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Pat Mergenthaler


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Igor Torgeson


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My mythology student drew this to show the effectiveness of shield walls. history battles stickfigures

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Me and you are toxic for eachother. followforfollowlikeforlikeinstaquotesquoteslifespamforspamsadquotessadconfusedbattlesdemonsfightingtoliveloveshatteredsorrylovequoteslifesadtiredtagfriends

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They call me Caven


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First day at the internship went pretty well! Can't wait to see where this opportunity brings me 😊 rarephotoofme

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Oleg The Usurper


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This saturday olegtheusurper battles missile assault man at CHIKARA aniversario support indie wrestling wweraw raw backlash wwe smackdownlive impactwrestling ring of honor Vikings war warrior

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cheezinforagoodreason day1ofmynewlife battles

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War Pictures from History


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Imperial Russian troops enter Lvov, 1914. war history vintage retro guns gun ww1 tank tanks 1910s military battle warrior warriors combat campaign battles wwi worldwarone thegreatwar

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ℍistory Facts


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PICTURE SERIES 1 - - - - Within two days since the start of Barbarossa, the panzers have penetrated more than 50 miles into the Soviet Union. __________________________ ✭ ✠ ✭ Tags: ✭ ✠ ✭ history picture historical tank panzerplanes vintage photography 1940s 1941 war military militaryhistory alliedhistory axishistory ussr redarmy stalingrad moscow worldwartwoww2 wwii battle battles campaign invasion

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vote on VS pics


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edit by Thanos Random Battle : -------------------------------------------------------------- Comp Link and Comp Zelda VS Superboy and Wondergirl VS Adult Sasuke and Adult Sakura VS Namor and Invisible Woman ---------------------------------------------------- Prep: 1 day for Sakura Gear: Standard + Prep Morals: off Bloodlust: off Healing: 100% Location: Minecraft Dimension BFR: off Immortality: off OP shit: don't be an ass. Cheap shit: off No Instant Kills No Deathtouch Pre-crisis feats: off (DC) Pre-retcon: off (for marvel's retconned characters) All can use any canon feats. Win by Death or KO All voting and debating allowed. Debate points will be based off quality not quantity. x🔱➰🔱➰🔱➰🔱➰🔱➰🔱➰🔱x battles pokemon wonderwoman superman batman ironman wolverine dc marvel pikachu anime manga naruto art vs versus tags supergirl arrow flash thor hulk sasuke onepiece xmen avengers justiceleague spiderman deadpool -Thanos

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RepostSave @morgan_danse with @repostsaveapp ・・・ On vous prépare un week end de folie avec @dancewithjustine 😄 Bellydance battle revient en force avec des workshops, un jury de fou, des guests ,un battle oriental et le Glam'hafla en closing . Bookez votre week end du 14/15 octobre 2017!!!! bellydancebattle3 battles danseorientale bellydance danza workshops glam'hafla hafla arabicmusic contest baladi raksdance rakssharqi tabla fusiondance allstyle berberedance

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renault clio cup oultonpark sideways rubbinsracing hamilton pushing motorsport racing track battles

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Motiejus Lazauskas


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First Bosses are Bouncing Boy, Wasp, Ghost Rider and Goblin Nation with Green Goblin. If you win you will get one item from bosses equipment and. If you loose you will loose 500 money. Tags: tournament newtournament tournamenttime dc dccomics dcu dccomicsuniverse dcuniverse marvel mcu marveluniverse marvelcomicsuniverse weapons powers power Wepon Character hero tournaments tourney battle battles comics comic tour MARVELcomics Characters tourneys fight fights

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Freeman (The Few The Proud)


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When there are battles there will always be Marines. Semper Fidelis. marines marine thefewtheproud usmc US battles battle battleswon onceamarinealwaysamarine country community promis

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Lose the small battles to win the war @garyvee

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Julia Whitney


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Working though a psoas injury means power everything no squatting 😩 midhang power cleans and split jerk work for the win. . . . . . . fitnessjourney fitnessaddict squat squats squatbooty girlswhosquat squatsprogress battles squatbutt quads quadzilla quad fitness fitnessmotivation fitlife fitnessforlife girlswholift nevergiveup olympiclifting iifym musclesandtattoos fit lifetimefitness cleans splitjerk gains gaintrain trainlikeanalpha wearealpha

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One of those things that makes this game so fun battles strength philippians413 cedarrapids rampage soccer 88 89 Photo Credit: @dreamydiedre

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sauce baebae vs @easymoneyquise1 shit had me😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 rap battles part3

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⚔️Superhero Tournaments⚔️ (cosmic_battles) Instagram Photos and Videos

⚔️Superhero Tournaments⚔️


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⚡️ENEMY TOURNAMENT ROUND 2 WINNERS⚡️ Congratulations to those who won, and sorry to those who lost, but thank you for being in our tourney! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Don't forget about our giveaway at 300!! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• cosmic_battles marvel dc comics pokemon superheroes theflash avengers justiceleague ironman thor batman superman tournament like4like follow4follow superheroes xbox playstation nintendo superherotournament battles tournament injustice2

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No one told me it was gonna be easy! 🤷🏾‍♀️ 💜Raising up a child in this generation is no easy task. Every season brings with it new challenges. We don't depreciate, we appreciate. 💁🏾Gaining character along the way. There's NO way I could do this without His grace. No way! ___________________________________________________. . . . . prayer love commitment imperfectlyperfect momlife raisingboys teens parenting godgotme myheart iseethefuture itsbright christianmom havingamoment youhavenoidea battles victories inmyfeelings

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The battle doesn't ever stop

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Care Hare


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adventure, battles, warriors, love, and sex. It's all in Odysseus, book one in the OTROT trilogy riveroftime

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Well done @teghbanse..winner of a tough Fantasy Premier League battle amongst friends and the young cant beat him in this either..😊 ------------------------------------------------------------ football fantasyleague premierleague epl father son friends sports battles banter ballers

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Pedro A. Montano (pepelepump) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pedro A. Montano


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Well deserved and well earned. I was lucky enough to stand next to my battles as they received their promotions! Proud of you guys. ✊🏼🤙🏼 army promotion e4mafia battles

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I got caught in the rain. 🌦⛆ . . . . . . . 2yearssober itshard goth grunge alt altgirl plussizedgirls plussized tired depressed anxiety prettysureilostmyjob ptsd cptsd battles whatever criedallday 1monthtilhapiness makeup mua headache

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15 Second Funnies


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Banana Battle funny comedy strange weird random bananas battles fight humor😂 LOL

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Rey 📿✨


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I gotta constantly remind myself. So frustrating yet therapeutic 📿✨ || Battles of differences ....

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@roots_for_real | RUDRAPUR Next Stop Is Uttarakhand!! Come Train And Dance With Us!! Almost Halfway Through The Tour. More Coming Your Way!! Sharing Popping Everywhere I Can!! Thank You @artvibe005 @swaroop_john @kollablifestyle for their support!! rootsforreal thetour rudrapur uttrakhand hiphop popping house foundations cyphers battles

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Individuals around me stuck in that cycle I keep walking past it choosebattlesbesmart

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Jitka Kolová


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Ve Frýdlantu to o víkendu nemělo chybu! 👌 valdstejnskeslavnosti zaseshlavouvoblacich frydlant history wallensteinfestival dukealbrecht battles guidedtours flagbearers swordsmen fireworks a tak dále... liberecky_kraj je prostě fajnkraj

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Alexandra Molina (alxndraarts) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alexandra Molina


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Winston Churchill was asked to cut arts funding to support the war effort, he replied: “Then what are we fighting for?” Painting by me, "Butterfly Moon" 2017, oil on cavas. artispowerful winstonchurchill quotes art orientaldance middleeasterndance painting battles

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Micah [AngelOne]


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Dan Ramos


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É HOJE!!!! 🔥🔥🔥 O Final da 2°temporada de SUPERGIRL irá ao ar hoje à noite, nos EUA, no canal CW. E nesse preview, a luta do século entre a SUPERGIRL e o SUPERMAN esquentou😨 IT'S TONIGHT🔥🔥🔥 SUPERGIRL SEASON 2 FINALE airs tonight on the CW and It seems there won't be peace between SUPERGIRL and SUPERMAN 😨 tonight dontmissout itendstonight supergirl season2finale battles fights superheroesunite superman supermanisback melissabenoist tylerhoechlin

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Throne Family


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Primer y segundo lugar junto a nuestros jurados de las batallas de hoy ¡Felicitaciones! Muchas gracias a todos por asistir, NOS VEMOS EN UN PRÓXIMA OPORTUNIDAD BAILANDO 💃 · urbandance streetstyle battles academy judces photography streetdance oldschool newstyle winner

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