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The beginnings of fabulous guacamole! foodie, avacado, eathealthy

11 Seconds ago
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✨SOCK-LOVE✨ . . So this may not be THAT fitness related but c’mon, can we just appreciate the avacado socks that I got from @newlookfashion 🥑 telling me to ‘Avo Great day’❤️??? . Not going to lie.. they definitely remind me to keep eating avocado 🥑😂 . . food socks girl newlook avacado fashion gym gymgirl fitness fitspo health nutrition legs fitfam fispiration gym clothes

53 Seconds ago
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Tonight’s dinner chilli con carne,sweet jacket potato, salad sour cream chilli chilliconcarne jacketpotato sweetpotato dinner salad avacado sourcream healthy food instfood

4 Minutes ago
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Amazing brunch place in Shanghai. All the ingredients are from local farms. The eggs are fresh and they cooked so perfectly❤️ . . brunch shanghai whattoeatinshanghai foodie foodlover foodphotography avacado foodisfuel

5 Minutes ago
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Striving For A Healthier Size


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I had some avocado to use up, so thought I’d use it for lunch today in an old favourite Blueberry Boom! I’d forgotten how filling it is 😊 I added pumpkin seeds and spirulina too 👍🏻💪🏻🥑 90daysssgraduate healthyeating smoothie blueberryboom avacado blueberries

5 Minutes ago
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Alpine grain crusty bread toasted and topped with egg, avacado and hand peeled baby shrimp. . . . . . breakfast egg avacado toast alpine crusty loavesofinstagram foodie smashed health healthy carbsarelife letseat toasty

7 Minutes ago
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R Hoq


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mealprep done for lunch tomorrow I need more tupperware Lol eathealthy stayhealthy carrots finebeans avacado grilledchicken and pasta bodygoals eatclean moreveggies goals goalstomeet keepfit healthyfood healthylifestyle babysteps begoodtoyourbody balance strongwomen strongandfit

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The Earthling


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Warm up with a bowl of our loaded chili! . . . vegan vegansofig veganfood veganfoodshare plantbased plants veggies food veganeats crueltyfree avacado chili loaded streetfood foodtruck veganfoodtruck vegans veg theearthlingcuisine theearthling

8 Minutes ago
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Nature Spell


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We will be launching these amazing '2 in 1 treatment oils for hair and body' on the 20th Feb 2018 . . excited naturespelluk naturespellukaromatherapyoil launch launching oils body treatment new newproducts comingsoon essentialoils carrieroil avacado sheanutoil lavender massage shoppingonline bloggers beautiful beauty 2in1

13 Minutes ago
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Ok friends this the holy guacamole of all yummy pasta! Not to mention NUTRITIOUS so the macaroni is red beet I forgot the brand but will find it and tag it! Because it was delicious glutenfree let’s get to the SAUCE! One avacado a splsh of coconut milk sprinkle of Prmesn cheese or however much u would like (or nutritionl yest) olive oil nd hlf Lemmon! Tht’s it! The kids loved it nd I ws super hppy becuse it ws guilt free mcroni dish! avacadopasta gfpasta happykids yummykids food gffood glutenfreefood instakids littlepalatelunch littlepalate goodeats healthyeats delicious goodforyoufood goodforyou kidapproved toddlerapproved creamy

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spinich Avacado Sweetpotato Cheese Rolls Vegitarian Yumm Good Healthy💚💚💚

18 Minutes ago
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lunch game is strong today smokedsalmon on avacado on rostedseaweed nobigdeal winning

19 Minutes ago
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Personally, it’s hard for me to find a better joint than Grounded Kitchen in Leicester. You NEED to go here! | Korean Bulgogi with chicken & avacado 🥑 . . . . . . . . . . grounde buddhabowl chicken avacado leicesterfood leicestercity foodporn foodie brownrice korean bulgogi getgroundeduk

22 Minutes ago
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Sarah Sanchez -Hobbs


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snack avacado life healthy delicious

26 Minutes ago
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Jesse A


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eggs turkeybacon cheese avacado tortilla

26 Minutes ago
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Kasi Atkinson


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If you’re a avocado lover like me then you have to try this! ❤️🥑 thankstokourtneykardashian pudding healthy fitness avacado kidapproved

28 Minutes ago
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Mrs Mommy Dietitian


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But really. • • avacado avacadolover healthyfat healthyfats dietitian yummyfood yummy getinmybelly anavacadoaday nutritionist momlife momblogger dietitianswhoblog dietitiansofinstagram bloggersofig dietitianapproved tuesday tuesdaytips

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Cayenne coated ahi tuna steak with avocado salad healthyfood healthydinner healthydinnerrecipe healthyrecipes ahituna tunasteak avacado avacadosalad pescatarian pescatarianrecipes

32 Minutes ago
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Kelly T. Sirois


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Dear ketodiet, this is why I love you! HealthySalad Bacon Nuts Avacado GoatCheese

44 Minutes ago
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My quick snack this afternoon with bean sprouts and avocado👌100%Whole-grain👌 diet fitnessmotivation snackcrispy avacado ryebread fibre wholefoods healthyfood healthystyle weightlossjourney weightloss behealthy behappy fitgirls

47 Minutes ago
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Amanda Clarke


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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! healthy healthylife healthylifestyle heathyeating healthyfood healthychoices nodrinking eggs avacado banana toast mushrooms yummy sogood foodislife white green brown yolk whites breakfast food

47 Minutes ago
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prawn avacado dinner health healthoption

48 Minutes ago
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KickAss Meals


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Another KickAss meal with some carbs (potatoes) for energy and protein (Lean Ground Turkey) for the gains accompanied by a avocado blend with zucchini. kickassmeals nopork foodie lean gains fitness mealprep kickassmeals homemade life avacado zucchini groundturkey potato blessings eatclean foodporn youarewhatyoueat absaremadeinkitchen green

49 Minutes ago
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Shanthi Sree


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grilledshrimp fajitas with avacadosalsa shrimp mexican foodgasm food foodporn chefmode avacado avolife

50 Minutes ago
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Nikki King


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First attempt at a baked avacado 😛 with smoked salmon, egg and finished with chilli flakes. Served with M&S Lentil, Giant couscous and Goats cheese salad 👌🏻😘 lovefood lovetoeat lovetocook eatwell healthyeating avacado @marksandspencer @marksandspencerfoodpr

53 Minutes ago
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Peachy Keto


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Always have a backup plan!! My lunch meeting was canceled last minute but I had backup snacks! Have to stay on target to lose the last 20 pounds! keto ketodiet ketogenicdiet hardboiledeggsandhotsauce avacado broccoliandranch peachyketo youcandoit

54 Minutes ago
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breakfast bake bakeandsaltfish homemade yummyfood yummy foodie foodporn straberries avacado fish foodlover iwantfood

55 Minutes ago
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DezaRay Mons


Comment from DezaRay Mons:

Trying to get better at eating breakfast. I didn't have any sour cream to make scrambled eggs so I used plain kefir instead. They turned out great. A little avacado and cholula and its done. Now, to do this everyday. 😣😂 organic organiclifestyle organicfoods healthybreakfast healthyeating gmofree nongmo eggs avacado kefir

57 Minutes ago
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No bread no problem....Avocado and tuna it’s what’s for lunch. Another great idea by my wife @caitlin_dombrosky ...avacado lunch healthy delicious healthieroption wifesidea

58 Minutes ago
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Stephen Wise


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Today's menu included ribeye steak and avacado on the Griddler. avacado steak grilling

58 Minutes ago
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Katey Jacklyn


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My kind of salad 🌱❤ roasted potato and grilled tofu salad with a mustard maple dressing👌 eatyourveggies vegan veganaf veggiesarefuel vegangoodness nomeat nodairy noanimalsharmed bethechange fuelyourbody hemphearts sunflowerseeds avacado greenonion redcabbage getinmybelly yummy sogood hubbylovesit mysaladisbetterthanyours

1 Hours ago
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Indian Cooking


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😋khichadi (lentils and rice) 😆aloo and parwal Sabzi 😜guac 😝cucumbers vegan veganfood India Indianfood homemade plants plantbased rice lentil plantprotein eattherainbow avacado recepies eattherainbow foodie vegetables vegetarian indianvegetarian

1 Hours ago
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Big Veggie Brunch

22 Hours ago