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David Brown (dbthept) Instagram Photos and Videos

David Brown


Comment from David Brown:

Having trouble getting over humpday? 🙃 Today marks the start of a little experiment on myself using inversion therapy. My back is tight. Really tight. In the second picture my arms hang forwards indicating a tight upper back and my knees are slightly bent indicating tight lower back and legs. Changing jobs has led to me sitting a lot more this year and driving more. Inversion therapy has shown to reduce the pressure on the vertebrae in the back allowing range of motion to be restored with a relatively simple exercise...hanging 🐒 I plan to hang for a few minutes a day for the next month and then chart the effects on my pain & mobility. Results will be posted! 😉 P.S. Also, gravity boots are fun. Rocky sit-ups anyone? 💪 fitness fitnesslifestyle martialarts everydayathlete wednesdayworkout london rocky inversiontherapy posture spine back hips heads shoulders knees toes

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he told me that u can't do it😎😂😂easy panna👊✌ . iamafreestyler freefootworld montana challenge kabul dubai mydubai event 433 rldesignz pannahouse panna advertising power dreem bandarabbas luxury fashion alonetime iranfreestyle come back to training wtfskills wowtalents fre365tyle 433 rldesignz @freefootworld iamafreestyler @wtfskills @fre365tyle @pannahouse

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Christian Tuffs (tuffman58) Instagram Photos and Videos

Christian Tuffs


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Brutal back & bi's session with @jaisontho 💪😲 bodybuilding fitness4less fitness fitnessmotivation back biceps arms workout workoutmotivation gym pump weighttraining gains

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Sofia Benoit (sofia_bikini_biotechusa) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sofia Benoit


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back bikini bikinigirl bikinifitness ifbb ifbbfrance ifbbmasters ifbbcompetitor

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no nothingisordinary_ skullcandy n wednesday nostalgia back studies sleepy pain b memories alliswell picoftheday trend instagram followforfollow likeforlike unemployed

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Monroe Multibrand Store


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jeans is hot this season back instore jacket by circleoftrust lightblue vintage blue shopping merelbeke multibrand store monroe 💕💕💕

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Few faces..but plenty of masks (maurizio_it85) Instagram Photos and Videos

Few faces..but plenty of masks


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Can't be separated from you and the sea Non posso stare lontano da te e il mare man me boy guy fella guaglione gym back side Sun beach Gallipoli puglia salento instastyle italian instagood picoftheday instapic looking at nature Napoli London NYC Dubai

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There's no like starting the day like this 💪🏼back 😅 trx sport fitness health energy wellness training everlast

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Matteo Tritto (ironmatt90) Instagram Photos and Videos

Matteo Tritto


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Off-season vs dieting: the pic below represents my actual shape. Despite the caloric intake is low, I'm still keeping nice muscular volumes and I'm happy about that, but I want more. 3,5 weeks out to the first appearance on stage and I'm so excited. Hope that everything will go well. Now I'm just trusting the process and following the directives of my coach @strcngcoaching @jeffnippard . This year is just memorable! Lot of knowledge and experience achieved thanks to him! And the best is still yet to come! Stay strong. // staystrong fitness bulking contestprep contest fitfam fitspo fitnessmodel shredded diet dieting iifym flexibledieting ripped aesthetics gymshark gym gymlife training workout motivation determination posing back biceps arms morning goodmorning good instafit

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Jovana Radović (jokazeka_tattoo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jovana Radović


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Skin/koža ✨ . . . skin koža mysterywoman mistic body woman womanbody bodyshape black blackandwhite dark beauty back hand pointillism dots draw drawing art artists artistinspired artinstagram artacademy artwork artrealistic arts_gallery sketchdaily supportartists supportartists art_assist

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Aj Rangel


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Slowly trying to get the thickness of my back. hardworkpaysoff day4 cutting thestruggleisreal back wickedtattoo tattoos motivations gymlife fitlife getstrong workout weighttraining nopainnogain fitnessaddict fitness ajfit27 gainz 24hourfitness fitfam bodybuilding bodyprogression blessed🙏

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føltesegsåsterk 🙄 Intervall og triceps ✔️ • speilfiegymshark gymlife keepfit kamillepuls shapeupnorge aktivhverdag girlswholift jentersomløfter lift bicepsbackryggtreningsforum treningsglede instagym fitfam fitnessglede nordicpower norgesbeast motivation dedication runwild_no progress hardworkpaysoffs

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Mark Doesburg


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Leave no mirror unflexed 💪💯 bodybuilding fitness biceps aesthetic aesthetics fitspo mirror mass gains fit flex back

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Evita Igumnova | 17


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4ikita swag hot cool cute girl pink TFLers follow window sweet beauty beautiful sexy ass abs сочно пошло видсзади попа private back view😍 kiss

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Maria Holm


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Fra træningen igår 🔥💦chinups didication fitnessliving fitnesslife instagood instafit back shoulders fit protein gains pole polefitness fitness fitgirl guns bodyfitness fitnessgirl strong workout getfit blonde motivation gym diet eatclean abs bodystore icaniwill iciw

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Gurpreet Nxt level fitnes G.S. (_singh_fitness_spain) Instagram Photos and Videos

Gurpreet Nxt level fitnes G.S.


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When a goal matters enough to a person, that person will find a way to accomplish what at first seemed impossible. You are not what you have done - you are what you have overcome. super_athletes gym gymlife aesthetics transformationwednesday ulissesworld bodybuilding fitness fitfam love me fit inspiration back cobraback anytimefitness gym health lifestyle cardio diet progress inspo fitspo abs sixpack

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Rykken er ved at slippe godt og føler der sker lidt hele tiden så det er rigtig dejligt. Motivationen og troen på at det nok skal blive godt er kommet tilbage. Jeg glæder mig til at få ferie om to uger og rigtig kunne nyde det sidste af rejsen. ryggen ryg back shape vshape diet getfit getlean getlean getshredded getshredded bodytransformation dbff bodyfitness bodyfitness bodybuildingmotivation motivation passion addicted målet måletforude newcomers2017 fitness træning snudenisporet envej kæmper

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Zak Rogerz (zak_rogerz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Zak Rogerz


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Apple Banana nut PUDDING mush takeIT back OVER upYOUR BUTT fat pill BOX POP popART Shadow cock cutIToff

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LA🇨🇳🎹🎻🎳🏐🏀🏸🏓🎱🏌🏼‍♀️ (lotus_hu929) Instagram Photos and Videos



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想回奇诺了🙁 want back home lotushu

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2017. Aleksandra & Jojart Jewellery. art polishgirl dziewczyna nude back jewellery blondehair shorthair naturalbeauty natural photoshoot photography canon photoofday picofday followme noface minimalism sesja bizuteria portrait portret nagosczakryta sombrebeings pr0ject_soul pr0ject_uno humanedge fotodome gdansk studio

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Strengthesthetics (strengthesthetics) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Filmed myself to see how my form is doing cause I don't do these often, figured why not post it 🤔 especially with that fail at thr beginning lmao 😅 teamnocalves legday ornot gym workout training gains nutrition 💪 back lats rows pendlayrows fitness bodybuilding strength aesthetics motivation inspiration progress instafit muscle student college alphadestiny 3dmj alphalete kinobody

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Marko Löytynoja (markoloytynoja) Instagram Photos and Videos

Marko Löytynoja


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Otoksia Norjan reissulta i want to go back norway lyngenalps

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Jordi Miró Bruix (jordimirobruix) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jordi Miró Bruix


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Rainy day on our way to school... rain grey walk school bcn barcelona siblings back love fun

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Shape 🐒 • 🎁 LEA_SPORTY20 🎀 @legginginabox vous offre 20 % de remise avec le code 🎁 LEA_SPORTY20 🎀 Soyer heureux de vous faire un cadeau ! giftshapefitfitnessrecoverrecoverypainbackcrossfitcrossfitgirlhealthhealthyhappysmilecrazyaloeveraloveeatcleanlonghairblondhairstrongstronger🙈

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CAPTIN🇺🇸'S WORST NIGHTMARE (og_destruk) Instagram Photos and Videos




Back double bicep, back is slowly getting wider. Still trimming off some fat 😂 bodybuilding irondungeon optimumnutrition biceps back backdoublebicep backdoublebiceppose Hawaii Oahu

6 Minutes ago
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•You don't know me!•🙅 like4likelikeforfollowlikeforlikefollow4followfollowforfollowfollowbackfollowmusicallymusicacoolbackbackpackhandsmoveon

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 (t_midzz) Instagram Photos and Videos



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I remember when I use to lift weights and it was fun . Those days are gone

6 Minutes ago
Dιl υттє Lєєк (erkhalsa) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dιl υттє Lєєк


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HukamnamaSahib Waheguru 🙏 Waheguru Sat Sri Akaal sareyaan nu ji sikh sikhism sikhart insta pic punjab punjabi status likes l4l f4f like4like follow4follow kik twitter tumblr wordpress snapchat follow back erkhalsa

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alessio buonfrate (alessio_buonfrate96) Instagram Photos and Videos

alessio buonfrate


Comment from alessio buonfrate:

Prima cosa di questo sport e come d'altronde in ogni aspetto della vita, bisogna essere critici e oggettivi con se stessi. Sul back tendo ad avere la pelle un po' più spessa quando magari sono largo di back ma pecco un po' sulla qualità muscolare.. Testa bassa e si continua a lavorare... juniores back gym bodybuilding

7 Minutes ago
 (norse_torious) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from norse_torious:

The more I experiment with my trap bar, the more I come to realize it was likely the best investment I made when switching to an olympic weight setup. I had been having problems with bent over / pendlay barbell rows, and decided to see what would happen if i used the trap bar. Not only does it feel like a more natural movement, but it also hits my lats far more than conventional pendlays would. Ill definitely be sticking with the trap bar row as my primary back exercise in the cycles to come. I then finished the day testing my diy lat pulldown setup. I did not feel comfortable spending over $100 for a pulldown cable, so i decided to make my own. Needless to say: it works perfectly, is 10x stronger and, most importantly of all, cost me 1/3 the price of of the name brand device. Today was a good day. lifting weights weightlifting strength powerlifting strengthtraining exercise fitness workout

14 Minutes ago
Дима Григоренко (grigorenko_dima) Instagram Photos and Videos

Дима Григоренко


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Спина дрысча))) типа_качаюсь.дрыщ.натурально бб gym hard back

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