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Nic Sweet (14south) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nic Sweet


Comment from Nic Sweet:

Wifey made chowder. yum avacado clamchowder

32 Seconds ago
Scott Israel (scottisrael4128) Instagram Photos and Videos

Scott Israel


Comment from Scott Israel:

avacado healthysnack pittsburgh uber

6 Minutes ago
Scutters LifeStyle • Lisa (scutterslifestyle) Instagram Photos and Videos

Scutters LifeStyle • Lisa


Comment from Scutters LifeStyle • Lisa:

Y u m ! 🍳// whole30 . . . . . Food foodgawker foodpics foodporn foodie recipe instafood foodstagram instayum feedfeed foodie cleaneating farmtotable nomnomnom inthekitchn noleftovers eggs avacado salmon eggslut yummy nomnom f52grams food noleftovers feedfeed healthy healthyeats healthylifestyle eeeeeats marthafood marthabakes

22 Minutes ago
Ciera Nicole (lilbunnycici77) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ciera Nicole


Comment from Ciera Nicole:

Yes you can have healthy food that tastes yummy for kids! You know what I learned over the years? No matter how much kids act like they will starve themselves before you eat what you make...if you don't give in just for even a week they start enjoying the healthy yummy stuff:)farmersmarketfoodfreshf reshfoodgrassfedbeefavacadosan dosandwhichpasturelocaleggsgra gsgrassfedbuttertigernutssprou sourdoughrealfoodfeedthemrealf

23 Minutes ago
Wes Woodland (weswoodland) Instagram Photos and Videos

Wes Woodland


Comment from Wes Woodland:

Perks of working back at Paramount Pictures in Hollywood CA. Chipotle CarneAsada Avacado 🎉👍🙏🏻

52 Minutes ago
 (spookysp3ach) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from spookysp3ach:

Avacado caprése healthyliving foodie wifethatcancook notawife avacado everything cook

53 Minutes ago
 (mii_food) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from mii_food:

Sushi rolls . . . sushi avacado cucumber chickenroll avacadoroll sushirolls rice nori lettuce yamroll dynamiteroll food foodie foodporn yum yummy foodislife love tb

1 Hours ago
AMG (agredling) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from AMG:

This had your name written all over it @blixrudhealthcoaching! Super yummy salad with our BBQ chicken for dinner tonight. summereats salad oranges pomegranate almonds walnuts poppyseeds avacado

1 Hours ago
Trifoods (trifoodz) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Trifoods:

My layout for a clean dinner. cleaneatingrightdinnerdatedinn edinnerchickengainsavacadoprot

1 Hours ago
Atl. Jfk. Mia. Lax (atl.jfk.lax.mia) Instagram Photos and Videos

Atl. Jfk. Mia. Lax


Comment from Atl. Jfk. Mia. Lax:

My dinner for the night. I absolutely love a good salad. 🤦‍♂️ dam that was good. falafel redonion garlic avacado organiclettuce cranberries pumpkinseeds

1 Hours ago
Mike Mutzel, MS (metabolic_mike) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mike Mutzel, MS


Comment from Mike Mutzel, MS:

Do you have the genes to convert dietary fat into ketones? Can the ketogenic diet change the expression of inflammatory and longevity genes? If these topics are of interest to you, you def want to check out this online summit going down today and tomorrow. Plus you can learn from many gurus that'll help you better interpret your genes. Link in bio! Repost @mrjamesmaskell ( @get_repost) ・・・ Tomorrow make sure to check out @drchatterjee @yaeljoffe @thepaleomom and @metabolic_mike in an all star line up on nutrigenomics genetics genomics functionalmedicine ketoish keto lowcarb ketogenic lchf microbiome functionalmedicine avacado intermittentfasting paleoish paleo

1 Hours ago
Follow Me On My Journies⚜️ (beaut_fit_life) Instagram Photos and Videos

Follow Me On My Journies⚜️


Comment from Follow Me On My Journies⚜️:

Avocado ice cream 🥑🍦.....popsicle fruit green smoothie juice

1 Hours ago
Jamie Lees (your_emotional_wellness) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jamie Lees


Comment from Jamie Lees:

Today everything I ate for breakfast was in the shape of a circle. It brought to mind that a circle is a series or a process that finishes at its starting point and continuously repeats itself. It's a loop. It's a cycle. So many things naturally occur as a cycle, including the seasons, astronomical happenings like eclipses & moon cycles, weather, menstruation, digestion, cell regeneration, business cycles & brain waves like circadian rhythm. Emotions too occur as a cycle in reaction to familiar drama. These emotional cycles can continue to loop us back to yet another episode of depression. Observe your emotions to see if you are in a loop. circular repeating cycle loop emotions depressiveepisode

1 Hours ago
Pheebs (phe63) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Pheebs:

Detox Dinner 3 . day3✔️cleaneatingcleansing nsingdetoxwildrosedetox cleanl leanliverhealthylifestylehomem vegetablesoupavacadobrownricea riceasparaguscherriesseaweedfo eedfollowmetoseemoreinstafoods

1 Hours ago
Peter Gomez (petergodmez) Instagram Photos and Videos

Peter Gomez


Comment from Peter Gomez:

My sister in law spoils us. yuca pork salad aguacate avacado yummy food summertime summer latin latinx latino hispanic nicaragua yyc calgary

2 Hours ago
Understandable,have a good day (r_a_v_i_o_l_i_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Understandable,have a good day


Comment from Understandable,have a good day:

dank memes dankmemes ripperoni ripinpeace spongebob mrkrabs squidward spiderman minecraft roblox hot meemee kachow kachigga openboob vegena littledick gang boonk ni🅱️🅱️a fidgetspinner wormonastring avacado spellicup

2 Hours ago
Joshua Hittson (theworldfamousverbs) Instagram Photos and Videos

Joshua Hittson


Comment from Joshua Hittson:

😂😂 holdmyavacado .... sigh .... I love avacado

2 Hours ago
Heidi Gerber (heidiagerber) Instagram Photos and Videos

Heidi Gerber


Comment from Heidi Gerber:

Yummy avocado breakfast healthyfood healthyeating healthylifestyle health summer fruit vegetables vegetarian toast radish avacado kale pistachio nuts seeds flatbread foodie foodies tasty yummy yum healthydiet healthfood food

2 Hours ago
A Nicki B (anickib) Instagram Photos and Videos

A Nicki B


Comment from A Nicki B:

Bombbb dinner fastmeal easymeal chicken avacado tostadas

2 Hours ago
Kyle (kbabiasz) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Kyle:

mitchellsfishmarket tunaricebowl Tuna avacado jalapeno carrot pickledcucumber coconutrice nori ginger food foodporn

2 Hours ago
Ashwini Jinka (ashwinijinka) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ashwini Jinka


Comment from Ashwini Jinka:

That cute gesture of him to come up with a new recipe when I'm bored to do anything!😍😍😍 ashnabhi hisrecipe mychef eggmuffins avacado yogurt healthy mycheerleader eveningsbelike ifeellucky

2 Hours ago
Janet (countrylivingmama_) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Janet:

Not exactly the prettiest of photos... but this was my dinner. 😁👅👌🏼🍴 dinner yummy beef avacado delish healthy mamatoeleven countrylivingmama texascountryliving

2 Hours ago
Alka'La (alka__la) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Alka'La:

- Dinner ?? Chickpea & Kale burger. chickpeas kale plumtomatoes greenleaflettuce avacado whitebuttonmushrooms redbellpepper onion freshdill ryebread (made from scratch) everything seasoned by a God. Enjoy!

2 Hours ago
Andres Hernandez (ncrxtreme15) Instagram Photos and Videos

Andres Hernandez


Comment from Andres Hernandez:

tostadasdeceviche ...shrimpcocktail ...avacado cilantro cucumber crabmeat shrimp ...just missing 🍺

2 Hours ago
Crystal (crystaaal0313) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Crystal:

Never a dull moment with this kid sweetchildofmine stayweird myheart myminime myemmielou love bedtime staylittle mrpotato funny avacado gogreen foodie haha thischild mommydaughtertime trio family Snapchat silly

2 Hours ago
Toneski Love (toneski_love) Instagram Photos and Videos

Toneski Love


Comment from Toneski Love:

After-after: cleanplateclub moderntimesbrewery sour gose avacado grilled foodcoma

2 Hours ago
Mainely Glass (mainelyglass207) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mainely Glass


Comment from Mainely Glass:

We have something for everyone 👌🏻 come check us out tomorrow 15% off any pink been dabbin rig 💕 • • • • mainelyglass207 empireglass heady bangor glassshop rig bong pipe bowls dopeglass glassforsale glassart glassheads yummy avacado smokeshop vape smoke 207glass glassblowers

2 Hours ago
Brittany Walters (britwalt13) Instagram Photos and Videos

Brittany Walters


Comment from Brittany Walters:

I've been trying for 3 years to grow an avocado from a seed without much success. Michael sticks one in a bag and tapes it to the window for a few months and this is what he gets 😊 hehasagreenthumb avacado

2 Hours ago
Angel Marie 💕 (its_angelll143) Instagram Photos and Videos

Angel Marie 💕


Comment from Angel Marie 💕:

I tried my hand at quac! Look how pretty it is! Im proud of me! guac avacado basic

2 Hours ago
 (eatingfool) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from eatingfool:

My fav vegan restaurant in Brooklyn! • • • vegan wildginger lanvendar rose tea soy seitan bbq avacado pineapple sweetandsour vegeterian broccoli califlower resturant brooklyn nyc hipster chineses fridrice foodie foodiegram instafoodie

2 Hours ago
Toneski Love (toneski_love) Instagram Photos and Videos

Toneski Love


Comment from Toneski Love:

After: Naan Beyond Burger grillin beyondburger veggiegrill veganfoodshare whatveganseat veganism grilling seattle rooftop carrots avacado brusselsprouts veganburger burgers

2 Hours ago
Megan Yeakel (megansbitchinkitchen) Instagram Photos and Videos

Megan Yeakel


Comment from Megan Yeakel:

All the things. buffalochickenquinoabowl• @traderjoes @cutcocutlery buffalochickenquinoabowl avacado wholefoods healthyfood healthyeats kcfoodie kcfoodblogger

3 Hours ago
ashley jordan (ashs_catering) Instagram Photos and Videos

ashley jordan


Comment from ashley jordan:

"Wrap it up in style" tray $50 Feeds up to 12 people Wrap it up sandwich tray Ham Turkey Avacado Vegetarian chips healthy wraps cucumber hummus creamcheese cheese Avacado cherrytomatoes catering turkey ham veggie vegetarian made with❤💚💜💙💛

10 Days ago