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By: @art.maryam_ ( @get_repost) ・・・ "Reality. I am stuck. I am hostage to my own destination. When I close my eyes, my wings can take me anywhere in the universe. I abandon myself and I soar. Where only the most profound and intense souls can withstand the sick atmospheres." Quick illustration made with a reference drawing. Old one. Medium: Watercolour on canson. . . . . artistfrompakistan artists_of_pakistan instaartist talentsofart talentpakistan artistslife instaartist ig_pakistan igartsubmit artistsofpakistan dawndotcom creative_Pakistan featuring_art artist_features khatoonartsociety artistsofpakistan makersofpakistan artpakistanii artistsacrosspakistan ig_pakistani mussawir creativemuslimwomen pakistan_amazing dawndotcom dawnimages

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Foundations Revealed


Comment from Foundations Revealed:

What are YOU working on for the foundationsrevealedcontest2018 ? This year’s theme is INSECTS, and there are seven weeks to go until our February deadline! 🐜 🐛 🦋 🐝 Repost @heraldis

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Comment from Sandra:

Mein heutiges Tagesbild - noch ein Stillleben. Ich bin irgendwie auf den Geschmack gekommen. Ich bin gespannt, wohin mich dieses Projekt bringen wird. Heute hatte ich Mühe. Es geht mir nicht so gut und ich merke, dass dann auch das Malen harzt. apaintingaday painting

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Moyra Scott


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Off to my first ever radio interview. Am proud that it’s Brighton and Hove community station. community and creativity are a huge resource of happiness. Find yours. That’s my message for the day. . . . brighton brightonandhove bhcr community radio communtyradio creativity creativityforlife creativityiskey artistsoninstagram artist artistslife creativityrocks magic createyourownmagic

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About last week in our studio watercolorcolorcolorspaintpain tpainterpaintingartartistartis artistsartdailyartlifeartistsl istslifeartistsoninstagramstud

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Larry Hersberger


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“I’ve Got Mud in My Pants” Created and Copyright Internationally Licensed Artist and Master Photographer Larry Hersberger, Art of Magic and Light. wonderofachild children storyteller larryhersberger happy happyart artistslife santasmagicalgift santa christmas christmasgift ppa makingadifference childrenarethefuture art2license artofmagicandlight

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Michaela Greta Storz


Comment from Michaela Greta Storz:

Sushi as sushi can 🍣 Christmas sushi eve with my trainer ladies ❤️Stuttgarts Mikoto bietet neben einem gemütlichen modernen Design wundervolles Sushi, auch für das Auge ❤️Dank @sarah_gehrmann_hmua 's Technikwunderhandy haben wir ein professionelles Foodblog Pic bekommen. Vielen Dank liebe @pro_academy_ Kolleginnen für einen sehr schönen Abend ❤️

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Charlotte Farhan


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CPTSD - by Charlotte Farhan art artist outsiderart outsiderartist artworks artistslife artsaveslives artsaveslivesinternational mentalhealth mentalillness cptsd PTSD trauma suicide suicideprevention bpd psychoticdepression arte artistsoninstagram

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Charlotte Farhan (charlottefarhanart) Instagram Photos and Videos

Charlotte Farhan


Comment from Charlotte Farhan:

Make it Stop – Art and Poetry by Charlotte Farhan Waking up, whipping eyelids open in panic, heartbeats pound at my chest, a frame of mind completely manic, inside is emptiness, depressed, with nausea rising as if volcanic, anxieties flood and infest, unwanted thoughts, borderline satanic, the compulsions arise, obsessed, a lump in my throat, gigantic, memories pushed down, repressed. art artist outsiderart outsiderartist artworks artistslife artsaveslives artsaveslivesinternational mentalhealth mentalillness cptsd PTSD trauma CSA anxiety artandmentalillness bpd poetry poems poem

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Anna Kott


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Studio time ... dailyinspiration artistslife feelinginspired creation colourfull palette reflections artist painterslife paintmixing coloursoftheday @malzfabrik @annakottasupernova

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designphase dba


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An exciting and inspiring week for artists, collectors, curators and art enthusiasts at this year's ArtBaselMiami 2017. ▫️ Swipe left for a round up of the pieces we are digging: 1. 'New Spring' by @COS x @studio_swine 2. Rirkrit Tiravanija's, 'Do We Dream Under The Same Sky' 3. 'Wave' (2017) by Alex Israel 4. Michael Craig-Martin's 'The Planets, 2017' 5. 'Zanj 2017' by Gillian Ayres ▫️ Click link below to view more art:

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Adam Ar 🎨


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arid hill art art_khodamn artwork art_empire artjournal drawingart pendrawing paperdrawing sketchbook penonpaper acryliconpaper artistslife modernart fantasyart thedeadtrees illustration imaginedart

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Mária Vinogradová (mashka_vinogrado) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mária Vinogradová


Comment from Mária Vinogradová:

Superproud choreographer, girls. Thank you for this superb gift. You make me feel worth this work. Beautiful job, both!!!!!! choreography job artistslife

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Basquiat. artistslife figurationlyrique artisticcommunity artcollectorx contemporaine contemporainart artworkdayli artworktoday artworkfever artworkinsta beauxartsmag lyricfiguration baoarty artguide artgroupe artbuyer artcollect artcurial artculture parisartist artshots emergingart buyartwork artfollow artforyou artcritic artgalerie

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Venture Onward (1924usfanpage) Instagram Photos and Videos

Venture Onward


Comment from Venture Onward:

Go forward always @1924usfanpage . . . ventureonward 1924us christianwatson lebanonisbeautiful artistslife artsyphoto

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Comment from Reza:

My favorite kind of Daesushi 😋💕 • On another note I think my pointing finger is permanently dented in from ether holding my pencil or my phone 😂 artistslife • bapfanart bapdaehyun bap daehyun babyztrustdaehyun alwayswithbap ireallylovebap

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Chloë Tinsley (rewildingchloe) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chloë Tinsley


Comment from Chloë Tinsley:

Sometimes it feels harder to connect to our inner core, to find the volume, to turn it up, to tune in to our essence. To feel first in the body in the natural environment, to find that switch to feel first our physical self, to be before we think, to be a vessel a cup brimming full of what we see before us. The route inside is outside. For me the physical side of painting brings my mind to a point where it can translate, be that vessel and convey. My morning swimming recalibrates me, tunes me in, as it gets colder the volume turns up, but also with a change in temp. a voice of fear that wld love to have me running out. I am capable, we are all capable and we are just learning to trust ourselves. 🐾❄️🎨🤸🏼‍♂️ bodyandmind meditation waterconnection feeling wildhumans

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byoneofus skill strength life sketching artistslife inspiration designer designerlife artwork brushpen brushpenlettering qouteoftheday practice handlettering brushpenlettering lettering letters typo design handwritten sketch sketchbook graphicdesigner typelove studiolife designstudio inspiration brushpen brushpenlettering sixofusdesigns

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Dimitri Likissas (dimitriospopart) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dimitri Likissas


Comment from Dimitri Likissas:

TGIF 🏌️. . . . golf golfswing golfrange golfing golfstagram golfers golferslife golflifestyle golflife handsomeman fashionmen artistsoninstagram artistlife artistofinstagram artistoninstagram artistslife

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MENDO Abstract Art


Comment from MENDO Abstract Art:

For lovers of summer! . . . . art australia melbourne interiordesign bespoke style coastalliving interiorstyling artist interiors painting artistslife interiordesignideas modernart luxury newhome abstractart artforsale melbourneartist artwork original modernart gallery fengshui homestyling interiordecorator instaart artstudio australianartist.

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Mandalas By Julie Dawn (mandalasbyjulie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mandalas By Julie Dawn


Comment from Mandalas By Julie Dawn:

Here is ‘Winters Gift.’ I always look for the beauty of winter. mandala mandalaart art drawing digitalart sacredgeometry buddhism spiritualart creative therapy relaxing artwork glow mandalaplanet colouringtherapy ipad ipadpro applepencil dailyart design commissions mandalalovers artistslife instadigital mandalasworld peace love iornamentapp _mandala_drawings

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Kelly Evans


Comment from Kelly Evans:

In Sleepless in Seattle 1993 ‧ Drama/Romance ‧ 1h 46m @tomhanks character is looking for a woman @megryan ‘s character his dream woman who has the skills of peeling an apple in one long strand. @strandbookstore I can peel a clementine in a star. madskillz actorslife devotedstudent strasberginstitute @nyc celticwarriormuse warrior4peace bethechange kellyisforwarrior iseelifethroughafilmlens gratefulheart blessedbe artistslife impossibleisnothing askanditisgiven takeinspiredactionnow thetimeisnow present unrepresentedtalent rebelwithacause globalwarmingisreel

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Simona Mango


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Defining my perspective... perspective uniqueperspective pointofview weltanschauung visionedelmondo visionedellavita frommypointofview artistslife challengeyourself mettitiingioco liveandlearn giveityourall

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Asli Akyuz


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Adam Ar  🎨 (khodamn) Instagram Photos and Videos

Adam Ar 🎨


Comment from Adam Ar 🎨:

finish art art_khodamn artwork artjournal artvideo videoamatir art_empire pendrawing drawingpen penonpaper illustration acrylicpainting acryliconpaper imagined fantasyart sketchbook artistslife mystery thedeadtrees

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Janice De Jesus (literaryyogini) Instagram Photos and Videos

Janice De Jesus


Comment from Janice De Jesus:

Totally in awe of all the talented Bay Area artists including @gracecohenart whose work I had the pleasure of viewing at the Chocolate & Art Show tonight benefiting Artists for Trauma: Where Recovery is an Art. 😍👏🏽💕 art artsjournalism artistslife artswriter authorslife bayareaartists bayareaartscene chocolateandartshow creativity dailyinspiration sanfranciscoartscene somarts writerslife writersmuse

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Comment from Martina:

Two paintings on their way to their new homes. Just in time for Christmas 🎄😊. fethersstudio artist artistsoninstagram artistsofinstagram artistontherise artistinthemaking artistslife artislife picoftheday pictureoftheday photooftheday parcels postageworldwide postageavailable australiapost pleasefollow thanksforfollowing dontfollowtounfollowplease thisismylife

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Claire Thompson (eyeseethingsdifferently) Instagram Photos and Videos

Claire Thompson


Comment from Claire Thompson:

Wow what a year 2017 has been! It started with me working in a full-time job and is ending with me having quit that job, to realise my dream of being a full-time artist 👩‍🎤 What’s most encouraging about my bestnine2017 is that the vast majority are from my most recent collection 👍🏻 So much excitement about what’s to come in 2018 🎉

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Mia Guerrieri (miagart) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mia Guerrieri


Comment from Mia Guerrieri:

David Bowie was Not Impressed that I spent the day working. . . . . . . art chickens pets cutepets cute cuteanimals instagood instadaily australianartist illustrator artistslife femaleartist photography photo badphoto artistsoninstagram

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RonyaMan Arts


Comment from RonyaMan Arts:

At ronyamanarts we have a say: "May The Best Become Better". Striving for more means loving yourself! It's wanting more for yourself. So why not have more?! loveyourself bebetter havemore actorslife artistsoninstagram artistslife directorsnote producerslife filmmakers thespians actingcoach @ronyamanarts wift

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Kent Oliver


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Equipments maintenance day. :) kentoliverproduction kentoliver artistsofinstagram artistsoninstagram artistslife artists artist performerlife performer grandillusionist illusionist

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Divya Suratkal


Comment from Divya Suratkal:

MYSELF & ART : My Hope , My Mantra ; My Creativity, My Reality ; My Happiness, My Passion, Wings to my soul, My Peace in this frenzy Finally... My IDENTITY 😃😎✌ wordsofwisdom myself artartist hope mantracreative passion happiness identity wings peaceinstagood like4like likeforlike tagsforlikes artblog artcreative personality selflove loveforart mypoemmylife artistslife blankcanvas fun

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Frances Vettergreen (vettergreenart) Instagram Photos and Videos

Frances Vettergreen


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The kids decorated a tree at school yesterday. Mom, can I have some of that yarn that changes colour? Now these are all over the house. . . . childrensart kidcrafts godseyes variegatedyarn popsicklesticks christmasornaments makermom makerkids momlife artistslife abstractioneverywhere tistheseason

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