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Rodrigo Almeida "Music" (music.ra) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rodrigo Almeida "Music"


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Ready!! batallas battles cover Jesus Dios Love dontbeafraid beforeme oceans hope fe monday lunes

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Siddhant Singh (contemplativepsycheontherun) Instagram Photos and Videos

Siddhant Singh


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“That was her magic, she could still see the sunset even on those darkest days.” - Atticus . . . . . Featuring - @parulg28 portraitphotography portraitphotographer indianportraitproject instagram instaphotography indianphotography expression happiness psycheontherun PortraitsofIndia canonindia portraitoftheday discoverportrait Delhigram artofvisuals citygrammers psycheontherun colorgrading colorbalance battles ig_color moodygrams women mosaic portboxindia sunset magic

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BoUnCeR .>_<. (xxevilraiderclownxx) Instagram Photos and Videos

BoUnCeR .>_<.


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That one friend who thinks he knows the song and he just stands there shaking and moving his hands like this....🎶🎤😆 flows sundaysflowsession rhymes battles rap eminem friends family thatonefool onpoint shakinghands backandforth fastness spittingbars shananagins likes people grinding

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TCR Series (tcr_series) Instagram Photos and Videos

TCR Series


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Postcards from China 🇨🇳 tcrseries tcrchina zhejiang

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UnderdogNation (1underdognation) Instagram Photos and Videos



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underdognation 🌎 pick and choose your battles ✌🏽

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Diamond (d.gemm) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Looking back I can proudly say... I never stopped. Despite the things that tried to hold me back, people that tried to hold me down, circumstances that did they best to get me down. Still I rise. My eye was jacked up at my first Pancakes and Booze show where I sold 4 pieces proudly. My eye was effed off at the Rise of the Phoenix shoot after one of the worst days in my life, didn't stop me. Put a patch on it! Was still recovering when I painted the healing piece at another lovely show. Came back after a full recovery and curated my first art show. Was 2 weeks pregnant and painted 7 models and had a 12 hour shoot. One month pregnant painted 3 models at a show. 2 months pregnant climbing up waterfalls against the rules to get good shots for promo for our collab show with Cool runnings... story continues on the next post. battles perseverance strength pregnancyjourney mylife stillgrowing neverstop blackartist houstonartist melaninbeauty wombman Models untagged: @twaynemays @shewholives_91 @keanamari @smile_of_beauty @g0ldiloxx @jinxabelle_ @itskierstan @jus_dre_dreamn @lionesstani @lillovebucket @honeycutt___ Photographer untagged: @ds.photos_

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The Remedy (remedymusic2) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Remedy


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S/O to the homie @trebodose80s and his DOSE movement! Be sure to Follow TreBo on all social media platforms 💯 @teelafayette @acesinatrabihh @we_r_lftb supporters love respect culture carrollton texas battlerap dallas battles blockshit hoodies hoodie fly texas dope photography saturdaynight roadtrip family fun marketing success

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Marsha (Mizz.Paranormal) (lacey_chaos) Instagram Photos and Videos

Marsha (Mizz.Paranormal)


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😂😂🐈🦁 My readingbuddy reading buddy cat funnycat orangetabby cuddles purrs severedsouls terrygoodkind sogood books book fantasy magic swords adventure battles war goodvsevil addicted amazing love romance death destruction hooked cantputitdown night latenightreading

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Professional_Battle_Shoutouts (professional_battle) Instagram Photos and Videos



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COMMENT FOR THE BEST TO WIN A. @shivangipatel_._ B. @_luv_sunshine_ 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 FOLLOW THE ADMIN::~ ????????? 👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆 THE WINNER WILL BE THE DP. THE WINNER WILL BE DECLARED BY TOMORROW competition photoshoot photography shoutouts model winner battles Friendly instagram instagood instadaily instacat DC fan queen king instagrammers trending innocent love girl fun smile happy cute girl boy fashion instagoodpicoftheday professional Professional_Battle 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

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The Remedy (remedymusic2) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Remedy


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Heel the World (heeltheworldapp) Instagram Photos and Videos

Heel the World


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"I always aspired to have a life that would be worth living. I couldn't make it real big in life, but I always had a passion for cooking delicious and exotic cuisines. My husband and I are both foodies. My interest in cooking grew more because of my love for him and his love to experiment with different types of dishes. Going through social media I came across Instagram and after analyzing I decided to use this platform to express my love for cooking everything from Indian, Italian, Continental, Chinese to anything that is worth trying. The love and gratitude shown by followers towards my posts only motivate me to go the extra mile. It motivates me to rediscover a new version of me. I have plans to blog professionally. I am trying to move step by step to achieve my goals and dreams." . - Mridula heeltheworldapp . foodie htw women india delhi mumbai bangalore community inspiration motivation supportwomen indian friends friendship beautiful stories womanhood empoweringwomen battles lifehacks goals thoughtoftheday

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Maddi Smith (madeliene.grace__) Instagram Photos and Videos

Maddi Smith


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First insta post EVER of me actually smiling 😬 Dunno how to feel about it at all. Have overcome some massive life hurdles over the past year. Have love, have lost, have hit rock bottom & felt like I would never see the light. I finally have gotten the help I needed & am well on the way to real happiness again, something that I have wanted for years 🍋🌿🌻happiness selflove life journey selfie monday motivation battles overcome life smiles summer vibes newyear goals strongwomen strength mindfulness instagood positivevibes warmdays

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Музыкальный Прилавок (musicalcounter) Instagram Photos and Videos

Музыкальный Прилавок


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In Flames – Battles InFlames Battles AlternativeRock HeavyMetal MelodicDeathMetal Drained TheEnd Wallflower LikeSand SaveMe 2017 осень котики коллекция

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Bre Veney (bre.v07) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bre Veney


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I L O V E Y O U❣ battles christmas2K17

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Mychal Erin (mychalerin) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mychal Erin


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“She’s not shattered & broken, she’s a breathtaking mosaic of all the battles she’s won” 🖤🖤🖤 latergram snapchatfilter selfie selfiesunday workselfie somethingnothorserelated strength battles winningatlife behappyforyou

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Tanvi || Tanu (tanvii13) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tanvi || Tanu


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BostonDiaries HumanRightsDay 2017 RealityCheck Quote Survival Conflict War Pain Struggle NoJudging Refugees Storms Battles Endurance Resilience LifeLessons Tough Strength Mindset Freedom Equality Dignity Justice Respect 🐾

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Matty (_journey_man) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Bre Veney (bre.v07) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bre Veney


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merry christmas ❤️🎅🏻 battles

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Elaine Larsen (elaine_larsen) Instagram Photos and Videos

Elaine Larsen


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Wise words. battles choices quotes

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Abby Horst (abswithabby) Instagram Photos and Videos

Abby Horst


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•proud and tired• 🙃As this year comes to a close... This year has grown me so much. I'm not the same girl looking back in the mirror. I've worked hard, I've cried a lot, I've intentionally worked through a lot of hard emotional baggage, and I've put my heart and my health as a priority in the midst of insane busy. 💛And going to bed at the end of most days feeling completely exhausted but also proud makes the hard battles of life worth it. God has given me strength and grace in the midst of this year that held a lot of unforeseen battles. I am beyond thankful. • • • grateful exhausted life journey health god faith fitgirl emotions battles intentional workhard change bereal authentic growth differentperson thisyear proud tired dohardthings curlyhair coach 2017

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weed & battles (smoking_battles) Instagram Photos and Videos

weed & battles


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Deathstroke Vs Miles Morales 📚Comics📚 Location= metropolis Bloodlust= on Morals= off Prep= 1 hour each No god killer sword Comment down below @havokbattles @dc.comics.daily @fight_culture @dc_marvel_tourneys @ninetails_is_the_best @battle_apocalypse @deathofvision @thenauticalnerd @eddiecummings27 @popculture.feed @batttle_ground @biiqq.j @warriorfaceoff @battlescomic @disciple_forever @phizzooo @b3st_th3r3_3v3r_was guccigang lilpump comics epic justiceleague thor marvel dc battles starwars anime superman captainamerica batman ironman theflash thewalkingdead twd

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Lynn Tougas, Reg Kinesiologist (wholeheartkin) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lynn Tougas, Reg Kinesiologist


Comment from Lynn Tougas, Reg Kinesiologist:

“Your battles inspired me - not the obvious material battles but those that were fought and won behind your forehead.” ~James Joyce . . . happy humanrightsday battles fight mindgames mental health mentalhealth strength compassion love peace selflove = loveforall art Credits: @collectivebrew

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Sam (sam_xiii) Instagram Photos and Videos



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B A T T L E I T O U T . . A bit of locking. . A bit of house. . A bit of grooves. . and some funky moves. . BattleItOut HouseDance Locking Battles DanceBattles Funk Dance Funkstyle TheLockers HipHop StreetDance Foundations. . LockerOnTheBloc NewKidsOnTheLock . Music: DiscoConnection by @_isaachayes

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senoj.the.writer (senoj_the_writer) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Calm in the storm... beherpeacepeacecalm's alm'shefightingbattlesgoingthr

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 (ogknowledge_) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Soul dreams books computers technology usa music war battles emotion goku 90s dragonballz dragonballsuper anime geekdom101 forneverworld martialarts ufc mma boxing power kid kungfu taekwondo judo juijitsu champion

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Dawn Brown (sterling_scripts) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dawn Brown


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JUSTICE LEAGUE movie review. theater benaffleck aquaman wonderwoman batman superman justiceleague moviereview filmreview opinion critique rate comics superheroes actors dialogue battles savetheworld

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t.a.nagu (nagu5631) Instagram Photos and Videos



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shitta ko tcha ne-ya drawdrawingdrawingscomi scomiccomicsmangapaintpainting ntingpaintingsartartspenevilen vilenemiesbattlebattles絵マンガコミッ

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Chloe Hacker (chloe_hacker) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chloe Hacker


Comment from Chloe Hacker:

Reflecting upon events, with the aid of one of my favourite authors @johngreenwritesbooks who’s quotes never fail to sum my moods up. quotes thinking thoughtful thought understanding mentalhealth battles mindful johngreen johngreenquotes colourful insight insightful understanding understood hope hopeful

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J_son (jay_son91) Instagram Photos and Videos



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🐎🐎 MEDIEVAL TIMES! 🐎🐎 . . . . . . castle jousting battles GreenTeam GreenWins EatlikeKings FoodWench childhood play Gayboy Horseback Riding

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Star Wars VS (starwars_vs) Instagram Photos and Videos

Star Wars VS


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Matchup 66 Ahsoka's Lightsabers or Darth Maul's? Which saber do you like better? starwars starwarsvs jedi sith darkside lightside likeforlike followforfollow ifb ifollowback fantasymatchup battles scifi sciencefiction battlefront battlefront2 thelastjedi theforceawakens rogueone lightsaberduel theforce versus

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Lapsed Poet (lapsed_poet) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lapsed Poet


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prison rescued scars tears battles demons princecharming poetry lapsedpoet poetrycommunity poetryofinstagram

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Seniorkido (nerdtechgaming) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Finally got around to finish the Rainbow Rocket Episode and challenged Red at the battle tree!! 🤗 gaming gamer gamerlife tech justnerdthings handheld nintendo nin10do ninstagram nintendolife nintendo2ds nintendo2dsxl pokemon team party excited pretty cute kickedass fun battles

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SwagOutRevolutionz (weareswagout) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Udo Six Nations Championships 10-12th November 2017. I want to take this opportunity to say a MASSIVE well done to all who took part, it was a great weekend an a amazing experience for all involved. The results are as follows: Solo's: Tajzhaun U10 Novice 2nd Place Charnae U12 Beginner 7th Place (second ever solo placing) Tyreese U16 Novice 3rd Place Bolu O16 Beginner 1st Place Lashon O16s Advance Semi finals Duos: Tajzhaun and Charnae U12 Beginner/Novice 5th Place Lashon and Tyreese O16s Intermediate 4th Place Overall Solo Category Championship winner: Bolu Battles: Hip hop U16: Tyreese 2nd Place All styles U16: Tyreese 2nd Place All Styles O16: Lashon Semi Finals Crew Battles: Semi finals Crew: U18 Novice: 6th Place. We didn't go with a full team but that didn't stop us, we went and did ourselves proud. A big well done to Tyreese who took home 4 trophies. 🏆🏆🏆🏆 An a big well done to Bolu that keep his winning streak and done us all proud and took home the overall beginner solo's 1st Place!! 🏆🏆 weareswagout swagoutrev swagoutrevsixnations sixnations udostreetdance swagoutyoungers swagoutentertainment swagoutrevolutionz red black rg styles battles hiphop allstyles trophies believe beamutationofthenextgeneration championships swagoutfamily nike redvansshoes addidas team getinvolved

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