aren’t they just the cutest? ☺️ . . . . . . . . . art artist artwork abstract abstractart abstractartist abstractexpressionism livecolorfully color contemporaryart love colorsplash agameoftones

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MisraeMedia (misraemedia) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from MisraeMedia:

Morning Pilates class over at @lululemon last Sunday. Time to get my own morning session going! . . . . . . . . . . art artist cleveland clevelandartist photography clevelandphotographer entrepreneur instagood instalike healthandwellness diet fitness crossfit focused inspiring sauce marketing followers bodypositivity crushingit yoga beginneryogi excersise weightloss handsandfeet hands pilates stretch morningmotivation

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Designer Products & Interior (d.signers_in) Instagram Photos and Videos

Designer Products & Interior


Comment from Designer Products & Interior:

Details to Love! 😍 d_signesIn _____ interior interiordesign interiordesigners home house residence decor decoration fashion concrete style design designer art artist garden greenery

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 (bl4ck0rwhite) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from bl4ck0rwhite:

My friend's blurred eye 💙 I love drawing eyes haha love eye blue black draw artist drawing love passion hobby art heart amazing friend blurred

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daren tabanjah (daren_yaser) Instagram Photos and Videos

daren tabanjah


Comment from daren tabanjah:

اجمل لحظات مع تامر في مرحلة الصوت وبس @tamerhosny thevoicekids mbcthevoicekids likefrome likeforfollow singer mbc tv smile backlikeslike70 followingback likeback flow likess lovepic like300 Egypt buotiful flowbackartistinstaflower conposerinstalikenowforfollow

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Tetsuhiro Wakabayashi (tetsuhiro_waka) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tetsuhiro Wakabayashi


Comment from Tetsuhiro Wakabayashi:

いつも描いたり作ったりしてないと落ち着かなくて、 それがやす それがやすらぎに繋がってるかといえば、そうじゃなくて、 何か て、 何かにいつも自分のなかにある泉のようなものを注ぎ込みた 注ぎ込みたいのだと思います。 ・ 天使の絵、今日お迎えいただ art artwork artist pray engel acrylic gallery tetsuhiro_wakabayashi 絵画 手作り額 天使 クリスマス特別展 若林哲博

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MrOctavian (misteroctavian) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from MrOctavian:

food modeling workingout jackofalltrades director artist performer producer choreographer photographer videoeditor boys promotion nerd geek club art expression life music comedy editor director producer selfie model men gay fire lgbt love - Google Lucavian / Octavian DeMonico

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Stef Colfab (stefcolfab) Instagram Photos and Videos

Stef Colfab


Comment from Stef Colfab:

C’est parti pour Rdv projet dans le cadre de l’énorme exposition 2018 que @colfing organise actuellement ! rock exposition paris event comingsoon music pop photographer photography blackandwhite amazing love workhard comingsoon team talent artist communication web design

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PüsküllüEv®|•Nur V. |🇹🇷 IYI (puskulluev) Instagram Photos and Videos

PüsküllüEv®|•Nur V. |🇹🇷 IYI


Comment from PüsküllüEv®|•Nur V. |🇹🇷 IYI:

• 121217 | O hayvan bu işte. •

36 Seconds ago
Milly, BabyMarcus, Dmoney 👼🏾💔 (joshonclouds) Instagram Photos and Videos

Milly, BabyMarcus, Dmoney 👼🏾💔


Comment from Milly, BabyMarcus, Dmoney 👼🏾💔:

One for the plug and one for the ...

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• thankyoo mandalas (thankyoo.mandalas) Instagram Photos and Videos

• thankyoo mandalas


Comment from • thankyoo mandalas:

Some progress 💬

40 Seconds ago
Chase Mullen (chasemullenstudios) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chase Mullen


Comment from Chase Mullen:

Early birds.

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Lung Jes (lungjes) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lung Jes


Comment from Lung Jes:

👯👯👯👯 《情場如戰場》圓滿結束 哩個騷由排練到演出 排練到演出都令我見識左好多野 由查拼音學識d歌追火箭 到成功 謝謝團隊中的每一個您 1/ 有人成日唔俾我唱歌 但成日都會畀意見鼓勵我 最後一個runthrough先轉choice但佢令我相信自己 2/ 有人好緊張唱歌每次都問我唱成點又叫我錄片又迫我睇片 然後又肯同我練lifting由好驚練到大家都滿意 3/有人成日話自己靚過我又搣我又話我拗柴抄佢 不過每次都好願意教返我steps 每次lifting都將我小心輕放好安心 4/ 有人聽到我想食麥樂雞就即刻陪我食宵夜 每個act2都會等佢返黎同我high 5換人出場 又會畀意見我送花的3種方法 5/ 有人唔介意我成日影佢跳舞個衰樣 買飯又會預埋我 每次出小雨都要畀個叻佢 6/ 有人每次幫我著褸都會好大力拍我 等左成年終於等到佢讚我一次 仲幫我拉拉鏈 7/ 有人成日會捉我同佢練舞 又會教我點樣跳會好睇d 8/ 有人一開始嗌我醜婆婆到最後叫我啊美 仲成日要我抱要我帶佢搵表哥 9/ 有人放定海神針係我個頭度 仲話完左要用髮再生 演戲細胞非常豐富 我等緊你個棟督笑架同埋會繼續睇你既live 10/ 有人有強迫症好畀心機化我個妝整頭整到好似玫瑰咁 11/ 有人每次見我行埋去就知道我要梳頭幫我抹汗叫我隨時出場就走 仲出動私貨紫色頭花 自信心即刻爆棚 12/ 有人每次quick change都會開定幕等我 冇特登夾定次序 但唔講野都好有默契 令我好放心好快就換好衫 13/ 有人戴咪會叫我小魚仙 試咪果陣覺得自己好似做緊小勇士咁 14/ 有人每次睇我地warmup都會係台下跟住跳 好似以前大家樂咁 太多太多寫唔哂了 歡迎對號入座:D artist actress performer drama musical freelance freelancer freelancerlife jesxperform 自由身生活 音樂劇 情場如戰場 張愛玲

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Rytykaa Ragini (when_writika_writes) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rytykaa Ragini


Comment from Rytykaa Ragini:

Solitude is the key! 🙌🏻 (Background image- @when_writika_writes ) . . writersofindia writersofinstagram writers wordporn artist wordsofwisdom poem poemsporn poetry instagood poetrycommunity poetsofinstagram followforfollow writersofig wordsmith blog blogger quoteoftheday inspire quotestoliveby scribbled musings followers followback writing writerscommunity indianwriter writersnetwork poetry poetrycommunityofinstagram

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