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Christina Volkoff-Shoemaker (xtremextina89) Instagram Photos and Videos

Christina Volkoff-Shoemaker


Comment from Christina Volkoff-Shoemaker:

Everyday is a fresh start. Another chance to make yourself better, improve, and rebuild. You don't have to stay down. 🏋🏻‍♀️🏋🏻‍♀️🏋🏻‍♀️🥊🥊🥊 • is a blank slate. So don't stand in your own way! Get out there and MAKE IT HAPPEN! JUST DO IT! 💪💪🙌🙌 • wednesdaywisdom wednesdaymotivation personaldevelopment selflove selfdevelopment takeaction decidecommitsucceed youareworthit doitforyou makeithappen yougotthis strongereveryday believeinyou believeinyourself 30lbsdown inspireothers bethechange makethechange makeadifference youfirst useyourpower findyourstrong nevergiveup strongwomen empowerwomen workinprogress newday beyourbestyou liveforyou honoryou

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Rosaleigh.Hernandez.Official (rosaleigh.hernandez.official) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Rosaleigh.Hernandez.Official:

😜😆 My serious side... 😎🎭 smilelifeisbeautiful sveinnphotography beyourownkindofbeautiful beyourbestyou stopandbreath enjoylife takeabreak livelife neverquit lilblackdress dress photoshoot pics model photography behappy puertoricanitalianwomen seriousside portrait portraitphotography bepositive loveyourself confidence

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Michellesworth (michelles_worth) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Michellesworth:

Okay peoples I'm diving in to Keto land!!!! Coupled with intermittent fasting, yoga, light lifting and cardio. I'm not concerned about the number on the scale and not even the way I look but rather how I FEEL. I've never approached fitness like this before. I've always been so results driven so numbers driven. My entire objective is to simply rid myself of toxins & inflammation, gaining flexibility/mobility, strength and optimal use of my body. I imagine things will happen to the numbers but I ain't worried bout that. It's not going to be my focus though I will keep record of my progress. Most importantly when something in my body communicates with me-I will listen. Not any one regimen is right for everyone. Going in to complete intuition to find what is right for this body God gave me. 💗💗💗👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻 fitness beyourbestyou bethebestyou thevictoriouslife livethelifeyoulove loveyourself intuition keto intermittentfasting fatburn bestyou yoga detox

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Danielle ( Instagram Photos and Videos


Comment from Danielle:

Thoughts for you hump day.... Spending some time relaxing on the couch... remembering to not compare myself to others. Whether it be in regards to my progress in my journey, or the amount of time I get to devote to certain things in my life, my life is mine, I know what makes me happy and I know the effort I devote to the things in my life. Even if I don't fit a mold, I'm doing the best I can at everything I do. I'm unique.

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Joachim Müller (jogistar79) Instagram Photos and Videos

Joachim Müller


Comment from Joachim Müller:

We love Ayurveda. rituals ritualscosmetics ritualscologne cologne colognecentralstation ayurveda shopping beauty skincare menskincare bestbrands innerandouterbeauty beyourbestyou metime yogiflow honeytouch

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Vaishali. Conscious Cook (cookconsciouslywithvaishali) Instagram Photos and Videos

Vaishali. Conscious Cook


Comment from Vaishali. Conscious Cook:

Iam on chauffeur duty these days ! Shuttling the kids from school to activities to play dates 🚗. You have been there right? Sometimes I almost wish that the summer holidays were longer and then I remember my kids hovering around ALL.THE.TIME! So I keep quiet and resume my driving duties! 😬 . . Being on the go can also sometimes mean less time to cook/prep. That's why I always have my go to ingredients that I can use to whip a cook meal 💪 . . Yesterday was one such busy evening! I had my "lunch and learn" session in the afternoon (see my stories above) and more after school madness in the evening. I made this super quick cottage cheese scramble with grilled bell peppers. You can totally make it with tofu too. I added some jalapeños , salt and pepper to it. Quick, easy and super delicious! 👌🏻👍😋 . . Whats your go-to easy recipe? . . . eatyourselfbeautiful greatistyou bellpepper dinnerideas healthydinnerideas

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Jamie W (jamiew.rodanfields) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jamie W


Comment from Jamie W:

Three cheers 👏 for skin-loving antioxidants Vitamin E, Vitamin B and olive fruit extract in RedefineRegimen! * Find out Glamour's 6 Things You Need to Work Into Your Skin Care Routine Before You Turn 40: * rodan rodanandfields skincare randf wrinklewarrior loveyourskin beauty jointhedoctors glam beyourbestyou skin goals happiness antiaging acne inspire clearskin skincareroutine flawless changingskinchanginglives debtfree workfromhome homebasedbusiness joinmeinthisjourney residualincome

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Erin (lemmonmover) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Erin:

Ignore the haters and naysayers. This is your journey and YOUR life! beyourbestyou

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Matt Morton PT #mortonstrong (mortonstrong) Instagram Photos and Videos

Matt Morton PT #mortonstrong


Comment from Matt Morton PT #mortonstrong:

Keep testing yourself, keep switching your exercise up, keep changing things and watch your body change too 💪🏻 Fitness and nutrition plans now available, Get in touch for more info or head to mortonst beyourbestyou fitness tone cardio fitspiration inspiration motivation fitlife fitnesscoach personaltrainer wellness homefitness homeworkout cirencester cotswolds fitfam instafit instadaily nutrition fairford fitquote getfit youcandoit fitnessgoals trainhard noexcuses

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Cindy (rodan_and_fields_with_cindy) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Cindy:

Nobody likes large pores! As we age our pores become enlarged. Why is this? COLLAGEN in our skin is what supports the walls of our pores. As we age, our collagen production slows down...and our skin begins to sag.. and our pores become enlarged. Our REDEFINE regimen targets all of these problems by doing a few key things. It contains PEPTIDES which are proteins that are needed in COLLAGEN production. It contains RETINOL which put simply is a form of vitamin A. While not actively found in the skin, when applied it is converted into retinoic acid and works to battle free radicals, improve cell turnover and boost collagen levels. Our REDEFINE regimen has been the 1 Anti-aging skincare in the USA for 2 years now.. and for good reason. THIS STUFF WORKS!! http://choulihan.myran

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Nicole Boedeker (nboedeke) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nicole Boedeker


Comment from Nicole Boedeker:

Love this photo from Sunday's hike up into the Rockies! It was so full of beauty.....and SNOW! Montana Mountains RockyMountains Rockies MyKindOfWeather Travel Snow SeptemberSnow TheMountainsAreCalling TheMountainsAreCallingAndIMust HikingDay Hike GirlsDayOut Healthy Fit FitChick FitFamily FitFam FueledByAdvoCare AdvoCare BetterHealth BeYourBestYou 44IsLookingGood 44AndFabulous Winning 44AndRockingIt ProtectionByGlockAndGod Glock

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The Skin Co. & Spa (skincospa) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Skin Co. & Spa


Comment from The Skin Co. & Spa:

You are Golden 🌟 Come visit The Skin Co. & Spa to discover your radiant self 💫 getyourglowon skincospa radiance golden glow flawlessskin rejuvenation relaxationmode beyourbestyou beautifulskinstartshere

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Adam Williams (addwillms2.0) Instagram Photos and Videos

Adam Williams


Comment from Adam Williams:

Try and focus on the good. I will. Link in bio. Please read 👨🏻‍💻. . . . memoirsofacrazy bekind blog beyourbestyou liveyourbestlife dontbeaverage behappy gratitude lawofattraction gayguys gayinkedpositivethinking gaymen gay gaysofinstagram

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Elle Emme (rantsofavirgo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Elle Emme


Comment from Elle Emme:

Alas, the end of summer is here 🌺 • • • • sun curves bodypositive love loveyourselfie positivethoughts beyourbestyou happiness positivity beamazing backyard backyardbikini bikini bandeau backyardsessions selfie selfiewednesday wednesdaysessions wednesdayselfie yeahthatgreenville blackandwhite southern sweet rantsofavirgo roav thesecurves

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Giordana Sassi (coseperse) Instagram Photos and Videos

Giordana Sassi


Comment from Giordana Sassi:

A lezione, nel bosco. Conviene aggrapparsi sempre a qualcosa che sappia reggere! {Un mercoledì qualunque che sia} ✨✨✨✨✨ bosco ramodifaggio risalita letsgo lezioni countrylife countrystyle generazioni nonna beyourbestyou children lessismore colors igers cute instamamme instamamme2 thewomoms maviepuntoitfollowme vitadamamme solocosebelle coseperse

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Claire Broughton Makeup Artist (clairebroughtonmakeup) Instagram Photos and Videos

Claire Broughton Makeup Artist


Comment from Claire Broughton Makeup Artist:

Do what you love today🖤 lifestooshort dreams thesecret grateful universe thepower love behappy inspired beyourbestyou microblading manchestermua newbrows phibrowsacademy

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ZLRFitness🍑 PT💪🏻 Motivator🔥 (zlrfitnesspt) Instagram Photos and Videos

ZLRFitness🍑 PT💪🏻 Motivator🔥


Comment from ZLRFitness🍑 PT💪🏻 Motivator🔥:

👙Happy Hump Day 🍑 👊🏻Really happy with my new training program at the moment and starting to up my cardio again💪🏻😅 💫We don't all have to be perfect, but aslong as you keep trying your going in the right direction 👊🏻 happyhumpday bikinilife bikini girlswholift girlswithmuscles girlswhosquat muscles embraceyourcurves curvy fitness health happiness gym gymlife training motivation determination killit keepgoing myfitnessjourney selfie strongnotskinny instafit instadaily smile beyourbestyou beyourownmotivation

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Anxiety & Mindset Coach 💛 (a.happy.mind) Instagram Photos and Videos

Anxiety & Mindset Coach 💛


Comment from Anxiety & Mindset Coach 💛:

B E S T S E L F 💛 I am so glad I have taken risks, challenged myself and continued going when I wanted to give up. I believe in my experience and I believe in offering it to the world. I believe I am ready for amazing things. My life just keeps getting better from all the hard work I keep putting in. 💛 What are you investing in right now to become your best self? ... My self love and confidence workshop?! 😛👇🏼

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Luke Walker (bodyreach) Instagram Photos and Videos

Luke Walker


Comment from Luke Walker:

Dedication is doing what needs to be done, when you don't 'feel' like doing it. motivation resultsorexcuses beyourbestyou

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Christina Volkoff-Shoemaker (xtremextina89) Instagram Photos and Videos

Christina Volkoff-Shoemaker


Comment from Christina Volkoff-Shoemaker:

When I look at this mural, this woman is my spirit animal and what I hope to be and become. She inspires me. 💓💓💓 • She is Strong. 💪 She is Brave. 👊 She is Courageous. 💃🏻 She is Fearless. 🏃🏻‍♀️ She is an Overcomer. 🏋🏻‍♀️ She is Compassionate.😘 She is Love. 💖 She is a Warrior.👩‍🎤 • And that's who I want and choose to be everyday. 💁🏻🙋🏻💓💓 • Who is your spirit animal? Who do you hope to be? Who do you hope to become? What is one action you are doing to make that happen? 🤔🤔🤔 • selflove selfdevelopment personaldevelopment wednesdaywisdom thoughtoftheday nofilterneeded makeithappen beyourbestyou believeinyou believeinyourself youareworthit doitforyou yougotthis inspireothers spiritanimal strongereveryday bethechange makethechange takeaction workinprogress makeadifference youarestrong youarepowerful useyourpower strongertogether nevergiveup strongwomen empowerwomen faceyourfears decidecommitsucceed

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Kara Kuipers Bryant (karab_fitness) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kara Kuipers Bryant


Comment from Kara Kuipers Bryant:

workitoutwednesday Today's workout was called Speed, of which I don't have much...luckily my video editor helped me out a bit. 😉 Even with the interspersed stretching breaks, this one is crazy hard! I THINK I was a little faster than last time... Hopefully!!! 😜

4 Hours ago
Social Experiment (socialexpt) Instagram Photos and Videos

Social Experiment


Comment from Social Experiment:

Have you joined our Facebook Group, Live Stream Life? You definitely should if you want to know more about marketing and using live video in your strategy!⠀ .⠀ Click our link in the bio!⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ beyourown boss dailymotivation hardworkingmotivationalquote inspiredaily internetmarketing businessopportunity motivationalspeaker homebasedbusiness businesslife girlboss thinkandgrowrich marketingtips thetimeisnow beyourbestyou onthegrindrichlifestyle billionairelifestyle successtips successstory startupbusiness successquote smallbusinessowners likeaboss goalsetter hustlemode wealthbuilding encourageyourself successful

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Michellesworth (michelles_worth) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Michellesworth:

Oh I love this so much. I love the caterpillar/butterfly life analogy. How many of us travel through life just crawling? How many of us refuse to grow, adapt and spread our wings? How many of us insist we stay in our infant state? Caterpillars largely are undesirable-under exciting-under impressive yet have the power to become among Gods greatest inventions. What does it take to finally expire as a caterpillar and emerge a butterfly? It is when we do our internal work. Just as a butterfly has to make the journey alone to discover it's potential so do we. There are no words anyone can say, nothing anyone can do, no encouragement that can be given to make one spread their wings and take flight! The only way to flight is self discovery and emerging with self awareness and the beauty God created uniquely when he made you. As a caterpillar our perspective is SO limited How we perceive the world and our surroundings. When we spread our wings, that is when life gets fun because you discover a world you never knew was waiting for you. Spread your wings loves. It's time for you to shine. The world needs more beautiful people! Xoxo michellesworth beyourbestyou bethebestyou thevictoriouslife livethelifeyoulove butterfly butterflygirl spreadyourwings fly takeflight coach mentor liveyourbestlife loveeveryminute beautifulpeople

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Emily Riner (mindyourbalance) Instagram Photos and Videos

Emily Riner


Comment from Emily Riner:

Snack time!!! Nectarine 💜 Cottage cheese ❤️ Having healthy snacks handy at the office helps me stay on track, who knows what I'd be tempted to eat without them 😱

4 Hours ago
Christi Lynn (fancyfit64) Instagram Photos and Videos

Christi Lynn


Comment from Christi Lynn:

A few more warm days to bare my arms...😀 fitness fitover50 almostfall bodypump fabover50 bodypump beyourbestyou

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Janice Holmes (thrivegirl4117) Instagram Photos and Videos

Janice Holmes


Comment from Janice Holmes:

thrivelife likenoother premiumgradenutrition allnatural cleanenergy mentalclarity restfulsleep prebiotics probiotics guthealth calmsgeneraldiscomfort weightmanagement patience thrivewithme whatareyouwaitingfor betterhealth morefamilytime lotsoflove bettermood 123donecorrectly EVERYDAY simplicity wearablenutrition losinginches beyourbestyou beyourownboss healthyliving messagemeformoreinfo

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Jamie W (jamiew.rodanfields) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jamie W


Comment from Jamie W:

JUST 8 more days! FREE Rodan + Fields travel size regimen ending SOON!!!! Get yours before this promotion ends on 9/28!!! * * This is for ALL 4 regimens! Message me for info! * * rodanandfields skincaredeals dontmissout goinggoinggone mini randf wrinklewarrior loveyourskin beauty jointhedoctors glam beyourbestyou skin goals happiness antiaging acne inspire clearskin skincareroutine flawless changingskinchanginglives debtfree workfromhome homebasedbusiness joinmeinthisjourney residualincome

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Michael Hughes (wyldboyz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Michael Hughes


Comment from Michael Hughes:

Great WOD... timed myself at 17:30, not great but I could feel that I successfully pushed myself past normal comfort. Cardio has always been my struggle, but its a struggled I'm conquering. Finisher was Jacks, Push ups, Mtn climbers... reps descending from 10-1. beyourbestyou stayfit stayfocused alwaysgrowing fitgoals fitness demgains kettlebells WODs functionaltraining

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Christina (modern_hippie_mom_unveiled) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Christina:

Moms whether you work full-time, part-time, or stay-at-home, let's start giving ourselves grace. Release ourselves from mommy guilt, wife guilt or both. Truth be told our families will all be better for it. letgoofexpectations beyourbestyou

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Miranda | Honestly Nutritious (honestlynutritiousfood) Instagram Photos and Videos

Miranda | Honestly Nutritious


Comment from Miranda | Honestly Nutritious:

DAY 3 SINKINTOSAVASANA CHALLENGE: MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS, NOURISH YOUR CAREER LIFE from @gofitjo has me thinking about a quote I saw a while back: "Follow your passion; it will lead you to your purpose." - OPRAH ❤ Now honestly, how many of us go to work every day and simply go through the motions, not truly experiencing any real, deep down passion for what we do or what we bring to the table. For years (and I literally mean years) I have been going around in circles pursuing things I "thought" would make me "happy" when the whole time my passion was staring me right in the face. I think many of us are too scared to actually follow our dreams, with the fear we may fail at it, but all it takes is that first step. Remember dreams, no matter how big or small, are simply ideas until you let yourself take that first step. 🌟 Well today I officially took that first step...see for years I had been telling my husband that I wanted to get into nutrition. Some of that passion came from my own experiences and health problems related to food, and some of it came from a general interest in how food affects us, both positively and negatively. So today's challenge really couldn't have come at a better time as I finally signed the papers and enrolled in the Nutrition/Science Diploma 🍎🍐 I had been contemplating for some time now. The icing on the cake was that I was also awarded a scholarship to put towards my studies which goes to show that not only does hard work and perseverance pay off, but that now is MY TIME. My goal for Honestly Nutritious is to empower women to lead happier, healthier lives by fueling their bodies with wholesome food. What we put in our body affects everything - yes of course you see it on the outside in terms of your weight, but eating the right food also triggers happy emotions, increases energy levels and helps keep our hormones in check. It also heals - food is truly medicine and I'm looking forward to sharing my journey with you all. Much love xo 😘 Hosts: @justdimpleit @lauren_bongiorno @gofitjo @veggiekins @omandthecity @addicted_to_lovely

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Shayla J (shaylajustinee) Instagram Photos and Videos

Shayla J


Comment from Shayla J:

Authenticity is key to a happy and healthy life. Be you're best you and step into you're power because at the end of the day we are born alone and die alone.. so what legacy do you want to create for yourself?? Happy New Moon 🌙💕 foodforthought legacy authenticity truth spirituality thankful wcw blonde happy healthy fitlife model actor dancer host losangeles canadian createyourreality beyourbestyou happyhumpday wednesdays newmoon

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Angela Hernandez-Barrera (angeldancer67) Instagram Photos and Videos

Angela Hernandez-Barrera


Comment from Angela Hernandez-Barrera:

Have a Whimsical Wednesday wakeuppositive welln

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Stephanie Arcand (machine_steph_rf) Instagram Photos and Videos

Stephanie Arcand


Comment from Stephanie Arcand:

Truth! What's holding you back from living the life you want? What's holding you back from making more money, having more free time, getting that graduate degree, or enjoying more friendships? It is one of two things: FEAR or EXCUSES (it could be a little bit of both). You only get this ONE life, might as well live it up! YourLife YourTerms LiveItUp whichoneareyou beyourbestyou onlyyoucanchangeyourlife makeithappen believeinYOU zerotoleranceforcompainers

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