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Katerina Katrin Maemae Samara (katerinakatrinmaemaesamara) Instagram Photos and Videos

Katerina Katrin Maemae Samara


Comment from Katerina Katrin Maemae Samara:

Nouvelle saison, nouvelles œuvres et nouvelles expositions! Stay tuned! ;) artistslife nouvellesaison printemps

8 Minutes ago
Chiara Gramaccioni (broccolopola) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chiara Gramaccioni


Comment from Chiara Gramaccioni:

Quando trovi un committente serio disposto veramente a pagare per i tuoi disegni, e non il solito coglione che “Ah devo pure pagarti? Ma non lo fai per passione?!11” vitadaartista artistslife commissions miitomo miifoto miiphoto avatar clienticheannullanoilproprioqi supportlivingartists tipagoinvisibilità

13 Minutes ago
Katerina Rozhkova (katerinar_3d) Instagram Photos and Videos

Katerina Rozhkova


Comment from Katerina Rozhkova:

wip workinprogress art artwork painting oilpainting oiloncanvas 3dartist artist artistslife roses redroses manyroses rosesarered flowers flowersofinstagram artistsoninstagram instaart gamblin oilpaints oilpainter nature flower rose redflowers red la ca

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Lynne Walker (lynwalker136) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lynne Walker


Comment from Lynne Walker:

You work and work on a piece and it doesn’t work for a long time. Then you get frustrated, give up and just let go and start wrecking it, scribbling, scratching lines, combining shapes, erasing shapes, adding colors that shouldn’t work.....and then it starts working(sometimes)WTF I’m sure I’m supposed to be learning something from this;) I’m not sure about this one, but decided to stop for now “the door” colorfulart colorandlight vividcolors colorcolorcolor paintandsip paintpaintpaint paintanyway abstractdesign internationalart stilllifewithflowers markmaking paintingair itsallabstract intuitiveart abstractedart artlife artdaily artistslife artistforlife teachingart lovecolor internationalart

41 Minutes ago
BECCA BAŠIĆ (becca_basic) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from BECCA BAŠIĆ:

Community is a very important part of my brand. I want to be approachable to my followers and build an environment that people want to be part of. It’s all about connection. If you’re an artist wanting to build your own community within your own brand, be sure to check out my blog post, “5 Ways to Create Community Through Social Media” (link in profile)!

1 Hours ago
Em Joy (emjoystunes) Instagram Photos and Videos

Em Joy


Comment from Em Joy:

GIVEAWAY ALERT! Hey beautiful people I have some good news! Not only are we cooking up a second epic music video for you all, I’m also doing a giveaway for my album “The Wanderings” ✨ The lucky winner will score themselves and their three tagged friends a free download of all 8 tracks as well as a signed hard copy of my first EP . All you need to do to enter is tag 3 friends who needs some of these tunes. You can enter as many times as you like. Winner will be drawn Monday March 26 Happy tagging 😊 xx

1 Hours ago
Elena Arcangeli (elenarcangeliart) Instagram Photos and Videos

Elena Arcangeli


Comment from Elena Arcangeli:

Nudino - part 1 . . . . . lifeofanartist artstudio artforthehome artistslife naturelovers todayinspiration contemporaryportrait contemporarypainting arthomedecor colorinspiration beautifulart oiloncanvas paintingoncanvas artwork artworks brushstrokes italianartist artlover arttobuy arttopurchase beautifulcolors contemporaryrealism contemporaryart inspiringart womenart feminine femailportrait patternpainting nudepainting nudepaintingart

1 Hours ago
Siobhán Humston (siobhanhumstonart) Instagram Photos and Videos

Siobhán Humston


Comment from Siobhán Humston:

The canals have frozen & thawed & frozen again a good few times so I’ve collected patterns along the winter spring way •_____________________________ ______________________________ frozen patternsinnature natireinspired naturelovers rsa rsa_nature biomimicry netherlands artistslife artistinresidence observe daytodayaesthetics

1 Hours ago
Hayley Mills-Styles (hmillsstyles) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hayley Mills-Styles


Comment from Hayley Mills-Styles:

Today's prompt for marchmeetthemaker is stories, a day in the life. I'm a bit nervous as I've never used stories. Let's start with a breakfast pic, on Wednesday's I treat myself to a muffin from Pret artistslife breakfast foodofinstagram

2 Hours ago
Kaitlyn Parker (kparkerdesign) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kaitlyn Parker


Comment from Kaitlyn Parker:

More flowers and a bit of behindthescenes process for you all...mostly because I’m dying for spring to be here. spring springtime springfever springflowers flowers blumen blume process create paint allabouttheprocess blue acrylicpainting daisy sun sunflower artistslife artflowsessions kunst artistsoninstagram

2 Hours ago
Αντώνης Τουμανίδης (toymaker_inst) Instagram Photos and Videos

Αντώνης Τουμανίδης


Comment from Αντώνης Τουμανίδης:

Οι «Εφιάλτες...» επιστρέφουν ξανά στα βιβλιοπωλεία! Με ανανεωμένο εξώφυλλο, περιλαμβάνουν τρία νέα παραμύθια («Ρουμπελστίλτσκιν», «Ο Παπουτσωμένος Γάτος», «Η Τραγική Ιστορία του Αμμάνθρωπου»)! «Εφιάλτες & Παραμύθια», Β΄ επαυξημένη έκδοση, Εκδόσεις Anubis bookstagram books bestseller fairytale horror fantasy secondedition author writer bookcover horrorauthor writerscommunity instalike mystery artistslife anubisbooks anubis screenwriter producer

2 Hours ago
Kent Oliver (conjurorkent) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kent Oliver


Comment from Kent Oliver:

Atm. Meeting with some of my Illusion assistants for our upcoming Teatrino show this April 21,2018. Kent Oliver : Defying Reality / El Futuro De Las Ilusiones Produced by : Huge Rock Productions April 21,2018. Tickets available at Ticketworld. For tickets please check this link: buildersofillusions DefyingReality KentOliver kentoliverproduction artist artists artistslife artistsofinstagram artistsoninstagram performer performerlife grandillusionist elfuturodelasilusiones grandillusionist illusionist

2 Hours ago
Joid'art (joidart) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Joid'art:

2 Hours ago
Wesley Flanagan (wesflanagan) Instagram Photos and Videos

Wesley Flanagan


Comment from Wesley Flanagan:

I live for mornings like these. artistslife perfectlight morninglight painting balconygarden green publicholiday

2 Hours ago
ßurcu Yaşar (loveart.b) Instagram Photos and Videos

ßurcu Yaşar


Comment from ßurcu Yaşar:

hayırlı sabahlar 🕊 Imwork artwork_in_studio artists artlife artistslife artstudio artiststudio artoftheday artlover artlovers artdrawing artofinstagram drawings paint paintings fineart finearts instadrawing instagramart instagramwork studioart loveart followme followart followforfollow vsco vscogalery vscocam vscoturkey

3 Hours ago
Celia Bennett (artistceliabennett) Instagram Photos and Videos

Celia Bennett


Comment from Celia Bennett:

2" brush in one hand, scratching out stick in the other! workshop mixedmedia lovemyjob happyartist art contemporaryart mixedmedia painting artist motivational acrylic artforsale artistslife artistsoninstagram workshops artistsstudio instadaily watercolour cityscape seascape landscape sketch sketches abstract buyart artlover creative collage artistceliabennett petportrait commissionart

3 Hours ago
Anne-Marie van Eck (annemarie_van_eck) Instagram Photos and Videos

Anne-Marie van Eck


Comment from Anne-Marie van Eck:

• • • • • • • • • • • WAREAaRT TRUETOArtJOURNAL different art artistslife inthestudio life lovewhatIdo artistslife lifeinthestudio gallery eyeofthebeholder beauty lovewhatido lifelovelive reallife art artbook acrylicpainting modernart painting mixedmedia painting happinez contemporaryart artbook art artjournal visualjournal createfulness create saatchiart

3 Hours ago
Julia Moraes (ameninadosvestidos) Instagram Photos and Videos

Julia Moraes


Comment from Julia Moraes:

Just wanted to say hi, say that I am still alive, back to LA and working my butt off. That’s why I’ve been a little absent from here lately... Hope to be bringing loads of new content, cute little paintings and sketches soon!!! Hope everybody is well and having fun making art! ☺️❤️🙌🏻 Love, Julia ————— sketch doodle painting art dailysketch dailydoodle pattern bananas minions watercolor fruit healthy artistsoninstagram creativehappylife artistslife losangeles california illustration brush artistsworkout

4 Hours ago
Rebecca (anneorlando) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Rebecca:

Day four of thirty portraits: Ana. She has a crazy laugh and vibrant personality. She always asks how you're doing and notices when you're having a bad day. I admire that she's fearlessly herself and doesn't focus on what others will think of her

4 Hours ago
n5 (artroomn5) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from n5:

Surprises are not over! The universe gives gifts! 🎁🎁🎁 I managed to get acquainted with interesting and competent guys from the heart of and be in their training center. Hit me! I was in paradise for artists! We exchanged information and experience. Now I have a lot of work! products should be judged by the "taste" and color 🎉🎉🎉 Impressions can not convey in words - wild delight! 😃😃😃 Thank the Universe, special thanks for @stanislaw_pichugin and everyone who cares! I love everyone! 💖💖💖 Сюрпризы не закончились! Вселенная дарит новогодне-наурызные подарки! 🎁🎁🎁 После трехлетних недопониманий мне ноконец удалось познакомиться с заинтересованными и компетентными ребятами из самого сердца и оказаться в их учебном центре. Ущепните меня! Я попала в рай для художников! Сбивчиво и сумбурно обменивались информацией и опытом: слишком многим надо было успеть поделиться. Обменялись образцами - я им картины, они мне краски, разбаватели, лаки и многое другое. Теперь предстоит много работы! Все надо попробовать на "вкус" и цвет 🎉🎉🎉 Впечатления не передать словами - дикий восторг!😃😃😃 Спасибо Вселенной, отдельное спасибо @stanislaw_pichugin и всем кому не все равно! Всех люблю! 💖💖💖 tikkurila tikkurilakz artistslife artistalmaty fluidart fluidartkz contemporary creation decorart workshop tikkurilapaints

4 Hours ago
Sally Richardson (steamworks) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sally Richardson


Comment from Sally Richardson:

Happy World Puppetry Day! One of my most favourite puppet experiences was making Splat! with the wonderful @sparepartspuppets & here with @yvankarlsson & friend! 😍 puppetmagic loveandfamily artistslife sparepartspuppettheatre artsandculture gratitude

4 Hours ago
Chandra Edyn VanVleet (chandravanvleet) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chandra Edyn VanVleet


Comment from Chandra Edyn VanVleet:

my attempt at abstract art... 18" X 24" charcoal and pastel on paper 1. "Reunited" 2. untitled lbccdailysketch lbcc art drawing abstractart longbeachartist longbeachcitycollege artstudent artistslife iluvart charcoaldrawing pasteldrawing intermediatedrawingclass artistsoninstagram blackandwhite

4 Hours ago
Loui Terrier (louiart) Instagram Photos and Videos

Loui Terrier


Comment from Loui Terrier:

5 Hours ago
Becky Kisabeth Gibbs (beckykisabethgibbs) Instagram Photos and Videos

Becky Kisabeth Gibbs


Comment from Becky Kisabeth Gibbs:

Work in progress, day one, 60” x 48”. Just step in. studio artistslife bluemind liveblue ocean dothework

5 Hours ago
Hervé (baoarty) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Hervé:

Hom Nguyen artistslife figurationlyrique artisticcommunity artcollectorx contemporaine contemporainart artworkdayli artworktoday artworkfever artworkinsta beauxartsmag lyricfiguration baoarty artguide artgroupe artbuyer artcollect artcurial artculture parisartist artshots emergingart buyartwork artfollow artforyou artcritic artgalerie

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Emily Cooper (thepartycooper) Instagram Photos and Videos

Emily Cooper


Comment from Emily Cooper:

6 Hours ago
🍊 (darrenorange_art) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 🍊:

72x84 oil in canvas artistslife oilpainting design style gallery

6 Hours ago
mary antonia wood, ph.d. (talisman_creative) Instagram Photos and Videos

mary antonia wood, ph.d.


Comment from mary antonia wood, ph.d.:

“Without your wounds where would your power be? Is it your melancholy that makes your low voice tremble into the hearts of men and women? The very angels cannot persuade the wretched and blundering children on earth as can one human being broken on the wheels of the living. In love’s service only the wounded soldiers can serve.”—Thornton Wilder. ~~~Painting: Frida Khalo, “The Wounded Deer.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ fridakahlo wounded woundedhealer artistslife cgjung archetype destiny compassion service

6 Hours ago
Lisa Turner (lisaturnerart) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lisa Turner


Comment from Lisa Turner:

More colour play. . . . . . . . . painting acrylic abstract abstractart colourful aerial blue insanelyinspiredinstagram art artforsale gallery collector artistslife shire nsw sydney aussie aussieartist australianartist livingroom decor decorating interiordesign

6 Hours ago
Karla Noél (karlanoelart) Instagram Photos and Videos

Karla Noél


Comment from Karla Noél:

No music just sketching in photoshop. I have plans for this painting so to actually finish would be super rad. Too many WIP’s on tap ya know? Such is an artistslife 🤣 And yeah...I have a heart shaped mole on my cheek 💜lol, have a goodnightloves . . . karlanoel art blackartist blackart wacom digital digitalart digitalillustration illustration drawing sketch video wip plans yep

6 Hours ago
Chandra (chandrasings) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Chandra:

“You’re so down to earth, & I’m up in the stars. So show me the sea, & I’ll take you to mars.” - unknown

6 Hours ago
Roger (piki) (rogerhumanbeing) Instagram Photos and Videos

Roger (piki)


Comment from Roger (piki):

I first saw Daniel Higgs sing in Lungfish when I was 19. He is especially unique, poetic, prophetic, and inspiring. I continued to keep up with his work. Out of all his many interesting songs for some reason over the years I’ll never forget “The dream is the final warning.” Many times my dreams warn me. 3 days before being let go from the band, I had a dream where I was in a car with my drums and I couldn’t get to the show. It was panicky and hopeless. I was told over the phone that I was out, and I remember the car service driving off with my drums and I was out of the band. “The dream is the final warning.” 🤘😏🖤💎 danielhiggs lungfish musicianslife artistslife

6 Hours ago
LORI MCNEE 🎨 (lorimcneeartist) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from LORI MCNEE 🎨:

“Half the fun of doing anything is the outfit you get to wear.” says my fashionista friend @bunnyhill And I agree! 😘 mexico🇲🇽

7 Hours ago