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Comment from Zunflix_cr:

Nice:)In the challenge you can only use epic cards,no legendarys! 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 ⬇Check my Bro's⬇ albaking_1337 clash_with_the_crafter clash.with.finn1 xxlavahoundxx brudiclash cl4sh_with_mark 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 ⚠Partners full⚠ ❗Support and Follow me❗ 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 ➡albaking_1337/profile maker⬅ 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 🚫Ingorehastags🚫 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 clashroyalclashofclansfollowmecommunityclashroyalcrcoclike4likenicelikemypicclasheronlyforbattlesattackstroopsfollow4followignorebesteasypicstherefunnyallabout

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Comment from scribbledquotess:

/Be selective in your battles,for sometimes peace is better than being right./ • • • 📷:bryanadamc quotes lifequotes lifebattles silence inspirationalquotes motivationalquotes sayings words thoughts scribbledquotes17 wisequotes peace battles notalwaysaboutwinning believe faith

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The Kulture of Hype&Hope


Comment from The Kulture of Hype&Hope:

We are Worldwide visionairs. Next stop China🇨🇳

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Zhenya Mozhnaya


Comment from Zhenya Mozhnaya:

"Peace, love, unity and having fun" battles dance housedance peace✌ havingfun XXXfest

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Comment from Freewyo:

Rain or shine. Broke or rich. Grind never quits. ✌️ Quick rain train B4 the freestyle battles at Beer Garden in GoldCoast tonight 🎤 lifeisgood aesthetic instafit cardio inkstagram ink inked dreadlocks dreads training calisthenics

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The Histories of Warfare


Comment from The Histories of Warfare:

Welcome to the brand new page, The Histories of Warfare where here we explore all aspects of Warfare which include; •Battles •Weapons/Armour/Equipment •Historical Figures •Historical Events •Empires & much more! Leave down in the comments below what specific topic or battle you would like to see me post about. Welcome to the page. warfare war battles history historical empires battle civilisation revolution combat time

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Comment from chica_cherry_cola85:

I need more patience or to not be surrounded by fools wtfisthis battles people stupid grrrr driving makesnosense think isitme really areyouforreal whipser giveyourheadawobble takingthepiss deepbreaths

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Richard Villacis Jara


Comment from Richard Villacis Jara:

HOBGOBLIN & GREEN GOBLIN vs SPIDERMAN & DEADPOOL . . . . . marvellegendsecuador marvelcinematicuniverse marvel marvellegendscomunity marvellegendscollector marveltoys marveltoyshots hobgoblin spidey spiderman marvelcomicsgang marvelcomics ecuador guayas toybiz hasbro comics marvelfans greengoblins goblins peterparker deadpool deadpool2 deadpoolmovie winston wadewilson versus battles

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Worlds.Army | 0.5K

Comment from Worlds.Army | 0.5K:

•Airsoft player stalker💀• • • •Crew✔: •worlds.soldiers 🌍 •military.picture🌍 •army.turk🇹🇷 •mighty.balkan🌐 •picturecombat🌍 • • 👇HASHTAGS👇 airforcemilitarymarinesplaneinstadaily helicopteramericagunfollowship fighterfighterjetsoldiers militaryporntroopthanksmuricadailycombat Troops TagsForLikes Navy Sea Seals NavySeals Paratroopers Airplane War Battles Weapon Fight

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Comment from WORLDS.SOLDIERS/4.9k:

• Israel Yamam🇮🇱 • • • •Crew✔: • 🌍 •kosovo.defense 🌍 •qmgraphics 🌍 •military.picture • 👇HASHTAGS👇 airforcemarinesplaneinstadaily helicopteramericagunfollowship fighterfighterjetsoldiers porntroopthanksmuricadailycombat Troops TagsForLikes Navy Sea Seals NavySeals Paratroopers Airplane War Battles Weapon Fight6

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Cilnette Pienaar


Comment from Cilnette Pienaar:

The battles are for training - Word Truth

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Sebastian Georgescu


Comment from Sebastian Georgescu:

Here's the thing... and beware of it... DO NOT TELL OR SHOW THEM THE TRUTH ... cause they will hate u... elgreco ... u gots to be careful cause peops ain't ready and open minded for it... whenever u go out... and I've been going crazy all out in most of the major capitals in this world... you will always step over one faggot ass motherfucking hater who will wanna step up to you... I've been going out by myself having my own back, God on my side and the confidence to handle shit and have the situation under control... but back in europe with my crew having my back I was like; OK ... you motherfucker and all of your goddamn Table ... outta the club ... now!!!! I/we will fuck u up... don't fuck with me or my clique! Real Gs have heart Don't hurt nobody... but don't let disrespect ya There's times to fight and there times to walk away Pick ur battles wisely

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Oak Harbor Marines


Comment from Oak Harbor Marines:

TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY///We asked Future Marine Matthew Turner why he decided to join the U.S. Marine Corps and his response was truly inspirational. "I joined the Marine Corps so that I could grow as a person, be more independent, and take care of those I care about. The Marines will help me build both my physical, and mental strength, and prepare me to take on whatever challenges lie ahead of me. After today, I started on my own path of becoming a United States Marine, but more importantly, a man."

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Comment from yvette:

My wisdomwednesday going out to us strong women my wolfpack who fight the battles everyday of people that can not appreciate your beautifulstrength. ~I was raised to run with wolves and I will not stop just because you can't stand that I am wild. I am not afraid to be myself and when everyone around me says maybe it is time to be a lamb I will show my fangs and be the wolf fitfiercefemale wolfpack wolfpackhustle strength beauty brains

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Comment from simonwmetalhead91:

In Flames Straßbourg yesterday awesome show🤘 inflamesstraßbourginourroomtourbjörngelotteandersfridencomeclarityonlyfortheweaksoundtracktoyourescapemetalmusicmelodicdeathmetalmetalconcertsbattles

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Floor Wars International


Comment from Floor Wars International:

We haven't forgotten to announce the winners of the toprock battles are Educated Assasins from france🇫🇷 who took the title in the final battle against Swing & Sosickx. We had some amazing toprocks and level once again very high! On the picture with the judges Toolskit, Murchi and Daryl. Congratulations 🏆🎉 floorwars

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Lesly Cerro Black Fairy


Comment from Lesly Cerro Black Fairy:

Símbolos que acompañan mi vida Escudo Espada guerrera warrior HardRock HardRockMedellin rocker Rock battles simbolos myroom mihogar home

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Comment from Chloe_Jane:

battles fightthefight newday

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Comment from ProveYourSkill_BreakdanceEvent:

ProveYourSkill Цінимо оригінальний стиль нашого першого судді bboy_cherep. Chech out original style of our first judge bboy_cherep. battle breakdance breakdancing breakdancer bboy bboys breakboy bgirl bgirls bboing bboylife bboylifestyle freezeoftheday battles bboybattle bboyevent breakboys floorwars lvivgram vscolviv ukraine ukrainiangram lvivcity

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Marissa Matheny

Comment from Marissa Matheny:

This album. 🙌🏻🔥. Ugly crying on the way to work. ritaspringer

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