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Jen Schook


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Some pre-race smiles before the slug fest cycling critlife trekmidwestwomen strongher dreamachieverepeat beyourbestyou

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Barbara Molyneaux IFBB Pro (barbaramolyneaux) Instagram Photos and Videos

Barbara Molyneaux IFBB Pro


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Figure Fanatic update: "Happy is the man who has broken the chains which hurt the mind, and has given up worrying once and for all." - Ovid Getting worked up by the actions or words of others is a waste of time and energy and serves no purpose other than to feed negative and destructive thoughts so learn to walk away from those that only seek to bring you down. Dismiss that which brings no good to your world and seek only that which will help make you a better person. Positive thoughts are a choice. A healthy body is a choice. A calm spirit is a choice. When your mind, body and soul are in balance you attract that which is balanced. When you choose to be happy, happy you will be. Hugs and blessings xx :) Chiropractor: Dr Pierre Paradis of Hazeldean Family Chiropractic Masseuse: Elizabeth Armitage of Athlete Barbara Molyneaux IFBB Figure Pro figure fanatic update ddfwear ifbbpro marchdalemassage opa cbbf ifbb backtoroutine prepfornextshow prodebutover maintainandtighten 2017goals top5finishcomplete top3newgoal GFAhookup GFAloyals onwardandupwardtoworkfortop3 nextgoalolympia fitfam ontariomuscle tighterpackage pushlimits beyourbestyou powerfulexistence ottawa vancouver

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"Olha o meu naipe, eu tô bem Snipes Tô safadão, tô Wesley! Eu tô bonitão, tá ligado, o padrão é branco, eu erradiquei." rollerblade southside blackpower 30tododia beyourbestyou saturday brownsugar healthy

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Celine Dempsey🇨🇦 (roadtoironman2019) Instagram Photos and Videos

Celine Dempsey🇨🇦


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SHAMELESS SELFIE. But actually. I'm sweating my ASS off but I feel damn good. I had a brick today and it went quite smoothly. I rode for 1:23 and ran for 20min. The ride was supposed to be 1:30, but I messed up calculating my distance, but that's ok, because it felt really good. I'm getting better at hills and getting stronger in general. My running hasn't changed 😆 My mood has been improving and I've been feeling better. I'm moving back to my place in 2 weeks and I can't wait to go back. As grateful as I am that my family friend has let me stay in her basement suite, this place has been messing with my funk. Especially since I'm not too exposed to natural light. I'm also getting really excited to go to the Island. I am going alone unfortunately, but maybe it's a weekend getaway that I need. I'm also only working Fridays in August, which means I have all the time in the world to do homework, train, and actually enjoy my summer. I was in a bit of a rut before, but I'm getting out of it and going back to being me 😊 . . . trainingtotri doingthisforme gettingstronger strength mentally physically fit fitwoman athlete athletic athleticwoman goingthedistance inspire motivate feelinggood push pushingthelimits getoutthere workhard beyourbestyou womanwhotri triathlon triathlontraining

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Scott Dicey


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Day 57 & day 1 of Block 3 for our CouplesEdition workouts! @jenn_dicey On the final stretch of the 90 day program and I think it has brought us together as a couple and nice to push each other and keep one another accountable! We did some new moves we have never tried even in the past few years of workouts! That's one thing I like about all the options we have for workouts is you will never get bored! So as you can see by these videos guys & girls can do these programs and we want YOU guys and girls to join us as many others have and be part of our winning team! Are you ready to change your life?! TeamDefine DiceyFitness FitCouple ParentsOf4 StrongerEveryday Motivation GetFit YouCANDoIt LoveYourLife BeYourBestYou FindYourPower LiveLifeWithPassion CouplesEdition SummerStrong PushYourselfDaily Fitness Health Nutrition Muscle BuildMuscle FitFamily teampuresynergy 2%OfYourDay Transformation TrainHard CleanEating TransformYourBody JoinUs AskUsHow LifeChanger

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Samantha Newby


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Day 6 of 21 finished!! 🙌 I was so tired when I got home from work yesterday and had a really bad headache so I went to sleep early and missed the workout.🙄 . It happens- we all have days when our workouts just don't happen. Today I doubled up though to make sure I got it done! 💪I'm loving this new program so far and have already seen improvements in performance- I can't wait to see the results after day 21!!💕❤️👍 . teamriseaboveit

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Nicholas Mcgill


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This is so true ! People honestly think you just get used to it and live your life like everyone else.not true one but ! I struggle everyday with my health and since I'm puking at work today I figured this would be appropriate 👎🏻 diseasedoesntdefineme colitis pancolitis dontletitstopyou be_you behappy bestrong beyourbestyou youdoyou chronicillness chronicpain crohnsandcolitisfoundationofam jpouch iliostomy iliostomyreversal

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M A N U E L A👑🇨🇴


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I was raised to treat the doorman with the same respect as I treat the director 👏🏽👑 bekind beyourbestyou colombia colombiangirl colombiansdoitbetter ilovetechno techno

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Crystal (_crystal_morales_) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Crystal:

You are your own kind of beautiful! Learn to embrace everything, the good and what you feel "still needs work". Transparency alert 🚨: Growing up I dealt with a lot of insecurities, I remember being overweight and my grandmother reminding me that I was all the time (be careful with your words, they will linger in the mind of a child/adolescent), their is a way to approach those situations. After I had G I ended up with hypothyroidism (slows your metabolism and makes you gain weight 😐), so after I began taking my medication, I also started working out & eating healthier. I finally said okay Crystal if you are not happy with what YOU see do something about it. I say all this to say, if there are things you are unhappy with, whether it be your appearance, your job, something in your personal life, then do something about it. It is really easy to sit & be upset about it. It may be a challenge to get up and do something about it, so challenge yourself! Start small if you have too, just start and do not give up! Beneath everything their are still things that I beat myself up over, but I am doing something about it, I refuse to have a pity party over it! So learn to love yourself and work on being the best version of YOU that you can be! loveyourself worktowardsyourgoals embracingbeauty transparent beyourbestyou outwiththenegativeinwiththepos

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🙏🏾lawofattraction .guru truth selflove keepyourcupfull loveothers beaware otherawareness belove belight behope belife beyourbestyou vibrationalfrequency behealing bethelight beempowered givetheworldgoodenergy iamsenttoempoweryou youarelovable youareimportant youarevaluable 🔌🔋💭

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Royse City HS Culinary Arts (rchs_culinary) Instagram Photos and Videos

Royse City HS Culinary Arts


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Royse City HS Culinary Arts (rchs_culinary) Instagram Photos and Videos

Royse City HS Culinary Arts


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Limitless Fitness (limitlessfitnesslynnwood) Instagram Photos and Videos

Limitless Fitness


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neverquit beyourbestyou doit keepmovingforward youarelimitless

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Patricia 💥


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What's going on, in your world today? Saturdayvibes * LiveUnleashed UnleashYou FierceFabulousFulfilled LiveYourDream beyourownboss selflove success mindset girlboss loveandlight finditliveit beyourbestyou ownyourlife bossbabe choosehappiness liveauthentic womeninbusiness LifeCoach dowhatyoulove motivation inspiration loveyourself liveyourbestlife believeinyou liveyourpurpose personaldevelopment intentionalliving

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LIVE INSPIRED (inspiredlife_melodyjapinoski) Instagram Photos and Videos



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As many of you know, I have recently switched careers and am working online full-time. It has been a wonderful, life-changing experience for me. 🌟 I put my home on the market and made the decision to travel full time for the next few years as a "digital nomad". 🌟 These changes have been amazing, but even wonderful changes can be a little scary sometimes. 🌟 I am living well outside of my comfort zone, and one thing that keeps coming up for me is the need for COURAGE. 🌟 Life changes require Faith, Courage, and Resilience. 🌟 If you are going through a big (or small) life change, remember to take Positive Action Steps, Don't Worry too much about the Future (it will work itself out), Face Your Fears, and most of all Have Courage. 🌟 Sorry for the shaky camera!

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It's getting hot. . JGA junggesellinnenabschied girlsnightout Hut hat plussize portrait plussizefashion plussizemodel selflove empowerALLbodies stylehasnosize beautyhasnosize plusmodelmag instafashion instagood beyourbestyou fullfiguredfashion effyourbeautystandards bbw honormycurves curvygirl curvywomen curvyfit loveyourcurves goldenconfidence curvesandconfidence beautywithplus

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Team Braut 👰 Team Bride . JGA junggesellinnenabschied girlsnightout plussize plussizemodel ootd 👕 by studiountold @studio_untold 👠 by gaborshoes @_sa plussizemodel selflove empowerALLbodies stylehasnosize beautyhasnosize plusmodelmag instafashion instagood mylife meinleben beyourbestyou sharewhatyoulove fullfiguredfashion effyourbeautystandards bbw honormycurves curvygirl curvywomen curvyfit loveyourcurves goldenconfidence beautywithplus

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Kara Kuipers Bryant (karab_fitness) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kara Kuipers Bryant


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hewokeuplikethis If I'm being honest, I start too many of my days slowly and already worrying about my to do list... And then there's this guy. Most days he's smiling, running around, and ready to explore right from the get go. His carefree attitude is so refreshing. Life demands a lot from us, but I think we'd all benefit from starting our days with energy and seeing all the possibilities as opposed to the difficulties. This world could definitely use the positivity too!! So let's all try to take time in the morning to recognize all the day has to offer us. I think it would make the to-dos seem less daunting and our days more fun. Here's to a two-year mindset?? (Minus the tantrums, of course!! 😉😝). ~~ healthylifestyle fitnessforlife getactive liveyourbestlife balancedliving beyourbestyou findyourhappy musicdegree theaterlover preemiemom nicumommy toddlermommy boymom worldtraveler exploretheunknown

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Why yes, yes it is 😘😏 happy Saturday!!! takecareofyou beyourbestyou thrivingmom thrivingnurse

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beyourbestyou 💣💥

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Jamie W


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Repost ・・・ Set sail for adventure and beautiful-looking skin wherever you go! Pack your *mini* RFRegimen and RFActiveHydrationSerum and you'll be good to go. Get yours at the linkinbio. DestinationHydration ⚓️ *US & Canada only rodanandfields skincare randfwrinklewarrior loveyourskin beauty jointhedoctors glam beyourbestyou goals happiness antiaging acne clearskin skincareroutine flawless hydrationnation changingskinchanginglives debtfree workfromhome homebasedbusiness joinmeinthisjourney residualincome

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We're calling on YOU, to be your best you this weekend. ✊⚡️Shop now the BeYourBestYou collection! 👉

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Sarah S (fit_and_dedicated) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sarah S


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Take time to replenish and recharge 💚 Stop trying to please everyone, and take time to prioritize your rest and yourself ✨ I have always been the type of person to set goals for myself, to have things that I strive to accomplish. I will never again allow myself to let my body image dictate how I feel about my own self worth or put my health at risk. Fitness can be easy to get wrapped up in, and unhealthy extremes are still floating around out there. But you can be stronger, I can be stronger. More is not always better. I have an extremely go-go-go personality and I have honestly always been that way. I love having an inner drive to accomplish what I want to achieve. But those goals are always changing and now I'm learning to be okay with that. I'm learning to be able to take a step back from what I want in the moment and show myself that it's okay to just be! Make sure your goals are in line with making you feel confident and happy in your every day life, but also not taking over your life! Make sure you're fulfilling yourself and your needs and working towards your goals without giving up what truly matters to you. ••• restandrecovery beyourbestyou progressnotperfection healthylifestyle

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Social Experiment


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Life is made up of obstacles. Embrace them, enjoy them, for those are the stories you'll look back on later and smile. ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ beyourownboss onlinebusinessdailymotivation hardworkingmotivationalquote inspiredaily internetmarketing businessopportunity motivationalspeaker homebasedbusiness businesslife bossshit thinkandgrowrich marketingtips thetimeisnow beyourbestyou onthegrindrichlifestyle billionairelifestyle successtips successstory startupbusiness successquote smallbusinessowners everydayimhustlin goalsetter hustlemode wealthbuilding encourageyourself successful

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Miranda Timofeyev


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Oh you KNOW we wouldn't let you down while on vacation! ❤💪 Go with a plan, and leave your excuses at home.

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The Gift of Spirit Ltd


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yesyoucan yougotthis dowhatyoulove quotestoliveby mindfulliving mindbodyspirit loveandlight doyou universalenergy raiseyourvibration beyourbestyou inspirationalquotes positivevibes positivequotes sparkleon goodthingsarecoming

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Shawna Xhori


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On my way to another great session! The results that we see in life are so much about perseverance, daily habits, and never settling for less than our best! There will be days when we are stronger than others; but what makes us successful is that we give it 110% no matter what! Find solutions; not excuses! Today is going to be a great day; why.....because I said so! 🙌👏😎💪💪💪 fitspo fitneswomen fitnesslover fitnesmotivation beyourbest beyourbestyou giveityourall healthy healthylife healthybody healthyworld healthylifestyle healthyliving getfitwithme noexcuses ladieslift strongnotskinny strong getfit fitnessforlife fitnesgoals setminigoals setgoals fitlife loveyourself loveeveryone

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To improve oneself, one must know thy self beyou beyourself beyourbestyou likewhoyouare dontpretendtobesomeoneyourenot fashion dresstoimpress spotyourhatersinterest reebok reebokclassic casual casualblazer

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Pace Right Coaching


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You must persevere through the challenges in order to create a change. Not every run is going to feel amazing, There are going to be days that you question your sanity! Just remember; your only limit it you. Every run makes you stronger both physically and mentally. It doesn't matter how fast, far, or often you run; just get out and have fun even when the going gets tough! When the run challenges you, 💪fight back and show how much tougher you are! 🔷️🔹️🔷️🔹️🔷️🔹️🔷️ . 🏃‍♀️Todays workout was a 1 mile warm up; 7x ascending hill intervals starting at 30 seconds and the last one 90 seconds, then a 1 mile jog back to the gym. I have not run on this hill for about a year because it is on a highway. Today I decided it was perfect for this workout. Last year I could cruise up this hill all the way to the top (about 2 min) without issue. Today was not the same. I felt defeated until the last one. I really had to talk my way through this workout and remember the reason I run; to be stronger than yesterday. The last one was my best one and I wanted to just keep going! . 🌟🌟🌟🌟Positive self talk is so powerful!! ✔Try it on your next run when you start to feel like you cannot do it. Tell yourself that you are strong, remind yourself why you run, what your goals are, and that no run is going to out tough you!💪🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏋️‍♀️ 🔷️🔹️� . *****Have you ever talked your way through a tough run? What did you tell yourself to keep going?

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Kristyn Schott (beyoutifully.healthy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kristyn Schott


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Sometimes you've had a rough past few days and have a busy weekend ahead of you, so life's gotta go on. So sometimes you throw up a big bun, put on "normal" clothes, blast country music, tell yourself you got this, take a selfie and get doing🤷🏼‍♀️Life isn't always perfect or how we want it by that doesn't mean that you don't fake it too you make it and crush life👊🏼

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My power lunch. Cashew milk with muesli and fruits yum yum positivevibes gesundleben beyourbestyou fitness beyourbestlifestyle

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Katie Colston


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More than excited to have tickets with @cazlchapman for this event we missed out last time and thrilled these two amazing ladies are doing another event!!! 😍growyourfollowing

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